In this video, I’ll be showing you my most expensive outfit! What clothing item would you change?

My most expensive outfit let's put Together my priciest clothing items to See if the outfit's any good let's have Some fun let's go unless you're in my Account and otherwise I'll catch you in The next one first up Al socks $36 next Up are these R Legacy digital print Denim 550 listen I know what you're Thinking but I absolutely love these and They're worth it in my opinion next up Is this Co bux in tea was around 85 British PBS which is 150 Canadian it's Way too big so I'm just going to tuck it In I'm going to put on this hoodie from 7th which was 370 yikes okay babe cover Your ears 9 $100 all right you know what So far so good I have this open back Seo5 GMT which is around 500 I have this Arthur car L automobile cap which is Around 85 AKA like 125 Canadian if you Know you know okay time for the big dog I got this Nobis puffer jacket which was Around ,200 oh it's a little tight guys My absolute favorite part about this Jacket magnetic Pockets Akila La Sunglasses these were like 200 and I'm Going to cheat a little with this APC Topeg there's nothing in it fits pretty Good