these are my top 5 most expensive sneakers in my collection

These are my most expensive sneakers First up is the New Balance 2002r Protection pack I paid 365 us for these Which is a lot of money however at their Peak these went up all the way to $700 I Believe next is the Air Jordan 3 Reimagine I paid $4.49 us for an early Pair so I got these a few weeks early so That I can make some YouTube content and That YouTube ad Revenue has made me $400 So really it's not that bad same goes With this shoe right here the a11 mocha I paid $512 however my styling YouTube video For this has almost million views and Has earned me $1600 so I've actually earned money Buying this shoe can't say the same About this shoe though this cost me $670 Us which is a lot of money and I have Used it in some YouTube videos but They've just never taken off but yeah This one is wof and the most I've ever Paid for a shoe is $885 for the lost and found Air Jordan One for an early pair that video is Eared me $495 but honestly I'm touring It cuz I don't really feel comfortable Paying that much uh however this is Probably my favorite shoe in my Collection right now