These are my top 10 favorite sneaker Pickups of 2023 number 10 the 1985 Air Jordan 1 breads these are the OG Air Jordan 1es but unfortunately they're not My size number nine the Jay Balvin Air Jordan 3 man that fade on the heel is Fire number eight the AL New Balance 1906 R I'm all about the 2000's running Sneaker Vibes number seven the Air Jordan one low Chicago golf I've been Golfing a bunch of these but Unfortunately I still suck number six The orange lobsters it took me way too Long to finally get this shoe number Five the Phillies dunks I had to have Some sort of Philly themed pair in my Collection number four the off-white Nike Dunk low UNLV huge shout out to Big Boy Chang for giving me this pair number Three the Air Jordan 3 white cement Reimagined this is probably my most worn Pair this year number two the Nike SB Air Jordan 4s this shoe is the sneaker Release of the Year number one the Supreme foam posits I found this shoe in Tokyo at a thrift store it comes in my Size and it's legit it's one of my best Pickups ever