Hey this is Mike for the Run testers so Apple has officially announced watch West and the next big software update For the Apple watch now among the Highlights we are getting a more Widget-based user interface redesign Native apps and we'll see more features For cyclists as well too but what about For us Runners well there are some Things to look forward to in that front And we're going to take you through Those now first up is having the ability To import custom workouts from Third-party apps which will include Training Peaks that will let you import Workouts directly to Apple's own workout App on top of that compatible Third-party apps will be able to send Scheduled workouts in your plan to let You know what's coming up on your Training schedule putting less Reliance On using that training app one that's Definitely for hikers but could evolve Into a feature for runners is offline Maps on your iPhone which can be viewed On your paired Apple watch to get Turn-by-turn navigation now it's not Quite the full topper Maps like other Running watches but maybe we'll get There for runners soon too so they have A few little things Runners can look Forward to and watch your S10 when it Launches later this year for current Apple watches and hopefully we'll launch

With some new watches too