The Freshfoam 1080 range has long been one of New Balance’s most popular shoes for cushioned daily training. However, despite the chunky level of midsole foam, the shoe has historically veered towards a firmer ride.

The 1080v13 has modified the shoe with a new, softer Fresh Foam midsole to improve the level of cushioning and comfort, as well as redesigned the upper with a new breathable mesh that offers more structure than earlier versions.

The shoe features plenty of padding around the ankle collar and tongue for a healthy dose of step-in comfort and features an Ndurance rubber outsole for grip and to improve durability.

Tom, Nick, Mike, Jane and Kieran have been testing the shoe out to see if it’s worth buying.

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Hey Tommy from the r testers with Another full review in this video we are Looking at the New Balance fresh frame 1080 v13 let's take a Look the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v13 Cost £160 or $164.99 weighs in at 262 G or 9.2 Oz for Men in a size 8 and the drop is 6 Mm The fresh FR 1080 range has long been One of new balance's most popular shoes For cushioned daily training however Despite the chunky level of midsole foam The shoe has historically veered towards A firmer ride the 108 v13 has modified The shoe with a new softer Fresh Foam Midsole to improve the level of Cushioning and comfort as well as Redesigned the upper with a new Breathable mesh that offers more Structure than earlier versions The Shoe Features plenty of padding around the Ankle collar and tongue for a healthy Dose of stepping comfort and it features An endurance rubber outsole for grip and To improve Durability so I had no concerns at all About the fit of the 1080 v13 uh I've Got a uk9 here which is my normal size In UK with New Balance that's a US 9.5 So sometimes their shoes come up a Little bit smaller as often I'm a us10 But within New Balance side plenty of Room in the toe box it's not got the

Tight fit of some of their Racing shoes Or the new SC Trail shoe for example Good amount room in the toe box nice Secure hold around the heel and midfoot Yeah no concerns to talk about the fit In my normal running shoe size so when It came to fit I ran true to size in my UK 8 1/2 and I found these spot on with Good steeping Comfort good hold in the Heel I got decent lace lock down across The top of the midfoot with a nicely Padded tongue that really helps avoid Any nasty lace pinch there's ample room In the toe box in terms of length and Across the top of the toes and for me I'd recommend going true to sizing these Shoes really love this shoe was really Surprised by this shoe and I'm excited To tell you more about it I'll start With the fit I have always struggled a Bit with the fit and New Balance I find That they come up really small so I Always go up half a size in New Balance I'm a uk5 I normally get a UK 5 and A2 In New Balance shoes I probably didn't Need to with these shoes I found that They probably come up true the size Compared to other brands not compared to New Balance they're a little bit long in The foot that said I didn't feel like There was too much shoe you know I Didn't feel like they were too big or That my heel was slipping but I would Say you know I would go with your normal

Size here if you're between sizes I Don't think you need to size up in this Shoe and I'd almost be tempted to go Down half a size in your new your normal New Balance size cuz they do come up a Bit long in the foot they fit Comfortably and I was able to get like a Really good locked in feel in the shoe Even though it's probably a tiny bit too Big for me so impressed by the fit but Just one thing to note on the sizing so Fit for me has been very good overall in My testing no real changes in terms of My experience from that first run I Wouldn't think about going half size up Half a size or you know full size up in Issue or going down I think in my UK Size eight8 it felt very good I know I've had the New Balance shoes in 8 and A half before the 1080 and I think an 8 Absolutely fine for me I think you know The way I describe the way this fits you Know it's built for Comfort it's built You know it's not as plush as the Upp as You get on something like the on cloud Monster or the assx Jael numers 25 but It does give you that sense of comfort You've got a nice padded tongue that Kind of padding extends to the kind of Hill as well area so you've got that Kind of level there you know you're not Getting a massive amount of pressure on The top of your foot and this you know It just hugs in the right place I think

From an upper point of view you know Pretty happy with the space up front of The toes kind of feels pretty wide and They're kind of midfoot as well but it Doesn't feel too loose to make sure You're getting a nice lock down as well And it kind of feels like it Narrows in A little bit of the hill so for me Overall fit I would say go true size you Know I have been a bit IND different With new Bal shoes in the past but for Me a UK size a Works absolutely fine for Me fit for me in the 1080 v13 is perfect I'm a size eight in the UK this is a Size eight it's a very comfortable shoe Nice bit of space in the for foot uh the Upper is quite forgiving so it is holds The foot in place nicely but it feels Like there's plenty of room it's very Well padded it feels like a very plush Shoe the tongue is nicely padded the Ankle color is nicely padded it is a Very comfortable shoe and I didn't have Any issues at all it felt very very nice To wear uh but also not too loose uh it Was very Secure on the run test I've done around 40 km in the New Balance 1080 v13 those Have mostly been easy plots some runs up To 90 minutes on feet over a mix of Road And light off-road River pods I found Them really good for those easy efforts Where you just want a bit of reliable Protection and all round plushness on

The foot if you want cocoon shoes sort Of really soft Piller for slow mild Comfort then the 1080 v13 I think a rip As easy day recovery shoes go I think They're very capable they tick all of The boxes for a plush soft Max cushioned Comfort shoe Foot feel is great they hug Your foot without restricting these new Knit uppers Flex nicely to give your Toes a little bit of Freedom they don't Feel too hot though the V12 knit ERS I Think were overall more flexible and a Bit more roomy a bit aier in the toe box In these there's still enough from them I think in the v3s now despite being 30 G lighter than the 1080 V12 the v13 is a Noticeably more shoe on the foot I think The V12 weren't small but the changes Here to this one are definitely move Them into the aex Joel Nimbus territory For me in my mind they've got slightly Denser uppers there's more cushion Padding and a bigger stack of Midol foam Right across the foot plus a lower drop And I think you can feel that bigger Stack particularly in the heel where There's a lot more volume now the 108 V13 put more Fresh Foam X between you And the road which I think deadens more Of that impact but it also leaves your Feeling a little bit less connected so If you like things more direct these Probably aren't going to be your shoe They are Less Direct I think than the

V12s the v13 also roll me a little more Onto the lateral side as well the V3 the V12 are a little flatter and a little Bit more stable overall I would say that Although these have got decent stability It's a little bit less but that's a Change from the past generation if you Thought the V12 lacked plushness then The v13 bigger softer tongues and heel Collar boost that super luck sensation Too as for the ride I think the V3 Scream slow Comfort to me they're not The most energetic and there is a sink Into that fresh foom X midsole that Probably limits how you want to use them You're unlikely to go chasing faster Intervals or longer faster runs in them But For Those runs where you're ambling They're a very easy shoe to choose you Know just for super Comfort super easy Miles they actually tick that box really Nicely if you're a bigger Runner who Needs more underfoot or a beginner who Just wants guaranteed comfort then I Think these could be a good option They're also dead comfy for run walk Hence my inclination to take them on a 3-day trip around Lake Gard where I was Going to be doing perhaps 6 hours moving Every day and I knew that I might be Mixing up running and walking I think For that these would be a good shoe so I've done about 50k in this shoe so far I've done a lot of training miles in the

Previous shoes as well um and those runs That I've done in it have varied between 5K comfortable recovery efforts up to a Half marathon training run which was at My maybe a bit faster than my Basse pace Which is about 4 minute50 per kilm um Now what I would say about the Fresh Foam 1080 range is that I've never Particularly been a big fan of it um the Going back to like the 11 um I always Felt that the mid cell phone was a Little bit dull I never really found a Sweet spot for it it was solid it was Fine it just didn't really do anything In comparison to a lot of other daily or Cushion shoes out there um and yeah I Never really never really got on with Those those ones they just they were Just fine they reminded me of like the Clifton s and eight um and didn't really Get a lot from them they just they just Seemed like a your standard sort of Daily training shoe but without any sort Of performance benefits that you might Get from them um however I really really Like the New Balance Mo V3 and more V4 If you watch the channel you'll know I Talk about that those shoes all the time Um but those really didn't make a big Change from the 1080 range they just Added a lot more foam in which worked Really well because that foam is quite Dense it's quite dull but when you add a Lot more of that foam in it feels a lot

Nighter now the 1080 V3 is a big Overhaul it it is very different shoe From the um V12 the main reason being is That this mid cell phone is just Significantly lighter there's just a lot More I wouldn't say bounce but there's a Bit more to it it feels more energetic When you're out on the run it feels Softer and for me that is a really big Plus point it feels like the midsole is Actually doing something now whereas the Midsole in the previous versions just Didn't seem to do anything it was just a Firm solid um standard midell foam Whereas this feels like there's a little Bit more to it I love soft shoes I love Running soft soft um easy day shoes and Long Run shoes the new bandm V3 and 4 One of my favorite uh cushion shoes out There this rides very similar to those Without having the same level of Midol Foam in um and it's just because it's an Updated Midol foam just a bit bit better A bit more energetic a bit softer um and It's just a lot more enjoyable to run in This shoe uh I've on the longer runs That I've done in it it just just rolls You in nicely Nestles the foot but gives You a little bit of um rebound off as Well there's there's a nice little bit Of energy uh that's gets stored in this Mid cell phone that moves you along Comfortably and just just makes it such A nice cruising shoe I think it veers

More towards the cushion Shoe World now It's it is a daily shoe but it it sits More towards that cushioned realm where You're probably going to be doing more Slower miles in this recovery miles easy Miles which for me would be about 4 Minute 50 km to maybe about 5 minute 30 Km which I think is the sweet spot for This shoe I've tried dring a bit faster In it it's okay it's not great um so I Definitely wouldn't use it for as a Versatile trainer and lots of different Runs but it's definitely a shoe that I'd Pick up for daily sessions and things Like that it's very comfortable as well Um there's a nice bit of outside rubber On it there always is on the New Balance 1080 range solid great enjoyable shoe so The run test New Balance have made some Changes with these shoes and they do Feel a lot lighter I think as a uk5 my 108 V12 was about 260 g and the 108 v13 Is 218 G so it doesn't sound like a lot But you do notice it underf foot the Foam feels softer it feels bouncier and I really really Lov I've definitely Reached for it more for kind of easy Comfortable longer runs you know I Haven't I have tried to do a bit of Tempo sessions in it I'm not running Awfully fast at the moment but I have Tried to pick up the pace in it and you Can you definitely can but it's not the Most Lively foam for trying to run fast

But it is a super plush Super Comfortable foam just for running easy In you definitely get sinking Comfort Here and I've much much preferred the Underfoot feel to the 1080 V12 I think There's it's the foam feels softer and It feels bouncier and I've really really Loved running in this shoe I think it's A great shoe to reach for if you're Marathon training and you want a long Run shoe or if you're doing your first Marathon or your first half marathon and You want a sh a shoe that will survive The training plan and last race that you Get your round race day the shoe could Definitely do that I've really been Impressed with it so into that run test And I would definitely say that this Shoe or this 1080 v13 is very different To my experience of running in the 1080 Or the previous generations of the most Recent Generations because ultimately Those shoes for me I think were fine I Think they were well designed to kind of Soak up a lot of time on your feet and You know were built very well for that But ultimately it's not a shoe that I Use longterm I wanted to use longterm This is a very different proposition and It is very different to those shoes but It's definitely a shoe that I've enjoyed Running in a lot more now I think the Reason I would say that is it's almost Feels like a different shoe it feels

More in the mold of shoes like that We're kind of seeing right now from aex Are like the gel number 25 things like The oncloud monster these shoes that are Really kind of plush soft comfy shoes That you'll want to go and run a long Time in and they'll feel really Comfortable to do that and that is what You get from this shoe first thing I Really like it's really nice and light I've always felt that the previous shoes Have not been massively heavy but I Almost wish they were a little bit Lighter and this shoe does feel nice and Light overall in terms of what your Getting in that midso as I said it is Plush it's soft it's comfy those are Kind of the things I'd want from those Kind of easy kind of type runs where I Think that's where it best excels but I Do think you get a nice kind of rocker Ride in here that I do think stays Consistent during runs so if you wanted Something that doesn't feel too flat Despite offering you something that's Quite of plush and soft then I do think You get that from the shoe and that's Something that I've really kind of Appreciated from running in this shoe Definitely compared to the previous 1080 Shoe so that point of view I do think it Is a shoe that despite not being one That's massively versatile I do think if You're running kind of long easy runs

Short easy runs it works really nicely You're getting a good level of comfort Protection but also a nice ride that Makes sure that it feels nice to kind of Run in this shoe and it doesn't feel Like you're really kind of plotting Through um and really it's feeling like An effort to run in this shoe from an Outside point of view it's been pretty Good you know it's not massively changed From what we got on previous shoes you Know I'm not seeing any massive amount Of kind of outsole um kind of wear just Yet and it's makes sense to me because Ultimately you're getting something you Know that is designed to kind of eat up A lot of your running time I've run a Little bit mainly on roads but I have Done a little bit of lighter Trail stuff It's been absolutely fine hasn't eaten Away as I say at the art so so I think You're going to get a good amount of Life out of this shoe that's ultimately What I was expecting to see from the 1080 which we've seen on previous shoes As well too so for me this is a shoe That I've really enjoyed running in one Where you know I've not really thought About you know have I still got to do a Bit more time in this shoe before we get To this full review I've just gone and Gone out enjoyed running in it felt very Comfortable and you know I haven't had a Bad run ultimately in the shoe I've

Every time I put it on I've enjoyed Running in it I felt good to run it in This shoe so as I said you know I don't Think it's a massively versatile shoe But I think it sits in those kind of Those kind of comfortable kind of long Easy Run shoes which we're starting to See where it kind of prioritizes comfort Protection and Cush in that kind of soft Level of cushioning which are something I think you get but I do also think you Get a nicely enjoyable ride in it as Well too onto the run test then so I've Done just over 50k in the New Balance 1080 v13 and right from the moment I did My first run in it it was clear that This was quite different to the previous Models in the range like I've always Been okay with the New Balance 1080 the Last two models they haven't really Thrilled me they've just been solid Workhorse shoes with a slightly firm Ride for a big cushion shoe like this But that was okay because that Firma Platform meant that you can kind of do Anything in the shoe it did have a Little bit speed if you wanted to run Fasten it it was just about comfortable Enough for easy runs the 108 v13 skews Much more towards Comfort you've got a Much softer midell foam here in the Fresh Foam you really sink into it get a Very comfortable ride it the upper as Well feels very accommodating and padded

And soft you slip it on it's a really Comfort first shoe and that's fantastic On easy and Recovery run like it feels Really good better than the previous Versions of the shoe it's a very Welcoming shoe to pull on really Enjoyable to just mooch around in at a Nice slow pace protects the body well Yeah really good think where it then Loses out though is on any other kind of Run really where like I did I've done One progression run where I move from an Easy to steady pace and trying to step Up the pace a little bit towards the end So just cruising around at easy pace Around 430k by the end was running Around 340 just under and you know it it Felt okay but you don't get a little of Bounce back from this foam I feel like The previous versions of fresh foam X Weren't as comfortable they didn't sink In as much but they did have a bit more Resiliency and gave you a little bit More back if you did try and move past Easy Paces in the shoe and then I the Same kind of feeling on the long run Which is done easyish Pace did a 90minut Sunday long run and you should felt good For the first I'd say hour of it but by The end it was just I was wishing for a Slightly firmer base underneath my feet To not just sink in because it wasn't Then bouncing back so uh I don't think Uh by the end of the r i was loving it

That much it just felt like it was a bit Sapping sapping of energy a little bit Because it is so soft but at pure easy Recovery Paces you just mooching around Daily miles I think it feels really Really good it protects the legs really Well certainly got more of an identity I Think than the previous versions of the Shoe which were solid Workhorse shoes But they didn't feel fantastic in any One way like this now feels like a very Soft clear great recovery day shoe but I Think it does lose out a bit on verse Two or Two so my verdict I'm really impressed With this shoe I think it's around the Same price point as the Invincible 3 the Nimbus 25 that kind of plush Super plush Super bouncy super comfortable everyday Running shoe that we're seeing a lot on The market these days but I'm here for It that is my kind of running shoe and I've been really impressed by this one I Think it's a good pick I think it's a Super durable pick I think New Balance Are really good at building shoes that Last a while and I think if you're Looking for a really comfy if you're a Fan of the 1080 line you're boun to like This and if you if you've never tried The 1080 line before you'll be impressed I think it's a super comfy super plush Running shoe it's not the most versatile It's not the easiest to run fast in but

I don't think you I think the fact is Lighter is getting lighter than other Big plush comfortable running shoes on The market you know if you're looking For a lighter Max cushion running shoe This is definitely getting closer to That brief and I've really really been Impressed with it I've really enjoyed Running in it I'm so glad New Balance Have removed that big plastic heel Counter they stuck with in this shoe for A bit and this is my definitely my Favorite 1080 today it does feel lighter Than the 12 so normally at this point of The review I say if you want to save Your money go for the 12 I think this it Does feel different it is really Comfortable the 12 was still a good shoe I would definitely choose the 12 over The 13 cuz I hated that heel counter so If you want to save money the 12 is Still a good shoe I preferred running in This shoe but they're both plush every Day running shoes you can't go wrong so My verdict on the New Balance fresh Frame 108 v13 is that it's a massive Improvement on the previous versions Especially if you want something which Got a softer midso that's are more Enjoyable to run in um and just really Makes longer easy run just a lot more Enjoyable it's a very very forgiving Shoe it really Nestles you into the Ground nice soft Landing but also moves

You forward quite nicely as well it's Just a really good comfortable daily Shoe to wear uh it's definitely W that Ve to more towards the cushion side of Things so it's not that versatile uh you Definitely wouldn't use this for faster Sessions although it has a little bit More in it than the previous shoes for Me I would classify it alongside Something like the on cloud surface 7 uh Which is another shoe that has had a big Revamp and a nice new midsole in it Which is a lot softer same sort of shoe For me really nice comfortable just just The sort of shoe that you got you got to Go and do a 10K you got to go and do a Half marathon uh training session you Just want something that's just really Nice to wear for those runs I think this Is a this is another great option uh Along with the oncloud surface 7 however I would say that if you enjoyed the Original fresh Foams because you like That foam this is a different foam so This is a lot softer you might might not Get on with this um I'm not sure about How people's weights might affect it um I'm not a particularly heavy Runner so I Definitely like having a softer foam in It but it I don't know how it affect you If you are a heavier Runner it might be That you prefer the previous versions Cuz they're a little bit firmer and a Little bit denser so my verdict on the

New B 1080 v13 is that this is a shoe That I have really really liked I think It's one of my favorite shoes that I've Run in or new shoes I've run in this Year um you know I think you know if you Like the 1080 the way the 1080 11 and 12 Were this is a very different shoe to Those shoes I think I look at it in the Same way that you look at the kind of Nus 24 to the 25 the kind of old Cloud Surfer to the new Cloud Surfer where This is designed very much for offing That kind of plush level of comfort on Those kind of slower longer easy paced Runs that's what it really excels but You do get I think a nice kind of gentle Rocker ride that makes sure that it's Enjoyable to run at those kind of slower Paces as well suit I think it sits well With those other shoes I mentioned Things like the aex Joe numers 25 um yon Cloud Surfer I think for me you know the Feeling I had an on cloud surf is very Similar to what I had the New Balance But I feel like the ride just feels a Little bit more enjoyable if you just Slightly want to pick up the pace in Places I think things like s Triumph 21 Obviously the Nike Invincible 3 as well I would say the S Triumph 21 and the Nike Invincible 3 probably give you Something a little bit more versatile in Comparison to this shoe but I think if You are really looking for something as

I said that's designed to give you that Kind of level of comfort whether it's From the upper or the mid soole um Something that can soak up a lot of time On your feet but also give you a kind of A nice ride in the in in exchange for Something that just as I said feels Great and every run that I've done in This shoe then I think as I said this is A really good shoe for that and I think If you are looking I've looked for a 1080 shoe that feels a little bit more Like the gel nibus 25 and shoes like the Cloud Surfer and you know as I mentioned Then I think this is a good kind of Alternative to those shoes and I think This is going to be fighting against the Tri21 for me in terms of similar runs in My rotation but yeah I've really enjoyed Running this shoe I think it's a Standout shoe for New Balance uh one of The the best that I've used this year One that I'm definitely going to be Using on a regular basis just in terms Of as I said soaking up a lot of time my Feet picking up a lot of mileage but Also giving that level of comfort that I Think this really does deliver verdict On the 108v 13 I think overall this is An interesting and overall probably a Good update to the shoe in that it now Really establishes it as a Max cushioned Comfortable cruising shoe that's great For easy daily training runs really does

Give you that feeling of comfort Under Foot before I think you had a big wedge Of foam with the 1080 but it didn't Necessarily translate to a very soft and Comfortable ride feeling I you've got That here for sure lovely upper as well Like really hugs the foot nicely and Securely in a comfortable way just Generally all around a nice shoe to use For easy runs and generally probably Shorter easy runs like like I said I Didn't love it so much on the long run And I don't think it's the most ver Style shoe I wouldn't really before i' Probably call the 1080 a cushion daily Trainer a shoe you just use for a bit of Everything I thought it'd be a really Good allrounder actually for beginner Runners uh the 1080 in the past I think Now this new version feels much more Like an easy day shoe more than anything Else I think it still is a nice Allrounder maybe for new Runners but I Think you are if you're going to start Trying to do different types of running The shoe I think that softer midell Doesn't really give you the feeling that I want anyway on those kind of runs that Slightly firmer more uh bouncy Responsive ride that I think helps when You're driving to do anything Beyond Just very easy Paces I think it fits now Well in this Max cushion category of Shoes but while I do think this is a

Good shoe and a shoe I enjoyed using for Those easy runs I think I do have Preferred options within this category I Do prefer the S6 on nimus 25 I think That's a got a shoe that's got a bit More resilience in the phone so it does Just mean over long runs it feels good Right at the end of those long runs Still very comfortable gives you a Little bit more back and even if you're Not trying to run fast if you're running The same Paces in both shoes I think at The end of a long run the J Nimbus feels That little bit more uh enjoyable Because the foam has stayed a little bit More I guess uh in in place and gives You a bit more bounce back um you know I Like this more than the Nike Invincible 3 I think you got a better lock down fit I think the zoomx foam is better still Than this foam you get more bounce from It but the Invincible 3's whole setup I Just don't think is very good it's a bit Heavy this is quite a light shoe for a Matx c cushion shoe and if you're Looking for a allout soft ride I think It's quite nice to have that lightness There as well it's similar in a way Actually to the on cloud Surfer which is A lovely uh soft ride lightweight shoe Very cushion very fun but prefer the Slightly smoother ride the cloud Surfer I think there are more versatile Max Cushion shoes than this out there that

Actually one of them the pum magnify Nitro 2 comes in a bit cheaper like you Don't get such a soft feeling with that Shoe for sure it's not as comfortable For just those pure recovery runs but it Is still very comfortable I think and Then it has a bit more about it if You're going to use it as a cushion Daily trainer it has a bit more Versatility same goes for the S Triumph 21 actually it's another really good Cushion shoe that is great for easy runs But then has a bit more about it if you Are going to use it for a variety of Runs so those are two shoes I probably Recommend to people who really want a Shoe they're going to use for a bit of Everything if you are just looking for That pure easy day recovery shoe I Prefer the aex J imbus 25 myself but Actually this is a very good option uh And a little bit cheaper as well and I Think it would really serve those that Use case very well indeed but I think if You were using the 1080 for everything In the past I think maybe you've got a Slightly less versatile shoe here but a More comfortable one verdict for me then Probably the biggest compliment I can Pay this shoe is that I very nearly Chose it to run 100 miles in 3 days Around Lake Garder simply because of the Reliable comfort the unrestricted Feeling on the foot in the end I

Actually opted for the oncloud monster Basically because it has a bit more Energy and a bit more response to it and I was worried that the 1080 v13 might Prove a little two leg sapping for that Distance and this is where perhaps I Think it misses a beat it's a little Less energetic I think than some of the Rivals like the aex Joe nimus 25 it runs A little bit softer a bit more sluggish And so that may limit its versatility For some but if you want a shoe that Delivers good cushion protection that Makes the impact of the road disappear This shoe does that really well it's a Great easy day shoe and it's definitely Much closer to shoes like the GEL Nimbus I think than the V12 was it's gone in That direction and now that I'm back From Garder with battered legs I'll Happily lace it up for my recovery runs I'm not sure once I'm done testing and After that it will make it into my Rotation though I personally prefer my Shoes to have a bit more Pace range so While the oncloud monster aren't as soft And plush as these I can happily do Recovery runs in them and they'll also Do faster efforts too so there's just a Bit more going on with that shoe ditto Shoes like the oncloud surface 7 or even The night vomero 17s the Hoka Mac 5 all Those kind of shoes I think just have a Bit more overall range that I choose

Ahead of these based on that value I'm Also not 100% sure this v13 is an Upgrade on the V12 but I think that will Come down to whether like you like a Larger softer squishier stack of midsole To really dampen that ground feel or you Want something that's a shade more Direct and connected if it's the former Go with the v13 if it's the latter the V12 are the better option for me Personally I think I'd go for the V12 Particularly if you can find a cheap Deal on those that's what I would Recommend so all in all I think the v13 Is a good solid reliable cushion shoe Delivers Comfort by the bucket load it's A close rival I think for the Jael Nimbus 25 we've got a video on the Channel about that and if you're after a Max Comfort Max cushioning shoe I don't Think you'd be too disappointed with the V13 particularly for the price as well That's it from us on the new Bal Freshman 108 tv13 thanks a lot for Watching don't forget to like subscribe Click that little bell and if you go to Capture below you can find a link to our Podcast which comes out at the end of Each month thanks a lot for watching Catch you next Time