The Freshfoam 1080 range has long been one of New Balance’s most popular shoes for cushioned daily training. However, despite the chunky level of midsole foam, the shoe has historically veered towards a firmer ride.

The 1080v13 has modified the shoe with a new, softer Fresh Foam midsole to improve the level of cushioning and comfort, as well as redesigned the upper with a new breathable mesh that offers more structure than earlier versions.

The Fresh Foam More V4 is a max cushioned shoe designed for plush, comfortable miles that features a number of design updates over the More V3. The biggest of those is the addition of even more Fresh Foam X midsole foam that makes it higher and wider than its predecessor – a design feature that aims to improve the stability of the ride.

Mike, Tom, Nick and Kieran dive into the two shoes to see which you should spend your money on.

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00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:20 – Stats
00:50 – Design
02:10 – How’s The Fit?
04:46 – The Run Test
15:32 – Verdict

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers in this Video we are going to be comparing two Shoes that many of you have been asking For reverses of for quite some time that Is the New Balance 1080 v13 and the New Balance Mo V4 let's dive In the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v13 Cost £60 or $164.99 weighs in at 262 G or 9. 2 oz For men in a size 8 and the drop is 6 mm The new Balan Fresh Foam Mo V4 costs 140 Or $149.99 weighs in at 298 G or 10.5 Oz For men in a size 8 and the drop is 4 Mm the Fresh phone 1080 range has long Been one of new balance's most popular Shoes for cushioned daily training However despite the chunky level of Midell foam the shoe has historically Veered towards a firmer ride the 108 v13 Has modified the shoe with a new softer Fresh Foam midsole to improve the level Of cushioning and comfort as well as Redesigned the upper with a new Breathable mesh that offers more Structure than earlier versions The Shoe Features plenty of padding around the Ankle collar and tongue for a healthy Dose of stepping comfort and it features An endurance rubber outsole for grip and To improve Durability the Fresh Foam Mo V4 is a Max Cushion shoe designed for plush Comfortable miles that features a number

Of design updates over the morv 3 the Biggest of those is the addition of even More Fresh Foam X Midol foam that makes It higher and wider than its predecessor A design feature that aims to improve The stability of the ride as well New Balance has also updated the outsole With new cushion zones across the length Of the shoe as well as Flex Zones to Give it a more natural feel on the run The shoe still features a rocker profile For a smooth transition and a modified Engineered mesh upper that's built to Feel plush but ensure ample Breathability the out soole is covered With a generous level of rubber for grip And to protect the mids soft phone There's also a reflective logo on the Shoe for added visibility at Night okay so Nick how has the fit been For you in both of these shoes Absolutely zero concerns with fit in Either of these shoes I've got my normal UK size my normal New Balance size Sometimes New Balance come up a bit Short because they convert a uk9 to a US 9.5 and in their Racing shoes generally New Balance often very short like the SC Trail for example is crazy short and in General if you're looking at the race Lineup i' be tempted to go half size up But with both New Balance the morv V 4 And the 108 tv13 perfectly acal size Good amount of room in the toe box

Perfectly good hold at the midfoot so Yeah normal size for me nice I agree They're actually got very similar uppers Now the um New the 1080 V1 and b12 had That sort of strange sock like upper uh Which some people just didn't get on With and I I found it to be a little bit Uncomfortable uh not very uh what's the Word supportive around the foot it just Felt a little bit loose um whereas the Uh 1080 v3's got this lovely new Oppo Nicely reinforced lot of padding on it Really nice secure fit without being too Uh without being too tight and it's Basically the same oper that's on the mo V4 so yeah very similar and perfect for Me perfect so when it comes to fit I've Run in a UK and a half in both the more V4 and the 1080 v13 that's what I would Recommend going true to size got quite Wide feet got quite high in steps but Overall good length in the toe box on Both of them I think there's good room Across the top of the toes for me as Well in both these shoeses pretty much Equal in terms of the fit I think the More V4 probably hug slightly more and They're probably closer into the toe box Than I found the 1080 v13 there just a Bit more room I think there's a bit more Wiggle room for the toes bit more Flex In the toe box they feel a bit more Airy and the the mor V 4 feel a little Bit more snug but overall I would

Recommend going true to sizing both them Good heel hold good lock down and yeah No problems true to size for me so fit For me has been very good good overall In both of these shoes I had them both In a UK size8 and I would say you know Looking at how the uppers are designed The level of padding you're getting here And the heel and the tongue they do Offer similar styles of fit there is an Argument saying maybe you're getting a Little bit more volume in the more V4 in Terms of the upper but ultim I think it Still kind of maybe sucks you in a Little bit more of the midfoot but I Think you know ultimately do feel very Similar in terms of what I found I think You know getting similar level of volume And space up front in the toes um as I Say no slippage at the heel cuz you know You're getting a good good amount of Padding there too so for me based on my Testing I would go true to size a UK Size8 has been absolutely fine for me in The mo V4 and the 1080 V13 okay so the run test in these two Shoes Nick talk to Me um both good shoes both cruising Shoes I think very much these are two Shoes designed for easy runs and that Was all I would use them for the 1080 in The past maybe had a little bit more Versatility but this latest version is Softer and very much a a plotter of a

Shoe and a really enjoyable one actually I do enjoy running in both of these Shoes you've got the lower drop clearly More rocked more V4 which I think has a Firmer feel the foam in it for sure uh Which but I do like ticking over in it It's got a lovely rocker it doesn't feel Firm because it is so well cushioned Still and nicely rolls through with your Stride so enjoyed using it it's just a Big old shoe though big stable base the 1080 v133 is notably lighter and uh it Feels a little bit kind of more Nimble On the footage result but I don't Necessarily think it's a much faster Shoe because it is a lot lighter but It's got a softer foam and I sink in a Bit to it and it feels very lovely and Cushioned but it's not really providing A base to go and try and run quick in so I think basically what you've got here Is two fantastic easy day daily trainer Shoes with a different feel you've got The rocked lower drop Mor 4 slightly Firmer and then the Ultra Soft uh 1080 V13 if you want that really soft ride But pretty big fan of both how about you Tom yes so uh well anybody watching this Who's fan of the channel know that I Spend most of my time talking about the New Balance Mo V4 uh and none of my time Talking about the 1080 range because I've never been a fan of the 1080 range Uh I think if you hit it on the head

There with the um the 1080 Midol foam uh It's the same midso foam that's in the The New Balance Mo V 3 and the New Balance Mo V 4 but um I think the Difference for me is it's still it's Definitely not a really soft phone but There is a lot of it in the mo V4 um and As a result it does have a very Different EXP experience than what you Get from the 1080 v11 and the V12 which For me are a little bit dull um and I Just there's just nothing I ever get From those shoes you put them on and you They're fine but you know they they're Not really soft on they don't Veer Towards the comfortable side and they Don't Veer towards the versatile side They're just BG standard shoes really um So I think I think the more V4 the Reason I like that so much is that foam That when you put a lot lot more of it In there actually has a little bit of a Different experience and I like that I Like the I really like the cruising Rolling motion of the the mo V4 just Feels really nice I really like the wide Base on it I think that's a really nice Feature of it just it's just a really Nice comfortable Cruiser um love it you Know I love it uh the 10 1080 v13 is Really interesting because yes it's a Lot softer um it's a tricky one now for New Balance because now they've Essentially got two shoes that are sort

Of competing for for the same sort of Thing now um now it is a lot sof and I Really really like it I just think it's A very comfortable enjoyable shoe yeah It's not versatile you're not going to Run fast in this shoe it's almost it Sort of saps a little bit of your energy As well if you try and pick up the pace Of it because because it is so soft um But I do think it's a really nice um Just enjoyable shoe I think it could do A lot of miles in this shoe at nice Consistent Pace or relatively slow pace Um but yeah I I I think they're both Great and and I'm I'm struggling now now Now the 1080 v3's come out because Suddenly there's another shoe that I Really like from New Balance sort of Cushioned range yeah my enjoyment of Them was very equal over short I will Say I did a long run in both I do prefer The the Mori 4 feeling because it is That little bit firmer just gives you a Bit more of a solid base to run a long Run on and it rolled through really Nicely with the rock g i really actually Quite like using it for long runs and Then the 1080 it does feel good but like I said just thinkinking a little bit too Much and by the end of a long run in it I was just like I was longing for a Slight Edge to the a little bit more Firmness I that's not something that Everyone will want but it's not like

It's going to be uncomfortable but a Slightly more solid base I think helps Me over the course of a longdistance run So that's probably one area where I Think the more V4 did stand out for me Yeah but overall the experience is good In both well we all know you're a big Fan of walking around in running shoes So uh I think both of these are great For that but I I just I I was wearing The 1080 v13 the other day to the shop And it it is nice to walk around to the Shops in not not not that that's why You'd spend that much money on a on a Running shoe but it's it's very Comfortable well I used mine the other Day uh to go climbing trees with my Daughter Albert and it's got quite dirty Cuz I kept trapping my foot in branches You know to try and get perches to climb Up and that's ruined the look of it a Bit I don't know if you can just clean Off tree bark residue but that's maybe Don't use your 160b really shoes for Climbing up trees she use a thinner shoe As well a nimbler shoe if I knew I Always unexpected the tree climbing it Wasn't like we were planning it just it Just happen as as it often does with Tree CL yeah that's the case I I don't Do it So I'm just back from doing a sidebyside Mile once you're on each foot and I Think there's a lot of similarities to

These shoes you know basically what You've got here is two big soft Cushioned Cruisers kind of cocoon shoes The way they hold the foot the way they Wrap the plush collars the plush tongues The way that the uppers holding wrap is Very very similar in fact the overall Feel on the foot it's one of those shoes Where they do run differently but if you Blindfolded yourself you might have Trouble deciding which is which now when It comes to the ride the one thing that I really noticed having those two shoes Side by side I think is how much more Support and structure there is to the Mid sole of the mo V4 there's a lot more Foam in the middle section of the foot That comes out wider and that kind of Almost acts as a guide I think for the I Think overall it's ever so slightly kind Of firmer for me even though arguably it Feels like there should be more Cushioning here and then you get a bit More guidance from The Wider overall Platform than you do with the 1080 v13 I'm not entirely sure I find one of them Particularly more springy or responsive Than the other I think the 1080 v13 is Probably overall just a little bit more Agile a bit more Nimble I think there's More versatility in it I wouldn't really Like to take the morvi 4 out for Anything faster than very very slow easy Miles I pretty much feel the same about

The 1080 v13 but I think at a push you Can run faster in it and you you Probably can do slightly more range of Different runs in it though I think it's Still EX sells at being that kind of Easy cruising happy kind of plodding Head up shoe for Comfort Miles when it Comes to how they feel on the foot I Think they both got quite hugging uppers I think that the 1080 v13 have a little Bit more room and airiness in the toe Box there just a little bit more wiggle Room the mor V4 hug a little bit tighter They're a little bit more I guess secure If you like that kind of thing little Bit tighter you might say but I think Overall they just hold the foot a little Bit more whereas there's a bit more room And a bit more maneuverability I think In the 1080 v13 not sure which which I Prefer overall really to be honest maybe The 108v 13 I think if you want a little More wiggle run that's the one to go for If you like it a little bit tighter go For the uh the more V4 and I guess Really the big difference here is is Really that it's just about how Protected you're going to be from Cushioning an impact on the road in the Mo V4 but also that wider platform I Think bringing in a lot more stability Runs a little bit flatter now that's Probably down to the fact that the 1080s Have a slightly higher drop but I also

Feel like the roering on the 1080s gives A little bit better roll through and Clip through than you get from the more V4 again the more V4 it just feels like A shoe that I just want to sort of stay Back a little bit on my heels want to Run a little bit flatter I'm going to Roll but it's going to be sort of I'm Moving at slower Pace I don't know the 1080 v13 just feel like I want to clip a Little bit more and there's just a Little bit more energy coming back there Slightly wobbler as well I think overall But I don't think there's a huge amount To choose in terms of stability in both These shoes so into that run test and I Would say that these two shoes are Designed for very similar runs if not Identical runs and that hasn't been the Case with previous 1080 shoes but Definitely the v13 based on the changes That New Balance has made with this shoe It now sits a lot more in line with the Mo V4 now in terms of how they deliver That experience I think the first thing To pick out here is the difference in Weights this is the much lighter shoe Compared to the mor V4 that's definitely Something I noticed in my time the mor V4 I just wish it was aach bit lighter I Know why you know it's a bigger kind of Bigger stack there that foam it is a bit Feels like a bigger shoe looks like a Bigger shoe and it kind of runs like a

Bigger shoe compared to the 1080 V13 now in terms of the midsoles now You're both getting fresh foam uh kind Of midols here but they do feel Different to me I would say that the one On the uh 108 v13 feels a lot softer a Lot more plush you do get that plushness Here on the mor 4 but it definitely Feels like a different version of The Fresh phone that you're getting here in A 1080 v13 and I think for me I think That kind of dictates or kind of Influences the feeling of running any Shoes they're still built for Comfort They still have that plush feeling to Them but I feel that the softer of the Two is the 1080 v13 now in terms of the Rides I would say that you get a kind of Gentle rocker ride in the 1080 v13 which I think when you look at there something Like the morphie 4 it's a little bit More aggressive it's not aggressive like You know overly aggressive but I think It's definitely more pronounced in terms Of if you compare it to what you get in The 1080 b113 I think what that allows You is to slightly pick the PAC up um a Little bit more in the morvi 4 you know You're not going to go massively uptempo In the shoe but I think if you wanted to Do that that the way the shoes designed Does offer that a little bit but Ultimately what's counting against it is That overall weight that you're getting

And it's something that I kind of really Noticed in my time with it so I do think As I said there are similarities um in Terms of that ride in terms of you know How they film the types of runs they're Design for I would say out soole wise I Think you're going to probably get a Little bit more out of the morv 4 There's just a lot more rubber there When you look at the kind of the overall Designs of the two shoes ultimately so You know these are shoes that are Designed to soak up a lot of time I Would say maybe the mor V thought is Better designed to kind of do that and Kind of cover those longer distances you Know on a more consistent basis compared To the 1080 v13 but you know in the time That I've running the 108p 13 it hasn't Felt like I've seen you know very Noticeable signs of where a bit like the Previous versions of the shoe they are Built for you know Workhorse you know Shoes that can soak up a lot of time and That's what I found so far but I just Think maybe you're getting a little bit More on the morv V4 so ultimately I Think these are two shoes that are Designed for the same types of runs the 1080 v13 is lighter I think softer I Think it has that kind of nice ride to Get you nicely through your kind of Running time and it's you know it's Comfortable and smooth as well whereas I

Think with a more V4 you're getting more Protection there you're definitely Getting more cushioning I think maybe You feel a little bit more of the bounce And a little bit more of the ride in This shoe so if you wanted that then I Think that's what you're going to get Here and But ultimately they're going to They overlap quite Fair bit um based on My Testing okay so verdict Nick hit me what Are you going to go for I say neither Are these at the top of my tree for Cushion shoes just cuz they are I think So geared towards easy stuff and I like A little bit more versatility but I'm Pretty evenly happy with both of these Shoes I have to say and if I'm looking At a shoe I'd use just for easy runs and Probably long runs I probably slightly Prefer the more V4 but uh I wouldn't I Wouldn't go back to the wall for that Opinion I think I pretty happy with the I think it's a bit cheaper as well it's Old a shoe so I think the 1080 is a more Notable experience it's a softer Experience it's probably the one I think More people will enjoy the more V4 is Quite a clunky shoe but I do like that Rolling sensation I get from it but yeah I think the 1080 is probably an easier Shoe to recommend but I'd probably just About pick the the more V4 myself how About you Tom yeah I think

I'm fairly new to the 1080 v13 and I Think I I'm I'm very impressed I'm just Enjoying running it at the moment but in Reality uh I am still going to go for The m v44 just because long distance Running um I think there's going to be a Lot more runs that I do that I find the 1080 B13 is not quite the right shoe for Where whereas I mean I don't use the More V4 for that many runs apart from Those sort of easy day runs consistent Runs and things like that but if I was Going to do a longer session maybe up to Like you know 20 miles as a long run for Marathon training I think I'd definitely Go for the mor V4 so overall I'm going To go more V4 just because I'm just Because it's just got that little bit More sort of rolling action to it a Little bit more firm uh but also I've Had it for so long that I'm you know I Love it so I can't really pick on this One yet actually got we actually got a Good question on the the channel um Which is useful to bring up on this one Somebody was asking uh which of these is Um not which of these was it the 108 v13 Or the A6 gel nimbers 25 which is more Like the Invincible and I think that's An interesting question because a lot of People based on what how people G Described this an ac13 would probably Assume it's similar to the inin but I Don't think it really

Is uh I don't know I think it's got the Same kind of squishy sinking feeling it Just doesn't have the bounce of the inin Exactly that's that's the bit that People are missing so if you if you went If you wanted it for the soft squishy Feeling you might be all right but if You if you want a feeling that zoomx Feeling it it's not zoomx foam it's it's Just soft it's fresh fo X fresh it's got An X in it well I get confused with Fresh X cuz even though they constantly Changing The mid cell Fame it's still called Fresh f x so when you B the order the Fuel cell changes from shoe to shoe as Well it's it is it is slightly annoying Yeah yeah call it like fresh XX 2 say It's not as annoying as Salamon Tom I've Got four fantasm shoes had to talk about Interiew try and to explain which Fantasm it was it's uh we digress we Digress yeah uh good okay so I'm going More V4 yeah I think I am too but you Know get it to 80 it's also a very good Shoe uh So so verdict for me then I think if You're looking for a shoe that's going To be your easy day Comfort recovery run Head up kind of plaing cocoon Cruiser Then I think that both these shoes can Do a job if I had to pick one for that I Think I would go 1080 v13 I just feel It's a little bit more compact it's a

Little bit more agile I think there's a Little bit more response to it I feel Less interfered with overall I think the Mor V4 have that extra kind of wide base Wide midsole that brings some structure And a bit more support and if you need That then I think go for that but for me Personally I don't and I much prefer Think a a little bit more in control Overall that you get I think for the 1080 v13 I also think the v13 although I Wouldn't really use it for runs that Were sort of faster than easy Necessarily I do think that they can Cope with that much better than the mo V4 the mo V4 very much for me fit into a Shoe that I would only really use up to A certain pace and it would be on those Easy runs I think the 108 v13 if you Really wanted to you could probably bash Out some sort of faster miles though I Wouldn't yeah again it's not my wouldn't Be my shoe of choice to do that but if You were doing a long run where you Needed to put in some slightly quicker Intervals I think the 1080 would Probably do a better job it's much more Expensive so yeah I don't know if price Comes down to it and you're just looking For a shoe that will only go for Cruising you don't mind having that bit Of extra structure and the you know that Bit of kind of extra kind of it's not Interference as such but that along that

Kind of lines then maybe go more V4 but For me personally I think the That feels best On The Run has the most Response feels most kind of natural and Comfortable and it suits my running Better with a little bit less shoe on The foot that's going to be the 1080 v13 So if I had to pick between the new B 1080 v13 or the mor V4 I would be going For the 1080 v30 now it is a little bit More expensive than morv 4 But Ultimately this is the shoe that I Thought this shoe would be and Ultimately you know we had to wait to Get a shoe that I think from New Balance That is on par was of those kind of Comfortable cushion shoes that we've Seen this year from other brands this is A shoe that's lighter still offers that Kind of soft comfortable you know level Of cushioning and protection for those Longer runs and I think the out sold Durability is going to be solid overall To make sure you can run a lot in this Shoe and it's got a similar level of Comfort in terms of that upper as well I Think with the more V4 as I said you can Pick it up for a little bit less but I Think it's the heavy issue I think you Know while you are getting that good Stack of fresh foam there I don't think It's as soft as plush as what you're Getting on the 1080 v13 and ultimately It isn't is shoe that longterm I've

Wanted to put back on the 108 v13 has Been issued post testing that I have Wanted to use a lot more I think as I Said they offer similar experiences and Uh built for the same types of runs but I think for me I've had better you know A better experience overall running Those types of runs in the 1080 v13 so For me if I had to pick I would be Paying a little bit more and going for The 1080 v13 that's it from M thanks a Lot for watching don't forget to like Subscribe click the bell all of those Sorts of things and if you go into the Caption below you can find a link to our Podcast which comes out at the end of Each month thanks all for watching catch You next Time