The New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v13 and Saucony Triumph 21 are two superb cushioned shoes we’ve tested in 2023. So if you had to pick just one, which should you grab?

Tester Mike has spent time running in both and takes you through the key differences between the two shoes to help you decide whether you should go 1080v13 or Triumph 21.

00:00 – Intro
01:27 – Price and Differences
03:28 – How do they fit?
04:54 – The Run Test
08:21 – Which should you buy?


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Hey this is M ran testers and in this Video we are going to be talking about How the new B fresh fx180 v13 compares To the sakon TR 21 now this video has Been brought to you in partnership with Our friends at Precision Fuel and Hydration obviously if you are training For a race you want to have the ideal Shoes that can soak up that training Time and these two shoes definitely fit The bill for that but you also want to Think about your fueling needs as well Too now in my last video I talked about Building a kind of fueling strategy for The Manchester half it's now a couple of Days away from the race I have the plan Email to me and in that plan it's Telling me things like what Gils to take On how much I need to take on but also About how much water I should have Pre-ra also when I should be eating Pre-race as well too so it's not just About building into what you should be Taking during that race but also in Terms of what you should be doing around That time as well too so if you want to Build a plan or you're stuck about what To do in terms of what you should be Doing for that race day go check the Precision Fuel and hydration website and It can build that plan for you for some Pretty straightforward questions if you See anything on the website that you're Fancy buying or picking up as well we do

Have a little discount to give you a Little bit money off as well we'll put That up on screen and we'll put that in The caption as well and hopefully that Will get you kind of started or Kickstart your strategy and also Hopefully get you what you want out of Your race next time you are on the start [Music] Line Okay so before we get into our running Experiences with these two shoes let's Talk a little bit about the key Differences now these are both cushioned Running shoes so these are shoes Designed to spend a lot of running time In now in terms of weight the new Balance is the lighter of the two shoes And we'll kind of put up the uh weights Buff for UK size eight in terms of Pricing they're pretty similar on that Front across UK and us so you are Definitely paying a bit of a pre premium On these shoes particularly what we're Seeing with cushion shoes that we've Seen launched this year anyway um in Terms of the drop you are getting a 6 mm Drop on the New Balance shoot a 10 mm Drop on the soy Triumph 21 in terms of Upper materials you are getting a mesh One on the New Balance shoe you're Getting a kind of flatten it upper on The so Tri turn on which was a big Change from the previous Triumph in the

Midols you're getting something Ultimately on both of these shoes that Are designed to be plushed to offer good Level of comfort and protection and you Know Comfort is the priority here so on The new B you're getting a fresh foam X Midsole foam on the so Trion one you're Getting its power run plus uh midell You're also getting a power run plus Sock liner in in here as well too it's Kind of offer or add to that kind of you Know kind of plushness that you're Getting in this shoe in terms of the Outso new balance says that or calls Their outsole an endurance outsole um It's very similar to what we've seen on The previous 1080 shoe and then you Getting a carbon rubber outs soole on The S trium 21 and again these are Outsoles designed to soak up a lot of Time also you know predominantly for Pavement and road but I think ultimately You could do some lighter Trail time in Them as well so those are the key Differences similarities you're getting In these shoes as well let's get into That fit run test and the verdict on Whether you should go for the S Tri 21 Or the new B fresh x 1080 V30 So in terms of fit I've had both of These shoes in the UK size eight and for Me I would say they were absolutely fine On the fit side of things I didn't find

Them too narrow I didn't find them too Tight in the kind of toe boxes either And I think you can get a good kind of Hold and no slippage in either of these In terms of how they deliver those fits I would say maybe the New Balance offers An upper that you know ultimately offer Something a bit more snug feeling where I think you're getting something may be A bit more breathable on the S trium 20 1 I think also in the socky shoe it does Narrow a little bit more in the midfoot Compared to what you get on the New Balance shoe um which I think maybe Lends itself a little bit more in terms Of the versatility you get in this shoe And how better suited it is for a Different mix of runs but we'll get into The run test on that terms of padding You know around the heel collar and the Tongue as well it's very similar it's All about snugness all about taking that Pressure off your fee particularly here On kind of when you've got the lace on Top of that tongue on both of these Shoes so for me I would say going Through sides in these shoes would be Absolutely fine I think you get a good Amount of space up front of the toes a Good hold good lock down in general as Well and as I said these uppers are Built for comfort you maybe get Something a little bit more snug fitting Or feeling on the new B shoe whereas I

Think maybe it's a similar story on the S Tri 21 it maybe just offer something a Bit more breathable and supportive in Other places [Music] Too okay so into that run test obviously We've had the so Trump 21 for a little Bit longer than the 108 v13 but what We'd say is that these two shoes are Definitely designed for similar types of Runs those are the types of runs where You're going longer but you're going Slower and easier in terms of pace and You want something that prioritizes Protection and comfort and something That feels as good as it does at the Beginning of the run as it does at the End of the run now in terms of how they Deliver those they're there's definitely Some similarities but definitely some Differences as well too we'll start with The new B Fresh Foam 1080 v30 In terms what you're getting here you Are definitely getting an upper dust Kind of feel very snug in terms of how It fits you're getting a midsole that Definitely is on the plush side and it Definitely does kind you do feel that Softness in it as well but there is a Gentle kind of rocker kind of feeling in That ride as well too and it's overall The lighters youe as well so if you Slightly want to pick things up you know Not massively want to go quicker in it

It does have the capability to do that And as we kind of said it does feel as Good at the beginning of run as it does At the end of the run as well terms of That feeling of running in a shoe now The socony trium 21 again you're getting That kind of plush feeling from that Kind of power R plus sock liner but also From the midso as well too maybe you're Getting something a touch firmer it's Not overly firm but it's maybe a touch Firmer than what you're getting in the Fresh Foam x uh midsole here on the new Boun shoe so maybe you're getting Something a little bit more bouncy I Would say I think also in terms of the Way this upper is designed and how it Fits it does offer something that's a Little bit more versatile and if you did Want to Pick the pace up a little bit in the Shoe even though is a little bit heavier Than the uband shoe definitely has a Scope to do that so if you wanted Something that felt a little bit more Suitable to run a mixture of distances And a mixture of Paces then I think the S Trump 21 can offer that over the 1080 V30 now in terms of the outs and the Durability wise there's quite a you know Similar amount of rubber in terms of What you're getting on these two Outsoles the formations and the layouts Of the outsoles are different but also I

Think they're offering similar in terms Of level of durability or should do Anyway know shoes that you can run a lot Of time in and they will hold up well Know Pavements of Roads you know been Absolutely fine they definitely have a Scope to handle some lighter Trails as Well too if that's something you want to Do or use them for Park runs and Absolutely they'll be able to handle That as well too so from an outside Point of view I think you're probably Going to get something very similar in Terms of lifespan and also in terms of Level of grip and you know um the types Of surfaces that you can work on as well So ultimately terms of the kind of Running experience they are two cushion Shoes that are very comfortable offer Kind of you know kind of softness in Their Mides but ultimately we would say Probably the Triumph 21 offers maybe a Little bit more versatility in terms That you're getting in that shoe Ultimately even though it is a slightly Heavier shoe but it's not a shoe that Feels overly heavy ultimately whereas I Think with the new bounce 1080 v13 it is You know soft plush it's light it does Have that kind of gentle rocket feeling As well there too so if you don't want Something that feels too flat and does Give you something that feels nice and

Enjoyable from start to finish and it Does offer that as well too to two Standout shoes but definitely two shoes That kind of offer the experience in Terms of the types of runs are designed For a little bit differently with some Similarities in there as well [Music] Too okay so verdict on whether you Should go for the S trip 21 or the New Balance 1080 v13 so we'll start by Saying these are two of the best cushion Shoes that we have run with this year They are expensive shoes but if you are Willing to buy a cushion shoe that Really com offers a good level of Comfort a comfortable upper a really Good experience across longer runs and When you're running slower and easier Paces then both of these shoes work well On that front what we'd say is is with a New balance you are getting a lighter Shoe with the Trump 21 you're getting Something that we would say is a little Bit more versatile can handle maybe some More uptempo run even though this is a Slightly heavier shoe as well in terms Of durability I feel like we're going to Get the similar kind of experience um in Terms of that kind of lifespan in terms Of what you're going to get on the Outsoles and the durability overall so From that point of view they're pretty Solid across the board but yeah it

Really comes down to whether you want One shoe that can ultimately kind of Cover a lot of different runs or a lot More runs then the so TR only one will Be that if you're looking for a shoe That is light comfortable obious that Really kind of nice feeling across Longer kind of runs at those slower Easier Paces the New Balance Fresh Foam X1080 v13 is well worth checking out as Well but if we had to pick just on the Kind of Versatility front and you know Maybe potentially saving you from having To buy another shoe the tri 21 probably Just edges it but the new bounce fresh Frame X10 8313 is very much a standout Shoe a standout cushion shoe and it will Be a good shoe choice for a lot of People as well too okay so there you Have it that is our take and how the Socony trie 21 compares to the new B Fresh frame X10 atv1 13 now if you've Got any questions about either of the Shoes or this video do let us know in The comments as always like And Subscribe hit that little bell to find Out about our latest videos and yeah We'll see you for next run test this [Music] Video