The New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v13 is the latest version of New Balance’s cushioned daily trainer shoe that we know if a firm favourite for many.

New Balance has decided to soften things up for the new 1080, with a lighter version of its Fresh Foam X in place, along with changes made to the upper, outsole and overall weight.

Tester Mike has managed to put some early running time in with the 1080v13 to find out if the changes New Balance has made to its popular daily trainer makes a good first impression.

00:00 – Intro
00:12 – Price and what’s new from 1080v12?
01:33 – How do they fit?
02:43 – The Run Test
06:46 – Initial Verdict

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Foreign Hey this is Mike from the Run testers And this is our first run review of the New Balance Fresh Foam x 1080 v13 Okay so here's what you need to know About the 1080 v13 and there's a fair Amount to learn about the shoe that's Different from the 1080 V12 now we'll Start with the price it is 160 pounds in The UK 170 in the US so that is putting It up against other cushion daily Trainer shoes like the Nike Invincible 3 The axis gel nimbers 25 also things like The Brooks Glycerin 20 as well now we'll Start in terms of what's new here so We'll start with the upper now in terms Of the upper we are seeing an engine in Mesh app so the hydronic they're going To stretchy upper that we got on Previous Um more recent iterations of the 1080 Shoe now in terms of the midsole foam It's still Fresh Foam X but it is a Softer and lighter version that we're Seeing here in the 1080 v13 and that's a Trend that we've started to see in a lot Of New Balance shoes that have launched This year having that lighter version of Fresh foam X now in terms of the Outsource it's still a blown rubber Outsole like the 1080 V12 but it Definitely has changed a little bit in Terms of design And ultimately as I said it is still a

Shoe that's designed to be a kind of Cushioned daily Trainer shoe just like The 1080 V12 but what I'll get into in The round test is that things have Definitely changed whether they've Changed for the better we'll find out Let's get into that run test Okay I'll start with fit and I had my 1080 v13 in a UK size eight now I have In the past had eight and a half's Eights they've been generally absolutely Fine I would say that this shoe has fit Me pretty well pretty nicely it's pretty Comfortable pretty happy with the amount Of space you're getting up front in the Toes here pretty snug feeling midfoot Feels good as well you're not getting This amazing lock down from this up Obvious change in terms of what it feels And The Sensation of that kind of hydro Knit up and how it kind of pulls things In this is definitely built a little bit More in terms of delivering a bit more Comfort a bit more snugness and that's Kind of what you get in this shoe There's a good amount of padding here at The heel against kind of extend that Kind of more comfortable more snug Feeling upper in general so for me Fitwise it's been absolutely fine and That kind of first run that I've done as I said I've had one in UK size eight and Obviously the New Balance does offer This shoe and different width options as

Well like it does with a lot of issues So if you do have some issues in terms Of that fit you do have some options There but for me based on my my initial Kind of run with it the fit has seemed Pretty much fine for me in my UK size 8. Okay so into that first run I'm actually Squeeze in and out of this at lunch I Was kind of doing eight 15 minute mile Pace in them so really kind of getting a Sense of just putting them on and Getting out see what they feel like I Tried to pick it up in places to see how It could handle some Up Tempo stuff Which is something the previous 1080s Have been capable of now in terms of my Experience with the 1080 shoes Previously I mean fine shoes but I Wouldn't say they're massively memorable They're not shoes that I've used long Term or reach for I think there's better Cushioned daily trainers out there that Have served me better and have just been More enjoyable to use it in general Now in terms of my first run in this Shoe this is definitely a different shoe To those previous 1080 shoes and I would Say for the better I think the first Thing I put it down to is that it Definitely feels lighter it definitely Feels a lighter shooter running compared To the 1080 V12 and I think you know When we're seeing a trend that some Shoes

Kind of cushion day training shoes are Getting a little bit heavier This shoe has got light and I definitely Think that's a massive plus here for New Balance on the 1080v 13. the other thing Here obviously is the midsole the Midsole has changed so it is a fresh Frame X midsole but it is definitely Softer it's definitely lighter and you Definitely do notice that that is the Thing with for me that and I think it It's a nice feeling you know it maybe Changes slightly the experience of Running in a 1080 shoe but I think it's A positive change in terms of what this Shoe is like to run in so you've got That kind of softness and it's it's Bouncy it's plush but not overly plush I Don't think but what I also like is you Get this kind of nice rocker feelings You get kind of nice smooth transitions In this shoe as well When I was running it out I felt very Very comfortable running this shoe I Thought you'd get through that motion Very very nicely and I think you know That's something that I haven't really Seen in the 1080 shoes previously so I Think for me that's a real kind of plus Now Some might think that it's maybe lost You know with that kind of softer kind Of feeling midsole it maybe it has lost A little bit of that kind of Versatility

And ability to be used for kind of more Tempo runs when I tried to pick the pace Up in places I found it was okay I Didn't feel it was an issue I didn't Feel that you had to work hard to kind Of run it a little bit quicker on it You're not going to run and do speed Work in it you know that's just not what You're going to get here but I think Some slightly marked Tempo work I think This shoe can absolutely kind of handle That and I would feel confident that it Could handle that and I think as I said I put that down to the lightness and That kind of rocker thing that you're Getting in this shoe in terms of the Outsole I think that kind of contributes To that kind of feeling that kind of Kind of you know smooth kind of you know Bouncy Lively feeling that you do get Here on this shoe that kind of the Pattern is kind of slightly changed I Think maybe for the better I think Durability wise it's probably going to Be a lot of the same I was only on Pavements and kind of roads and it was Absolutely fine from a gripping point of View but I do think maybe the chain Agent design is probably going to help It in terms of creating that kind of Nice feeling of kind of you know Transitioned you through that kind of From heel to toe and I think that's Going to improve how you're going to

Feel running in this shoe so for me Definitely positives here I like the Fact that it's softer it's lighter I do Still think you get a nice ride here as Well I think it feels enjoyable it felt Nice on that first run that I did I can only see positives here it Definitely feels like a more comfortable Shoe in general and I think you know That lends itself not only from the Midsole but also from the upper as well And yeah it's a it's a 1080 shoe that I've actually come away from uh running In and so far enjoying it so definitely A shoe that I want to spend more time in Is a sure I'm going to spend more time In over the next few weeks so yeah Positives you know in terms of those First impressions and Um it looks like the changes New Balance Has made on the 1080 B13 compared to the 1080 B12 I think are going to be things That people are going to like and It's going to make it a better shoot in General as well too Okay so initial thoughts on the New Balance Fresh Foam x 1080 v13 is that I Did really like it in that first run you Know I've not absolutely loved running In the previous 1080 shoes or as I said Have not been massively memorable for me But I think this might change with this Version of the shoe I like the fact that It's gone softer in terms of that

Midsole foam it's lighter I think the The ride there is very nice as well here Too Um and yeah I think it's going to sit Well with those other kind of cushion Daily trainers that are kind of around This price range so things like the Asics Gel nib is 25 which I think maybe This has a more lively ride compared to That shoe but you know similar it's very Good for those easy slow runs where you Potentially might want to pick up the Pace it's going to probably feel a Little bit nicer doing here things like A nice Invincible three again that's Probably got a bit more life in it in Terms of that Zoom X midsole and that's Probably got something that's a bit more Performance focused in terms of the Upper where this is definitely a little Bit more about kind of giving you that Kind of supreme Comfort here yeah as Well and things like the brick glycerin 20 I think again I think that's probably A little bit more versatile and Definitely veers on something you can Run a little bit more Up Tempo and more Naturally I think and you're getting a Good kind of nice enjoyable kind of Feeling from that midsole foam in the Glycerin 20 as well but I think it sits Well with a lot of the shoes that kind Of sit around this price range And yeah as I said I think you know

Compared to my experiences with the 1080 V12 this feels like a massive kind of Upgrade I would say and you know a good Upgrade I think if you were looking for Something a little bit more enjoyable Out of the 1080 shoes something that can Still kind of handle easy moderately Paced runs or something that can soak up A lot of time on your feet and it still Feels like that shoe but it's lighter Um it's got a softer feeling a more Comfortable feeling and it still gives You that enjoyable I think it's an Enjoyable ride and the potential to run A little bit more at Tempo in it as well Too so yeah all positives for me so far I think this is going to be a shoe I'm Going to enjoy running in potentially Could work itself into my rotation Though I think you know shoes like the Ones I mentioned and things like the Soccer tribe 21 you know there's Fierce Competition at this kind of price point And also in this category but it feels Like New Balance has come up with a Really strong shoe to kind of compete With the competition Okay so they have some initial thoughts On the New Balance Fresh Foam x 1080 v13 Now some of the other run testers will Be getting this shoe so we will be doing A multitester review of this soon but if In the meantime if you've got any Questions or other shoes you want to see

It compared to do let us know in the Comments as always like And subscribe Hit that little bell to find out about Our latest videos and yeah we'll see the Next round test this video