The New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v13 and Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 are two of our new cushioned shoe faves and picking between the two is no easy feat.

Testers Jane, Nick, Mike, Tom and Kieran have all run in both shoes to help give you a better idea of how the two shoes compare and help you pick between two of the best cushioned running shoes to launch in 2023.

00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Price and Differences
01:45 – How do they fit?
07:10 – The Run Test
20:51 – Which should you buy?

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Hey this is M from the Run testers and This is our multi-tester take on how the New Balance Fresh Foam x 1080 v13 Compares to the aex GEL Nimbus 25 so a few quick details on these two Shoes they are two cushion shoes these Are price-wise pretty similar across the Board UK and US definitely do sit at a Premium in terms of weight the new banch Shoe is the lighter of the two shoes and We' put up the kind of weights for UK Size eight in terms of drop you've got a 6 mm one on the 1080 v13 a 10 mm one on The GEL Nimbus 25 in terms of the uppers You are getting a kind of flat knit one On the G numers 25 a kind of engineered Mesh one on the New Balance 1080 v13 mid Wise you getting the fresh frame X Midsole on the 1080 v13 whereas you're Getting the FF blast Eco uh midsole in The gel number 25 you're also getting it Kind of pure gel technology is there to Kind of offer some kind of more stable Foundations along with that kind of Softer plusher feeling cushioning as Well too outle wise you're getting what New BS calls an endurance kind of Outsole uh and then you're getting this Kind of ahar kind of outsole on the aex Jo numers 25 which you can kind of see It's slightly different in terms of the The layouts But ultimately these are Shoes designed to kind of soak up a lot Of running time so those are the key

Differences between the two shoes kind Of details you need to know let's get Into the fit run test and then give you A verdict on whether you should go for The 1080 v13 or the Jael Nimbus 25 so both shoes fit me really well in My normal running shoe size uh the New Balance 1080 is actually a us99.5 in my Uk9 so I think it might come up a little Bit smaller than the aex which is a us10 In my uk9 but actually both of them have A good amount of room in the toe box for Me nice hold around the midfit and heel Really comfortable padded uper so no Concerns for me I'll stick to your Normal running shoe size the fit of both Of these I Think I'd probably say the Nimbus comes Up a little tiny bit short for me in the Foot I wished I had a little bit more Room I'm a uk5 in pretty much all Running shoes apart from New Balance I'll get to that and I just I just wish I'd sized up an extra half size just to Get that little bit of extra room in the Toe I think it does come up a little bit Small I have quite high Arches and I found the fit was great Everywhere else I just wish I had a tiny Bit more room in that toe box especially Because I feel like this is one of those Shoes you'd wear for long runs for Marathon training for kind of the longer Distances and for that reason I'd always

Size up a tiny bit just because you Don't want your toes to be squished up Against the edge of the shoe they Weren't I had enough room I could Comfortably run in it but I think if You're between sizes it might be worth Sizing up a bit here it's a kind of Booty upper I found it really easy to Pull it tight across my foot and get a Really kind of good lock in feel when Wearing the shoe it's super plush all Around the collar really really Comfortable with the 1080 v13 with New Balance I always go up half a size so I'm a UK 5 these are a UK 5 and a half I Tend I find that New Balance always come Up small that said this shoe doesn't so I kind of wish I'd just stuck with the UK 5 in this shoe because I have a lot Of room in the toe box probably more Than I would need so I think the 1080 is One shoe in the New Balance line that Does fit true to size other shoes I Would always say go up half a size in New Balance that said it didn't feel Crazy big on the foot you know I was Able to run in it I didn't feel like I Had too much shoe but I would just say Compared to other New Balance shoes you Probably don't need to size up as much Here still again really comfortable less Of a booty upper than the Nimbus um but I was still able to kind of get a really Good locked in feel in the shoe really

Comfortable plush around the collar a Really nice both of them really lovely Nice well-fitting shoes to run in just a Few tweaks of sizes I probably would Have gone up a little bit in the ax Probably wouldn't have gone up in the New Balance so when it comes to fit I've Run both these shoes true to size in a UK and a half and that's exactly what I Would recommend to me they fit great if Anything the ax is a little bit more Roomy in the toe box not only lengthwise But also across the top the uppers don't Sit quite as close to the top of the Toes that creates a little bit more of An Airy feel uh that's not to say that The New Balance are restrictive in Anyway both of these shoes have got nice Amount of flex the uppers move really Nicely with the feet and you do feel Like there's plenty of room for your Feet to relax and do what they need to Do it's a very sort of comfortable shoe Overall it's a kind of shoe that if You've got a bit beaten up feet after a Marathon a few days after you want to go For a recovery run the fit of these is Bang on and the ride actually for for Using for that purpose so in terms of Fit absolutely fine for me in my UK size Eight and both these shoes I haven't Felt like I've needed to go or wanting To go half a size up half a size or full Size down in these shoes they feel very

Very good you know up front in the toes Maybe it's a little bit longer than the Gel numus 25 but it's not something that I felt too long in my time with there I Think you get a good hold in the midfoot And both these shoes it's all about that Kind of offering something that's very Accommodating and both fronts on these Shoes really prioritizing giving Something that feels very snug you know Not had any kind of heel slippage you're Probably getting you know a little bit More padding um in the traditional kind Of sense on the hill collar on the new B Shoe where it's more internal on the Jael Nimbus 25 but for me there's not a Massive amount in it I would say based On my UK size eight going through to Size would be absolutely fine in this Shoe I think they fit very very well Overall the fit for me in these two Shoes I am a size eight these are UK Size eight um and they're very similar In the way that they feel and Fit I Think the um GEL Nimbus 25 very Comfortable shoe nice bit of padding in It it's quite a plush shoe uh it feels Quite light and breathable at the top And there feels like there's plenty of Space as well in the forefoot and a Little bit of the midfoot as well really Comfortable really solid shoe not too Narrow or anything like that um and just Feels great I've not had any issues at

All with this and I would definitely Stick to my size in this shoe the uh 1080 V13 uh it's had a little bit of a revamp From the previous versions there's it Looks like a different shoe the upper is A little bit more padded a little bit More more reinforced there was like a Sock design on the last two versions of The shoe which I didn't mind but I did Find it was hard to get a nice lock down Fit um and it wasn't it wasn't massively Comfortable uh it just didn't feel like Had a lot of padding on either this is a The overhaul of the 1080 v13 there's Loads more padding on it it's a very Padded uper it feels very very Comfortable holds the for Place nicely There's still plenty of room in it There's plenty of rigle room in the Foref foot midfoot isn't too tight on a Lock down so if you got wide feet you Might be okay with this uh and it's very Easy to get a nice lockdown fit in so For both of these shoes I'd say really Really comfortable um and I would stay To my UK size in both of Them I've enjoyed running in both of These shoes they're definitely I think Good impressive updates on the previous Models you had in the range tested the GEL Nimbus 25 first and just really Enjoyed using it I find it's a really Good long run shoe in particular you've

Got that comfortable ride but it's not Overly squishy and soft you get a decent Amount of rebound from the home so you Can maintain a nice Pace throughout a Long run the shoe feels very consistent And still enjoyable at the end of a run It's not exactly a verse stle shoe cuz It is so big and not exactly lightweight But you can pick up the pace a little Bit because this FF blast plus foam does Have a little bit of Bounce to it when You do want to run a little bit quicker But certainly it's a shoe that's best For those easy runs and one that I think Really excels on long runs in particular It's probably my favorite long run shoe Of the last year when you're just Heading out for a nice easy run the 1080 V13 is a softer shoe than the G numus For me noticeably so it's a definitely a Lot softer than what we've seen from the Line in the past very squishy foam you Get a real sink in when you land in the Shoe and that makes it really really Comfortable for sure but I think it does Limit the situations when I find it's Particularly useful for me so on easy Recovery fairly short runs up to about You 45 minutes of an hour it feels great That kind of daily mooch maybe the day After a hard session it's a really nice Shoe to pull on it's really comfortable Under fooot and the upper like I say is Very comfortable as well and then if

You're trying to do anything a little Bit more versatile or longer than that Then I don't love the feeling of it so Much just cuz it is so soft so done one Longer run in the shoe than at an Easyish pace and by the end it was just Sapping me a little bit cuz you are Sinking in there's not a huge amount of Rebound from this foam I think there Less than you get from the foam on the Aex so by the end I thought yeah it was A bit too soft for me and similar Feeling when I tried to do a just a Little progression run from easy to Steady Pace just going through the gears A little bit nothing too quick at the End but it was fine for it but certainly I prefer a slightly firmer platform Under the foot myself or a soft foam That then bounces back something like The zoomx in Nike shoes that that has a Very soft feeling but it does bounce Back a bit more this Fresh Foam X really Is more of a soft foam you sink into and It's got a little bit of Bounce but not Much really it's more about protecting The body being a nice squishy Comfortable shoe rather than really Having a lot of bounce so yeah I think It's a little bit softer maybe slightly More comfortable than the Astic shoe for Those short easy daily runs but then I Do think the asex has a bit more about It in terms of the phone lasting well

Through longer runs in particular it's The run test these are both definitely Definitely shoes that are best suited For easy easy kind of everyday comfy Miles they're both massive improvements On the last version of the shoe I Remember when I did the full review of The Nimbus I was so surprised by how Much I love this shoe I've never really Loved the Nimbus line I found it a bit Me there are better cushion shoes on the Market whereas when I unbox this shoe I Was short it feels like aex have given The shoe a complete facelift it's not an Update it's a completely different shoe To what you've tested before that said If you're a huge fan of the lbus line You will still love it it's got that Sinking Comfort when you push it when You put it on it's a really bouncy Responsive ride I got this out the box And I went immediately it's when I was Marathon training I think earlier this Year it was marathon training for London And I got this out the box and I went on A 10m run in the rain in it and I loved It it was kind of that Perfect Marathon long run shoe where you Don't want to go for a run really Impressed with this I also was so Surprised and loved the 1080 v13 I've Never been a fan of the 1080 line I Think because for a long time they had That big plastic heel counter thing at

The back and I just really didn't get on With that tore my feet to shreds but Aexs have really changed it I like the 1080 V12 and I really like the 1080 v13 They made it lighter I think that's Always been a bit of a problem with the 1080 it felt like quite a hefty shoe This is now Max cushion shoe but it's Lighter than other Max cushion shoes on The market and I really really loved it I would say I've done most of my miles And both of these shoes have have been Kind of Easy longer kind of chilled miles I Would say they both have the opportunity To kind of do a Tempo session in it I Think in this day and age if you're the Kind of Runner who does not want to buy A shoe for your reasy run a shoe for Your tempo run and a shoe to race in you Don't have to both of these shoes have a Good amount of Versatility I've worn Both for Tempo sessions I would say that The Nimbus has got a slightly more kind Of vibrant bouncy Ride which makes it a little bit more Versatile it's a little bit easier to Run quicker in this shoe but there's no Reason why you can't in the 1080 v13 It's definitely got that lightweight Kind of Bounce too they're both quite Similar I would just say it's slightly Livelier in the Nimbus but they're both Super comfortable shoes and I've been

Really impressed by both of them so for My run test I've done around 40 kilm in Both of these shoes mostly easy plotting Some runs up to around 90 minutes on Feet and that's on a mixture of road Light off-road River paths and I found Them really good for those easy efforts Where you just want a bit of reliable Protection and all round plushness on The foot for me in my head both of these Fold into that bracket they're like Cocoon shoes is what I'd call them so I've also done a sidebyside mile with One shoe on each foot to see how they Compare and here is what I found so I've Just done my sidebyside mile I've got The ASX GEL Nimbus 25 on the left foot I've got the New Balance 108 v13 on the Right foot now from the moment you put These on there's a huge amount of Similarity in these shoes you know it Feels like New Balance have made a shoe That's very much Nimbus 25 like that's Not a bad thing overall I think the Comfort on the foot here is equal both Of them great steeping comfort you put Them on and they just feel nice and Plush they feel nice and sort of smooth On the foot really comfortable your feet Feel well cradled into that foot bed in Both shoes maybe a little bit more in The asex Joel nimus 25 it's a little bit Softer it kind of envelops the base of The foot a little bit more I think than

The New Balance the major difference Here I think even when you're walking Around here is you know both of them Have got a pretty pronounced rocker but I think with the Nimbus right under the Bo of the foot you can feel a little bit More like a solid sort of bulb of foam It doesn't quite compress as far as the New Balance 1080 v13 which I think just Feels a little bit flatter so it's Almost like the Nimbus give you a little Bit of if you're Landing forfeit it Gives you a little bit extra kind of Roll through in the stride you can feel It as you walk and it kind of kicks in a Bit more when you run as well that said What you've got here in both of these Shoes as far as I'm concerned uh you Know really big soft cushioned Lux you Know go long go easy uh shoes great for Recovery days th these are the kind of Shoes you're going to put on and just go Plot around and both of them I think do This equally well actually I think There's very little to choose between Them they're not entirely the shoes that I would choose both of them I feel like They've got a little bit too much on the Foot overall if anything I'm going to Say that I think the New Balance 1080 V13 feels like a little bit less shoe on The foot so I've got a slight leaning Towards that but in terms of that ride I Think you're getting exactly the same

Kind of amount of sort of soft And response perhaps a tiny little bit Extra coming from the GEL Nimbus from That foam just gives back a little bit Earlier than you'll get with a new Balance 1080 v13 what you've got here With both of these shoes is that big Wide cushioned platform to land on which Makes them I I think both relatively Stable shoes again if we're picking Hairs here or we're trying to split them I'd say that the New Balance 1080 v13 to Me feel a little bit more stable just Because you feel a little bit lower to The ground in them and again I think That that little kind of extra kind of Bulb of foam under the midfoot makes a Difference here and the heels feel a Little bit more connected to the ground So if you're Landing a little bit more Sort of mid to rear flat footed then I Think you're going to get a little bit More stability off of these off of these 1080 v13 Weight Wise I think the 1080 V3s feel a little bit lighter on the Foot as well okay so into that run test Now obviously I've done a lot more Running in the gel n 25 CU I've had it Longer it has worked its way into my Rotation I kind of Switched between this And the so trun 21 in terms of kind of My slower longer easier runs these two Shoes are designed for the those types Of runs it's when you're not racing

You're not running at your fastest it's Really about comfort and protection and Just feeling good when you want to go Out and just kind of soak up some time On your feet in terms of how they do That I do think they deliver it slightly Differently I would say in terms of the Overall rides in these shoes I think the Ride in the 10813 feels a little bit Nicer I've always found it a little bit Flat on the Jael numers 25 you know They're both plush feeling shoes in Terms of you're getting here but I just Found that you know I would you know I Don't feel like I get this nice bouncy Feeling that I want from the Joe NBAs 25 I don't think the ride is Lively it's Not massively Lively on the uh 108 v30 But it's just enough to feel a little Bit nicer I think for me personally I Think from an upper point of view I do Think they're both very good uppers I Think it's more traditional in terms of You're getting on the um 1080 v13 in Terms of delivering something that's Comfortable and snug feeling whereas I Think I quite like the fact that aex has Done something a little bit different in Terms of the here how it feels and how It wraps around your feet in terms of Padding that you're getting around the Hill collar as well too so from that Point of view I quite like that you get That I think that's a little bit more

Nicer in terms of that feeling with the Ja number 25 but you know they're both Comfortable shoes they're both shoes That are plush feeling in terms of those Midols I think the out Souls I mean There's not much in it really you're Probably getting a little bit more Coverage on the New Balance shoe Compared to the gel nbus 25 but it's not A massive amount in it in terms of Durability I think maybe you're probably Going to get a little bit more on the 1080 v13 but I don't think it's a Massive advantage over what you're Getting the gel num 25 you know gripping Wise traction wise you know Pavements Roads probably this is a bit better Suited for lighter Trail up you could do That here but I think maybe there's a Little bit more exposed foam here on the GEL Nimbus 25 so for me I think the I Would say the new balance is the Lightest shoe where this is not heavy This is definitely the lightest shoe in Terms of overall weight I think the ride The gentle kind of rocker feeling you Getting here feels a little bit nicer Compared so for me is a little bit Flatter in terms of that ride um and Then yeah outo durability maybe you're Getting it it's edging it a little bit On the New Balance shoe but I don't Think there's much in it overall two Really good shoes I've enjoyed running

In I think the new bance has just about Edged it for me in terms of the ride but I think in terms of you're getting in Terms of comfort there's lot to like About the ja Nimbus 25 particularly if You are using for those longer slow easy Runs so the run test so I'll start with The GEL Nimbus 25 because we've had this Shoe for a while while um the I've Tested the previous versions of or some Of the previous versions of the GEL Nimbus I was never really a massive fan I think they were fine I think they were Solid comfortable shoe good for ticking Off the miles U nice bit of cushioning In them but they didn't really wow me There was nothing really about them that I really really liked and when you Compared them with other cushion shoes I Just they would just seemed like a very Standard traditional style shoe to me The gel ni 25 has is a bit of an Overhaul quite quite Bally a different Shoe um there's a the midsole it just Feels really nice Balan it's soft enough To feel like you can go for a nice Comfortable easy run or a long run um And it really just feels great on the Feet you can do a lot of miles in this And really churn them out uh and your Just legs just feel fresh um when when You finish Those runs but also it's not A a slouch when it comes to running at PACE as well it's it's a relatively

Versatile shoe if you look at it as a Max cushion shoe it's not going to be Like a speed training shoe but it's Fearing a little bit more toward the Daily shoe world where that mid Soo is a Little bit more balanced it's a little Bit firmer for me than some cushion Shoes out there and as a result you can Pick up a nice Pace in it it's got a Nice fluid transition pops you forward Uh comfortably and just is a great Cruiser it's very comfortable to wear uh Very enjoyable uh and it just and just Works really well for longer uh longer Runs and easy runs um I think it's a Fantastic shoe it's a really one of the Best shoes that's been released um for Cushion daily runs uh this year New Balance 1080 uh v13 is a really exciting Shoe for me because I I really didn't Like the the 1080 V1 the V12 I just Think it was a very standard shoe the Midsole was not particularly exciting or Lively um and those those shoes I I just Never really found a use for them they Weren't really a great daily shoe Because they they didn't really feel Like you could pick up the pace in them They also weren't a very nice cushion Shoe e because they're just a little bit Too firm for me and didn't really do Anything Tennesse v13 is a massive Difference in feel from those shoes is a Considerably softer shoe you can really

Feel that softness Under Foot when You're running in it um and for me it It's an interesting one cuz I'm such a Big fan of the new Balan Mo V3 and V4 That that shoe was far better for me Than the the 1080 v11 and 12 just Because even though it had the same foam In having a lot more of that um foam in It just made it feel a little bit softer And a little bit more enjoyable for Longer runs but you could still get a Nice cruising turnover in it the 10813 Is it's really lovely shooter away it's So soft and comfortable um it's as a Result it's not that versatile it's not Um a shoe that really has a lot of um uh Responsiveness in it um but if you're Going out and you're doing an easy run I Did a uh 15K in it yesterday and it just Felt great just felt really nice just Just plot plotted along uh lovely Transition on it lovely smooth turnover On it and it just Glides your foot into The ground nicely um and you get a tiny Little bit of rebound from that mids Soft phone but it is a very soft Midol Foam so it's not like it's really Propelling you forward it's just just Helping you pop along nicely but it's so Comfortable to wear so I think this is a One of the the best updates that new Bands have made for a long time and and I'm a big fan of It so these are a couple of really good

Shoes I think if you're looking for a Cushion shoe mainly for easy cruising Then they're both very strong options Like I said the run test I found the 1083 just a little bit too soft for me At times especially over the longer run So I think I would prefer to pick up the Jail Nimbus 25 in particular because Yeah when you are getting a shoe like This you want to be able to handle that Cruy Sunday long run kind of 13 15 you Know longer than that Miles uh and feel Really consistent and good throughout The run I just found the 1080 was just a Bit too soft at the end of that run for Me neither a particularly versatile so The aex has a slight Edge on that if You're a run looking for a really Cushioned allrounder maybe you're newer Runner you want one shoot to do a bit of Everything I the g nimus 25 probably has The is the better option on that front If you're looking maybe as a first Marathon shoe then g nus 25 would be a Really good option New Balance like I Say just really comfortable really soft Great in a rotation as your easy day Shoe but not so versatile uh it's a Little bit cheaper though than the aex And if you are just looking for a nice Comfortable shoe for your rotation it Will do a similarly good job I'd say but Yeah overall I prefer the Joe Nimbus Mainly because of that performance on

Long runs if you're you know if you're If you're a new balance fan this is a Shoe for you if youve always running aex This is a fantastic shoe they're both Great I'd say that the this is a Slightly livelier shoe if you do want to Do Tempo sessions in it but there's no Reason why you couldn't in the 1080 v13 Both excellent running shoes I really Enjoyed running in both of them they're Both huge improvements on the last Version normally I say in this bit of a Run tester video save your money buy Last seasons do not do not with each of These shoes either much much much better Than what's come before and I really Think it is it's just personal prefer I Love both of them I'm really struggling To pick between both of them as you can Hear but I think it kind of comes down To which fits your foot better so I Definitely encourage you to go and try Both on or if you lean towards one brand Be happy with the knowledge that both Are great um I think for me the ax is Probably a little bit better fitting I Have quite high arches and I find it I Like prefer that booty kind of Wraparound uper they're both excellent Jees you won't be disappointed in either So verdict then well this is a pretty Tough one to call for me based on my Test I found the ride of these shoes to Be incredibly similar as easy day

Recovery shoes go I think these are Pretty well match in all the key areas All the things you look for in a Max Cushion comfort shoe the Steep in Comfort is about even both good Disappearing feel on the foot and they Both deliver good cushion protection Under foot which makes the road Disappear if anything I'd say that the Nimbus are a shade more responsive There's a touch of extra return from the Midsole and I think that rocker and the Higher drop helps you clip through a Little quicker than with the 1080 v13 But it's margins I think weighing up That performance to price value I don't Really see much reason to spend the Extra on the Nimbus I don't think you Get enough from it so choosing between These two big cushion running shoes I'd Probably go for the New Balance 1080 v13 Simply because it's a bit cheaper and I Think it delivers a ride that's pretty Much on par so my verdict on these two Shoes it's a tricky one because i' Really really like the gel Nas 25 I Think it's one of the best overhauls to Issue that um we've seen for a long time And it really has taken the GEL Nimbus Line and turned it into a shoe that Everyone wants as opposed to a shoe that You might pick up um if it if you found It in a running shoe shop um and it Worked for you whereas this is is Sho a

Lot of people really took notice of Maybe partly because of a massive Marketing campaign that that happened When it came out but it is a great shoe So it's Justified and I really enjoy Running in this when I'm doing uh longer Slower sessions and and things like that Um I would say for me though that the 1080 V3 13 is a superior show I love Softness I love a nice um bouncy feel to My shoes uh I just I it just does the Job for me um it's not the most Versatile shoe in the world but for me Most of my runs tend to be uh easy runs Recovery runs long comfortable cruising Slower runs uh which for me is around 5 Minute kilometers and for me and for Those runs this is just great I really Really enjoy it um and uh yeah Definitely pick the 1080 v13 at the Moment over the GEL Nimbus 25 okay so my vers on whether you should Go for the aex Jael Nimbus 25 or the new Batch Fresh Foam x1080 v13 now when I Got this shoe this was definitely one of My favorite cushion shoes of the year I've Loved running in it it's a shoe That has kind of sat inside my rotation Alongside something like the socon Triumph 21 now if I had to pick between These two shoes I would actually be Going for the new boun Fresh Foam x1080 V13 I have really loved running in this Shoe I think both these shoes are really

Comfortable they offer very kind of Plush kind of feeling mols but I think The ride is a little bit nicer in the Fresh R Max 1080 v13 where I think for Me my runs in the Jus 25 while it's nice And comfortable you know from an upper Midsole point of view I do find the ride A little bit Bland I don't find it as Bouncy and the general ride as as nice As what I found in the 1080 v13 so for Me if I was picking you know these are Definitely two standout cushion shoes That you can buy for me just because I Think the ride is a little bit nicer You're getting a lighter shoot as well Than the New Balance shoe I would be Going for the 1080 V13 okay so there you have it on Multi Test to take on how the new B Fresh Foam X180 v13 compared to the aex GEL Nimbus 25 now if you want to see any other Comparison shoe videos with either of These shoes do let us know in the Comments as always like And subscribe Hit that little bell to find out about Latest videos and yeah we'll see you for The next run testers Video