This feels like a soft cushioned chew And as a result it sort of deadens the Impact a little bit when you're when You're out running I didn't really feel Anything Um on that park run when I was picking Up the pace from that carbon plate Um it felt comfortable but just didn't Feel like it was giving me anything more And you you did feel that from the Original Um a c trainer now on the long run I did The 10 Mile I did a very easy page so That was about five minute kilometers For me Um and I was just plodding around the Park and during that run it felt like a Completely competent daily veering on The cushion shoe Um and it was time for that I got Through that 10 miles quite comfortably It felt very nice to wear didn't feel Like I could pick up the pace a lot it Felt like it sort of settled into that Pace nicely Um but I I wouldn't have wanted to pick Up the pace during that run so I think It's a tricky shoe from that first Couple of runs that I've done because If you're buying a shoe you'll probably Want it as a training partner