The New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4 is a lightweight daily trainer with a relatively low stack compared with most shoes on the market. Despite not having a plate, it’s great for fast training, and the updates made to the shoe have made it more comfortable and stable than the Rebel v3 for easy and long runs. Nick has been testing out the Rebel v4 and rates it as one of the best new shoes of 2024 so far.

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and this is our full review of The New Balance fuel cell Rebel [Music] V4 so the rebel V4 is the latest version Obviously of the fuel cell Rebel it's The second shoe in New Balances line up To include some of their new peber based Fuel cell although in this case it's a Blend of peber and Eva unlike in the Recently released SC Elite V 4 which had A full P midso I think it's already out In some places but the global launch is Scheduled for the 29th of February shoe Cost $140 or $1 140 it's very Lightweight shoe it's 219 g or 7.7 o in A UK 9.5 you have a 6 mm drop and a Stack height of 30 mm at the heel 24 at The 4ot so the Rebel line has been known From the first version for being a very Lightweight shoe a daily trainer that Leans more towards speed stuff doesn't Have a plate and has a relatively low Stack in general compared to lots of the Shoes on the market the these days and All that is still true of the Rebel V4 But it's been beefed up a little bit Compared to the rebel V3 the weight has Stayed largely the same but you've got a Slightly higher midsole certainly a Wider design in general but despite all These changes to the shoe is still very Much in that category of lightweight Plateless daily trainer that leans a bit

More towards Speedy stuff but I do think The new version has got more versatile Because of the changes made as I Mentioned the midsole is now a fuel cell That's made of a blend of Eva and P Phones I think it's skews more towards Eva but you've got that little bit of Peber in there which gives you a Slightly more lightweight and bouncy Design compared to the phones used on Past versions of the Rebel you have a Very lightweight mesh upper with quite Minimal padding there's a little bit Around the Achilles there though it's Quite still quite an open design at the Back there very lightweight tongue and In general everything's kept quite light Up top with this Phantom fit upper to Keep the weight down on the shoe which You know is known for being so Lightweight same goes a little bit for The outsole we have quite a lot of Exposed foam but all the key impact Areas are covered there with those two Strips of rubber at the back good Generous coverage of rubber on the 4 Foot and it's a fairly thick layer I'll Say that as well so you know I've only Done I think about 60k in the shoe so Far so you're not expecting to see any Signs of wear and tear yet but I don't See any signs of wear and tear I do Think durability will be okay here as Coverage is enough for General use and

The grip has been pretty good for me as Well during my [Music] Testing so with the fit of the New Balance Rebel V4 I've gone for a half Size up on my normal UK size now this is Because in the past I found the rebel to Be very cramped especially the first Version of the shoe and I'd always Appreciate a little bit more space in it And that's just partly because of the Way New Balance the sizing so a uk9 for New Balance is a US 9.5 whereas uh with Lots of Brands a uk9 is a US 10 so Actually I think I've got a US 10 here With the UK 9.5 so in a sense it could Be kind of my normal US size the only Thing noticing about the fit really I'd Say is that it is a much wider shoe than Previous version so at the four foot of The shoe at the back of the toe box here It's really spacious and actually I Probably had a little bit too much room As someone who has a very narrow foot The length was good I had no problems With the heel of the shoe though which Is quite an open design with the SC Elite before I had to heel lock the shoe To make sure I didn't have any kind of Rubbing back there but haven't had that Problem with the rebel even on long run So all in all I was perfectly happy with The size I had here I could have maybe Stucked my normal UK size you know which

Is instead of going half size up but the Only thing I say really to worry about With the fit is that slight extra width You have in the toe boox which I'm sure A lot of people will appreciate in all The other areas I think it has quite a True to size fit for us sizing because Unlike past Rebels and occasionally Other New Balance shoes as well I don't Think it's short in the toe box at [Music] All so I've done about 60k in you Balance Rebel V4 and I've done that in a Fairly short space of time because I've Loved using it we noticed the first run Only went up on the on the channel I Think you know about a week and a half Ago and did a track session in it that Day I then gotone undone some easy runs In the shoe I did a 15 M long run in it At the weekend as well and I've Absolutely loved it I think it's a Really good shoe really well balanced Really versatile comfortable lightweight You know everything is just a really Good shoe and I'm going to keep gushing About it for a little bit longer now so I have liked the Rebel line over the Past two versions quite a lot but I Found it was a shoe that was a bit Limited on distance for me so it's a Very lightweight shoe the rebel V2 and V3 really fun shoes very agile very Nimble B A bounc there you know really

Exciting shoe to pull on but not one That I loved for Long Easy cruises or Long runs in general in fact I think it Just have quite enough cushioning Underfoot for me to go long in it Regularly and you it wasn't most stable Shoe necessarily so it was more of a fun Shoe I'd put on for short runs and short Sessions rather than something I Consider a verse all daily trainer for My kind of running where a marathon Training and logging decent distance With most runs didn't fit me that well The new version fits a lot better it's Certainly been improved when it comes to The comfort and stability Stakes you got The wider design and that little bit of Extra foam Under Foot I think some Runners will still want more foam still For you know for extra Comfort on those Long runs but it actually felt very Comfortable to me it feels higher than 30 mm on the foot if I'm honest it feels Like a bigger shoe than that while still Being very lightweight um and then that Witth in particular is very noce but you Can really feel the support on either Side of your foot when you're running no Stability concerns with the shoe at all Is really quite wide I'd say and all of That might not sound great to some People you might think well you've lost The nimbleness there it's no longer a Narrow agile shoe it's but it is still

Very light and you know it still has the Speed so you're gaining I think more Versatility for those long runs whilst Not losing or sacrificing the fun feel You had on those short runs to any great Extent and it doesn't feel quite as Nimble and fun as the rebel V3 or V2 but It still feels pretty good and like that Track session which is up in the first Run I was doing mile reps and 400 meter Reps and the shoe just cruised through Them it felt really good really spritely And enjoyable for those kind of reps so It can take off the speedier side of Those daily training whilst then being a Lot more comfortable for the other side Of it kind of the easy runs and the long Runs so over the past week I've done a An easy recovery running the shoe the Day after that track session and then I Did a 15 mile run at the weekend working From Easy Pace down to to my marathon Pace uh to round off the week which was Like around 100K week something like That did a lot of miles in the New Balance during that week and it really Felt capable of doing all those Miles Because it is now that little bit more Comfortable and stable so the foam is Really good as well on the shoe like it Doesn't feel absolutely amazing Underfoot it's not like it's a really Squishy pingy foam that you get from Some PE Foams but it's got that lovely

Level of resiliency that means you sink In a little bit but you get a really Nice platform that does bounce you back It doesn't let you sinking too much it Doesn't get wobbly you don't end up Waiting through soft foam you get really A nice balanced foone that gives you the Platform that you can do the variety of Running on like I say and I think the Drop's really well judged as well so It's a 6 mm drop obviously the listed Stats sometimes when New Balance drops On the listings can be a bit you know Irrelevant to the Run experience because Sometimes they're very aggressive Rockers that make it feel higher drop And all that but no this feels like a 6mm drop shoe a really smooth shoe at Every Pace one that it's very easy to Get in sync with and just tick along Very easily or step it up and do some Fast running in it things you still Don't really get from the shoe though is That extra bounce and propulsion that You will get from plated training shoes We talk more about it in the verdict but If you're are happy training and plated Shoes things like the Endorphin Speed Line with the plate and the great foam In there will give you that little bit More punch especially for sustaining Efforts over long hard runs or doing you Know fast reps on the wood track but This is still a pretty fast shoe but you

Don't like I say get the efficiency Benefits of that plated design with a Higher amount of foam [Music] Underfoot my V is that the rebel V4 is The best version of the shoe yet I think It's an excellent daily trainer very Versatile can handle a nice variety of Runs really well bit more comfortable And supportive and stable than previous Versions while still being super Lightweight and just really fun to use For a nice variety of runs it's also I Think pretty good value at its price and Should be pretty durable as well so I Think all around you're getting a really Nice package here in the rebel V4 so far This year I think it's probably my Favorite non-racing shoe that's come out And I say that you know having tested The Puma velocity Nitro 3 which if You've watched the channel before and I'm a very big fan of the Velocity line I do love the pum velocity Nitro 3 and They're not really entirely equivalent Shoes for me the velocity Nitro 3 is a Bit more cushioned bit weightier EX more Towards the easy end of things with a Nice thick out so for grip but they're Both really good shoes but the rebel I Think is the most fun I've had in a shoe So far this year that wasn't a carbon Plate racing shoe which I do find the Most fun of all shoes in general so

You're getting the upgrade I think on The r V3 in terms of Versatility in that It is that more comfortable sport of Shoe for easy and long runs whilst Retaining that fun feel for those lot Sessions even if it's not quite as Narrow and agile as previous Rebel shoes So this category isn't absolutely Stacked of shoes either I don't think They're kind of plateless daily trainer That can handle the speedier end of Things but there are a few out there I Think the big one is the atic super Blast which is a lot more expensive than The shoe a much higher stack it's almost A different kind of super trainer in its Own right do really like the super blast I'm going to say I probably for the Rebel just because it gives me a better Feeling to enjoy using the shoe because It's a lot lighter and nimbler lower Stack just gives you a bit more ground Feel and it can do all the same stuff That I would do in the super blast I Think it pretty much does it as well Except maybe long runs where you get the Extra comfort and bounce from the higher Stack of foam on the super blast but if You're looking at Super L thinking That's too much money to spend on a shoe Uh especially for this kind of roll I Would have a good look at the rebel V4 I I really loved using it for those same Type of runs and the super blast is

Brilliant I love using that shoe but if You're looking for that kind of roll in A rotation I don't want to spend 200 the Rebel V4 does it really really well the Other Contender from aex in this Category is the Nova blast 4 which is More of your daily training that's built A bit more for Comfort uh as opposed to Speed like the rebel but it's still Pretty nippy it's not that heavy you've Got a lot higher stack of foam on the ax So you do get that little bit of extra Comfort but I did find it was quite fun To run fast in that shoe as well again I Prefer the slightly more lightweight Strip back design of the Rebel but if You do think this is is a little bit too Low for you are not cushioned enough Then an overlast 4 would be pretty good Alternative around a similar price it's The hak 5 as well I think the Mac 6 is Not too far away but the Mac 5 is Another brilliant shoot and I think it's A really great uh Pless trainer as well That has similar levels of Versatility To the rebel great for long runs great For cruising easy runs got a nice nippy Ride for the Speedy staff it's probably More rocked than mac 5 I'd say that's One of the big differences between them But a little bit more probably bounce From the rebel compared to the Mac which Doesn't necessarily have the best foes In the midfoot but has a very very good

Geometry so it really rolls through Really nicely think are both really good Shoes you've got an outsa on the rebel Which is a little bit of a help I think Probably help with your ability and grip Like I say this has gripped really well For me so although I haven't really had Massive problems with durability and Grip on the Mac I think I slightly Prefer the ride field of the Rebel all Round and I usually prefer a rocket shoe So that's a little bit of surprise I Think the Mac 5 is really good but maybe We'll see what the Mac 6 does and Compare how that shapes up against the Rebel V4 another fast Pless shoe is the Brooks Hyperion Max which has a much Firmer feel it's very lightweight very Nimble much more narrow than the shoe It's probably got all more of a geometry That's similar to the older versions of The Rebel but the foam's a bit harder on The brook shoe than any version of the Rebel so far H Max is a good shoe I Think it's a nice shoe for running short Interval workouts and short runs in General but I don't really feel like you Got a lot of comfort and support from That shoe for long hard runs and it's Quite expensive as well for what it is You know it's not really a super trainer Even though it's build a little bit like That the foam in the Midol is kind of Just okay I think I prefer the foam in

The rebel prefer the Comfort I prefer How it feels for General daily training And I like it a lot for speed training As well so yeah I have the rebel edging Out the Hyperion Max and then the other Thing to talk about here is whether you Should look at something like the rebel As opposed to a plated training shoe a Super trainer you new Balan has got one The SC Trainer V2 I think the rebel is Better than the SC Trainer V2 I didn't Like that shoe very much I found it a Bit heavy and ponderous but we'll see What happens with the SC Trainer this Year if they're going to bring some of The peam into that shoe then it might Make it a much better shoe but whether You want to train the plate or not I Guess is the question I've never had any Real problem with that especially using Things like NY on plates or half plates That kind of thing but you know lots of People don't like training in a plate to Choose it's fair to say and it's Something that people are moving away From especially for more relaxed runs And if you want a shoe that can do those Relaxed runs but has a bit of speed About it as well doesn't use a plate I Think the rebel would be top of my list But you know if you are happy to use a Plate all the time then there is a Suckon the Endorphin speed which about To start testing the four but the three

Still out there a brilliant shoe you get A little bit more punch you get a little Bit more Pace from it especially if You're looking at long hard runs uh it's Pretty not quite as relaxed and Supportive as the rebel is on easy runs But you can do those in the speed and The other really good shoes in that Category like the alas Boston 12 and Those are really excellent shoes and They are probably a bit more versatile At the Speedy end of things but it's Whether you want a super trainer on your Foot or if you'd rather have a plate Free option like the rebel which is Brilliant for all those kind of runs as Well but then probably doesn't translate As well to race day if you're going to Buy one of those shoes and then go and Racing it the Endorphin speed would be Better than the rebel which be okay Racing option but I think you get a bit More from a shoe with a plate so for me Right now it's at the top of the Category of the plate free shoes really Fantastic verstyle daily train that just Strips everything back at a time when Running shoes are getting very Complicated and packed with all kinds of T the rebel is a nice simple shoe it's Light it's protective it's supportive It's comfortable it's got a bit of Bounce does everything really quite well So yeah top marks for

[Music] Me so that's our review of The Rebel V4 Let us know what you think in the Comments below please do like and Subscribe ring the little bell and we'll See you next Time