ESC Elite V3 just with probably a Slightly different fuel cell formula and Different geometry and I hoped actually It would recapture some of the magic of The original New Balance TC which was a Really great shoe and actually I don't Think your balance has managed to nail Their plated training partner she sits That shoe that unfortunately Remains the Case with the FC trainer V2 for me I Just don't think it really hits the Mark I love the V1 uh just because it was so Big and heavy I found that it was a bit Too heavy and high stack and a bit Awkward at times but it was undeniably Incredibly bouncy and with the V2 you've Lost a little bit of that bounce that's Actually a fair amount of that bounce And you haven't really added much else Because it is a little bit lighter but I Don't think this is a much more Versatile shoe and I don't think it's as Exciting as you just to move around