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In today’s weekly heat we cover Kyrie going to Anta, the New Travis Scott Jordan 1s and signature silhouette, the Heskicks APTHCRY collab, Do the Nike Calm Slides Suck, and the A Ma Maniere Air Jordan 5.

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My dream has come true we've got the Dankest meme shoe ever made finally Releasing I never thought it was gonna Happen but it's real and it's coming not Only that the highly anticipated Nike Calm slide has finally released and now The people are getting them in their Hands they're realizing Kind of sucks and to top things up we've Also got brand new Travis Scott sneaker Collaborations releasing something you Might expect and some that you might not And they fire so with all that being Said I'm Seth Fowler and let's just dive Right into it The Simpsons have provided Us with years of entertainment some Scary accurate predictions and some of The most iconic memes of all time and as A meme Lord I'm a fan I'm not a meme Lord I'm a 31 year old who trolls Reddit That's about it whether you're a meme Lord or not I'm sure you recognize this Meme of Homer Simpson fading back into The bushes it's one of the funniest Memes out there and uh it's getting a Shoe and what makes this shoe even Better is that last year they released a Marge Simpson collaboration shoe which Is very similar to this except the fur Was like her hair and the shoe was blue It was awesome and a bunch of people Made renderings of that shoe as if it Was Homer Simpson Fading Into the bushes They're like why didn't you make this

Shoe originally and now it seems like Either Adidas had that in the pipeline Or they heard people's cries and were Like yo let's do this we're leaving Money on the table if we don't and They're dropping it and it's amazing and I'm so happy and I'm gonna buy three Pairs she was so sick it's just a dumb Little back tab but like it's awesome And I love it and I guess the shoe that This collaboration is taking place on is Somewhat important it's a Stan Smith This is on the back tab of the shoe it Looks really good I'm so excited for This and it officially drops on August 18th which is a Friday so if you guys Are looking forward to this sneaker stay Tuned to my Twitter and my Instagram and All sort of good stuff because I'll be Letting you guys know if there's any Changes in the release date because I am Very heavily following this release so a Few weeks ago we learned that Nike is Relaunching the Kobe line which Hopefully means that more pairs will be More widely available and we won't have To pay like 400 over the retail price if You want a new pair of Kobe's it also Meant that a bunch of new Kobe colorways Were leaked and there's a bunch of Really good stuff coming the most recent Leak and I think for a lot of people the Most exciting leak is that the Nike Kobe 8 Pro Trail is returning in the Venice

Beach colorway well I guess it's not Really returning because it's a pro and It's a new version of the shoe but the Venice Beach colorway is coming back on The shoe that looks just like the Original see this is what I've been Talking about I've been asking Nike to Bring back their Classic basketball Sneakers and bring back cool theming on Basketball sneakers so that people would Actually wear them as lifestyle shoes Because back in 2000 2010 that was just A fun thing like the Nike basketball Sneakers were wild looking and it was a Blast the shoe I think first released Back in 2013 is obviously styled after Venice Beach but it features a really Cool blue orange and yellow makeup which A lot of people love and sure I guess Nike is bringing back Christmas themed Basketball sneakers with the reverse Grinch Kobe 6 protros I don't know if That's gonna be an entire line of Sneakers or if it's just the one shoe I'm hoping that there's like a Christmas LeBron and a Christmas Katie and things Like that but we know we're at least Getting the reverse grinches which is Something but for me this Kobe 8 Pro Venice Beach is a shoe that I'm heavily Anticipating unfortunately though it's Not gonna release until next summer but At least we know it's coming and I'm Just excited to see what sneakers

Continue to leak as part of this Kobe Relaunch are we getting a bunch of new Colorways are we getting a bunch of Retros I don't know I'm expecting a bit Of both but it's gonna be awesome I Can't wait oh and actually while we're On the topic of classic Nike basketball Sneakers returning it looks like the Katie weathermans are also returning in 2024 as well so there's a lot to be Excited about next year next up it looks Like Soulfly is dropping another Collaboration with Jordan brand this Time on the Air Jordan 8 so this Colorway is apparently called The Air Jordan 8 Diamond Turf and it's inspired By the classic Diamond Turf silhouette Now the colorway of the shoe doesn't Immediately look like a diamond Turf However it does feature a very cool sort Of playoff Vibe which makes sense Because we're also getting the playoffs This year and uh I'll be honest maybe I'm not a real sneaker head but I don't Have any Nostalgia towards the Nike Diamond Turf it's not a shoe that I grew Up with so uh for me the inspiration Doesn't do much but I know there's a lot Of people out there who are super stoked On the fact that they're paying homage To this classic Nike basketball sneaker I will say as a fan of the Air Jordan 8 This shoe looks very clean you've got This sort of bluish black suede upper

Accented by whites and reds which are Also colors featured on the classic Diamond Turf OG colorway and in a super Premium Feeling Hit It looks like Soulfly actually added some gold accents On the sneaker as well as on the Hang Tag obviously not real gold but it does Still look nice and shiny and hey man I'm here for it I'm excited about this Release I'm excited about the playoff Eights it's gonna be a good year for Air Jordan 8. now as far as release dates For these shoes it looks like they could Release sometime in December I'm seeing The date December 2nd floating around Not sure if that's actually going to be The actual release date of the shoe Things always change unlimited Collaborations like this especially like Six months out so stay tuned to the Channel I'll let you guys know if Anything changes but as of right now Expect a December release date or Sometime around that speaking of Highly Anticipated collaborations we've Actually got some on foot images of the Upcoming ammo mon year Air Jordan Fives I'll be honest I'm sure like a lot of You I wasn't too impressed by the Renders of the alma mon year Air Jordan 5s not the rendering quality just the Colorway itself it didn't seem like it Was that exciting but now that I'm Seeing images of these shoes on foot

While they're still not blowing my mind They do look better than I expected and That happens all the time so as you can See the shoe features a black nubuck Upper accident by what seems to be a 3M Tongue with the Amazon year logo the Shark teeth come in this very dark Maroon color accented by a black midsole And the outsole of the sneaker seems to Come in this sort of aged yellow color Which is all the rage right now I don't Love it I feel like it just makes the Shoe look old right off the bat but I'm Sure it's exactly what they're going for Now of course the detail that's going to Grab everyone's attention is the net on The side of the sneaker and on the Tongue instead of the standard netting Which usually features these little pill Shaped cutouts you've actually got the Ammo Monier a logo debossed or pressed Or cut out into the netting of the shoe Which means the side of the shoe Honestly is probably not going to be as Breathable as the standard Air Jordan 5 Knot that it is in general but um it's a Cool look it's very unique and you don't Often see Brands Change Up The netting On Air Jordan Fives actually what did They do on the off-white box alright so He did change up the netting a little Bit he punched a hole through it but the Actual shape of the netting is the same And I know this is done but I'll be

Honest when I saw that new dating I was Like I like those now it's dumb I get it I totally understand it but that little Hit changes things for me I mean don't Get me wrong the shoe is also clean as Well it's a black nubuck Air Jordan 5 With some Maroon hits which I love so I'm into it regardless but that netting Just pushed it over the top as far as Release date there still is none but We're expecting to release sometime in 2023 so stay tuned so after a long time Of being a sneaker free agent it seems Like Kyrie Irving has finally found his New sneaker home and that apparently is Chinese brand Anta so Anson just Recently broke into the US market over The last five 10 years but even though There's still such a new brand on U.S Soil they have signed a decent amount of NBA players most notably obviously Kyrie Irving but also players such as Alex Caruso and kavan Looney I mean you got To give him credit they're going up Against Nike and Adidas and puma and Reebok there's a lot of big brands that Already have a pretty huge connection And stake in the NBA and this new brand From China are I guess new to the US Brand from China is really making a name For themselves and signing someone like Kyrie Irving is huge now obviously Anthon knows this so not only did they Give him his own signature line they

Also made him the chief creative officer Which means he can recruit new players To Anta as well as having a lot of say In the company which is something he Never had with Nike in fact Kanye West Left Nike because he didn't have enough Creative freedom so it seems like Kyrie Irving while he left on let's say Different circumstances or under Different circumstances Um he is getting a lot more creative Freedom but let's be honest this news Just broke so it's gonna be a while Before we see any of the actual Kyrie Signature sneakers I'm sure Anza had Been working on some stuff to show to Kyrie that he could prove and make his First signature shoot with antha so I'm Sure the process has already started but We probably won't see him wear any Specific Kyrie silhouettes on court for The next year or two but hey I could be Wrong I don't know the inner workings of Ants and they could have something ready Tomorrow we'll just have to wait and see But this is actually a story that I'd Love to know your thoughts on so if you Guys have any thoughts or opinions on Kyrie Irving signing with Anta make sure To let me know in the comment section Down Below in other news Hess kicks Famous sneaker YouTuber is actually Releasing a new collaboration with Apothecary my sock brand so Hess kicks

Is a good friend of mine he's an awesome Sneaker YouTuber he's been someone that I've looked up to for years and the fact That he's doing another collaboration With my sock Brad Apothecary is like a Dream come true for me I'm so excited About it and I'm not gonna lie to you Guys I know it's my brand and I know It's socks that we worked on together But like these socks are absolutely fire So the concept behind this collaboration Is famous Portland icon so you've got a Bunch of famous landmarks as well as the PDX carpet which looks amazing and I Mean Hess makes a good sock man he comes Up with great Concepts and the socks Turn out fire so I'm really excited About this collaboration I absolutely Love Hess and his videos I hope you guys Try out some of his socks when they Officially drop on Friday July 21st at 11AM Eastern Time on apothecary.com Actually also let me know which one of These socks you like the most in the Comment section down below alright so This story is more of a review but it's Gonna be tough for me to make because Honestly I was so hyped about the Nike Com slides and then getting them in hand I was like man This is way more disappointing than I Expected I mean it's not a bad shoe it's Just that it's not gonna live up to Everyone's expectations because it looks

Like an easy slide so everyone thinks It's gonna feel like a easy slide but it Doesn't feel anything like a easy slide So I actually did a full review on this Pair of slides and nine other pairs of Slides it's actually top 10 slides list With like a full review of each slide it Was a crazy video if you guys want to Check it out there will be a link at the Top of the screen honestly one of the Most fun I've ever had making a video Which is weird to say about a slide Video but it's true and this slide not To ruin it for you guys is definitely Towards the bottom of the list and again It's not because it's a bad slide it's Just the fact that it's not soft it's a Very very stiff and firm slide I will Say though that it's got great arch Support which is Plus for me with high Arches but it's just not soft and I Think everyone expected this slide to be Soft because of how soft the easy slide Is but it just feels nothing like that Now that being said there are some Pluses one it's gonna be more durable Than an easy slide because it's got a Rubber outsole that seems to feature Some sort of recycled materials Two it's not that easy to drop unless You're an idiot like me three it's got Great arch support and four Aesthetically it's pretty clean I should Just read on that take I don't know why

I kept going but I did it's a decent Looking slide but I just don't love the Nike switch on the side I feel like that Ruins the aesthetic but hey they had to Do something to make it look not exactly Like an easy slide it just kind of feels Like a bait and switch and Nike never Said that this was gonna feel like a Yeezy slide or even said anything Referencing the easy slide but everyone Expected that because of the way that it Looked and sorry to disappoint you if You bought a parent that hasn't come in Yet but it's not what you expect not bad But just like not not soft either pretty Pretty stiff actually let me throw it on Real quick yeah pretty stiff pretty Stiff slide again though if you want to Hear my full thoughts on this sneaker Make sure to check out that review that I just talked about you also find out Which slides I think are the best for 2023 definitely worth watching both Linked to the top of the screen and in The description below if you guys want To check it out so Travis Scott is Actually releasing another Air Jordan 1 Low however it's not the pair that you Might want it's a pair of Air Jordan 1 Low golfs now as someone who's recently Taken up golf I suck I got a 122 last Outing which was to be fair 40 points Better than the one for that um I'm Excited about it dude golf is really

Hard like I suck I suck but hey if I'm Wearing a pair of Travis's then uh People might not care about my game they Might just like my sneaker game which is Fire either way it looks like we're Getting one final Travis Scott Air Jordan one again not the pair that you Might expect it's a golf pair but uh the Only real difference between the golf Air Jordan one Lowe's and the standard Air Jordan one lows it's the traction Pattern on the outsole it's actually a Pattern that you can wear casually if You want now colorway wise the shoe Looks a lot like the reverse mocha Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 lows however Instead of featuring a brown nubuck on The upper you've got this sort of olive Colored nubuck obviously the overlays on The shoe come in white tumbled leather And you've also got that signature Travis Scott backwards Nike Swoosh on The lateral side this time around in Black now I've got to be honest this is Probably my least favorite Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 low colorway other than the Phantom black colorway or whatever it's Called um it's just not that exciting And it looks similar to some other pairs But like a discount version of those Pairs so it's not really for me however I still am going to try and grab it Because I I'm into golf now out Apparently and uh I want the coolest

Shoes in the golf course although I have The Chicago's and they're pretty cool Too so I don't know if I can grab it for Retail I'll grab it to be fair though It's gonna be easier said than done Because a lot of people are still going To go for this shoe even if they don't Play golf I just feel like this is going To be the Yeezy 350 cleats times two Like the hype for these shoes even Though a lot of people aren't gonna be Playing golf in these it's gonna be so Much higher because you can actually Wear these casually versus the Yeezy 350 Cleats from a couple years ago that you Couldn't because they were cleats and as Far as release date it looks like these Shoes could be releasing on October 13th For a retail price of 170 and if you're Not a golfer if you could save me a pair It'd be cool and finally rounding things Off with one last piece of Travis news Which might be the biggest piece of Travis news ever in terms of sneakers Travis Scott is getting his own Signature Nike silhouette called the Travis Scott cut the check this might Actually be the first Jordan lifestyle Sneaker that sells out like most Jordan Lifestyle sneakers that are not Mainline Jordan shoes usually sit because they Usually suck but now Travis Scott's Getting his own pair and it's possible That he could kill it now we don't know

For sure until we see the shoes in Official images but based on these Leaked images of the shoes they look Pretty good now according to Z sneaker Heads it looks like there are multiple Versions of the shoe there's a strapped Version a non-strap version and possibly A third version but it seems like only One of these versions are going to Release in 2023 the other two colorways Or versions of the shoe won't release Until later in 2024. now unfortunately All these images of the shoe are either Somewhat covered up by his pants or very Blurry so we don't know exactly what They're going to look like but based on What we can see it does look like these Shoes are sort of like low top Nike Dunks which is cool like not exactly Nike Dunks they have some sort of like SB inspiration maybe some Janoskis going On in them I'm not exactly sure but they Do feature the backwards Nike Swoosh Which gets everyone excited so that's Good they come in some decent colorways Like white black and seemingly Olive as Well as a brown and black colorway and Another interesting detail is that it Looks like the outsole of the shoe at Least in one colorway is Semi-translucent and has the word Jack Written on the bottom bottom of the Outsole which is a cool touch but Unfortunately as of right now that's all

We really know we know it's called the Jordan Travis Scott check we know one of The colorways it's releasing in 2023 and Some other colorways are releasing next Year presumably it's releasing towards The end of the year because you know They're not gonna release one and then Make us wait like a year before the next One so we'll have to see what happens But expect something to release around November December time frame at least That's what I think around the holidays And uh expect it to be very very popular Now to be fair Travis Scott sneakers in The past haven't always sold out there Have been some like air trainers and Other Silhouettes that just didn't Really hit the mark the way that the Air Jordan Ones did and the Air Jordan 4s Did but because it's the first time that Travis Scott is releasing his own Signature silhouette I think there's Gonna be some hype Behind These I think It's gonna remind people of the Nike Yeezys like that was a shoe that was Kanye West's own signature sneaker with Nike and I feel like because Jordan Brandon Nike are giving Travis Scott That opportunity people are going to be Excited about it like this is not some Random athlete or some random musician This is Travis Scott and for Jordan Brand he's been a cash cow so they're Gonna pour his money into this

Collaboration and expect it to do well So expect them to be dropping some of The craziest heat that you've seen in a While because Nike needs it they need to Bring some hype back and I think it's Possible that this collaboration could Tip things over the edge and get Nike Back in the spotlight once again so who Knows but uh I'm excited to see what Travis Scott and Jordan brand have Cooking it could be good it could be bad I mean the images make it look good but We don't know until we see it in hand But hey that about wraps things up thank You all so much for watching hit that Subscribe button and I'll see you all in The next one