Bringing these back to their original glory one step at a time. For today’s episode of Customs and Restorations with Vick he took on the legendary Supreme Air Jordan 5s. Now these might be considered a hypebeast sneaker because of that Supreme collab, but I’d say it’s a pretty solid collaboration.

We picked these Supreme Jordan 5s up from eBay as a worn sneaker with yellowing, scuffs and so much more. To restore these as always we needed to start with a deep cleaning using RESHOEVN8R products. We used the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit to give the sneaker the deepest clean possible. Since we picked these up as a worn sneaker who knows what might be on these kicks.

Once the sneaker was out of the wash it time to remove that yellowing from the sole and the netting. We applied Sole Revive to the sole of the sneaker to use with the UV lights to remove all of that unwanted oxidation. After multiple rounds of application and trips to the ice box. These Jordan 5s still did not turn back to the original icy color.

Although the results on the outsole were disappointing, there was a lot of positive that came from their trip to the ice box. Now it was time to repaint the midsole using Angelus paints.

Overall these came out pretty solid and we can flip them! eBay is hands down the best place to pick up used kicks to restore and flip.

Are you a bigger fan of restorations or customs on these Monday morning videos?

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What's up everybody today we're going to Be working on the Supreme Air Jordan 5s Are in horrible condition I got these For a great price now it's time to make Them worth some money again I'm gonna Show you guys how to repaint the shoe Give the shoe a proper deplete and Remove all the oxidation from the soles We got some work ahead of us so let's Get started The first step to this restoration is The deep clean process we are going to Be putting the shoe inside the washing Machine using our rejuvenator signature Shoe cleaning kit first things first We're gonna put the left shoe to the Side for before and after purposes next We're gonna take out the shoelace and Anto to clean those separately All right Now you guys already know before I start Any cleaning I like to use the Compressor to blow off any surface dust And Grime on the shoe and same thing With the insole Just by doing that step the shoe looks a Lot better already next we're going to Grab a shoe tree and adjust to the size As you can see we have a lot of creasing Going on hopefully it can eliminate some Of that Foreign Two squirts inside our bowl of water all Prepped to start cleaning first we're

Going to be using our stop bristle brush To start breaking down the grime and Dirt on the upper white leather and the Insides of the shoe [Music] Uppers look great thanks to the soft Bristle brush I'm gonna put this to the Side and move on to our medium bristle Brush I'm going to use this brush to Clean up this midsole and go back one More time on the upper white ladder to Clean up the white stitching [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] S look great last brush we're going to Use is a stiff bristle to get these Soles as clean as possible we want to Get these as clean as possible so the Shoulder bag can do its thing [Music] Soles are all cleaned up took a couple Of passovers to get it to this point now Before you put the shoe in the washing Machine we got to take care of the lace And the insole real quick for the lace We're going to dump it in our leftover Water and solution And for the insole we're gonna grab our Strawberry short brush and give it a Good scrub to put this in there as well [Music]

Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Box to finish up the deep clean [Music] [Applause] [Music] The washing machine [Music] Thank you [Music] Got the shoe out of the washing machine We let it air dry for several hours the Shoe looks great the white is back to White even the white stitching all Around the white leather and on the toe Cap looks good our next focus is the Oxidation on the outsoles there's a lot Of yelling going on I'm not sure if We're going to be able to get all the Yellowing out but we're gonna try so for This we're going to be using rejuvenated Shoulder Vibe and our indoor setup aka The big 2000 let's start by applying a Nice thin even coat all around the Yellow areas with the paintbrush All right All right we got the shoe out of the Indoor setup after about five days a Couple things I need to touch on the First thing we got very little results As you can see the sole is still yellow Every single day I apply sorry Vibe onto

The soles and washed it off Unfortunately some Jordan Fives are Really hard to ice up and some shoes Just don't ice up at all it's a rare Situation but it happens however these Were in the indoor setup for a good five Days we did get all the yellowing off The white rubber the plastic eyelets and The netting looks a lot icier so we Didn't completely waste our time the Next thing we got to do is work on these Midsoles they do need a full midsole Repaint there's a lot of cracking going On on the red there was original silver Speckles however all that got washed Away from all the wear and tear we gotta Repaint the white the red and the Speckles so first we got to wipe off all The paint using some acetone and cotton Balls Oh Got the old crack paint completely off Now we're gonna be taping off the sole And upper to lay down our brand new Paint Not bad now let's lay down our wipe Paint from Angelus using an angler brush Foreign [Music] Is good to go now we're on to the Angelus fire red for the teeth and the Inside Triangle for this we're going to Freehand it and when the time comes we Will be using some tape to get some

Sharp lines for the teeth [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Is good to go to get the sharpest lines Possible all you got to do is tape one Tooth at a time and lay down a couple of Coats and you'll get sharp lines every Single time now we still have to go in And recreate the speckled paint job First we're gonna tape off everything But the red paint using some silver Paint and a toothbrush we're gonna lay Down the speckles [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Good to go with the speckled job I went Back with the toothpick to perfect it Now it looks Factory now let's remove The tape so we can wrap up this project [Music] Ice it up All right guys that is going to bring us To an end on this restoration of these Supreme Air Jordan Fives overall this Restoration was pretty straightforward I Gave this shoe a proper defeat inside Now using a rejuvenator signature shoe

Cleaning kit no issues with that we got To shoot back to White for the insides We got all the germs and bacteria fully Flushed out let me finish off this Restoration with a nice mental repaint We removed all the old cracked up paint Gave it a fresh mental repay with some White added the red with some sharp Lines using some tape and for the Speckle drop we'll use a toothbrush Method for the vic2000 it did a great Job removing the yellowing from The Netting and the plastic eyelids however We got minimal results on these soles Again it happens you guys especially on Jordan 5s and really be shoes not all AC Stores could go back to clear just keep That in mind overall I'm really happy With the results the uppers and the Midsoles look great you can find other Products at rejuvenator.com hope you Guys enjoyed this video this is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday See y'all [Music] Thank you Foreign