The Nike Alphafly 3 is the lightest and best version of the shoe yet, with the updates Nike has made making it smoother and even faster than the original Alphafly and Alphafly 2. Nick has been putting the shoe through its paces with a couple of races and several hard training sessions in recent weeks. Here’s his verdict on the Alphafly 3.

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02:50 – How’s The Fit
03:38 – The Run Test
09:36 – Verdict & Alternatives

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick and this is our full review Of the Nike alphafly 3 alply 3 is obvious one of the big new Carbon shoes it's going to be launched On January 4th next year it's a shoe That's already been used by Elites this Year obviously with Kelvin Kipton Setting the World Marathon record in it And it's going to cost £285 or $285 when It does launch next year in this Proto Colorway it is the lightest Alpha fly Ever with my UK size 9 weighing 220 G or 7.7 Oz has a stack heite that hits 40 mm At the heel in line with World Athletics Regulations with an 8 mm drop down to 32 Mm at the 4ot so we got a big drop in Weight here compared to previous models Of the alphafly with the alphafly 2 Weighing a just shy of 250 g in my size And the uh first version around 230 G so It is the lightest outfly ever and You've also got a new continuous midsole On the shoe instead of the big cutout That almost separated the zoomx foam and The Air Zoom Pods at the front of the Shoe on pass models you've got now this Continuous midso with a big cutout on The bottom of the shoe to reduce weight But it runs down the center like a Canyon rather than dividing up the shoe Like says this will create a smoother Ride no matter where what your foot Strike is obviously the foam used is

Nike zoomx foam the bouncy P based foam That's been used in all their Racing Shoes since the original vaporfly and You've also got the Air Zoom pods under The for foot of the shoe which like I Said give you a little bit more energy Return than just having the zoomx foam Alone as you have in the vaporfly Obviously you got a full length carbon Plate in there Nike's fly plate and it's Been widened a little on the medial side To try and increase stability Nike has Have also redesigned the fit of the shoe To create less irritation around the Arch which was a problem for some Runners with previous models of the shoe Now this wasn't a problem I've had so I Can't really say it's been improved in This shoe but I've certainly had no Problems with it in terms of arch Irritation got atom knit 3.0 upper with New integrated eyelets on the laces and Gener just a tweaked fit all around it's Still got the booty style fit with pool TS to help you get the shoe one bit of Structure around the heel though it's Not quite I feel as built up as the Alphafly 2 was on that front a little Bit of padding around the Achilles there As well i' noticed the rubber doesn't Run quite as far up the for foot of the Shoe as it did on previous models of the Alha I know some Runners would hit the Front of that rubber with their toe when

Running but yeah it's now more just Fabric at the front of the shoe you have Here with the alphafly 3 fast shot Rubber out soole you got quite minimal Coverage at the heel just two little Patches at the heel there although these Have held up pretty well compared to the Little patches of rubber you have on the Vaporfly 3 which obviously did seem like Not very durable shoe in terms of the Outsole coverage it has there and you've Got better coverage on the foref foot With these orange patches underneath the Air Zoom pods and the shoe has actually Been pretty good in terms of grip I've Been running it in the winter here in The UK and I've actually found the grip To be pretty impressive and no signs of Wear and tear at all I've only done 65 Km in this shoe but but the bfly 3 Outside did start to show some wear After you know about kind of 50k so I've had no concerns at all with The fit of the alply 3 I find it a Really comfortable shoe actually there's No lace pressure at all when you're Lacing it up tight for racing it holds The foot really nicely and securely like I've done runs with twisting courses Lots of fast running with turns and Stuff like that and I've had no problems At all with the fit good amount of room In the toebox in my usual running shoe Size it's the same size I've had for

Previous models of the alphafly all the Models I've had really of any Nike shoe And I find that the fit has been Perfectly good for me in that size the Heel it's got this kind of raay system But it feels almost a bit softer and Less irritating than the heel design on The vapor fly fine with that thin strap Of foam as someone who's been having Some heel irritation throughout the year And achilles irritation found that the Alpha fly has been quite soft and Accommodating for that so all around Yeah the fit's been really good for me In my normal running shoe Size so I've done 65k in the alphafly 3 Since it landed earlier in December and I've used it for two races so far I've Done a 5K and a 10K in it and I've done Three hard training runs including a Steady 10K around marathon pace which we Showed in the first run video and I've Also done a hard session running K reps At the track alternating 320 and 310 per K reps so it's almost around my on a 10K 5K speed and then a hard session on the Roads where I was doing 3K in 10 minutes With five short heel reps afterwards and I did that twice and I've pretty much Loved every step in the Sho I think I Think it is really fantastic like I've Had very high expectations for the ALF 3 On paper it looks absolutely phenomenal And it has met those expectations I know

The Ally 2 wasn't to everyone's taste I Really like the Ally 2 very bouncy shoe Like kind of shoe that looks off putting Feels too heavy but you go running it And I'm racing it and it feels amazing I Did found anyway i' ran a really good Marathon in that shoe around short Distance races but I feel like this is a Shoe that won't split opinion in that I Think most Runners are going to love This shoe it really is spoton for what People say they want or do want and it Just performs so well when you're Running fast the new continuous Mido Does create a smoother ride it is a more Aggressive feel get a little bit more of A Tippy forward feeling which is more Akin to the vapor fly than actually Maybe the feel of the alpha flies in the Past and it goes into that firmer for Foot than the VAP flow with those Air Zoom Paws just get that little bit more Punch from it and it feels lighter much More Nim than the previous version of The shoe like when I was doing hill reps Or running into wind or just taring at The end of the races turning my feet Over just felt a little bit better in The AL 3 compared to the Ally 2 which Was just about that booming bounce but As I started to Scuttle towards the end Of races and got a bit tired I'd lose a Bit of that bounce from the shoe whereas With the Ally 3 you then have that

Lighter feeling which means it is easier To keep your Cadence high and keep Turning over while you are still getting A lot of Bounce like there's still lots Of propulsion and bounce in the shoe Obviously you've bit got that big zoomx Midsole you've got the Air Zoom pods the Plate and then you continuous midell Roll you onto those pods quickly and Efficiently and then you get the punch From them as you run on so really Running any of your kind of race Paces Feels great so I've gone down like I say To 5K Pace in the shoe run a hard 10K And it always just felt really good so The 5K wasn't the best run in the world Just was a bit dark and icy it so we got A race test fit up on the channel and I You know I felt okay in the year with The 10K I ran last night just run a First half pretty strong in Battery Park So dead level mostly running by myself Because there wasn't that many Runners Out at this time of year for you know Midweek race and the second half like I Was tired and I feel like I didn't Really have an extra gear but just Holding a pace in the Ally 3 felt really Good I was sticking to 320s around a 3319 in the end and just holding that Pace there and not getting any slower as I tired did feel really good in the shoe Like I do think though that it is at its Best when you are running well and or

Slightly more in cruise control so the First half of races or more like at Marathon pace when you're bounding along In a bit more control is when you get I Get the most out of the shoe for sure You get the biggest amount of bounds you Get the just the best feeling of almost Running effortlessly at that kind of Pace and I thought I could hold a pace Really well in it but then when I was Trying to go to an extra gear in the 10K And the 5K actually and I was really Tired and I don't really have a lot of Pace in my legs right now not really had The training for short sharp events like That I feel like I get a little bit less From Sho cuz I tend to then increase my Cadence quite a lot and my stride is not That long and I don't bound so much and I maybe don't put enough Force into the Shoe to then get the explosive Bounce From it at those times that someone like Me like a slightly more shuffly Scuttle Runner might enjoy the VAP fly a bit More because it is a bit lighter a bit Nimer geared to get a bit more from the Plate quickly even if if you're not Putting a big amount of force into the Shoe so with the alphafly 3 you are it Is still an alphafly in that regard I Think it benefits Runners who put a lot Of force in the you a bit more so people Who maybe feel that they weren't getting That from previous models I think we'll

Still feel that a little bit with the Ally 3 it is more aggressive and I think It is easier to engage the plate and get That fast turnover and transition onto Your toes which is a bit more vaporfly Esque but it is still at its best when You are in running with control and Bounding well and just really locking Into a pace it will help you hold that All day and then if you start to shuffle A bit towards the it doesn't feel quite As good still feels good obviously still Feels as good as anything else out there But you lose maybe some of the Bounce From it in that stage one of the ones That maybe if you are a bounding Runner Enjoy it even more than I do over those Short events uh but I certainly think It's going to be amazing for running Marathons in particular when you are Just trying to lock into the pace and Hold it the AL 3 just turns over Beautifully and really helps you do that I did do a couple of runs a couple of ab Tests with this with the AL 3 on one Foot and then I had the Ally 2 on the Other foot and also I did one with the Vapefly 3 on the other foot so with the Ally 2 it does feel it almost a little Bit softer squishier and bouncier I Think cuz is just such a big shoe like For that but it definitely has doesn't Have the connected transition you get From the shoe you can feel the Gap in

The mid sole very notably when you're Running both shoes at the same time and Just feels like I said like a big Bouncing shoe you've got to be on it Bounding along to really engage all the Foam and plate in that shoe and make the Weight not really be an issue and then With the outfly 3 you have got that Nimbler feel that lighter feel still Plenty of pop but you certainly feel That more fluid Tippy forward feeling Onto the firmer aing Pods at the front There and then I ran in the vaporfly 3 At the same time and it almost feels Like the Ally 3 Falls in between the Ally 2 and the vaporfly 3 uh in the ride Field you have here because is quite Similar to the bfly 3 when you're Running both at the same time like more Similar than I expected you get the Firmer feeling under the for foot with The Ally 3 with those pods that does Help I think add a little bit of pop but The bapf 3 still feels nimbler and Lighter it's a narrower shoe as well I'd Say and it's less stable and it feels a Little bit more aggressive and racy as a Result but do get a little bit extra Bounce out of the Ally 3 but certainly a Lot of similar he's there now I'd say The V 3 and the AL 3 I think have come a Bit closer together in how they feel on The run compared to previous generations Overall certainly a very enjoyable run

Test I abely Lov using the shoe I can't Wait to do some longer races in it as Well but everything I've done in it so Far it's really impressed like some Really hard training sessions that run Running down at the track doing those Fast reps you know going through ks in Like 306 307 uh keeping them under 310 Just felt really comfortable in the shoe And when you are running well locked Into your pace just cruising along at Race Pace there is no shoe that feels as Good as this I'm not saying that the was A huge leap forward and all the other Options out there but right now it's Probably the one that I'd lean towards Above all Others so verdict is obviously a very Positive one the Nike Al 3 is an Absolutely outstanding racing shoe I Think it's probably going to be the best Racing shoe for most people out there Like I say it's not like if you've got Other good racing shoes you should throw Them away and immediately buy the alpha Fly 3 it's that much better I think it Is the one I'd be leaning towards above All the others unless you just don't Like carbon plx shoes in general or Nike In general I can't really think of a Reason why you wouldn't like this shoe It is just so fast so smooth so bouncy Just so enjoyable to use and that's Really at any kind of fast running pace

I think it's going to be his best for Those longer events you lock in it just Really helps you tick over but it's very Very good for shorter events as well and I think it'll be even better for those Events uh if you're a bounding Runner a More bounding Runner than I am like I Think it's amazing for those short Events but I think some people like even More than me it's really hard to say Shoes that are going to be as good as This on the market like I haven't tested The adios Pro Evo one which is obviously The big one from Adidas that's going to Be its rival but looking at it as a non- Elite Runner the AL 3 a is much more Available it's much cheaper it's going To be a lot more durable I imagine the Pro Evo 1 so it would be the one i' pick Of those two having not tested the adios Pro Evo 1 but maybe if you can get hold Of that for your one big race it might Be worth giving a go but hopefully we Get to test it next year the V I think Is the big competitor because they have Come a bit closer together like I've got A similar feel like I say Under Foot I'd Say I'd certainly look at the Ally 3 Probably as the better Marathon racing Shoe and then over the shorter distances It's a bit more of a tossup I think like I said if you're a bit more of a shuffly Runner Like Me Maybe the VAP 3 will just Edge It For Those runs with it slightly

More Nimble design but you know the Ally 3 is still going to do those really well For sure and I think you are going to Get more durability out of the Ally 3 Compared to the vapefly 3 the out soole On the vapefly you has had problems with Wear for lots of Runners it's very thin Layer of rubber I think you've got a bit More coverage here and it's just a bit Harder at the back of the shoe there and I think it's going to hold up uh a Little bit better but you know both of Them very very good shoes you I really Would be very happy in either for any Kind of race really and you're looking Around the rest of the market we've got A few shoes waiting to be updated things Like the new meta speed Sky Plus the new Endorphin Pro 4 all those kind of shoes It's hard to see you know where a shoe Does better than this like there is the S endorfin Elite which is incredibly Fast shoot I think it's an amazing shoot But is a bit firm and harsh I found when Running you know at fast Paces I think When you start to put a lot of force Through the Endorphin Elite it does feel A bit harsh in the foot at times but is Still certainly a very good shoe and That is a very good alternative to the Ally 3 I do think this is a springier Bouncier shoe and a more accommodating One in how it feels on the foot it is Less harsh for sure on those longer runs

Well we have got lots of new shoes to Come from other brands there going be Loads of competition out there for sure But as of now I think the AL F 3 is Probably the pick of the bunch Especially for Marathon racing and like I say really the competitor I have Closest to it will be the VAP fly 3 so Nike is doing very very well with its Car racing shoes in my opinion right now Not maybe not so well with the rest of Its running shoe range but at the sharp End of things I think it's hard to beat Nike's races when the AL 3 is certainly Another outstanding shoe that hits all The key attributes you want from a Modern Caron plate racing shoe I think a Lot of people are going to love it so Yeah big tick great shoe looking forward To running some longer races in it next Year So that's our review of the Nike alow 3 Let us know what you think in the Comments below do some comparison videos We are hoping that other run testers Will get hold of the shoe next year or As soon as possible and we'll start Getting some multitester opinions on it And doing some more race tests but for Now uh just dive into the comments let Us know what shoes you want it compared To please do like and subscribe ring the Little bell and I'll see you next Time