The third version of one of the world’s most popular race shoes, the Alphafly 3, sees several updates. That includes a wider carbon plate to increase stability, a new midsole design that features fully connected ZoomX foam for a smoother ride, and a revamped AtomKnit upper for better lockdown as well as breathability.

Adidas’s long-distance race shoe, the Adios Pro 3, has Energyrods 2.0 running the full length of the shoe. These work alongside two layers of Lightsrike Pro midsole foam to deliver a stiff ride that has a high level of energy return.

Tom and Nick compare the two super shoes to see which they’d pick for race day.

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00:21 – Stats
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01:22 – How’s The Fit?
04:08 – The Run Test
09:31 – Verdict

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers with Another running shoe versus in this Video myself and Nick are going to be Comparing the Nike alphafly 3 and the Adidas adios Pro 3 Let's dive in and see What we both Thought the Nike alphafly 3 cost 8499 or $285 it weighs 202 G or 7.1 Oz for men In a size8 And the drop is 8 mm the Adas ADI adios Pro 3 costs £220 or $230 it weighs in at 218 G or 7.7 o for Men in a size 8 and the drop is 6.5 Mm the third version of one of the World's most popular Ray shoes sees a Number of updates that includes a wider Carbon plate to increase stability a new Midsole design that features fully Connected zoomx foam for a smoother ride And a revamped atom knit upper for Better lock down as well as Breathability the alpha 53 still has all The elements Runners have come to expect From the shoe including its Hallmark Dual Air Zoom units in the forefoot and Its impressive Notch laces however this Time it's lighter than the previous Version aiming to provide an even faster Ride the Adi Zero adios Pro 3 is the Latest version of Adidas's long-distance Race shoe it features energy rods 2.0 That run the full length of the shoe Working alongside two layers of Light

Strike Pro Midol foam to deliver a stiff Ride that has a high level of energy Return there's a redesigned upper that Aims to be breathable while offering a Good level of support and structure Along with ample padding around the heel And Ankle collar the out sole is covered With a generous layer of Continental Rubber for grip when running at speed as Well as protection for the mid cell Phone it's a shoe that's best suited to Longer distance races from half marathon To Marathon helping Runners to maintain A consistent Pace with less softness and Bounce than competitive Super Shoes out There okay so Nick how is the fit in These two shoes for you alphafly 3 no Complaints really fits me very well in My normal running shoe size so a uk9 in Nike is a US 10 that's the size I've had Across all of Nike shoes I find the fit Of this upper really good actually it Holds the foot nice and securely so You're not you know laterally moving When you go around corners and I do like The way it holds your Achilles quite Tightly at the back there got quite Narrow foot have no problem slipping the Shoe on I know that's not always the Case with the alpha f for some people Adios Pro 3 is one of the Adidas shoes I Need to size up into half a size so this Sometimes happen with idas because of The way they convert their sizing so a

Uk9 is a US 9.5 and with the design at The front of the shoe in particular Being a bit weird being a bit narrow the Eyelets getting in the way I've gone up Half a size uh to UK 9.5 to get the same Size in the US as the Ally but I don't Have to do that of all add Dash shoes Like the primex I'm fine in my normal UK Size but I would say look at the sizing Very closely with the idas because it Can be a bit rubby at the front of the Shoe you can also do a bit of heel rub I've had to heel lock the shoe it's not A great heel design in general this Upper is not fantastic uh it's not the Best part of the shoe for sure but I Yeah by going up half a size my UK size I was able to get a good fit that was Comfortable enough how about you Tom Yeah so I agree with you on the Ally 3 Um it fits me perfectly uh very Comfortable shoe like the oper it's bit It's a bit more restriced but it's a Raoe um and I haven't had any issues Despite the fact that it's You know slightly uh leaner Fit I Kieran hasn't got these but I Imagine that he might have a slight Issue with them B feet um so yeah Completely agree on the uh adios Pro Through as well so I'm a size eight in The UK and I probably would have sized Up half a size in this shoe given the Opportunity because I do find it rubs on

The end of my toes a little bit um Although like you the primx strung uh I Am completely happy with my so normal Size eight in the UK um but yeah I'd Probably go up half size if I'd have Been given the option to when I got this Fair Enough okay so knit two big Super Shoes One that's very new one that's been out For quite a while how have you found Both of these yeah good shoes let's say We're doing these shoes because we Haven't tested the Adidas Pro evo1 and Adidas has not released the adios Pro 4 So this is currently the best race legal Ad shoe that's really available to most People so we're still doing a comparison To it cuz still a fantastic shoe despite Being a little bit older now you've got The big old slab of Light Strike Pro Very bouncy really enjoyable shoe very Comfortable shoe for long miles as well I find it's quite a smooth ride didn't Love it out of the box I found it was a Bit stiff I wasn't very impressed by it But it broke in after just one run I Think the rods just stiffen slightly now They work really well with the foam to Create a very propulsive ride for me This is a shoe that works best uh kind Of Marathon distance I think that's when I'm running with the most control I put A lot of force into the shoe I get a lot Back done shorter races and shorter reps

In it and I think I think that will work For some people really well the shoe but I find it a bit big a bit too much I'd Be someone who definitely would switch To the Tumi sen uh shoes in as's range For shorter races because I'm a quite a Shuffly high Cadence Runner I think with This year you get the most out of them Those short races if you're more of a Loping runner I'd say but it can do Those races but all around found it very Impressive much Marathon geared though I Think it's a shoe that in many ways Almost lines up more directly with the Alpha Fly 2 which was also a very big Quite heavy shoe bouncy Focus shoe both Of these are very bouncy shoes Impressive not in any real terms but Kind of more towards the 250 g mark in My size whereas the Ally 3 comes in a Fair bit lighter one of the reasons why I found it a little bit more sprightly Over short distances but Tom what do you Think of the adios Pro 3 before we go on To the alpha Flly uh yeah Sim so when I started Testing the adios Pro 3 I was actually Doing quite a lot of short distance Races I didn't mind it for him I was Still like doing pretty well in those Races and I I I didn't find it was a Major issue from the shoe but since then Since those short distance races I have Used it a lot more for long longer

Distance attempts and um yeah it it is Definitely far better at those or just Feels better for those for those um for Those distances uh I think probably one Of the reasons is that I mean I like a Big bouncy shoe that's that's my one of My main enjoyments in life um and I Don't feel I get that um especially with The um adios um Pro 3 uh it just feels Comfortable and nice and cruising but um Yeah it's it's definitely not a shoe That I would I would pick for anything Shorter but yeah I think it's a very Comfortable great solid reliable shoe That I'd more more than happy to pick up For a marathon yeah I do think I I do Get a little balc it but yeah but uh I Think one of the actually major pluses Of the shoe is I do think Al's Light Strike Pro is probably like the most Durable super foam I've come across and This shoe it looks very clean it's been Cleaned it's shouldn't it isn't in this Good a state as it looks right now but Put a lot of miles on this it hasn't Really dented the performance at all and I do think that makes it a really great Option to have for a lot of training and Racing where is the Ally 3 so far Durability has been good Tom's not Managed to rip the heel off it but uh The ride in particular is great like I Think it's a little bit more aggressive Than the adios Pro 3 youve got more of a

Tip forward you got a more explosive I Think toe off from the Air Zoom pods It's a lighter shoe it feels nimbler as A result but it still has that equal Amount of propulsion so I think the Ali 3 is what I'd like to see from the adios Pro 4 which is to produce the same kind Of Bounce and feeling under from that Light St Pro phone but trim the weight Down slightly to give it a bit more Nimbleness and uh ability to go across Different race distances and Reps and That kind of thing so the ali3 yeah Right now I think is the shoe to beat in The racing Shoe World in general and That's because of the combination of That aggressive High turn aggressive Ride that I think helps give me a high Turnover and then the real bounce there You have in it but Tom you've also been Enjoying the shoe and yeah like I say You've not ripped it to Pieces so very Successful so far no I mean that's I Mean I paid full price for the shoe so I'm so very very scared that um I'm Going to rip the bottom of it but no it Has done pretty well I I've done about 40K in it now and um I'm probably going To put it down and not use it now cuz I Think I'm going to use it for Boston so Um I'm very worried about ripping it Before that um but yeah I think I think The uh the the AL 3 yeah I've love Testing it so far um I'm a massive fan

Of the Ally one alph 1's probably up There with the S doph Pro 3 for me is Like my two favorite shoes for racing in Especially marathons Al 3 um I do I'm Still sort of working out if I I like it As much as the one I think the three it Feels leaner and lighter uh than the one Um probably is lighter than one isn't it Yeah it is yeah yeah um I mean I I was It feels to me a little bit like the the Alply 3 is sort of a mix of the The Vapor fly in some ways and the alphafly One I'm not tested the two um but I Think it's yeah it's lovely it's fast I I think for me the Ally all of the Ally One and al3 I do like them short Distances as well just because of that Bounce Factor whereas with the Pro 3 i' Not a big fan of it the short distances I just think that that the Ally 3 Especially is a great allrounder for all Those distances especially if you like a Little bit bounce um but I just think It's a fantastic shoe um and I love the 4 foot feel of it um when you're running Fast and I've raced ever 10K with with This shoe now and I it just felt very Propulsive um so yeah I just yeah great Shoe very pleased that I've got it yeah I mean they're both great Sho I raised Both these shoes been happy racing both These shoes but yeah I think of late I've really been enjoying the Off okay so your verdict on these two

Super Shoes dick what you going for so Obviously it's a bit of a tricky V here Because this is an old isssue so we Should take that into account but if You're looking let's just say at RP off The top of the you know straight off the Top of the bat i' would go for the alply 3 I think it is more or less the perfect Modern racing shoe with the combination Of Bounce protection underf foot you get There but also the aggressive feel you Get to it for shorter events and when You want to turn your legs over quickly At the end of any kind of race really Whereas you Pro 3 for me feels more like A Cru Marathon racer haven't necessarily Been able to get the best out of it at Short distances with my running style And I think it works best for me as yeah I think it racks up a lot of miles in Training which is great and it really Will race very well on marathon Race Day Suppose the the uh but then the factor In this ver to consider is that it is an Not older shoe in sales it appeared for Some ludicrous prices over Black Friday There was like one color of the one size Of the purple shoe that was like 60 quid Or something like that and you know if You're suddenly looking at a massive Price difference if you're finding these In sales and and the adios Pro 3 is 150 Quid cheaper than the alpha F 3 you know I don't think it's as good a shoe but I

Do think it's very nearly as good a shoe Certainly for the marathon I still think It's an amazing racing shoe and I would Pretty happily pocket that the much Difference and take this shoe for Everything instead of the alply 3 so Kind of real world maybe there's a case Here for the adios Pro 3 particularly Because I do think it is so durable but Overall I think the ALF 3 is an Improvement on it and Improvement on That generation of Super Shoes and maybe We'll see with the adios Pro 4 something Coming a lot similar more similar to This design obviously adios has the pro One which mudes the water massively and You know we don't know what's going to Really come from that if alas is going To really start if alas is going to Start selling that in big numbers or if It's just going to go big on the Adis Pro 4 with some learnings from the pro Evo one but for now Al 3 I think is the Best better shoe but there is some value Potentially in finding the adios Pro 3 As especially as a marathon racer about You Tom yeah um I mean I obviously going Go for the AL 3 but I think there's a Caveat there in that the type of running That I like to do I really like soft Bouncy shoes and not a lot not Everyone Likes that and if you're not really a Big fan of that then I think the adios Pro 3 is a much better option because it

Just feels a bit more solid on the feet Um I think you could get away with Running around um uh in this shoe as a Sort of training shoe even if you're not Going massively fast I wouldn't do that In the Ally 3 um so I I do think I mean Is one of the most popular raoes if not The most popular ratio out at the moment But um for beginners or people who maybe Aren't used to Super Shoes Ally might be An acquired taste so I do think there's A lot of arguments for the ad sp3 being A much more comfortable sort of um Accessible shoe from that perspective And yeah especially when it comes down To like price and stuff I I think um It's a very uh nice option but for me Because I'm doing the versus um I'm Going to go through our 53 the way just CU it feels perfect for the sort of Running that I do and how I Race nice one and we should probably Just reiterate again that uh please Don't just write in the comments why Haven you compared it to the pro for one Because don't have that shoe done the Comparison to the widely available adid As Sho that is available right now Yes that's it from us for another versus Thanks a lot for watching don't forget To like subscribe click the little bell All those sorts of things that make us Pleased and uh don't forget that if you Go into caption below you can find a

Link to our podcast which comes out at The end of each month thanks lot for Watching catch you next Time It's