The InfinityRN 4 Gore-tex takes the latest model of the Infinity and adds a new upper to help protect the feet from moisture. Like the original Infinity 4, it has the same new ReactX midsole foam to provide additional bounce, which also lowers the carbon footprint of the material by at least 43%.

The shoe also features the same wide toebox for increased comfort, as well as additional stability. There’s a curved outsole design to promote a rocker experience when running, as well as well as a Storm Tread outsole to provide a high level of grip and extra protection for the midsole.

Tom has taken the shoe out on a first run to see how it performs.

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00:37 – Stats
00:50 – Design
01:30 – How’s The Fit?
02:14 – The First Run Test
09:08 – Verdict

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers and this Is our first run review of the Nike Infinity Run 4 gortex now this shoe was Sent to me by the guys over at sport Shoes I'm not paid to review this shoe So I can say whatever I want but a big Thanks to the guys at sports shoes for Sending the service so I can do this and The full review uh if you head into the Caption below you can also find a link Um to the shoe to find out more about it If you so wish right let's dive in and Do the first run Review The Nike Infinity Run 4 gex cost £74.95 or $180 weighs in at 382 G or 13.5 Oz for men in a size8 and the drop Is 8 Mm the Infinity Run 4 gortex takes the Latest model of the Infiniti and adds a New upper to help protect the feet from Moisture like the original Infiniti 4 it Has the same new react X midell phone to Provide additional bounce which also Lowers the carbon footprint of the Material by at least 43% the shoe also Features the same wide toe box for Increased comfort as well as additional Stability there's a curved outsole Design to promote a rocker experience When running as well as a storm tread Outsole to provide a high level of grip And extra protection for the midsole There's plenty of Cushing around the

Ankle collar for a nice level of Stepping Comfort pull tabs on both the Heel and the tongue and a reinforced Water repellent layer in the toe Box So the fit for me in the Infinity Run For gortex it is a very comfortable shoe It's a very roomy shoe the 4 foot is Extremely wide I've got fairly average Sized feet so um I didn't have any Issues with it at all but if you did Have not quite narrow feet you might Really notice that space in the foref Foot there's a lot of extra space at the Side of the foot for me uh and just Before the toe as well is quite roomy so If you do have narrow feet you might Notice that I'm a size eight in the UK This shoe is a size eight in the UK and A size 9 in the US I would stick to my UK size eight in this shoe I found it Very comfortable and even though there Was extra space at the front I didn't Have any issue with the shoe at All so I never got a chance to test the Original Nike Infinity Run 4 we do have A first run review and a full review up On the channel if you want to check that Out uh the biggest difference or the Only difference with this shoe is that It has a new gortex upper on it which is Designed to to protect the feet from Rain um and other sources of water and Moisture um and that's it really it's

Really just a shoe designed for winter Conditions uh if you're out there Running in the rain quite a lot um the Biggest thing that I've noticed about it Is that the weight has gone up it was Already a significant increase on the uh Infinity Run 3 for me it comes in at 382 G in a size 8 UK which is a very very Heavy shoe uh I was quite surprised when I took it out of the the of of the Box Because straight away you can really Feel that weight on it um which did make Me a little bit concerned at the start I'm not particularly a big fan of heavy Shoes um and uh yeah I I wasn't sure how It it going to run um out on the road so Today I what I aim to do with this shoe Is try and find some ground that was a Little bit wetter um it's pretty dry and Brighten at the moment so it's quite Hard to test gortex uh upper uh so I Went uh out on a lot of paths on the Downs on the Sou downs and I did a 10K Today so that was probably about 5k on Public foot paths um gravel paths those Sorts of things and then 5K on the road As well um and what I found about the Shoe is that it doesn't feel as heavy When you're running it as it feels in my Hand right now it does feel very heavy In my hand um I actually found it to be Quite a comfortable shoe to wear um I Didn't really feel like it was too Clunky on the feet I only did 10 car in

It uh I probably wouldn't want to do Long distances in this just cuz I think That weight's really going to become Noticeable when you're doing more miles In it um but for that 10K absolutely Fine um I definitely didn't feel like uh I was had a really heavy shoe on my feet I think that's partly due to the rocker Design in it it does sort of Pop you Forward a little bit not massively it's By no means a versatile shoe it's not Going to be something that you can use For running fast in um but it does have A little bit of a rocker in it so I did Feel like there was a little bit of Smoothness in the transition and it did Feel like it was pushing me forward a Little bit but not massively um I Definitely wouldn't say it's a shoe that You do any anything other than easy runs In so the run I did today was at about 5 Minute 20 km which is sort of my Standard pace for um ticking along Nicely and comfortably um and it was Absolutely fine for that I think that's Probably the sweet spot for this shoe I Did try and pick up the pace for a Couple of the kilometers didn't feel Like it had any sort of Versatility to Do do that it was definitely too heavy For it um and I didn't feel like uh it Was designed for running faster at all It just feels like a bit of a Workhorse Tank um which feels like it's going to

Last a while um it really feels nice and Stable on the feet that it's a wide shoe There's a wide toe box but there's also A wide platform on the bottom so it does Really feel like your foot is firmly Held in place the uh infinity 3 uh I Tested this over well over a year ago um I wasn't a massive fan of this shoe when It came to training runs daily training Miles stuff like that um but it equally It does feel quite sturdy and and stable So it's quite a good solid shoe uh if That's what you're looking for and both Of them are probably good shoes if you Are probably heavier Runner that wants Something that's really um holds your Foot in place and gives you a lot a nice Big Bas on it um the Infinity Run 3 I've Actually I basically just use it for the Gym now I don't really use it for Running just cuz it's it doesn't really Really offer a lot um that my other Shoes won't do it just feels very sturdy It's almost almost has some of the Benefits of a stability shoe without Really being a stability shoe but um the Difference between the Infinity Run 3 Well there's a lot of differences to be Honest it looks like a completely Different shoe um but the Midol foam in The uh Infinity Run 4 is a little bit Softer not massively I didn't really Feel like uh my feet were sinking into The ground or anything I definitely

Notic it's a little bit softer than the Infinity Run three though um the only Thing I would say about that new react X Mid midell foam is that it doesn't Really have much in terms of Bounce or Anything like that it does feel like it Feels comfortable it feels like your Foot's nicely hitting the ground it's Quite a dense foam so it doesn't feel Like it's squishing it just feels like It's is a little bit of give in it um Which does feel quite nice when you're Out the roads um but you don't get Anything back from it it doesn't feel Like there's any bounce there's Definitely no responsiveness in it um so It's definitely not a shoe that you Would use for running faster in there's No real performance benefits to this Shoe it just feels like a Workhorse That's going to keep going for a long Time and just get keeps your foot Securely in place um with peace of mind And a nice bit of stability uh the out Sal is very good so it was um I was Running on some inclines and declines on Various terrain today um like gravel and Um um some muddy past things like that Absolutely fine there's quite a big Update to the out so that you get on the Uh three uh felt great so I the reason Why I took it out today on the Downs is Cuz I did when you got a gch shoe you're Probably going to be using it in

Conditions where you need to have Waterproofing um so I wanted to see what It was like on some lighter trails and It was absolutely fine that outso isn't Particularly luggy there's not like Massive lugs on it but it does it just Feel pretty sturdy I didn't feel like I Was slipping over anything at any point On that run um would have been nice if It was wet condition today cuz I could Have probably tested that out but um no Absolutely fantastic outso for me just Feels great and it looks really solid And durable as well the upper which is That new gortex upper uh it feels very Comfortable there's a lot of padding Inside which it which feels really nice Uh as I say it wasn't raining today so I Couldn't really test it out in the rain But I did pour some water on it uh when I was running and it was absolutely fine Nothing went through uh it does have These sort of weird little pockets at The front of it uh near the laces Nothing came through there at all um so I think it's it's probably a solid shoe When it comes to being waterproof what I Would say is that when it comes to Running shoes that are waterproof if you Are out running in in the in the rain Um if the water gets into the top of the Shoe your feet are going to get wet Anyway and that always happens with me Cuz I only ever running shorts um so I'd

Probably say it's good for light rain Stuff like that but if it's really Pelting it down you're going to get wet In your feet anyway so um you take that Into consideration when you're looking At buying them because uh or or if you Running leggings or waterproof trousers Or anything like that um but I always Find my feet get wet when I'm in lots of Rain Anyway so my early verdict for the Nike Inity run for gortex is that it's a Comfortable shoe it's a surprisingly um Enjoyable shoe to wear despite the Really heavy weight it's one of the Heaviest shoes I've tested for ever I Think I don't think I very rarely get a Shoe that weighs as much as this if I do It tends to be like some sort of Heavyduty Trail shoe uh definitely not a Road shoe so it's surprisingly heavy Weighted shoe um but it doesn't feel too Bad um even despite that so um I'd say That for me it's not a versatile shoe It's definitely a tank work horseshoe You for taking off easy miles uh it's Got a lot of stability it's very Comfortable um it just feels very Supportive so if you're the sort of Runner that just wants a real Power House to just take off the easy miles it Might work for you it it it doesn't feel Bad at maintaining a consistent Pace it Feels quite comfortable um definitely

Not definitely didn't really notice it Um being really heavy out on the run but I probably wouldn't do long distance in This and I definitely wouldn't try and Run it fast as faster Pace in this just Because it it just won't do it it's not It's not going to do it um it's a tricky Shoe to to classify because it's quite Expensive it's 175 in the UK um other Cushion shoes out there do cushioning a Lot better so some cushion shoes have a Lot of Bounce in them some of them are Really soft um this sort of doesn't Deliver any of those things it's just a Very stable shoe it's almost a stability Shoe without having stability elements In it um which might be good for some People I'd probably say that because the Midso is quite dense um and doesn't Really do a lot that might be partly Because I'm relatively light I'm not I'm About 70 kilograms maybe if you're a Heavier Runner you might really get more Benefits out of that react X Midol foam Um but for me it's just a bit of a Chunky heavy shoe um and not one that I Would probably use that much it's not Really a shoe that would fit into my Rotation it's not a bad shoe I've just Got way better cushion shoes that work For my style of running that are either Lighter or just have some other Performance benefits I don't really need The level of support and stability that

Feels like this shoe is giving I also Don't particularly need waterproof shoes Uh I've never really worried about that Um and I don't think I've ever thought I Wish my shoes were waterproof even if It's raining um but if that's something You really want I'd probably say if you Were running through like grass or Something like that uh this might be a Good shoe because it will protect you From that dewy grass uh in the wet um But as I say if it starts raining a lot It's going to come through that ankle Color anyway unless you've got Waterproof socks on and they're going to Make your feet sweat quite a lot that's It from me on this first run of the Nike Infinity Run 4 gortex thanks a lot for Watching don't forget to like subscribe Click that little bell and check the Channel out for all the other videos We've got go to caption below you can Also find a link to the most recent Podcast that comes out at the end of Each month and you can find a link to This shoe from the guys over at sport Shoes so have a click on that if you Want to find out more about the shoe Thanks a lot for watching catch you next Time