The Nike InfinityRN 4 features an all-new midsole and is the most substantial change to the line since Nike launched the first Infinity Run. The ReactX foam used is softer than the React midsoles of past models but has it improved the ride of the shoe? Jane, Mike and Nick deliver their verdict on the InfinityRN 4 here.

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick and this is our full review Of the Nike Infinity Run 4. So the Infinity Run 4 or Infinity rn4 is The first major update to the infinity Line since it launched a few years back We've got an entirely new midsole here Which really changes the feel of the Shoe it costs 155 pounds in the UK 160 In the US the weight has jumped quite a Bit it's now 346 grams or 12.2 ounces in My UK size 9 which is a us-10 this model Has got a bit heavier with each Generation actually and the previous Version of the shoe with 310 grams in The same size you've got a nine Millimeter drop with a stack height of 39 millimeters at the heel and 30 at the Forefoot so you've still got a fly in This upper but it's a bit different now I have loads of little padding and Overlay sections here you've got a lot Of padding around the tongue and collar Of the shoe but you've lost the big Plastic heel clip that was on the Infinity in previous versions there is Still a little heel counter but actually It's quite flexible around the back of The shoe these days Alexis is also a bit More room in the toe box because the Shooting General has a much wider Platform especially in the midfoot than Previous versions obviously you just Trying get stable despite the lack of

That plastic heel clip the all-new Midsole is Nike react X instead of the React foam we've seen in past models of The shoe this is a new material that has A lower carbon footprint it's also much Softer it bouncier and like you say the Energy return has improved it's also a Little bit heavier hence the weight gain Of the shoe and you've still got a Rocker design as well to try and create A nice smooth ride now I've got a full Outsole on the shoe with a waffle tread As opposed to the blotchy pattern we had On previous versions of the shoe Hopefully that will result in a slight Increase in grip and durability although The infinity was always known for being A very durable shoe anyway Thank you so I'll start with the fit of The Nike Affinity run 4. I tested these In a UK 5 us seven and a half my normal Size in Nike shoes I found they're true To size but the Flyknit upper is a lot Kind of tighter than I would say Compared to previous version versions of The shoe it is quite snug it's kind of Moving away from like the booty upper Where it almost feels like a sock and it Is definitely like a thick kind of Trainer upper But it is quite tight around the foot So for that I don't know if I'd be Tempted to go up half a size if you're Kind of between sizes I'd say the fit is

Quite snug here compared to older Versions of the shoe and compared to Like the Invincible and the peg Definitely The toe box is quite roomy that said I Didn't have any issues with this shoe Feeling too small but I this is a five And I'd say all of my Nike shoes are a Five but they're a US seven and a half And I think in other brands the UK five Is UK 7 so I've probably gone up half a Size here anyway so I didn't notice they Were too small but I would say as a Snugger fit case fit for me in the Infinity Round 4 Pretty good overall I Had mine in a UK size that and I know That Nike suggests potentially going Half a size up an issue I wouldn't say Based on my testing that has been Something that I felt I needed to do I Was pretty happy with the amount of Space you get off on it so it's quite a Fair amount of material up front here in The toe box I do find that maybe it does And I think this is down to the kind of New upper that night it uses here kind Of sucks you in at the mid foot which I Quite like and it worked well for me in Terms of my kind of more narrow skinny Feet Um in terms of what you're getting here With this kind of partially Gusty tongue Um sat you know securely didn't move Around you don't have to work too hard

To get a nice lock down I don't think Either with the laces good amount of Padding here around the kind of heel Collar as well too which you'd want if It's you know a shoe that's kind of Designed for kind of comfortable kind of Daily training miles so that the point Of view all pretty solid no kind of heel Slippers or anything like that either Too so yeah for me based on my testing I Would go true to size as I said Knight Does suggest going half size up but for Me my UK size eight it was absolutely Time so on the fit of the shoe you've Got a fairly snug flying it up here Nike Recommends going half size up I didn't Do that and I'm glad I didn't I thought Quite a lot of room around the toes I do Have quite a narrow foot though so if You are someone with a wide foot to Always generally at the larger end off Their size it probably would be worth Going a half size up if you're someone Like me who has a narrow foot and is Generally on the smaller end of your Size I think you'd probably be okay Sticking to your normal size with the Shoe I have really major problems with The face it's sloppy through the midfoot At times the lockdown isn't great there And sometimes I did notice that my foot Was moving around a little bit when Running a little bit faster or taking a Corner something like that overall I

Would say stick to normal size or go Half a size up if you've got a wide foot Or quite big for your size Okay so into that run test now what We'll say is my experience of the last Couple of Infinity Run shoes I've not Absolutely loved them it's been down to The same issue and that's been the kind Of discomfort I found at the arch of This unit ultimately just made it very Difficult to want to run or do the the Usual amount of running time I would do In those shoots now I'm happy to say That's definitely changed on this shoe And this iteration Um you know that feeling is still it's Not entirely disappeared Um but it's definitely less prominent it Hasn't been uncomfortable to run in I've Definitely found it a lot more enjoyable To run in from that point of view so From a fit point of view that and you Know comfort point of view that's been a Really big positive for me I think also The upper changes I found the upper on The last shoot I don't know it didn't Feel like a running shoe up or a very Good running shoe upper to me personally Um and I feel with what Nike has done With this one is it's made it more Structured more supportive it does hug Um and it gives you a snug gonna fit Around all of the all of your foot as Well so

I think that is a positive for me and it Just makes it generally more comfortable And just more of a running shoe to me Than the kind of previous shoes Um now what I would say in terms of you Know the big thing here is the midsole Change and what uh Nike has done here so It's the react X foam Um I haven't put this in a shoe before This is different to what we're getting In the react now in terms of how that Reacts X midsole feels and what that Gives you an issue it's not the most Exciting it's not zoom X kind of Liveliness you're not getting that Extreme bounce in it but also I don't Think it's necessarily that bad I mean You know I would say it is a little bit Flat and that probably sounds a little Bit the negative side but actually I Don't think that's necessarily a bad Thing for me you know I've found that it It's still a pretty smooth ride in General I think it's pretty stable Um it is a heavy issue but it's not a Heaviness that I found that I thought I Would feel out when I've been running it In it and I've actually done some Relatively a relatively nippy kind of 5K Not my quickest 5K Pace but actually Kind of seven minute kind of 30 minute Mile pace and it absolutely felt and Fine I didn't find it a heavy and Cumbersome shoe to run in from that

Point of view so While isn't the most exciting ride I Don't think it's necessarily a bad ride You know I found it pretty comfortable I've definitely found it a lot nicer to Run in than the previously you know the Previous Infinity Run shoes in general And I have to say probably going against The grain of what the other guys have Said about this shoe but I've actually Kind of quite liked running in this shoe Which is not something I thought I would Say as I said it's not the most exciting Ride but doesn't I don't think that's Necessarily a bad thing I think it just Feels pretty solid very smooth in terms Of those transitions pretty stable which I think is a good thing you've got a Wide base as well So that point of view it's worked pretty Well for me and I think it feels like a Shoe that you can soak up a lot of time In and I think that's ultimately it's Designed for I don't think it's massive Massively versatile I don't think you Know you're gonna do speed work in it But actually whenever I have picked up The pace a little bit here done some More steady kind of work with it kind of More Tempo work for me it's worked fine I said I haven't felt the heaviness of This shoot out so wise I mean it's been Pretty solid overall Um I've done some actually a little bit

Of lighter Trail work and it's been fine I haven't had any issues at that point Of view Um I feel like the durability side of Things it's going to be pretty solid Overall and yeah I think generally as I Say I didn't think this would be a shoe That I'd really like you know Particularly out of the other night kind Of training shoes but actually this is Probably the one that I've you know Enjoyed the most and as I said probably Not what everyone else has probably felt About this shoe but Um it's a shoe that I felt you know Actually I'm going to put this back on And I'm not you know I hope that's not An issue for me or I'm not put off about Putting this about putting this back on And running uh putting some running time In it so yeah pretty solid overall for Me um as I said I didn't absolutely love The previous Infinity runs I've Definitely enjoyed this a little bit More um as I say a bit of a surprise to Me Um and it's probably the nicer training Shoe a night training shoe that I've Used this year which as I said I wasn't Expecting I would be saying when I put The shoe on especially after my Experience with the previous two shoes Um which I didn't absolutely love so the Run tests

I still don't know what to make of this Shoe I didn't I must be honest I didn't Overly love it my favorite version of This shoe I think I said it in the first Look was the first ever Infinity the Kind of white it was a white and pink They released it years ago I absolutely Love that shoe it was like a go-to long Run shoe for me because it was kind of Stable firm we all know I love a really Plush cushioned shoe but you shouldn't Do all your running in them and I found It so versatile I got so much out of That shoe since then I've not loved it As much and this is probably the version I've loved the least and I'm sorry I'm Sorry saying that I think so it's the Zoom X midsole foam which Nike have said Has more energy return it says energy Return is increased by 13 but I'm not Convinced it definitely feels a lot Plusher when you when you kind of put Your foot in the shoe but I'd say Compared to the old version and previous Versions before that it doesn't feel as Responsive and snappy under fur it's Still definitely a kind of stable firm Ride if you compare it to like the Zoom X foam and the Invincible it's Definitely firmer Under Foot but I think To be honest it's a lot of money and I Think I would save if you're looking for This kind of shoe I'd save money and I'd Either get the Infinity 3 if you kind of

Want that slightly more supportive you Know they've got it's got a lot of kind Of we've lost that big plastic rail Around the outside but it's still Keeping your foot firm in the shoe or I'd get a peg do you mean it's it's that Kind of shoe I wouldn't really wear it For faster stuff because it feels quite Heavy and I wouldn't You know I wouldn't I would wear it for My easy runs but I think there are other Shoes out there that I'd probably reach For before I reach for this my easy runs So yeah slightly squishier I'm not that Sure about the feel of it underfoot I Have tried to use it kind of quicker Tempo stuff not doing all awful lot of Tempo still recovering from a few Niggles so I'm not doing an awful lot of Tempo but I have tried to pick up the Pace in it and it just hasn't been the Best shoe for that so it's not been the Happiest run test for me with the Nike Infinity Run for it's not a shoe that's Really impressed me I'd say overall the Updates Nike has made here at don't Really work for me in general and I do Think overall it's slightly worse shoe Than previous models essentially and one That is going to struggle to stand out In the cushion shoe market the new foam Is certainly softer and it's a little Bouncier but the main thing is it's Softer you get a lot of sink in and it's

Quite a squidgy stodgy foam and I don't Think you get enough bounce back to Really uh create a lively or enjoyable Ride because of the way you sink into This or foam you lose the rocker on the Shoe I don't really get that smooth Transition onto the toes I did have of Previous models with the firm react foam And it's general just the transition is Very slow and slightly if you get lost In the phone there's not enough bounce At the end of it so just feels a little Bit like you're wading through a Slightly soft material and it just Didn't feel great for me really at any Pace so I've got a shorter easy runs Kind of 5K to five miles maybe it felt Okay not my favorite shoe but it was Kind of okay lots of shoes are for that Kind of distance but as I push to longer Distances it did feel like I was losing A bit of energy getting sacked out of me By the stodgy midsole phone and design Of the shoes so it does protect the legs I'm sure like you're going to get a lot Of cushioning protection there and That's quite nice maybe if you're newer To the sport or just looking for a shoe To use for General use for the odd one Here and there that aren't so fast about Running long but if you are looking for A cushioned shoe to use those longer Runs this wouldn't be near the top of my List it just felt very sluggish to me uh

On any kind of distances needs to say I Didn't want faster running at an Interval session on the treadmill end it Yeah it's not great for that like that's Not really what the shoe is built for to Be fair none of the infinity Line shoes Have been built for that but with Previous model of the shoe the firmer Midsole foam and The Rocker that really Was present on the infinity round one Two and three didn't mean it was kind of Okay for up in the pace occasionally and Generally just had a much better ride I'd say they're also say that I prefer The upper on the older shoe I found this One just a bit sloppy in the Midfield at Times and it just didn't make me feel That secure and comfortable like the old Infinity one of the big things about it Was a stable shoe it worked well I have Lots of Runners because of that and I Think you've lost the stability here You've lost some of the rocker you've Added weight all in all just not really What I want to see from the new Infinity So my verdict this is another shoe is Nike's cushion range that I feel really Hasn't had a very good update this year I do think the Invincible got a fair bit Worse this year the Pegasus didn't Really get much better the Camaro is a Good shoot but the infinity I think is Probably my least favorite of all of Them now it's just got a stodgy ride

That's just not fun to use for really Any kind of run and certainly runs when You're moving past short distances it's Just yeah it feels like it's sapping you A bit it doesn't really give you much Back the foot gets lost in that foam and The transition is just very sluggish so I'll show you because react 5 started Out so positively with the uh the old Epic reactor shoe I really loved that Really was quite Lively and lightweight And really it was very versatile I Remember doing a half marathon marathon Races in that shoe I was also using it For easy plots and things like that and The infinity line was a good shoot the Shoe I used to like reaching for in the Uh Dog Days of marathon training when my Legs were very tired because it was Stable it was smooth it was a firmer Platform and sometimes at that point of Trying I didn't want soft Foams and you Know had a use like it wasn't Necessarily the most Lively or exciting Shoe out there but it had a use and it Did its job well the Infinity Run 4 I Think loses that use and I don't think It really adds a different usage to Shoot that I've always has very limited Appealed for runners in general the one Use it might have is that it is a pretty Good looking shoe it's got that Crossover appeal where you can use it For the odd casual run whilst having a

Fairly nice looking shoe in general but If you're looking for a cushion shoe to Eat up some miles there's lots of better Options within Nike's range and without So it like his range the Romero is my Favorite of its purely cushioned shoes For easy and long runs and actually I Think the Pegasus 40 is a better All-around shoe than the infinity 2. It's still very comfortable it's a fair Bit cheaper feels much better at any Pace and is a lot more versatile if You're looking at the big boys the Really cushioned stuff then the Invincible I haven't been a huge fan of The invisible three but it is so true That still has a lively ride than the Infinity it's a shoe I think that'll Still appeal to some people because of The soft bouncy Zoom x zone whereas I Can't really say the saying about this React X phone which doesn't have that Balance it's soft but not in a the same Way as the max doesn't give you much Back much rebound and if you're looking At the market on large you can really Take a pick out of so many excellent Cushion shoes I think would be a better Pick without me Infinity for the Theatric Shield inverse 25 and the Suddenly Triumph 21 are really good very Highly cushioned shoes that have a Better ride field at any kind of pace Recently there's the pure magnified

Nitro 2 I've just started testing and Enjoying that more than the infinity and You can actually go right down in price To things like the pure velocity Nitro 2 And get a better cushion shoe I'd say Even if it's not a Max cushion shoe like This it still does protect the loads Well enough I think uh whilst having Just a more enjoyable ride all round so This update is a Miss for me um I don't Really know where to go from here or the Infinity line if it's going to go much More into this crossover territory and Be much more of a lifestyle Focus shoe But it's a shame because I think the Previous model yeah like I said it Wasn't the most exciting shoe in the Market but it was stable it did have a Nice smooth ride it lasted forever it Had its uses and I would struggle to Recommend this shoe to anyone who really Liked that shoe so my verdict I Preferred the fit and the feel of the Infinity Three Infinity Run 3 Infinity 3. And I think if I were unless you're Really really Keen I mean I love the Look of this shoe I think it looks Really cool and I'll definitely be Wearing it casually or in the gym so Unless you're really set on the infinity 4. if you're a huge huge fan of the line You always have this is still the same Kind of firm stable ride that you're

Going to get with the infinity line but I think if you're looking for a newer Shoe I'd probably save my money and get The three just because I don't I don't Think this shoe is as responsive Underfoot and I think they're slightly Softer Zoom X frame has meant it's lost A bit of that responsiveness Um fans of the shoe will like the Situation for me I didn't love it but We'll see what the other run testers Have to say for me I prefer a softer Everyday running shoe and I think if I'm Going to run in something a little bit Firmer and a little bit more stable I Really want it to be a little bit more Responsive so I can use it for Tempo Sessions and faster stuff okay so Verdict on the Nike Infinity Run 4 and Yeah I'm probably going to be the only One that says this but out of the Nike Training or daily training shoes that I've used this year this is probably the One that I've liked the most now I would Say you know look at something like Pegasus 40s probably a little bit Lighter Um it is you know that is supposed to be A kind of daily trainer kind of with it With a kind of speedier edge to it I Didn't absolutely love that shoe and It's not a shoe that I picked up on you Know regularly after testing that I've I've wanted to go out and do a lot of

Time in Um obviously the Nike Invincible three It's got Zoom X foam it's definitely a Nicer kind of more enjoyable bouncy kind Of ride Um but I also didn't absolutely love the Fit on that shoe I know some people Would absolutely love that shoe and be Absolutely fine with it For me I have surprisingly enjoyed Running a little bit more in this shoe And when I put it on and I've expected To have a bad run in it I haven't Um and that's yeah I mean I think that's I don't think that's necessarily all of The changes that Nike has made here but I think from a comfort point of view I Think it's been very solid it felt you Know I felt I can go and run you know a Little bit longer on this and it feels Very consistent in terms of Um of running it in this shoe as well And I think sometimes that's just what You want from a shoe when you just want To soak up a lot of time on your feet And I feel like it is a shoe that can do That is it the most Lively exciting nice You know but does that necessarily mean It's a bad shoe I don't think so as I Said in my runs I've had a pretty good Uh timeline if you look at the other Shoes that kind of sit in this um kind Of category outside of Nike shoes So looking at things like the Asics Gel

Nimbus 25 does remind me a lot of Laundry Clifton I think in the same way That that's not got the most exciting Ride but you feel like you can put in a Lot of time in that shoe and if that's a Shoe that you want where you're just Gonna you know you want to cover a lot Of mileage at your kind of weekly Mileage and I think these are shoes that Can do that and as I said invisible 3 Has definitely got more lively more Enjoyable riding that's something that You want from your kind of daily trainer Kind of shoe or easy run shoe then That's a shoe that I'd probably Um suggest going for but yeah I I've Actually kind of enjoyed it which I know That's not been the consensus across the Um the team that have tested this year But I think it's been pretty good for me As I said I haven't used the Pegasus That much after Um testing it in like if it's all three The same thing as well And I feel I feel like if I if I wanted To go out and do some kind of easy runs Maybe you want to do a slightly steadier Pace runs as well this is a shoe that I Would have no problem doing in it's the React you know X midsole foam kind of Groundbreaking no but I do think in Terms of the package of what you're Getting here and I said something that You can spend a lot of time in feels

Like it can hold up over kind of a Decent amount of mileage as well And you're getting good durability as Well too I think this is a pretty solid Shoe and it's not as I said I'm not it's Not something I thought I would say About the Infinity Run M4 based on my Previous experience but I've actually quite liked this shoe Um and yeah I say my point my favorite Kind of day trainer Nike shoe that I've Tested Um probably just behind Um the night Invincible three I said Didn't absolutely love the Pegasus Um 40 and I know there's other shoes Um and that kind of daily training Category like she's I haven't tested but In terms of what I have tested this is Probably the one that I've you know I Feel like I would actually grab for you Know regularly and spend uh some Extended time A review of the Nike Infinity 4. let us Know anything in the comments below if You actually really like the shoe that'd Be great to hear from you uh please do Like subscribe ring the little bell and We'll see you next time