The Novablast 4 sees some big changes from the previous version. The biggest of those is the new FF BLAST ECO PLUS foam that aims to provide a softer ride with more energy return when you want to pick up the pace. There’s also an updated shoe geometry that combines the trampoline-inspired midsole with a higher stack of midsole foam.

The Invincible line made a big impression when the first version was released, using the same ZoomX foam found in the Vaporfly and Alphalfy but applying it to a max cushioned daily shoe.

The third version sees updates across the shoe, including a wider midsole to improve stability, a taller foam stack to increase the cushioning and a smaller heel clip to provide a better fit. The updated design also makes the shoe slightly heavier than the previous versions.

Tom, Kieran and Nick have been testing the shoes out to see how they compare.

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00:40 – Stats
01:06 – Design
02:14 – How’s The Fit?
04:18 – The Run Test
15:00 – Verdict

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers with Another running shoe versus in this Video we are going to be looking at the A6 Nova blast 4 and the Nikey Invincible 3 now Nick received his A6 Nova blast Fours from the guys over at sports shoes We're not paid to do this review so we Can say whatever we want but big thanks To sports shoes for getting these so That we can do this versus and some Other reviews if you go into the caption Below you can find a link to the Nova Blast 4 on the sport shoes website this Is an affiliate link so we do make money Out of it if click on it so just be Aware of that if you decide to buy them Right let's dive in and do the [Music] Versus the Nike Invincible 3 costs £ 17495 or $180 it weighs 299 G or 10.5 o For men in a size8 and the drop is 9 mm The A6 Nova blast 4 costs £135 or $140 It weighs 256 G or 9 oz for men in a Size8 and the drop is 8 [Music] Mm the Invincible line made a big Impression when the first version was Released using the same zoomx foam found In the vaporfly and alphafly but Applying it to a Max cushion daily shoe The third version sees updates across The shoe including a wider midsole to Improve stability a taller foam stack to Increase the cushioning and a smaller

Heel clip to provide a better fit the Updated design also makes the shoe Slightly heavier than previous versions The Shoe features a able flying upper That's designed to offer a supportive Fit as well as improving ventilation Through breathability zones and there's A new lining underneath the heel to Provide a more stable and slightly Firmer ride the Nova blast 4 sees some Big changes from the previous version The biggest of those is the new FF blast Eco plus foam that aims to provide a Softer ride with more energy return when You want to pick up the pace there's Also an updated shoe geometry that Combines the trampoline inspired midsole With a higher stack of midsole foam There's an engineered woven mesh upper Offers a plush fit as well as plenty of Breathability and flexibility as well as A gusted tongue to prevent slip and There's a healthy covering of ahart Outso rubber across the shoe to improve Grip and Durability so when it comes to fit I ran In a UK 8 and 1 half that's a US 9 and A2 in both the aex Nova blast and in the Night convincible 3 I'd recommend going True to sizing both of these shoes I Think the fit is much more dialed in and Locked in on the Nova Blast for it's a Much more natural fit feel that the ERS Hold better there's a lot of slipping

For me in the Invincible in the heels I Find it very hard to get that locked Down I feel the back of the shoe Slipping away which doesn't really help With the ride the Invincible 3 is also Arguably a little bit more close fitting Across the top of the midfoot I think Over last four probably has a little bit More room in the toe box bit more wiggle Room particularly clearance across the Top of the toes so if you think about Using these for long runs or you might Be on feet for 2 or 3 hours then that Might be a consideration for you I think The Nova blast offers more wiggle room There but overall when it comes to fit I Would go true to size in both of these Shoes it comes the fit of the two shoes I've got no complaints of either of them About the length or the room in the toe Box you have them both of them it's my Normal running Sho size for both and They both fit me well around the toes The Invincible heel designs in great Though I think like I haven't had any Real problems with heel slippage myself But it certainly feels looser and less Locked in than you have with the Nova Blast I think it can be a little bit Sloppy around the back of the shoe Basically but the Nova blast I had no Complaints about at all really on the Fit I would stick to your normal running Shoe size in both though just be a

Little bit aware of the heel fit on the Invincible so if for me in these two Shoes as6 Nova blast 4 I found it to be A very comfortable shoe I would stick to My UK size eight in this shoe uh I'd say That it's a better fit than the previous Versions the uh earlier Nova blasts were A little bit narrow and the upper did Didn't have a lot of give in it so um if You had wider feet they probably you Might have problems with them um with These the uppers a little bit more Forgiving um and it just feels a little Bit roomier in the for foot so I stick To my UK size 8 in the Nova blast 4S the Nike Invincible 3 yeah fits me fine size Eight UK no issues at all very Comfortable shoe nice comfortable upper Little bit more of a firmer rigid upper So there's not as much given it but I Did find there was plenty of room in the For foot so i' stick to my size in both Of these Shoes the vort and the no blast are both Shoes that have had probably lovers and Haters throughout the various Generations of them they both started Out as pretty Lively fairly wobbly shoes The no in particular friend was a little Bit too wobbly very early on for me and They've both taken steps to kind of Address that but I think the no Blast Has done it very successfully over the Years with the no blast 4 being now a

Really well-rounded shoe in general Whereas the Invincible 3 just is Probably my least favorite of the Invincible so far because the bounce and Fun of the ride of the shoe has been Tamed a little with the third version And it still is quite unstable I did Find it wobbly at times had had any kind Of little niggle or something like that I didn't really feel confident running Any Invincible really there was no blast 4 now feels like a pretty well-rounded Modern daily trainer doesn't feel Unstable to me anymore you've got a Fairly bouncy mid cell phone there Nothing too exceptionally Lively I think You probably had a bit more balance with Previous models but I still think it Delivers a pretty good ride for a range Of runs comfortable upper all around Just a really solid shoe whereas the Invincible 3 I like I say I found Probably the least favorite of the Versions of the shoe I feel that Transition is not quite as good on the New shoe you still get that feeling of Sinking into the zoomx foam here and it Is a bouncy shoe it's obviously a very Bouncy foam we've seen on loads of shoes But just don't feel like you've got the Lively transition anymore this year Maybe it's just too much ground contact Or the weight's gone up a little bit That kind of thing and at any kind of

Pace it just feels a bit ponderous bit Wobbly just not as fun it's certainly Not a very versatile shoe at all whereas Previous model Invincible I really liked Like on certain days they were my Favorite shoes to run in because they Were very bouncy they were very fun they Were reasonably lightweight for such big Cushion shoes and actually you could Even use them for slightly faster runs Because that Zoom X pH is so bouncy with The L version of the shoe maybe the Stability has gone up a little bit I Didn't find it that stable and what I Found basically was that it just wasn't As fun to run in I think a lot of people Say that about the no blast 4 as well Maybe canare to previous models it's not Quite as fun but what I do think now you Have is a very effective all round daily Trainer I enjoyed doing a session in This shoe I enjoyed using it for a long Run where I made a bit of an effort Uphills and you can also go down to very Easy Paces it as well the FF blast plus Foam you have in the shoe is it's not as Exciting as the zoomx foam in the Nike But the overall geometry and setup of The no blast I think is better that just Creates a lighter uh you know less Cumbersome feeling under fo the the Invincible 3 is just a bit ponderous That means no blast 4 is a far more Vertile shoe for sure but even if you're

Just looking at them as cushion shoes Just for easy runs I think it's nicer to Have the nol four on your foot because It is still very comfortable It's got similarly High stack of Cushioning just gives you a slightly Breezier ride for ticking along at those Easy Paces see all around on my run test I did prefer using the no blast 4 the Invincible 3 you know that wouldn't have Been necessarily been the case with some Past models of the Invincible but when It comes to Invincible 3 I think it just Lacks a little bit of the fun you had With previous versions so these two Shoes are both shoes that you'll Probably look out for daily trading Miles uh comfortable miles those sorts Of things um but they are quite Different shoes in some ways if you look At them on paper and look at the size of The midso stack uh they're both quite Heavily cushion shoes um so you might Look at them in the same in the same way But I wouldn't buy these shoes as for The same purpose because they're Slightly different in terms of how you'd Use them the Nova blast 4 is I would say A big Improvement on the previous nov Blasts apart from the one I really like The Nova blast one I thought it was a Fun exciting bouncy just good shoe for Having fun and kicking and ticking off Daily miles in since the no last one the

Shoe has changed a little bit it was a Little bit of a wobbly shoe so uh as6 Has added more stability by making the Shoe a bit wider in the later versions Of the shoe by doing that it's lost a Little bit of magic so it's not as Bouncy it's not as fun to run in and Definitely the Nova Blast 3 it just Didn't really do anything for me it just Felt like a bit of a dual shoe the Nova Blast floor has this new updated foam in It um and it is significantly better Than the three it's a bit more Responsive it feels like it's a bit more Versatile it feels like there's a little Bit more to it the um shoe the Mell foam Compresses nicely and gives you a little Bit back I wouldn't say it's a bouncy Shoe but it's certainly a shoe that you Can run at a nice Pace at comfortably um And also do those easier Pace runs as Well because there's quite a lot of Midsole stack in this so I would say That the Nova blast 4 is a really nice Solid daily trainer that you can use for Easy runs but you can also do faster Training it as well I have done tracking This shoe it's not great at track it's Not the fastest shoe around but it's Competent it's a shoe that if you were Looking to buy one shoe uh and you may Be a new Runner or you're a runner that Is not wanting to spend loads of money On shoes this is a shoe that can tick a

Lot of those boxes now and um I Definitely say if you're doing half Marathon and marathon and you just Wanted to buy one pair of shoes you Could comfortably do it and never last Four it's a nice shoe for that uh it Definitely feels like it's got nice Rolling action there's a little bit of a Rocker in it uh and it's quite nice and Lightweight feeling as well when you're Running it so solid all around daily Shoe for me and big Improvement on the Previous versions the Invincible range Of shoes is another shoe line that has Developed quite a bit since it came About when the first one came about it Was very exciting it was the first daily Shoe that uh Nike had added zoomx foam Into and that was an really interesting Prospect because obviously zoomx foone Was used in shoes like the vaporfly and It was fantastic at that it still is Fantastic at that so adding it to a Daily shoe was quite interesting because Nobody really knew what it was going to Do the first Invincible was great fun it Was just bouncy it was soft it was Really enjoyable to run in it was a Little bit wobbly but it was quite wide So even though it was not that stable it Still had quite a big base on it since Then it has lost its magic um for me uh And what I found with the Invincible is That it even though it's got Z zoomx

Foam in it it's it's sort of become a Bit more rigid uh and bit heavier and it Doesn't really deliver the same Enjoyment and the same softness and Bounce and things like that that you got From that first one so as a result the Invincible 3 has really for me just Become a bit of a Workhorse shoe it's Still got a bit of softness in it it's It's zoomx foam you can still feel it Zoomx foam but it doesn't really wow me In any way I definitely don't take the Shoe out and think I'm going to have a Great fun run I just go and take off the Miles and it doesn't really do a lot the Other thing I'd say about the Invincible 3 is that is not a versatile shoe it is Firmly sits in that world of easy day Runs General daily miles where you don't You're not running any faster it can't Handle um picking up the pace at all It's not a shoe designed for that it's Just a solid work or shoe that's got a Little bit of life in that mid cell Foone but really it's it's it's not a Shoe that I would um look at if I was Going to do a marathon and I wanted one Pair of shoes in it because I think with This you just it just feels a little bit Sluggish which is surprising considering It's got zoomx foam in uh also it is a Lot more stable than the first version But with that stability also comes a Lack of um the enjoyment and the bounce

And stuff that you got from the first Invincible so weighing up these two Shoes together I think they are in some Ways they are similar they've got big Stacks in them they are definitely big Cushing shoes Max cushion shoes but for Very different purposes I think the Nova Blast 4 is a solid daily shoe that does Quite a lot um of different types of Runs competently and it's a very nice Enjoyable shoe to run in the Invincible 3 for me is an expensive shoe and it's a Shoe that doesn't really do a lot it's a Solid daily easy run shoe But that's about it for me um the other Thing I'd say about these shoes is that The outsole on the Invincible 3 is Really good it's got fantastic lay layer Of AAL rubber on it solid no issues at All very durable um and it needs that Because it's got ZX foam in it so it has To have a big layer of rubber on the Outside to protect that the Nova blast 4 Has a really good outso as well there's Some updates to this sort of trampoline Design um since the Nova Blast 3 and It's fine I've not had any issues with At all it hasn't been slippy for me uh I Know the Nova Blast 3 did have a TR Version which had a slightly updated Outso for running on lighter Trails Because the uh outso on the novast 3 Wasn't particularly great for dealing With trucky Services I've not had any

Issues with this but I definitely Wouldn't say it's in the same league as The uh Invincible 3 outsa so in testing I've covered more than 50ks in both of These shoes over a similar mix of Different Paces durations and on Different terrains and to be honest I've Never been the biggest fan of either of The models through their earlier Generations but I've definitely enjoyed One of these shoes more than the other That's for sure but more on that in a mo Now I've also done a sidebyside mile With one shore on each foot and this is What I found so then I've just done a Side by side mile I've got the Nova Blast 4 on my left foot I've got the Invincible three on my right foot it's Actually snowing here but we don't stop Testing for any weather uh major Differences between these two shoes the Uh Nova blast 4 it feels lighter the Transitions are smoother it's a more Natural feeling shoe on the foot I think The uppers hold better I don't get any Slipping in the heels and the Transitions are just much better Smoother than you'll find on the Invincible 3 I've never gotten on with The Invincible 3 this is probably one of The worst shoes I've ever run in I Really just can't get on with it there's Too much shoe there's too much going on Weird kind of geometry of the mid sole

Doesn't work for me I can't get good Heel hold lock down there's a lot of Slipping and just as you're landing and Sort of through that kind of motion it Just feels like the shoe's slightly Disconnected there's different bits Moving in this shoe and it just feels Fussy and odd and I just can't get used To the sensation of it these are both Big shoes they're both quite a lot of Shoe on the foot there's a lot going on Here you obviously got big Stacks they Both got that wide 4ot wide heels to Bring some stability yeah so the odd Thing here as well I think despite the Fact that the Invincible 3 arguably has More stability elements it's a shoe That's designed to arguably bring a bit More stability even though it's got a Big stack on it because I think the shoe Doesn't feel connected from 4T to heel As you're rolling through there's more Wobble for me in this shoe now I don't Think the Invincible 3 is in any way Natural I think this is a shoe that Definitely interferes with my style at Least anyway it's a it's a shoe that Doesn't disappear into the background When you're running the over blast 4 Does that a lot more I think it's just a Much better shoe than over Blast for I Think the ride's more lively this shoe Is going to be more versatile it's a bit More agile there's a bit more um speed

In the transition there's a bit more pop And bounce from the Midol phone it's Just a better shoe around for me and It's probably you know without want to Give away my verdict side by side this Hasn't changed that at all there's got One shoe on one foot which is big and Hulking but feels a bit more natural I've got another shoe on the right foot The Invincible 3 which just feels Interruptive and weird and odd I can't Get used to the sensation I don't like The massive geometry of it and the big Kind of hexagonal kind of 4ot spreading Yeah it's not a shoe for me so yeah Anyway I'll do the verdict back in the Office when it's not snowing and I'm not Being attacked by dogs So my verdict on these two shoes I I'd Definitely say that the no blast 4 is a Better option all around I think it can Do easy runs I think it can do daily Runs I think you can take off a lot of Mileage in this uh at different paces And be very very happy with it it's a Bit cheaper it's it's just better value All around I think it's a much nicer Daily shoe that lots of people will like Because you can use it for lots of Things I'd probably say that I'd put This in my rotation is sort of the mid Shoe between my easy day shoe and my Race shoe as the daily shoe and it it Does that really well I found that I can

Take the shoe out for most runs and I'm Perfectly happy with it and it just Feels really comfortable Invincible 3 I Very rarely use um I've got cussing Shoes that I much prefer to use than This things like the New Balance more V4 Um and it's just sort of sits in my Collection as a shoe that I don't really Take out that much I think uh if you are A runner that purely wants a really Solid uh easy shoe that um has a little Bit of life in it compared to some Cushion shoes it's probably a nice Option for the price I'd definitely go For new the Nova blast 4 all the way I Just think it's a much better shoe all Around now so the verdict is an easy one For me here I do prefer the no blast 4 To the Nike Invincible 3 no blast 4 is Geared to be that bit more of an Allrounder a bit more of a daily trainer Which in general is what I tend to Prefer for easy days as well so maybe That's com to play here a bit with how I Feel about the shoes but even if you're Looking at these just as very cush shoes For easy runs which is what I would use An over Blast for mainly myself as as Well I think it's got the more enjoyable Ride than the Nike Invincible 3 which Has just lost a little bit of the magic That was there with the previous two Versions of the shoe which weren't Perfect in anyway they were a bit wobbly

To use at times as well but I think what You have for the three is the wobbliness Is still kind of there but the fun has Gone a bit and you've got a slightly Worse heel design which isn't very Helpful at all whereas no blast 4 I do Like more than the previous versions of No blast cuz I think it's balanced out What the line has been known for Throughout the years it's still pretty Lightweight it's still Cushing the Protective it's got a little bit of the Bounce not maybe as much as previous Versions but it is a more stable Grounded shoe and the transition I think Is really good on the shoe it rolls Through very nicely whereas I sometimes Didn't get that so much even with the Novablast 3 so yeah all around novablast 4 takes the win for me in this Comparison verdict then well this is a Really easy one for me you might have Got a sniff it in that last bit the Nova Blast 4 wins this hands down all day Long it's lighter and it runs that way It offers better stepping Comfort better Fit and security and a more disappearing Feel on the foot when it comes to the Ride I find the Transitions and the Energy are better than the Invincible 3 I don't think the flight foam blast Eco Plus foam is necessarily any more Springy than the zoomx foam you'll find In the Invincible but the return of the

Roll through in the Nova blast 4 is Marketly better with the way that I run That may be due to the weight of the Invincible it's definitely a lot to do With the heft of the Invincible and that Big hexagonal 4 foot flaring that almost Feels like a breaking mechanism to me in That shoe now if you're after an easy Day shoe the NOA blast is just as Cushioned and protective but it feels More natural and I think it also offers More stability to me the Nike Invincible 3 is an over engineered Beast there's Just too much going on and I find it Intrudes into my run almost guiding me Out of my natural running gate but not In a good way in terms of slow to Marathon pace versatility I would choose The NOA Blast for every single time Which is really lucky because it's quite A lot cheaper so the winner here for me If it wasn't clear yet up to this point Is going to be the aex Nova blast 4 That's it from us on this versus thanks A lot for watching don't forget to like Subscribe click the little bell all Those things that make us happy and if You go into the caption below you can Find a link to the Nova blast 4 on sport Shoes thanks L for watching catch you Next Time