The Nike Vomero 17 and Nike Invincible 3 are both cushioned shoes with high stacks that have Nike’s bouncy ZoomX foam in the midsole. They feel quite different on the run, however, and will suit different runners as a result. In this video Kieran and Nick talk through the two shoes and say which they prefer.

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03:53 – The Run Test
08:22 – Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Nick and this video we're going to be Comparing the Nike vomero 17 and the Nike invincible 3. The vomero 17 and the Invincible 3 are Both cushion shoes within Nike's range They've both got some Zoom X foam in the Midsole and they're geared towards easy And long runs but they feel quite Different on the run and we're going to Compare the two of them today to see Which might suit you a little bit better If America was a cheaper shoe at least In the US we've got the US price so far It's 160 whereas the Invincible is 180 And it's 170 pounds the famero is Slightly lighter as well it's 303 grams Or 10.7 ounces whereas the Invincible is 316 grams or 11.1 ounces that's both in My UK size nine which is a us-10 the Romero has a drop of 10 millimeters Whereas the Invincible drop is nine Millimeters 05 stack Heights of a heel Of around 40 millimeters so these are Fair to say these are Big cushioned Shoes the vomero 17 has an engineered Mesh upper with a nice amount of padding At the back a dual density midsole with A top layer is Nike Zoom X foam the Peeba foam that's used on things like The Vape Library bouncy very light and Underneath that is a layer of cushion on At 3.0 Eva phone and you've got a waffle Tread outsole with pretty full coverage

Little Gap in the back there and it's Quite a thick layer of foam as well so It should be nice and durable the Nike Visible three of the flying it up let's Have some changes since the previous Version of the shoe the cushioning Around the heel is slightly differently Done which creates something Lucifer to The heel I found my cost in my testing The shoe but it's still pretty well Padded around the heel and tongue there You've got a heel clip that's partially Embedded into the midsole phone it was More visible on previous versions of the Invincible and this is designed to Create stability as is the very wide Design of the shoe because it's big high Statue of soft foam and Nike Woods to Make sure it was still quite stable as I Mentioned it's a soft foam it's zoomax And it's all Zoom X anyways well that's The key selling point of this shoe it's Got an entirely zoox midsole so bouncy Soft Stuff no kind of plate or other Foams in there to firm it up at all and Then you've also got a waffle tread Outsole full coverage on the Invincible Three it looks like the lugs are Slightly smaller than the ones on the Vemera 17 but overall probably quite Similar outside experience Yeah fit then I ran in my regular UK in A half shoe size in both of these shoes The vomero fit well it was good heel

Hold from the plush heel collars quite Supportive overall with fairly Structured enclosing and dense uppers And there's just about enough room in The toe box and they're pretty reliable On Comfort overall at my regular size so I'd recommend going true to size in Those the Invincible fit was a little Bit more questionable for me I had quite A bit of heel slipping and I found it Really hard to get a good secure fit Without Really lashing the laces down Almost to the point where they were Uncomfortably tight across the midfoot That was a little bit of a problem for Me overall the fit on the foot though Was spacious roomy toe box but not as Locked down as I'd like not maybe Hugging as the Romero and for the Invincible I maybe personally considered Dropping down half a size though you Want to check that out for shorts I was Sort of torn between them it comes the Fit of the two shoes I've got my normal Sizes here which is a uk9 with Nike that Translates to a us-10 which is the same Size I have of all Nike shoes and both Of these have fit me well for length in My normal running shoe size no problems At all the marrows fit I do find the Upper runs a little bit warm it's quite Uh oppressive if you're running in the Heat but that's not that often for me in The UK and it hasn't really been a

Problem even on hot days but yeah it's a Slightly more notable upper in that Sense than the invisible three problem I've had with the municipal three is is This slight bit of heel slippage at the Back it's not been really bad with the Shoe I know a lot of people have had That problem a lot more with it and it's Something to look out for but overall I've had a pretty good fit with the Invincible 3 even if I did probably Prefer the fit of the image too and I Certainly say with both shoes to stick To your normal running shoe size and Your normal Nike size they can be fine So we have the Invincible three into Test first and I've been a pretty big Fan of the Invincible one and two I Thought they were quite fun shoes they Were great for rolling around easy run Very bouncy as you'd expect I found that I've lost a little bit of that fun with The invisible three in general I found The shoe a little bit of disappointment It's gained a little bit of weight the Ride seems to have lost a little bit of The bounce and fun it had in previous Versions without really making it much More stable it's certainly still a Wobbly shoe which is a problem I've had Of all three editions of the line but Almost of the Invincible one and two the Little bit of auburnists at times was Worth it for the days when I was feeling

Good and you could just bounce through The runs thanks to that exciting midsole With the three like I said I think I've Lost a bit of that fun and the Instability remains and during my Testing of the shoe I did find it was Just a bit too unstable at times for me To go out and do long runs in I was Managing some small niggles and this Didn't feel the shoe at all to do that In and I just didn't feel that Comfortable going out on it for easy Runs just for the times like it places Strain on the body in slightly unusual Ways but when I am all fine running well Sure I'm it is still quite a fun shoe It's probably a little bit more fun than The Romero in many ways because you are A little bit of extra bounce it's got a Much softer feel underfoot I picked up a Pacing it a couple of times and you can Do that because Zoom X is such a good Phone but overall you'd lose a little Bit of uh this the direction in the Transition in the shoe because it is so Mushy on the foot and it's best really Just for those easy runs the changes Like he's made just hasn't really suited Me with this shoot like I said it's a Bit heavier not quite as fun it doesn't Really fix the instability problem that We've had with this shoe at some points The Romero 17 is the first Camaro I've Tested actually so I currently comment

On previous versions but I have enjoyed Using this current version the midsole Is less soft than the all Zoom X foam on The Invincible 3 but it definitely feels More stable and balanced as a result it Feels a bit more normal and actually it Is still soft and comfortable underfoot But it does feel like you can certainly Rely on it a bit more it's not unstable At all and you still get a little bit of Life from that Zoom X throwing a little Bit of Bounce and softness it's also got A little bit of Versatility if you're up The pace this is still a shoe I would Definitely say is best for easy and long Runs but it can you know go through the Paces a little bit if you progress the Pace over the course of a run it's Reasonable daily training option if you Like a nice cushioned shoe whereas the Invincible three in particular I do feel Fits much more as a cushion tube and a Cushion shoe alone so the mirror might Have that little bit of extra Versatility if you are looking for that I say that Romero has more of a Snappy Flatter ride if you do try and push the Pace in it compared to event support Which has a little bit more of a rocker And when I was running in both shoes at The same time it is quite a noticeably Different ride you get a bit more snap Through on the vomero but it still feels Very comfortable and cushioned because

Of the amount of foam underneath the Foot and the fact it's that Zoom X foam Principle is a little bit smoother but Also quite mushy and it doesn't really Pop you off your toes very much doesn't Really move you onto your toes that Quickly get a little bit more of that Width of the marrow which helps the Versatility and just helps with the ride Feeling a little bit non-normal and Balanced than just okay you can almost Forget about the shoe a bit more the Invincible are much more aware of it on The run because of how soft it is Underfoot and um not always in a great Way now for my runs I said I'm more than 30 miles in the Nike Invincible 3 Including a bunch of mixed Pace 10ks a One and a half hour easy run and some Faster efforts to find out how they are At the top base and vomero I've logged About 50 kilometers mostly easy miles And some faster miles pushing Tempo Pace That's been mainly on road with some Light Park and River Pass thrown in for Both of those shoes now the top line Here for me both of these shoes Definitely perform better on the slower Easier recovery miles than the faster Efforts and I don't have either of them Down as serious options for up to Tempo Running at all but for me the Romero is Considerably better equipped to handle The faster stuff than the bulky

Invincible And that's despite the invincible's Slightly higher stack of Zoom X foam Now why that's the case while the Invincible for being noticeably heavier On the foot they also feel much wider And that base though it's there to help Bring better stability I really find That midsole geometry with that super Wide platform and it's almost a weird Hexagonal forefoot really clunky and Cumbersome you notice at the minute you Lace them up these are a shoe that don't Disappear on the foot and it creates a Bit of a Slappy sloppy ride at times When I'm running in them and the heel And the forefoot for me sometimes felt Disconnected almost like you're running In Two Shoes it's almost like you're Waiting for the other half to come with You So they're bringing this big plush Pillowy cushion feel overall you might Like that but for me it's over baked and It interferes more than I'd like with my Run I like my shoes to feel a bit more Disappearing a bit more natural and by Comparison the Romero 17 I think offers That more natural ride it's also much More agile more Nimble I know by no Means is this a disappearing shoe on the Foot it definitely feels less cumbersome Overall than the Invincible you still Get soft Landings as well from the

Vomera 17 they sink a little to soak up The ground but there's a liveliness and A return that comes back just at the Right time while that cushlon 3.0 layer I think helps keep things still nicely Stable as well so you've got that for Them too now the first thing I want in a Pair of easy shoes is a shoe that I can Forget that I'm wearing I want to be Able to clip along happily with some Cushion and protection but I don't want To feel bogged down or weighed down and For me the vomero 17 do that much better Than the Invincible Foreign Picking one of these shoes not going to Be a surprise here these two plotters It's a no-brainer for me it's the Romero 17 all day it's simply a more natural Ride it still offers cushioning and Protection and decent stability but I Think without the heft of the Invincible And it's cheaper too which is a bonus Now the Invincible is a shoe that I Think lots of people might enjoy for Soaking up those big slow easy miles if You like running with pillows on your Feet massive cushioning these are going To be for you and some fans of monster Shoes might even find there's enough Spring and response for more up-tempo Miles too but if you prefer your shoes a Bit more strip back the invincibles Muscled up Hulk probably isn't going to

Be for you and the Romero 17 for me Anyway in that sort of when you're Weighing up those two things will be a Better option the Vera 17 isn't the most Versatile daily trainer out there for Sure but for me it's got much better Ranged invincible and I'd be picking it Up for a tempo run every time over the Invincible I also think it's much better At the easy Paces too so that's why I've Got it as the winner here but if you're Thinking Beyond these two shoes you Might also want to consider things like The Asics Gel middle 25 which is still Maximal and soft but it's a bit more Streamlined and versatile than the Invincible For something even more streamlined Check out the likes of the on-cloud Surface 7 or the pure velocity Nitro 2. These are two good daily trainers that Cope well at a range of Paces there's Not quite as much cushioning there Overall but they do work a little bit Faster at the faster pace so I think and I think both of those will come in Cheaper or around the same price as well So for my vertex I take the Romero is The better shoe to go and pick up uh You've got a little bit more stability It is still very soft and comfortable And it has got maybe a little bit more Versatility than the Invincible as well It's a bit lighter a bit more of a

Snappy ride it feels like the transition Is a bit faster if you are going to try And do any kind of fast runs in it and You still have got that big layer of Foam underneath or two foam so to create Comfortable ride on long runs I prefer This shoe for long runs because it is That bit more balanced than the Invincible which can feel like it's Sapping you a little bit at times uh With the setup of the invisible three Which like I say I do think has lost a Fair bit compared to what you've got From the Invincible one and two which I Did feel very happy bouncing through Long runs in and enjoyed going out in And yeah there was still those Instability worries but Um you've got a more exciting ride in a Light issue that would be Invincible Three which yeah I just don't really Like this update all around necessary And the Romero 17 just feels like it Provides a better option all around There are days when invisible three will Be more fun if I am feeling fresh going For a short run a bit more bouncy Softness to it but overall I'd certainly Feel a lot more comfortable having the Romero in my house ready to go for lots Of easy and long runs compared to the Invincible because there have been times Where I just didn't really feel that Comfortable using the Invincible 3 and I

Don't really find the right that Exciting uh as it used to be so it Doesn't really make that worry about Instability worthwhile so yeah overall It's easy to recommend the Vero shoe as You I think will suit more people it's a Little bit cheaper as well the Invincible issue that some people just Really really love and it's quite a Unique shoe so I don't really feel like You can get the experience of any other Shoes if you do really love it then the Invincible 3 is probably the way to go But it's hard to know that before you Try it I think it's a shoe that people Will also not like at all whereas at the Romero 17 issue that's more likely just To satisfy a lot of Runners because it Is a nice Balance shoe with a good soft Ride and a little bit of Bounce there From the same next line So that's a comparison of the Nike Vomero 17 and the Invincible 3 let us Know what you think in the comments Below please do like subscribe ring the Little bell and we'll see you next time