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Today I’m reviewing the Nike Kobe 6 Protro Reverse Grinch! The Nike Kobe 6 Protro Reverse Grinch is a switch up of the classic Nike Kobe 6 Grinch! Nike Kobe 6 Protro Reverse Grinch has a release date of December 15th 2023 and a retail price of $190. Check out my full Nike Kobe 6 Protro Reverse Grinch unboxing, review and on feet to learn more.

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One of the most iconic Christmas Sneakers of all time is returning in 2023 except this time around it's Reversed what's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and today I'm reviewing the Upcoming Nike Kobe 6 proor reverse Grinch but before we actually dive into The review let me tell you guys how you Can win this pair for yourself that Throw took me like six different times But before we actually dive into the Review but before we actually dive into The review let me tell you guys that you Can so huge thank you to whatnot for not Only supporting the channel but also Giving me the opportunity to give away This crazy pair of sneakers to one of You guys so by now I'm sure you already Know what whatnot is but if you don't Whatnot is a live auction shopping Platform with sneaker auctions 24 hours A day starting as low as $1 I use Whatnot all the time both to buy and Sell whether I'm buying sneakers or now Legos for some reason I have weird Hobbies plus whatnot has a great Community of buyers or sellers so no Matter what you're looking for they Pretty much have you covered and like I Said I'm actually giving away this pair Of Kobe 6 grinches to one of you guys Live on whatnot so if you guys want to Have a chance to win this pair of Sneakers for yourself make sure to sign

Up for what not using my link in the top Of the description below and if you sign Up for what not using that link you get $10 towards your first purchase and During my live stream not only am I Giving away this pair of sneakers but I'm also selling a bunch of sneakers for My own personal collection I'm slowly Trying to whittle down my collection to Pairs of sneakers that I really wear on A regular basis and I'm still working on It so if you guys want to grab some Pairs from my own personal collection or Some pairs that I picked up at like the Nike outlet or the thrift store make Sure to check out my whatnot Liv stream Again Linked In the description below But getting back into these sneakers if You don't happen to win them in my Whatnot live stream you do have a chance To buy these when they officially Release on December 15th for a retail Price of $190 which yes is a lot of Money to pay for sneakers at retail but It's significantly less than you'll pay If you grab these shoes for resale which Is like $500 to $1,000 depending on size It's insane so obviously the colorway of The Kobe 6 protor reverse grinches which Is actually called the Kobe 6 proor Reverses according to Nike cuz I'm sure They don't have the rights to the Grinch Name or whatever but uh this shoe is a Reverse color scheme of the original

Kobe 6 grinches the reverse grinches Essentially flip the main color and the Accent color on the original Kobe 6 Grinches and put them on this new 2023 Release and because green and red are on The complete opposite sides from each Other on the color whe wheel switching The main color with the accent color Really makes the sneaker look completely Different and actually looking at these Two shoes together I'm sure there's Going to be people out there who wear Them both together as a pair which I Don't hate but it is a lot the question That I've been hearing most people ask About the reverse grinches is whether This shoe is better than the original Grinch release or the 20220 protor Grinch release and to be honest with you That's not really a question that one Person can answer it all really depends On your own personal preference and I'll Tell you guys mine at the end of the Video so stay tuned but before we dive Into the actual Aesthetics and the looks Of the Kobe 6 reverse grinches let me First throw them on feet and let you Guys know how they fit okay so I'm going To try these guys on give you guys My Fit opinions on them I haven't tried Them on yet but uh I'm rocking my size In the green regular grinches and I'm Assuming they're going to fit exactly The same but I could be wrong they're

Both protros sometimes I go up half a Size in basketball sneakers but in this Case I went true to size them both Before we do this check out the new Apothecary Christmas socks I'm rocking They match with the uh the Christmas Shoes I was looking at which socks I Should Rock for this uh on foot portion And I was thinking these guys it's like It's red on red but uh I feel like That's not exactly the same red so it Might not work as well as like the sort Of creamy green I like the ones you Chose but I mean if I was rocking the The regular Kobes that's the way I go Very nice pcare.com December 1st grab Them awesome mystery boxes let me throw On the uh the reverse grinches and see How they fit I'm hoping and expecting Them to fit exactly like standard Grinches yeah they feel the same they Feel true to size a little tight cuz I Haven't loosen up the laces yet Generally I'd say true to size now they Are performance basketball sneakers so They are going to fit tighter than you Know other true to size sneakers so if You don't like the tight fit or if you Have wide feet maybe go up half a size But I have pretty medium feet and these Fit me great and they are a little bit Snug but again you can loosen up the Laces or just go up a half size that's What I would

Suggest so right off the bat the Grinches and the reverse grinches look Like Polar Opposites and that's not just A great holiday Pun It's also because They switched out the main color on the Upper of the shoe the original grinches Released back in 2010 at the hype of Christmas basketball sneaker popularity Back then pretty much every performance Basketball sneaker whether it was from Adidas or from Nike was released in Holiday Christmas color blocking and man Some of the colorways that dropped During that time were incredible I wish Nike would do that again they are sort Of doing that with these Kobe releases But it's not the same and out of those Few years that Nike was pumping out Christmas release after Christmas Release we got a lot of great Sneakers But the one that stood on top of all of Them the most iconic of all of them was Of course the Nike Kobe 6 Grinch and for Years we had only ever had one release Of that shoe making the resale price of That sneaker ridiculously high in the $1 To $2,000 range minimum but after Kobe Bryant's untimely passing in the Beginning of 2020 Nike decided to Re-release a sneaker as a protro variant At the end of the year so 10 years after After the original release of the Kobe 6 Grinch we got the Kobe 6 protor Grinch And it's one of my favorite sneakers to

Release in the last decade this is the Quintessential Christmas sneaker it's Never been done better than this there Are a lot of great Christmas sneakers Out there but this is the grin shoe when You think of grin shoes so it doesn't Surprise me that Nike is releasing A Variation of the Kobe 6 Grinch in 2023 In fact over the last year we've seen a Couple different NBA players like PJ Tucker Rock pees that looked eerily Similar to the reverse grinches so we Kind of knew the sneaker was coming and Now that it's here while the sneaker Looks very different from the original Grinches the hype is insane on these and It's still a very clean look and as you Guys might have heard me mentioned this Is the protro version of the Kobe 6 Which is different from the original Kobe 6 protor stands for performance Retro essentially what this retro is is A new version of the Kobe 6 that's been Updated with modern tech to make it a Better performance basketball sneaker While looking just like the original Kobe 6s which apparently is something That Kobe Bryant specifically requested When Nike came to him about retro his Sneakers which I think is so cool and All the Kobe retros that are coming out Now are all technically protor versions And well no most people who buy the Sneaker are probably not to play

Basketball in them it is nice to know That they could if they wanted to but Diving into the upper of the shoe you Get to the most iconic Kobe 6 detail and That's just 3D Snak skin texture that's Made up of these TPU pieces glued onto The mesh this 3D detail really makes the Kobe 6 one of the most iconic and unique Basketball sneakers ever made and I Think that's one of the reasons why the Sneaker is so incredibly popular because Of that detail specifically another Thing that I love about these scales is That they're shiny so they reflect and Bounce the light in a really cool way And make this upper of the shoe so much More interesting than it would be if it Was just like a standard mesh material Moving back on the sneaker to the Midfoot both on the lateral and on the Medial side of the shoe you have this Silvery black Nike Swoosh which looks Like it's just painted on in this Stencil area which I think is exactly What they did because it'd be tough to Kind of do it any other way on top of This 3D texture and this mix of silver And black is almost identical to what They have on the original Kobe 6 Grinches it looks like it would be Reflective I don't think it is I think It's just like a silver paint over top Of a black paint but either way it gives It a little bit more Dimension than it

Would have if it was just a standard Black Nike Swoosh one other cool detail On the upper of this shoe which I didn't Actually notice till got this shoe in Hand is that it looks like there's Actually a gradient on the toe of the Sneaker the center of the toe is sort of This darker color red and then as you go To the sides of the sneaker on both Sides the lateral and on the medial side The color switches to a lighter red Ironically it seems like the exact Opposite or the reverse of what you had On the original Kobe 6 grinches where You had a lighter Green in the center And then a darker green on the side However on this shoe it's a little bit Less noticeable than on this shoe moving Up on the shoe you get to these bright Green laces that provide a lot of Contrast between the red on the rest of The sneaker and really give this shoe That christmy sort of vibe unfortunately On the reverse Grinch es you only get One set of laces this green set of laces On the original grinches you got two Sets you got a green set which came Prestarted or pre- laac in the shoe and Then this red set which you can see I Switched out because I really like the Uh the sort of Christmassy Vibe on the Sneaker a little bit better on this Reverse Grinch release you're not given The option to switch things out unless

You buy an extra set of laces because They only give you that one set of laces Inside the box which I think some people Will be happy about cuz they're probably Not going to switch their laces and Other people might be mad about cuz they Would have wanted to switch to red laces In theory if you have both releases you Can switch out the red laces from your Standard grinches to this shoe although The red is not exactly the same as the Upper the shoe doesn't really matter you Can buy more laces if you want to but Just to let you know you don't have the Option to switch them out unless you buy Extra laces underneath the laces you've Got this pretty wide red mesh and just Beneath that you actually have this sort Of thin black padding detail that's kind Of shaped in this sort of like hexagon Or honeycomb pattern which does provide Some nice padding on the top of your Foot the top of the tongue is bright red Accented by this 3D green Kobe logo Which I really like which is actually The same shade of green as the laces so That's a nice touch moving inside the Sneaker you've got a sock liner that's The exact same color as the tongue and Then printed on the the insole you've Actually got the words I want a shoe That molds to my foot which to be fair The Kobe 6 absolutely does it's one of The best Encore performers in my opinion

Ever made and the Kobe 6 proor is a Really solid sneaker on court as well Then moving around to the heel of the Shoe you've got this sort of candy apple Red patent leather which looks really Nice and then on top of that you've got This clear red TPU heel counter with Kobe Bryant signature printed on it in Green moving down on the shoe you get to This bright red foam midsole which Features a flexible Zoom unit and then Finally moving to the bottom of the Sneaker on the front half of the outsole You've got this semi-translucent Red Rubber and towards the back half on the Heel you've got this much more opaque Red Rubber that actually features these Sort of like black speckles in the Center of the outsole peeking through The outsole rubber you've got this black Carbon fiber and just beneath that You've got this green 3D Kobe logo in my Opinion and I think the opinion of most Sneakerheads out there the Kobe 6 proor Reverse Grinch is one of the top 10 best Sneaker releases of the Year personally I don't think this sneaker is better Than the original grinches I think that Shoe just has this place in sneaker History that is immovable you can never Top that sneaker in terms of Christmas Basketball shoes but this one is Definitely up there and with being my Favorite color I'm definitely going to

Have to get a personal pair for myself Because of course I'm giving this pair Away and uh it's a shoe that I would Love to have in my collection I'd love To wear alongside the Kobe grinches not Together not at the same time but maybe Like for the 12 Days of Christmas I'll Switch back and forth but hey that Pretty much wraps up the video for today I would love to know your thoughts on The reverse grinches and whether you're Planning to grab a pair for yourself so Make sure to let me know those thoughts In that comment section down below also Don't forget to check out my upcoming Whatnot live stream where you can win This pair for yourself subscribe to the Channel if you haven't yet and I will See you all in the next one