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This package in front of me is a mystery Box sent over to me by Nike time for the Good stuff so it looks to be like a Puffer jacket this is called the Nike Windrunner Prima Loft and it is a nice Black puffer jacket it's got a double Zipper I love a good double zipper okay This one's calling my name let's open it Okay I have always wanted to check these Out this is the Nike cablek knit sweater They're branching off into more casual Items that you can wear especially During the holiday time We got a pair of tech fleas this one is In that charcoal gray color I love the Pockets and I love how they've uh Updated it since they initially released The Nike Tech flee all right moving Forward this is the tech flee jacket This thing is going to go perfect Together as a matching set you guys know I love matching sets next up is the Box Okay now we have some sneakers here hey Nice we got the Nike P 6000 whether You're going to the gym or you're doing Some exercise this is definitely a shoe That will go with both