The Pegasus 40 has long been Nike’s affordable workhorse daily trainer designed for ticking off the miles in comfort. The shoe combines a moderate level of Nike React foam for a good level of cushioning, with two Zoom Air units for added bounce and responsiveness.

The result is a balanced shoe that aims to cover a wide range of sessions, from short recovery efforts to long runs. The React foam offers a slightly firmer ride, but by doing so improves stability and support for runners that want added security.

The Clifton 9 sees some modifications to its predecessor, specifically to make it lighter and to offer a higher level of cushioning. It’s a shoe designed for comfort over daily runs featuring a softer compression moulded EVA foam midsole, a breathable engineered knit upper and a gusseted tongue.

Tom and Nick have been testing the shoes out to see which one is with spending your money on.


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01:50 – Stats
02:20 – Design
03:33 – How’s The Fit?
05:13 – The Run Test
10:24 – Verdict

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Hey you told me from the Run testers we Know the running shoe versus in this Video myself and Nick are going to be Taking a look at the Nike Pegasus 40 and Comparing it with the hooker Clifton 9. This video is brought to you by our Friends over Precision Fuel and Hydration if you're looking at either of These shoes chances are that you're Probably looking for a pair of shoes That can tick off a lot of different Runs and that's probably going to Include longer runs as well both of These shoes have work or shoes you can Use them for longer runs you can use the Easy day we're going to be using Recovery runs all those sorts of things But if you're doing longer runs as part Of a training pan for something like a Half marathon or a marathon then you're Probably gonna need to look at your Fueling strategy Precision Fuel and Hydration have a wide range of products Designed to help you cross the finish Line and getting the right Fuel and Hydration to do that two products I use Are the Precision Fuel and hydration 30 Gram carb gel and the 30 gram caffeine Gel which has 100 milligrams of caffeine In it as well now I use these for when I'm doing marathons um I've been using These for the past year I use them for Chicago marathon and I tend to use a mix Of both of these when I'm doing a

Marathon so I interchange between doing One carb gel and one with caffeine I Like the caffeine one because it gives Me a little bit of a pickup when I need It when I'm getting tired at certain Points in the race I like the card one Because I don't have caffeine all the Way through the race if you don't know The fueling and hydration that you need For your running then you can head over To the Precision fruit and hydration Website where you can use their Calculator to fill in load of Information and find out what sort of Level of fueling and hydration you can Need it's very useful if you don't know Where to start when it comes to fueling Hydration you can find out a lot of Information and you will also get loads Of useful advice and tips and things Like that if you are looking at your Fueling strategy you can also get 15 off Precision Fuel and hydration if you go Into the caption below and click on the Link and check out all the different Things they've got on the website right Let's jump in and do the verses Oh Nike Pegasus balti costs 124 pound 95 or 130 weighs in at 272 grams or 9.6 ounces For men in a size 8 and the drop is 10 Millimeters the Hawker Clifton 9 costs 130 pounds or 145 dollars weighs in at 247 grams or 8.7 ounces for men in a

Size 8 and the drop is 5 millimeters Pegasus 40 has long been Nike's Affordable Workhorse daily trainer Designed for taking off the miles in Comfort the shoe combines a moderate Level of Nike react foam for a good Level of cushioning with two Air Zoom Units for added bounce and Responsiveness the result is a balanced Shoe that aims to cover a wide range of Sessions from short recovery efforts to Long runs the react foam offers a Slightly firmer ride but by doing so Improves stability and support for Runners that want added security The upper is where the most recent Version sees the changes with a single Mesh layer now including implemented Midfoot band designed to be comfortable But also provide a good lockdown fit on The outsole there's a generous layer of Rubber to provide a high level of Protection for the midsole foam and Ensure a good amount of grip on varied Road surfaces and even lighter Trails The Clifton 9 sees some modifications to Its predecessors specifically to make it Lighter and to offer a higher level of Cushioning it's a shoe designed for Comfort over daily runs featuring a Softer compression molded EVA foam Midsole a breathable engineered knit Upper and a gusseted tongue the shoe Also includes an early stage metal

Rocker to improve Heel To Toe transition A modest covering of outsole rubber for Grip and durability and geometry Designed to improve stability [Music] Okay then Nick fit in these two shoes How did you find it in my UK size UK 9 I'm true to size in both of these shoes The Hawker is a bit tighter and a bit Shorter it's a it's a shorter size in The US and the EU than the Nike which is My normal size across the board the Hoker is a 9.5 in the US whereas Normally a UK 19 us-10 which is in the Pegasus so it does have a slightly more Cramper fit around the toe box you can See it's a slightly shorter shoe Hawkers Also like a little bit of a narrow toe Box all of that suits me quite well Because I have a narrow foot and I tend To be a slightly small for my size so Good but if you're wide footed or you Know on the bigger side of your size Then maybe the hookers one you could Look at sizing up in but I've been happy In my normal running shoe size UK size Base you Well I I don't have massively wide feet Uh they're probably wider than yours Just a line But they uh I didn't have a problem with It so yeah my size eight in in the in The Clifton nine uh was fine found it Very comfortable in fact uh and I always

Have them with the cliftons actually I Know it's quite it's getting quite Jiggly with Hawker these days because This you know people talk about how Because being um But always been narrow but they're Different on different shoes and I think The Clifton 9 is probably one of the More forgiving ones I think you can get It in a white though can't you so it's a Decent steam width mine apparently I Don't really know what it means Uh Pegasus uh yeah Pegasus I would stay In my size for this uh size eight but Yeah there is a lot more space in it it Is a very forgiving shoe with a lot of Wiggle room in the in the forefoot Okay so the Run testing these two semi Cushion shoe stick how have you found Them cushioned cushion daily trainers uh Pretty cushioned by old old terms but Today in today's market they're just Cushion very famous I think they're Pretty unexciting but very solid shoes They're they're really pretty good daily Trainers all round uh I think the Clifton 9 is a lot better in the Clifton Eighth one the Clifton's I've liked the Most in a while stripped a bit of weight Nice ride like it's not that Lively the Foams in there aren't that exciting but It's a comfortable ride it's quite Smooth with a lower drop than the Pegasus and a nice rocker I like the way

It ticks over because of that Comfortable upper good grip yeah a shoe Actually I liked it I've used that Actually when I was going back from a Little bit of an injury and just felt Like a really nice solid stable reliable Shoe to pull on as a neutral shoe and I Thought it was pretty good for a range Of runs best for just daily cruising did A couple of speedier things in it and it Was it was okay Um but just yeah nice cushion daily Trailer same way through the Pegasus 40 Which I'll end up being really negative About quite a few reviews that's amazed Because it's not as good as the Pegasus 39 because they didn't change anything Except to make the upper a little bit uh Heavier whilst also increasing the price So that annoyed me but the actual Performance of the shoe is still really Quite good it's got a react midsole Which is again not that exciting not That Lively but durable stable delivers Enough with those Air Zoom pods that Give a little bit of pop it's a bit Heavier than the Clifton I do think the Pegasus for me is less good for fast Stuff not just because of the way I Think it's also it's got quite a Traditional ride which snaps through I Don't get as much pop off the toes from It as I do from the Clifton which rolls For a bit and just feels a bit smoother

When I try and run quick in them but Same time Pegasus does all the same kind Of runs kind of equally well and it has A slightly better outsole than the cliff Than I'd say uh Clifton's outsole is Fine it's a good Roadshow outsole but The Pegasus I think is a great Roadshow Outsole in there it does work on a Variety of trains lasts a long time Grips in the wet grips on lights you Know Dusty trails that kind of thing so Yeah both shoes I think are pretty solid Performers with slightly different Strengths how have you found running in Them Tom uh so I'll start with annoying Because I'm really impressed with Clifton nine I I've never like most of Herkers cushion shoes I I don't like the Bondi I never liked the Clifton range Because I always found them to be really Really dull and just the midsole just Uninspiring just quite hard to run in And just I just never get anything out Of him Um but the glitter nine because they've Updated the midsole foam I actually Quite like this shoe now and um I enjoy Running in it never thought I'd say that About a Clifton shoe I think it's I Think it's one of the best improvements Hawkers made to one of the shoes their Shoes I don't like for quite a long time Um I think um I think it's quite a smart Change because it's still the same shoe

It's not really changed a lot but for Someone like me who's picks him up and Tries them on and goes for everyone goes I've got better shoes it I could just Feel it a bit different and it's a Little bit softer and it just feels like It's just a nicer experience especially When you're doing those Um those sort of daily runs um where you Just want a nice bit of cushioning so I Do think the 59 is a good shoe now uh And I I would even go as far as to Suggest it to people who are looking for A sort of semi-cushioned daily shoe Um Pegasus I've never been a fan of the Pegasus Um I've always I know it's a solid shoe I know it takes a lot of boxes but I Think the problem for me is that the Pegasus It used to be a solid cheap shoe right So you could go and buy the Pegasus and Um I think I seem to remember it was Right 100 pounds at one point wasn't it Which was a really it was a sweet spot For some of the technology you're Getting a bit of Air Zoom pods and stuff Now it's getting a bit too expensive for Its own good I think when it's not Really changed Um so I've I it's very similar to the Probably the previous cliftons to me and I do find the ride quite dull it's fine Like I can go and do a run around the

Park for like 10K and I don't mind but I Don't really get a lot out of it um and I don't I definitely feel a lot from Like the Air Zoom pods or anything like That I don't mind the phone to be honest The fact there's a react foam um It I think it feels a little bit Livelier than something like the uh Infinity Yeah that's react phone reactivity yeah Which feels a little bit firmer for me And a little bit less um a little bit Less enjoyable to run in um so I would Say that it's slightly better than that If you're looking for a sort of more Daily shoot but really for me I think It's a solid shoe obviously it's got a Great outsole it's most people find it Very comfortable that's what it's there For people who just want a good Comfortable solid shoe Um but as it gets more expensive I think It's starting to crouch into other areas Where you go well there's probably Better shoes to get for clothes getting Close to that price now yeah the price Is a bit I almost feels like a shoe that Is priced on the basis that no one buys This at all price ever it's always a Shoe that's in sales everyone's always Buying the previous year's version that Kind of thing but I I used them with Foams Almost Pretty equal in like being Okay but not that remarkable either this

Shoe I just think the setup the geometry Of the Clifton is better and uh it's a Bit lighter as well it sounds like it Just just feels like it has a better Role to it a bit more easy to just get Into rhythm with than the Pegasus which Yeah it feels like a bit more slightly More hard work when you're trying to run Quick in particular but yeah even just Ticking along I prefer the ride off a Little bit Okay so what's your verdict on this Tuesday I prefer the Clifton uh these Two I think that's probably the first Year I've said that if I was comparing The Clifton and the Pegasus Pegasus has Always been you know good a shoe I've Enjoyed I've had it in rotation at times Just because it is so solid and did a Similar role to what the Pima velocity Nitro 2 does now for me with a better Ride but this year I think the Clifton Had a good update I think it's a more Enjoyable show to shoe to use while Still being all the things it was before Which is comfortable pretty durable Reliable to pull on for lots of Different runs and it's now just better At all those runs by having a more Enjoyable ride better foam in the Midsole the Pegasus you know it's all Right it's good too it's it's fine I Probably talking it down too much Because they I don't like the way they

Change issue for no reason just to make It slightly worse but and while raising The price like you say but it will still Perform perfectly fine just you I'm Happy to recommend to people because you Know it has a traditional ride it feels Fine the phone's pretty inoffensive it's Comfortable it's just I don't think as Enjoyable to use for any run Clifton Really apart from 80 ones when you're on Slightly worse terrain because it's got A better outsole Yeah how about you pretty similar pretty Similar uh I I would say that I think Both of these shoes are shoes that crop Up if you're the sort of Runner that Just wants a solid shoe maybe you only Buy one pair of shoes I don't see these Shoes as being part of a rotation if you Had a rotation but I know a lot of People that run in the Pegasus older Versions of the Pegasus and it just it's Very good for those sorts of Runners It'll last stages it's got good it's got Everything you need a bit of stability Bit of cushioning not that expensive I Think that's the sweet spot for the Pegasus I don't think it's a Particularly good shoe when you compare It with other shoes that are a higher Level than it but I think for that sort Of Runner That's everything you could possibly Want in your first shoe or your one shoe

That you use for all of your training uh Clifton I think is similar Um but I would say that I think Clifton's a little bit more expensive Um but it's a little bit more enjoyable As a ride Um but even the outsole for me it's Nowhere near as good as the Um Pegasus and I'd probably say overall I think the Pegasus is just a more solid Shoe Um that you're going to end up having For absolutely ages walking around the Shops in it and stuff like that I think The Clifton especially this new one I Don't remember the old versions having As much wear for me as this new new Updated phone Um But yeah if you you know if you're still Running it just wants a Good solid shoe to go do partnering in a Few other runs a couple of runs in the Week I think Pegasus is great if you Want something that's got a little bit More to it Clifton nine for me I agree That's it for most thanks a lot for Watching this versus don't forget to Like subscribe click that little bell All those things and don't forget you Can go to the caption below to click on The link to the Precision fuel hydration Calculator where you can find out about The fueling and hydration you need for

Your level of running that you're doing And also you can get that 15 discount Online at their store thanks a lot for Watching catch you next time [Music]