The Nike Pegasus 40 and Nike Invincible 3 are two new cushioned shoes for 2023, with the Invincible 3 being a pretty big update on its predecessor, while the Pegasus 40 largely sticks to the blueprint of the Pegasus 39. Run Testers Jane, Mike and Nick have logged plenty of miles in both shoes and shoe through their relative pros and cons in this video.

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick and in this video we're Going to be comparing the Nike Invincible 3 and the Nike Pegasus 14. [Music] So the multiple 3 and the Pegasus 40 are Two shoes that show off very different Approaches to cushioning and shoe design In general the Invincible is the more Modern shoe with a very big stack height Of a super foam or as the Pegasus is a Classic running shoe that has a fairly Balanced midsole and works lots of People but the ingredients of it are Perhaps quite as exciting as some of the Stuff that goes on with the Nike Invincible 3. interval 3 is also more of A cushion shoot geared towards the easy Runs whereas the Pegasus build more Original rounder are we talking through The differences between them in this Video to see which might be best suited To different Runners the Pegasus is the Cheaper shoe it's 115 pounds in the UK 130 in the US or anything Invincible Three is 170 pounds in UK and 180 in the US Invincible is heavier as well it's 316 grams or 11.1 ounces in my UK size 9 Whereas the Pegasus 40 is 292 grams or 10.3 ounces in a UK 9. Pegasus has a 10 Millimeter drop and the invisible is a Nine millimeter drop and it is three is A Max cushion shoe so a stack height Goes up to 40 millimeters at the heel

Whereas the Pegasus is 33 millimeters at The heel which is more where traditional Cushion shoes used to be in terms of Stack height whereas nowadays we're Seeing super sized shoes lightly Invincible 3 that use lightweight foam So they can packing a lot of cushioning Without making them too heavy midsole is Probably the key difference between the Two shoes like not only is the Invincible stack height a lot bigger It's also wider and it's made from Nike Zoom X foam that's a Peter based foam Soft and Squishy very springy foam used In Nike's Racing shoes as well whereas The Pegasus has a react midsole with two Zoom air pods one under the heel and one Under the forefoot it's a much more dull With midsole in general is a bit more Durable it's a more balanced and less Exciting and more stable whereas Invincible is a much more lively and Exciting ride but uh the foam is a bit Wobblier as a result to counter that With the Invincible Nike has put a Plastic heel clip around the back of the Shoe that sinks into the midsole a Little bit to try and create some Stability it's also got like I say a Very wide platform much wider than the Pegasus so creativity given the high Stack of soft foam it's got a Flyknit Upper with actually not as much Cushioning around the heel as the

Pegasus which is a little bit surprising Given the very comfortable nature of This shoe and then you've got a waffle Tread outsole with pretty good coverage All round the Pegasus 40 also has that Waffle style design of some of the Outsole and almost has these little Grippy lugs on the lateral side of the Shoe there the outsole maybe seems Slightly thicker on the Pegasus as well I'll say that it has a breathable mesh Upper with a good amount of panning Around the heel there and on the tongue As well upper on the Pegasus 40 has been Changed slightly compared to the Pegasus 39 to create a better fit around the Midfoot but for the most part it's a Pretty standard upper all round with a Good amount of padding at the back there To make it comfortable for regular use For me in these two shoes it's Definitely very interesting so I find That these are two shoes and Nike's Range you'll always look to me like when I put them on they run a little bit long On my feet but ultimately I don't think I would go half a size up or half a size Down Um based on my UK size 8 which I had on Both of these shoes I think if I went Half size up it would be too long I Think if I went I was like down I think You lose a little bit the kind of room That you want for when you're running a

Little bit longer and you need that Extra kind of space there so from that Point of view absolutely fine I do think That in terms of the Pegasus 40 I think almost you get something that Hugs a little bit closer I think you Know I think particularly in the middle Of the shoe it kind of locks you in a Little bit more as I think where with The upper particularly whereas I think With the uh the way that the Invincible 3 is designed it kind of Narrows in a Little bit or more the middle of the Shoe and kind of opens up at the hill And out front in the toes to kind of Give you that kind of more that kind of Wider more stable bass which is Obviously creating a more controlled Ride on the Invincible tree compared to The previous shoes so For me I think you know the padding of The tongue I think with the Invincible Tree you're getting a little bit more Internal kind of padding around the hill Whereas you're getting a little bit more On the kind of top of the Um Pegasus 40 but ultimately I think They are built for Comfort I would say That maybe you get something that's a Little bit more um kind of thicker and Kind of more supportive in Pegasus 40 But in terms of my experience with the Invincible 3 it's been absolutely fine I Think it's roomy spacious where you want

It to be Um Pursuit that's predominantly designed to Go really easy and long in as well these Are both UK five And us seven and a half so they both Kind of Both fit similarly I've got a lot of Room in the toe boxes for both obviously The Invincible is a lot wider look at How much wider that is but you don't Really feel it I think it's just because You've got this huge kind of bunion of ZMAX foam it doesn't feel it it looks Wider but it doesn't feel why just what I'm trying to say but yeah a lot of room In both toe boxes both super comfortable Um there's I'd say that the Invincible Has a little bit more kind of support It's a bit more padded around the arch Of the shoe I think when I first Launched the shoe they said it was a Support shoe so this has got a little Bit more support in than the pair could Definitely but apart from that the fit Is super similar the lacing system is Quite different but you can get a really Good kind of locked in you can pull both Tight get a locked in feel on both so Fit wise pretty much the same both of These shoes have fit well for me in my Normal running shoe size that is across The board they are my normal size and UK EU and US sizing I've had no concerns of

Them at all good amount of room in the Toe box I would say that the Invincible Has a slightly looser fit at the heel Than the Pegasus but I haven't had any Rubbing problems myself with this shoe Over runs of any length so that's maybe Something to look out for with the Invincible but overall I was very happy With the fit of both shoes true to size So the run test the run test these are Very different shoes these are very very Different cheese this is the react foam This is a zoom X foam and it's kind of Almost a video based on react versus Zoom X to be honest Um obviously there's a little bit more Support in this one but still it's That's what we're talking about here and For me the zoom X foam is the shoe I Reach for the Invincible three it's the Ship over each for I should say on days Where I've got really tired it's my Go-to easy long run shoe I did most of My training miles most of my long runs For London marathon in this shoe I just Love it I think it's got that kind of Really plush sinking feel when you put It on it has that responsiveness the Zoom X foam is the same as that used in The Vapor fly that photo it's a clever Foam it's got a lot of Bounce a lot of Responsiveness when you need it to have It and I I love this shoe I think it's a Really exciting fun shoe to run in the

Peg on the other hand has got the react Phone it's got these two Zuma units one Here one on the heel of the shoe but I Think the react foam is a lot firmer It's a lot more it is responsive but It's a lot firmer you're not getting That kind of really plush feel not a bad Thing I think there's probably scientific Studies that say you shouldn't run in Really soft shoes all the time I I do I Love it and I find when I put the peg on It's not got that same excitement I Don't feel like oh my God I want to go For a run in this shoe but It's still a great shoe it's still a Good shoe to run in it's an easy durable I think putting a peg on feels like oh Okay I'm going for a run I'm doing my Run commute Jim I mean I'm doing that Daily every day run I do like running in Both I have lights running in both I've Done a lot lot more miles in the Invincible Um I do like the peg but I think it's Personally nine times out of ten I reach For the Invincible more than the peg I would say one thing in the Peg's favor Is the outsole this is the worst thing About the Invincible this outsole does Not grip it does not grip as soon as the Pavements are wet it's too slippy I've Said this from day one I've said this in Every version of the shoe it needs to

Have the outsole of the Peg and the peg You're not going to slip in it it's Durable it can handle a light Trail and It's it's a is a really decent it's a Really really decent everyday running Shoe and I would argue that maybe the Peg has a little bit more versatility Because you could do a Tempo session in It whereas this does feel a bit clunky As you if you're really trying to pick Up the pace I think because it's got Such a high stack height I tend to over Pronate a little bit and I do tend to Roll in okay so into that run test and You know we also have to talk about the Fact that with the Pegasus 40 this is Very much a shoe that's always been Classed as a kind of Workhorse daily Training shoe you can run a lot in it You can do a kind of you know some Slower some kind of quicker runs in Whereas the Invincible is always going To be described as that easy kind of Long recovery run type shoe But Ultimately I do think that with the Makeup of this midsole it does get you Know you do have the capacity to run a Little bit quicker in it and it's quite Interesting because Well the Pegasus 14 actually Invincible Three mine kind of roughly weighed in Around the same they're kind of around 280 grams or just over 280 grams whereas The Pegasus 39 was lighter you know can

Considerably lighter than the 40 and Also the Invincible three Um sometimes for a weight point of view I think you're getting something very Similar in terms of the ride the rides Are clearly different this is definitely Going to run a little bit firmer but I Do think you're getting something that's Still responsive allows you to run a Little bit quicker in it but I do think With Invincible three though it's kind Of defined as a slow easy shoe I do Think having that Zoom X Um midsole there and that kind of foam In there that kind of having that wider Base you can you know I think I think For me I pref you know enjoyed running In this shoe a lot more compared to the Time I've had it in the Pegasus 40. I'm Not absolutely loved everything in the Invincible fee you know I did prefer the Previous versions this is obviously a Bit more stable than those shoes it's Lost a little bit of the kind of wow Factor I think but ultimately in terms Of if I was picking these two shoes up And I had to go out for a run and I had To go for a slow easy run I would Probably still go for this if I wanted To do something a little bit more Up Tempo I would still probably Veer Towards this as well even though it's Not really designed for it but I do Think because of that more energetic

Ride that kind of softer kind of softer Fill in the midsole it works a little Bit nicer from that point of view but Pegasus 40 still does work for those Kind of Up Tempo runs and I'd have no Problem running in that I just think you Know I feel like the you know the Principally holds its weight a little Bit better in terms of how it's spread Out in the shoe wears I think you know It's it's a bit of an odd one that this Has jumped up in weight so much from the Um 39 and now it's pretty much level Pegged in terms of that weight on the Invincible three In terms of other things really and the Outsole Um you know the outsole on the Pegasus 40 is tough is going to handle a lot of Running now obviously the Invincible 3 Is designed for kind of long easy run so Being out on your feet a lot a lot as Well and I think you know the designs of Those outsources are very different but I think they're ultimately going to give You something that will work Um you know doing regular runs Um giving you the capacity to maybe do Some kind of lighter Trail stuff in These shoes as well I'd have no kind of issues kind of Running some kind of off-road stuff some Lighter off-road stuff in both of these Shoes but ultimately if you ask me which

Shoe I would use for similar types of Runs I would probably go for the Invincible three despite me not Absolutely loving it compared to the Previous invincibles I do think that the Runs I've done in the interval 3 I Preferred which I've done you know Similar runs to in the Pegasus 14 now Um which you know is probably what not What I thought I would say about these Two shoes were not you know based on my Experience of the kind of previous pegs Issues but I think in terms of these Shoes kind of being very distinguishable I think now they probably work for Similar types of runs and ultimately I Think you were getting a midsole that I Feel feels a little bit nicer still has That kind of little bit responsiveness And in terms of what you're getting in The design of this shoe and gives you Something that feels nice and Comfortable to run kind of slow and easy As well so yeah In terms of my run testing I think I'd Probably Veer to using the or I've Enjoyed using the Invincible 3 more Compared to my time in the Pegasus 4E Um in my testing so like I said up top These two shoes are Builders slightly Different things by Nike the Invincible Three is more of a cushion shoe designed For easy and long runs got a big old Stack of foam there it's not really

Built to pick up the pace although we'll Talk about that in a bit it can do that A little bit whereas the Pegasus is more Of your Classic All Around The Daily Trainer It is Well cushioned but it's Much lower stack than Invincible bit Lighter and a bit better suited to doing A variety of training runs in it the Ride is fairly dull this react midsole Or Zoom airpods doesn't really have a Lot of life it's not like it's bouncing You along or you're squishing in and Getting huge amounts of energy return But it is a nice stable platform that's Not that noticeable on the run and Allows you to do a good variety of runs And it is comfortable I will say that Like it's got a much lower stack than The Invincible when the foam is a bit Firmer but it's not at all harsh I find The Pegasus for you a very comfortable Shoe to use for easy runs it's not as Outrageously cushioned as something like The Invincible but I don't really need That myself I find for most of my easy And long runs and this is well cushioned Throughout the shoot and is comfortable For easy ones being distance it's Actually the bigger problem with the Purpose is probably that I don't think It's that great at faster Paces like This build is more of an all-rounder Than the Invincible but I have found That the foam isn't that Lively the ride

Isn't that smooth you get a decent snap Through but not that much pop off the Shoe so when you're using it for harder Longer efforts it lacks a little Something and it's still not exactly a Lightweight uh compared to some of the All routers on the market Invincible Like I say is really especially really Cushion shoot it's very very comfortable That's for sure you get a big Sinking Feeling with the zoom X foam underfoot And then a nice amount of bounce back as Well and that does mean you can pick up The pace to steady or even Tempo Pace in The shoe quite well like I did one Longer run in the shoe with a pickup of Around 5K where I was just ticking along At a steady Pace but the you know the Pace came out that was pretty comparable To what I get from most shoes wouldn't Like to go and do hard intervals and It's just a bit big and Hefty but the Midsole certainly has a lot of Bounce Really whatever pace you're running at It does work better obviously for just For easy runs at long runs when you are Enjoying that very comfortable midsole And the spring you get from the zoom X Phone and it's certainly got a more Interesting and exciting ride than the Pegasus 4T but the downside to this Midsole are the weight and size of the Shoe which can just be a bit big at Times on the run but also it's a less

Stable shoe like Nike's taking all the Measures to try and make this more Stable but I do find that if I have a Little or my legs are very tired I just find the Invincible three a bit Too wobbly to use Enjoyably like it just becomes a bit of A concern it is it is still just quite a Wobbly shoe you've got to think a bit More about where you're going to go Running and whether you're really up for That wobbly bouncy feeling underfoot Which sometimes I am it's a fantastic Feeling like it's not really many shoes Like it out there but there are other Times I don't really want to use it and The Pegasus is just a bit more reliable In that regard it's got that stable Balance platform and you can use it lots Of places the outside is good actually On light Trails as well and yeah it just Become does provide a more secure Feeling underfoot if not as fun over Feeling as the Invincible three The Pegasus is more of an all-round Issue and if that's what you're looking For that's it's definitely the shoe to Get of these two it does have a little Bit more about it when it comes to doing Faster training while still being Comfortable for easy runs with that said The Invincible 3 isn't exactly a lot Worse than the Pegasus four faster runs Because I still don't really rate the

Pegasus 40 has a very good speed shoe It's just a good General shoe and the Invincible can be used in exactly the Same way on that front if you prefer the Very soft and bouncy and Squishy feeling You get from the Invincible three I Think the Invincible three is more of a Marmite shoe a bit more of a love it Hated shoe like some people just won't Get on with that sinky feeling on the Foot um and won't like the instability There Pegasus is an easier shoe to Recommend on that from because I just Yeah you might not love it but I do Think it will work for pretty much any Runner it's a very balanced neutral Platform really that will suit everyone Fine even if they don't necessarily fall In love with it straight away it's like I said if I was looking for an all Around the shoe the Pegasus suits that Better and actually even looking at them Is just as cushion shoes Pegasus is an Easy one to recommend because it is that A little bit more stable it does have a Nice outsole and works on a nice variety Of terrains and it's a lot cheaper than Invisible threes ASU I'd recommend out Of these two as an all-rounder or as a Cushion shoe to add to your rotation but If you do really want a matte cushion Shoe and a Next Level amount of Cushioning and much softer and springier Ride then the Invincible 3 does provide

That but it comes with a caveats that Not everyone will love the ride of the Shoe and it can just be that little bit Too wobbly at times I think first is Which would I buy which would I buy this Is definitely more expensive it's a more Expensive shoe the peg is definitely More affordable To be honest I think both of these shoes Are pretty similar to their predecessor But that still doesn't help which should You buy I think if you're if you're a Runner with loads of shoes in your Collection you have A shooter racing And you want a really comfy shoe you Want the comfort is your goal go for the Invincible I love it I use it all the Time But if you're looking if you're a Beginner and you're shopping for your One pair of running shoes and you only Want one pair of running shoes I think You probably get more out of the pack Just because you can wear it for quicker Stuff But I would I would always choose I Would always choose Invincible because I Just love running in it I think it's a Super exciting running shoe and I don't Know if the pack has that same Excitement for me Um I do think you could wear it for faster

Stuff But I do wonder if the peg is better Suited for that but I just think the Zoom X foam is Magic I would reach For this shoe more than I reach for the Peg so for me I would say this is the More exciting running shoe on the market The peg It's an everyday running shoe there are Others like it So for me I'd reach for the Invincible But I'm sure you all guess that from Minute one of this video okay well I Think you know what I'm gonna go my Verdict on whether I would go for the Invincible 3 over the Pegasus 40. I Would go for the Invincible three person Obviously it is a little bit more Expensive but I think in terms of what These shoes are you know designed for or Should be used for I think you know Maybe it's it's getting a bit closer in Terms of that and actually I think you Know the the midsole and the feel of Running in the Pegasus 40. I think it's Going to be you know if you if you like That kind of feel of what a good Pegasus Has been then that's what you're going To get it's more of that it's more of The same and I think with the Invincible Three I think you can do some of those Same runs and ultimately get something That feels a little bit more enjoyable a Little bit more comfortable and still

Gives you that scope to run a little bit Quicker in although It feels a little bit more controlled And kind of more stable than the Previous Invincible shoes and I think You know durability wise you know these Are shoes that are designed to take a Lot of kind of pounding basically so I Think you know hold me from a shoe that You're going to use regularly I think Both these shoes are going to handle That pretty well in terms of regular use Um just for me I would probably bear to Going for the Invincible fee I maybe Would go for a cheaper Invincible Actually because I think you know I mean You could pick that up probably around The price of the Pegasus 40 or maybe a Little bit less And I think you're going to get a really You know a capable shoe that is Comfortable the upper fits well you can Run slow and long on it you can run a Little bit quicker if you want to in it As well uh it gives you that capability Whereas I think the pace is 40. I think It's starting to feel like it it needs Something else I think you know it's It's reliable it's smooth it's Consistent and for a lot of people that Would be absolutely fine but I think if You wanted something that you know feels Like it's got a little bit more life to It for the same types of runs then I

Would probably go for the um Invincible Three [Music] That's not comparison or the Nike Pegasus 40 and the Invincible 3 let us Know what you think in the comments Below please do like subscribe ring the Little bell and we'll see you next time