The Puma Velocity Nitro 2 and Nike Pegasus 40 are both cushioned daily trainers fit to handle a variety of different runs. Both are good value shoes too, and they have similar stack heights and setups in general, including excellent outsoles. But which is better? Tom, Mike and Nick run the rule over both shoes here.

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13:05 – Verdict & Alternatives

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick and in this video we're Going to be comparing the Nike Pegasus 40 and the Puma velocity Nitro 2. So Pegasus 40 and the velocity Nitro 2 Are both cushion daily trainers designed To handle a nice variety of runs and They're both pretty good value trainers As well coming in a little bit cheaper Than a lot of the running shoes on the Market today the velocity Nitro is 105 Pounds in the UK and 120 in the US Whereas the Pegasus 40 is 115 pounds or 130 both of them also very frequently Found in sales the Pegasus 40 is a Slightly heavier shoe it's 292 grams or 10.3 ounces in my UK size 9 whereas the Velocity Nitro is 271 grams or 9.55 Ounces in the same size both have a 10 Millimeter drop from heel to toe and Very similar stack Heights the Pegasus Is 33 millimeters of the Hill whereas The velocity Nitro 2 is 34 millimeters Comes to design you've got a mesh upper On the Pegasus 40 with a lot of padding On the tongue and collar there for some Added Comfort pretty substantial heel Counter as well for added stability You've got a react foam midsole with two Air Zoom pods one under the forefoot one Under the heel they're designed add a Little bit more responsiveness to the Ride because react isn't the liveliest Phone in Nike's lineup and then you've

Got a rubber outsole with a waffle Inspired tread nice coverage on the shoe There and a nice thick layer of rubber As well so good grip and durability from The Nike the velocity Nitro 2 has a mesh Upper it's quite thick probably thicker Slightly than the material on the Pegasus 40 and there's loads of padding At the back of the shoe not too much on The tongue though that's quite thin then You've got a dual density midsole the Top layer is Puma's Nitro foam which is A nitrogenfused tpe foam it's a bit Softer and bouncier than the pro phone Light underneath which is an EVA foam She wears a puma grip rubber outsole Which like the Nike offers pretty full Coverage and a nice thick layer of Rubber and the velocity Nitro offers Outstanding grip and durability thanks To that Pina grip outsole All right so I'm a size eight both of These shoes are size eights and they fit Very comfortably for me there is a Little bit of room in the front of the Toe box Um not loads so I definitely want size Up or down in these shoes and there's Also a nice bit of wiggle room in the Forefoot as well a bit more in the Pegasus than in the Puma but neither of Them are by any means narrow shoes so Fit for me the velocity Nitro 2 and the Pegasus 40 now I've had these in UK size

Eight and I don't think you know I would Need to go half size up a half size down I found the fit very very good over on Both of these shoes I would think that Most people would go need to go true to Size and they'd be absolutely fine I Think you'd get a good fit overall on Both these shoes now I do think they fit Very similar as well I think you've got Similar level of padding and I also Think the upper's definitely feel the Kind of very hugging type where you know It really kind of wraps you around Um I think maybe you're getting a little Bit more kind of support on the Pegasus 40 particularly in the middle of the Shoe and I think it Narrows a little bit More whereas I think you get some Something that kind of opens up a little Bit more at the toes on the velocity Nitro2 but in terms of the kind of Padding you're getting here on the Collars it's very similar the tongues Are slightly different you get a Skinnier one on the velocity nitro2 Compared to the Pegasus 40 but Ultimately I do think the fits for me Based on my testing are very similar I Wouldn't entertain going half size up a Half size down I would say go-to size in Both these shoes and you should be Absolutely fine so I'd be perfectly Happy true to size in both of these two Shoes they're both uk9s us 10s

Interestingly the humor is listed as an Eu43 which is really odd like normally a Uk9 is a us10 and an eu44 occasionally An eu43.5 I don't really know what's Going on there but in my normal UK and US sizes both the issues fit me really Well no concerns with heel rub or Anything like that they both provide Good reliable lockdown fit and nice Roomy toe boxes as well Pretty similar in a lot of ways not just The cost of them but they pretty much Designed for the same thing their daily Workhorse trainers uh they're designed To be comfortable not really run that Fast in and what I found with both of Them is there are a lot of similarities I think I if I was wearing either of These shoes I'd be perfectly happy Chugging out daily miles a fairly Competent pace and they're both very Comfortable as well so I've got no Issues with either of them I think They're very comparable in that in that Sense what I would say is the difference Between these two shoes is really the Fact that I think there's just a bit More in the Puma velocity Nitro too it Just the midsole of it just seems a Little bit more responsive to me a Little bit more interesting to run in I Feel like I can run a little bit faster In this shoe and it just feels like an All-round better shoe to me I even think

The quality of it just feels a bit Better as well I've never been a massive Fan of the the Pegasus range when it Comes to to the quality of them I always Feel that the upper feels a little bit Cheaper than other shoes I think the Velocity Nitro 2 feels like a premium Shoe I definitely put it in the same Leagues as things you know like the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V range Um I I think it's the same quality as Shoes like that whereas the Pegasus 40 I Think it's definitely you can you know It's a little bit cheaper than some of The other shoes that you can get in the Same category Um I'd say that these shoes both are cap Out at certain levels so Um I think for the peg 40 really I Wouldn't do anything other than daily Ones in this shoe I definitely wouldn't Do a tempo run it I definitely wouldn't Do interval training in it I just think I'd struggle a bit at my pace so for me To do an interval session looking at About four minute kilometers Um I just wanted to enjoy doing it in This shoe probably you're right if your Intervals are a little bit more Comfortable than mine I really need a Shoe that gives me a little bit of Pop When I'm when I'm doing intervals just To to help me along when I'm running and The peg 40 just doesn't just doesn't do

That for me Um the velocity Nitro 2 I actually think Is a little bit more versatile than the Peg40 I think you could probably do a Bit more in this if I was going on Holiday and I wanted a shoe that I could Do a little bit of interval training in I could do a little bit of faster Training in Bossier nitro2 is a good Option Um it it can do it it feels a little bit More responsive the midsole just feels Like there's more to it Um and it just feels like it's got a Nicer turn over for me I think the peg 40 seems a little bit dull especially in Comparison to some of the other shoes in The daily category and even some of the Shoes in the in the cushion category are Definitely think something like sockney Triumph 20 or 21 is better for Versatility than the peg 40. Um other than that the grip on them is Both excellent as you can imagine that's Probably the big thing about these shoes That seem very durable Um that outsole is very grippy very Solid and they also feel like very Stable shoes as well the midsole really Um without being too hard or firm it Does feel like it's really holding your Foot in place very supportive so it's a Good shoe for beginners both shoes are Good for beginners they're good shoes

For people that probably don't Necessarily want a stability sheet but Want to make sure they're not getting a Shoe that's a little bit wobbly a little Bit soft so great all-around shoes and And really do the job I just think the People loss is a little bit more Versatile Pegasus 40 and they've also Nitro 2 are two shoes that I think have Quite a similar setup across the board In terms of the stack height the Intended use the fact they both got Really good outsoles for Road shoes even The geometry looks quite similar to them Neither of them have got very aggressive Rockers or anything like that but then On the foot they do feel really very Different to me like the Pegasus is the Firmer slightly duller shoe it is and Feels a fair bit heavier on the foot Than the velocity Nitro and while I do Like the shoot there's a nice solid Workhorse trainer it doesn't really Bring me a lot of joy to have it on it's Fair to say the midsole just doesn't Really have that much pop whereas now It's okay for just cruising around easy Runs that kind of thing you get a Reasonable snap through if you do try And up the pace but it's not that Lively Or responsive or exciting Under Foot It's solid stable it's going to be very Durable but it doesn't really have the Wow factor no I'm not going to come in

And say that blushy Nitro is a massive Wow of a shoe when you pull it on but it Certainly gives you a little bit more Back from the midsole but dual density Setup there particularly the layer of Nitro foam on the top is just that bit Softer and bouncier than what you get From the Nike and as a result lots of Nitro ends up being more enjoyable for Every kind of run in my opinion just Because it is a bit softer and more Comfortable when you're doing easy runs You get a bit more bounce and a smoother And just faster transition I find when You're trying to do fast reference in The shoe a little bit more pop off the Toes from the Foams in this midsole just Makes it a little bit more versatile While also being really good and Comfortable for easy runs and probably a Little bit more comfortable than the Nike it's not as stable as a Nike though It's a slightly softer foam especially On the top layer here but don't have any Real concerns or stability myself and It's not a problem I've had with this Shoe so yeah they are both shoes built For similar purposes and they both do That job pretty well the main problem I Really have with the Nike Pegasus 40 is That it's not quite as good as the Nike Pegasus 39 but I do think it is a very Solid all-round shoe I just think the Velocity Nitro is a similar shoe just a

Better shoe in terms of the way it feels For me when running at any Pace enjoy a Lot more for easy runs and I think it's Got a lot more bounce and response in it When you do want to run fast in it both Shoes have got really good outsoles that Work well on a variety of surfaces but Even here the Puma has a slight Edge This pumice outsole really does work for Me very well on light trails in and Really wet roads that's true of the Pegasus 40s outsole as well but again I Think it's just slightly better from the Puma and that's really the story of These two shoes for me across the board Both could choose to do a similar job Just prefer the way the Puma feels the Way it does that job so is that testing Obviously we've just finished testing The E Knight Pegasus 40 whereas we've Had the opinion velocity nitro2 for a Lot longer now this is a shoe that has Remained in my rotation and it's a shoe That's you know it's catering for the Same types of runs at the Nike Pegasus 40 is it's a daily trainer work or shoe A shoe that you can use for a mixture of Rounds it's a shoe that you can use for Regular runs as well if you want to run Slow fast do a little bit of tempo stuff Both of these shoes aim to offer that Now in terms of the experience of Running in these shoes for those types Of runs I say first and foremost these

Are very comfortable shoes to wear you Know these are shoes if you want to run Long and you know I think they're going To offer similar levels of comfort I Think similar on the support side of Things you're getting something similar As well I think maybe Knight pegs is What you're getting and I'll put this a Little bit more supportive in places I Think the Puma of lossy nitrogen maybe Is built a little bit more for Comfort It's probably a little bit less Breathable than the uh Knight Pegasus 40 But I think from those kind of things if Those are the kind of things you're Looking for from these shoes I think They're pretty kind of level pegged from That point of view outsole point of view I think it'll get very similar you know The Puma grip outsole that you're Getting here is very very strong Puma do Great things with their outsoles at the Moment from a kind of gripping point of View in roads and paper it's absolutely Fine it's the same with the Knight Pegasus 40 as well You'd have Scopes to go and some lighter Trails on both of these shoes and They've been absolutely fine I think They're doing but at least point of view I think you're going to get something Similar from that point of view as well Too so what I think it really boils down To is what you're getting from these

Midsoles and the kind of ride that You're getting now When the Pegasus 40 and the kind of Reacts uh kind of midsole or react uh Bass midsole I think you're getting Something that's smooth stable very Consistent not particularly exciting or Lively but I think you know you've got Something here that is capable of Soaking it up a lot of time on your feet But if you want to pick the pace up a Little bit you have the capability to do That as well now on the pure velocity Nitro2 I think it's a similar story but I do think the midsole for me feels a Little bit softer a little bit more Forgiving I think when you are running a Little bit slower in it I think you get Something a little bit more comfortable From that point of view but also in the Flip side of that when you want to run a Little bit quicker in it It's a shoe that feels a little bit Lighter that midsole feels a little bit More responsive as well and it feels I Think for me a little bit more exciting From a ride kind of point of view and I Think those are the that's the kind of Key characteristic or key difference for Me in terms of how these shoes kind of Differ because ultimately I think from a Comfort a support point of view they're Very very similar same thing with the Outsoles but in terms of what you're

Getting from the ride and those kind of Midsoles that really dictate the kind of Ride you're getting here I think with The piano velocity nitro2 it just feels A little bit more exciting when you are Running a little bit quicker and when You're transitioning back to kind of Those kind of slower easier Paces it Does do that in a kind of more Effortless manner where I think with the Pegasus 40 I'm getting something that's very very Consistent in terms of that right maybe A touch more firm not too firm but I Think you know what you would expect From a a night kind of react-based kind Of midsole Um ultimately it's very very similar to The Pegasus 39 and I think yeah they're Both very solid capable shoes that can You know soak up a lot of time on your Feet can run or you know are capable of You know going out with you and you want To run slow or fast and mix those Paces Up but I think for me being velocity Nitro 2 just offers a little bit more Life a little bit more pop in it and Compared to the Knight Pegasus 40 Whether that's to do with a kind of Slight differences in weight you know Maybe that's a minor thing I think but It really comes down to these I think Mainly the kind of makeup these midsoles Because everything else is very very

Similar and if you're looking for a Daily train of work or shoes these are Two very good ones but I think you're Getting something a little bit more Lively that kind of a variety of Paces With the pure velocity Nitro too So my verdict's nice and easy on this One I think the Puma is a better shoe With a similar setup and it's also a Cheaper shoe so I'd certainly be getting The velocity Nitro 2. it's also going to Crop up in sales even more regularly Than the Pegasus 40 is often available I Think it's available for 50 Quid right Now and that's just silly money for what Is an excellent all-round shoe really Nice and comfortable for easy runs has a Little speed there I still generally Would pair it with a faster shoot in a Rotation if you're going to do that but If you are looking for one shooter at Everything the velocity Nitro 2 does That job really well it's also a really Good cushioned daily training option to Pair with faster shoes Pegasus 40 good Shoot a little bit more stable if that's One concern you do have with the blusty Nitro then the pixel 40 is a little bit More stable but other than that I don't Really see a reason to pick the shoe Over the velocity Nitro too it's a good Shoe but this is just a better one for Me and a cheaper one so unless you're Really worried about stability with the

Glossy Nitro 2 or just a big fan of the Nike Pegasus line which should be fair Enough I'll be going for the velocity Nitro too myself so my verdictor whether I go for the Puma lossy Nitro 2 over the Nike Pegasus 40 and now based with the Test experience I've had with both of These shoes I would be going for the Opinion velocity Nitro too now this is The cheaper shoe but I don't think price Really represents the kind of sheet You're getting here and it's definitely On par with the Knight Pegasus 40 in Terms of types of runs the experience You're going to get with this shoe and I Think personally it's a nice issue to Run the similar types of runs that you Would use the Knight Pegasus 40. I think For a fit point of view I think you'll Get something very similar I think in Terms of the outsole you're getting a Similar level of kind of grip durability You know a shoe that you can run a lot Of mileage regular runs in I think for Me in terms of Versatility on the piano Velocity nitro2 it just feels a little Bit nicer to run a mixture of different Paces in I think it feels a bit nice to Run a bit quicker in this shoe that Midsole phone that you're getting here On the Puma shoe feels a little bit more Lively in comparison to the Um pegs is 40 what you're getting with The kind of react based midsole so for

Me I think the ride the level of comfort And fit are all kind of very similar I Would say in the outsole durability and The kind of runs you can do it in but I Think ultimately in terms of what the Velocity nitro2 is giving you in terms Of what you feel when you're running a Little bit quicker in this shoe I you Know that's the shoe that I would Veer To go going forward instead you know the Brunette Pegasus 4 is a very solid shoe As well and I think if you like the 39 It's more of the same but I think if You're looking for a daily trainer work Course shoe that can work for slow fast Runs but can give you a little bit more A little bit more enjoyment in terms of That ride I think the people have lost The nitro2 is going to give you that if You want something that's kind of smooth Stable Um you know comfortable has a strong Outsole Knight Pages thought you'll give You that as well I do think for me Personally the shoe I would be grabbing For the same types of runs I'd be Looking at these two shoes I would be Going for the velocity Nitro 2. so my Verdict on these two shoes is you're Probably going to be happy with both of Them depending on what you want to do I Think if you're the sort of Runner that Just wants a solid work or shoe just to Tick off the miles in a shoe that's

Going to last a while and not be too Expensive especially if you're a Beginner they're both great shoes for That because they're not the most Expensive shoes out there but they are Solid shoes they do have the benefits of More premium shoes If I was going to compare the two I Would always tell people to get the Puma Velocity Nitro 2. it's a more versatile Shoe you can do all the same runs that You can do in the peg 40 those easy runs Those longer runs Um and those maybe more maybe slower Daily runs you can do all of them but I Just think there's more to the Puma Velocity Nitro too it's just a little Bit poppy a little bit nicer turnover Just feels like you can do a bit more in It and I really enjoy the shoot and also I just think it looked way nicer as well I really like the look of the shield I Don't normally talk about the look of Shoes but I do think the polymer Obviously Nitro 2 is a great looking Shoe especially for the price so yeah I'm going for the Purity Nitro 2 all the Way Um in pretty much every respect when it Comes to shoes [Music] So that's a comparison of the losty Nitro 2 and the Nike Pegasus 40 dive Into the comments and let us know what

You think of the shoes criticize me for Constantly praising the velocity Nitro Too if you want to I will get that a lot Um please do like subscribe ring the Little bell and we'll see you next time