Okay so what do you need to know about The Nike Pegasus 40 well obviously the Pegasus is an iconic line in Nike's Running shoe lineup like the 39 and the Shoes that came before it it's very much Still classed as a kind of daily trainer Work or shoe something you can use a Kind of shorter longer runs and you can Do a kind of a little bit of speed work In it as well so it's kind of a Versatile All in one shoe ultimately now we'll Start with the price and the Pegasus 40 Is 125 pounds 130 in the US and that Season Pegasus 39 dropped around 80 to 90 pounds Um basically 90 essentially give you a Sense of where the new 46 against the 39 Uh now that the 40 is here and terms of What's not changed you are still getting That kind of 10 millimeter drop you are Getting that kind of Nike react um kind Of midsole that includes that kind of Those two kind of Air Zoom pods as well To kind of deliver the type of ride that You can expect from the shoe and give You that kind of versatile Um shoe that works with different kind Of space