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Someone pinch me! Nike sent me a mystery box filled with some great Athleisure clothing items.

I was excited to see what kind of box they would send me and I was not disappointed! The sneakers and clothes are perfect for fall and winter, and I can’t wait to wear them all! Thanks, Nike!

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This package in front of me is a mystery Box sent over to me by Nike yes Nike it Is valued around just under $2,000 I'm extremely excited to be Opening this because this is the first Time I've ever worked with Nike like Literally I was sitting on the couch I Get a ping email from my phone and I Look at it and I read it and it's from Nike and they wanted me to pitch a video To them I thought hey let's put it Together a mixery box filled with some Great items that will be perfect for the Holiday so I say with without further Ado we jump into it all righty so let's Time to cut this Bow okay here we go so here goes the Wrapping Paper time for the good stuff I believe There's a pair of shoes in here so I Kind of want to start with those my you Know suspicions are correct this Definitely looks like something a Sneaker box would be in so here time to Pull always super Satisfying very satisfying that was good Okay so this isn't a sneaker box so it Looks to be like a puffer jacket or some Sort okay I just checked this is called The Nike windrunner Prima Loft okay and It is a nice black puffer jacket it's Got side zipper pockets it's got a Nike Logo along the front it's got a double Zipper if you guys know me I love a good

Double zipper and wow this thing is Really good what I love most about this Puffer jacket say you're running errands Around the the holiday time especially For me I live in Canada so it definitely Does get cold uh where I live for sure So something like this is going to be Super wearable the black is super Wearable it's going to go with most of My wardrobe as well and it definitely Looks to be like Wind and Rain resistant Super nice very wearable as I mentioned So we'll set that aside and go to the Next item okay so I got another box once Again this does look to be a sneaker Box once again very satisfying next up Is the Box okay now we have some Sneakers here here and I'm going to just Cover my Eyes oh okay nice we got the Nike p6000 If you watched my video about uh great Sneakers for the fall time or sneakers Around $100 you would have seen me talk About the Nike p6000 maybe Nike watch a Video I don't know and these are yeah These are really cool and what I love Most about these is whether you're going To the gym or you're getting an outfit Together um this is definitely a shoe That will go with both because it does Have that sportier and more athle Silhouette um it lends itself to both Fashion and function this is just a Really really clean shoe and I'm super

Happy that they got the gray and uh the Beige one just because I mean this will Go with so much on my wardrobe all right Moving along these ones are a little bit Less satisfying than the Box okay we got a the Nike te we got a Plain gray t-shirt right here so this is A Nike sportsare premium t-shirt um this One does have a little bit more of an Oversized fit it's around $45 and what I Like most about this is that loose fit But also the premium heavyweight fabric So uh you can definitely feel that it's Got some weight to it which is excellent The collar and the sleeves it just all Seems very uh good threading and and Everything else like that so yeah a Premium gray t-shirt and uh it looks Like it comes in a bunch of colors as Well okay we got another bag Here okay hey we got a we almost fell There we got a pair of tech fleece nice Hey listen I'm in a full Tech fleece Right now and I don't I don't think you Guys can tell I got the legs out Everything so uh having another set of Tech fets would be super clutch this one Is in that charcoal gray color um which Is super super nice I love the pocket And I love how they've uh updated it Since they initially released the Nike Tech fleece and just add a little bit More design details to it and as you Guys know the pants and a lot of the

Tech fleece comes in a number of Different colors I actually really hope That inside this box is like the Matching top for it all right moving [Applause] Forward oh okay we have something Black okay it's looking good all right So this is the matching top for the tech Flee this is the tech fle jacket and It's in that like charcoal gray this Thing is going to go perfect together as A matching set you guys know I love Matching sets um so having this is super Clutch and what I love most about tech Flee especially this time of year is That when I'm on my way to the gym I Could just wear the bottoms and the top And i' have to bring a bulky winter coat That I have to store in a locker if I Wear Nike Tech fleece to the gym I could Just go straight there and uh walk right Up to the weights I don't have to you Know go to the locker first or anything Like that uh having something like that That keeps you warm but you can still Move around and is perfect so before we Move on to the next item I need you guys To hit the like button and leave a Comment on what your favorite item is in The video guys this is the first time I'm working with Nike so your engagement Really does help out the video and the Channel but let's move on to the next Item okay this one's calling my name

Let's open It Wow okay I have always wanted to check These out wow this is this is the Nike Cablek knit sweater this one looks to be Like a turtleneck it's got the knit Nike Logo which is super super cool um and I Can't wait to style this thing yeah so What I like most about this stuff Especially with Nike sports whereas They're branching off into more casual Items that you can sort of wear Especially during the holiday time like If you were to go to a a family party or An office party like you could easily Style this uh you know with some dark Jeans or something a little bit more of A dressier style um which I think is Really really cool it looks very warm It's wellmade so like I said it's got a Lot of weight to it as well so this Thing looks really really Cool okay so this is the next item these Look to be like a pair of nylon cargo Pants but with the jogger cuff at the Bottom these things are super super Lightweight does have a belt Loop to it Um with its own belt buckle that snaps Which is good got side pockets it's got A mesh inner lining and an item like This is perfect for me for when I'm Working especially during this holiday Season doing those long editing sessions Whatever it may be I'm going to want

Something comfortable um that is uh Definitely fitted to my lifestyle and This is exactly that cuz it's got that Sportier kind of look to it it's going To sit well with sneakers especially the Low top sneakers um so either way yeah These are super super Nice Oh I didn't get a full rip there all Right so this looks to be the first Accessory of the bunch okay we have this Uh shoulder bag here and wow here we go This is oh I like the Met there's a Metal hang tag on this which is really Really nice all right so this is a Nike Sportsware sling bag um it's got a very Reasonable size to it looks like you Could fit uh a bunch of Essentials if You were like say going to the gym or Something um you know it's always when You're heading out of the house it's Always nice to have you know spot to put Sunglasses your car keys I don't know About you guys guys but I hate having Like a ton of stuff in my pockets um so Having like a shoulder bag like this is Always super clutch and you guys know That in all of my videos I always try to Feature a number of accessories yeah This thing is great so this holiday if You're like me if you're going to be Busy moving around if you like to work Out or do anything athletic even if it's Just simply a walk there's some ton of

Great items for you guys to choose from Big shout out to Nike it means the world To me that we were able to put this Video together and that means I'm going To need you guys to show up and hit the Like button um because this was an Awesome opportunity to go through Everything uh so yeah thank you