When Travis Scott stepped away from Jordan 1s and released a Mac Attack I think we were all wondering what it would look like. What many of you don’t know if that the Mac Attack sneaker is one of Vick’s daily wearers, but this release just didn’t do it for him. Although the Mac Attack was a solid drop it could’ve been better! In today’s episode of Customs with Vick Almighty he will put his spin on the Mac Attack X Travis Scott drop using one of his iconic Jordan colorways!

To start this project off we had a couple different steps from the mock up work to pick a colorway whether that be the classic Mocha colorway, the Reverse Mocha or the Olive. Ultimately it was the Olive that looked the best on the Mac Attack Silhouette. Next we had to head over to one of our favorite sneaker shops, Undefeated to pick up the blank canvas. Finally we needed to find some leather for the swooshes to match that beautiful Olive color, so we made a stop at Tandy’s! Now with all the prep work done it was time to get to the real work!

The first step of the actual customization process was to prep the sneaker. In order to do this we had to remove the swooshes and the glue underneath! Once the shoe was prepped and ready to go it was time to tape it off and dye the white mesh to match the black tones from the Olive Jordan 1. For this process Vick chose to hand dye it rather than a dip dye to ensure that the dye didn’t get anywhere else. This dye job took precision and patience to say the least! With the sneaker dyed it was time to move on to the next step.

The inner swoosh needed to be painted an Olive tone, but first came more taping and a white base coat to make sure the black didn’t show through the olive paint job. Last step on the paint job portion was to turn the Nike logo red to stand out.

With all the painting out of the way Vick headed over to his Cricut to cut out the Catus Jack/ Mac logo to place on the back of the sneaker. Once the sneaker was ready he placed the stencil down and prepped to paint the logo right on to the back of the sneaker.

Now here we go… It is time to go to the laser engraver to cut out the classic backwards swoosh that you see on every Travis Scott release. Shout out to Nick Wilson for making this happen! Now the leather that you saw us pick out earlier in the video didn’t quite work how Vick wanted it too, so we went with a plan B! He painted the swoosh prior to applying it onto the sneaker using the Post Bed. With the stimulated swooshing done it was time to use some glue and stick it to the shoe.

Vick completed a lot of steps for this project, but ultimately it was one of his easy ones! Last step was to age the sneaker using a Foxtrot sneaker marker in the Sail colorway. Just like that the sneaker is looking like a completely different shoe!

Did Vick make the right choice with the Olive Colorway or would you have picked one of the other options?! Drop a comment to win some free product!

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What's up everybody we're here at Undefeated looking for a pair of Mac Attacks to convert into some Cactus Maxs Let's see what we Find we got the Mac attacks now I want To turn them into a Travis Scott Colorway I have a few different mockups Ready to go we can either do the reverse Mochas the mochas or Olive colorway I Have a few different options got to Think about It appreciate you as always good seeing You bro later man got the shoes unlocked Now the more I think about it I think I'm going to go with the olive colorway Now we need some Lether let's go to Tanies magex on Loock all right so we got the shoes now We're looking for the perfect leather to Replace the [Music] Sushi all right I think this is the one Has a nice Olive tone just what we're Looking [Music] For We're back in the studio we got the Shoes and we got the leather and let's Break down the project for today we're Going to be turning these regular Mac Attacks into some Travis Scots but Instead of doing the classic Cactus Jack On the back we're going to be doing Cactus Mac and for the rest of the shoe

We're going to be doing the Travis Scott Olive colorway first things first we got To recreate the reverse swo so let's Start the construction to start this Process I'm going to be using an xacto Knife and a seam ripper to carefully Remove the Swoosh [Music] Old swish is off we don't need this Anymore now we're going to be using some Aone and cotton balls to wipe off the Glue that was underneath the [Music] Swoosh prep is done on the mesh now We're on to the Nike Tech on the back While we're taking care of the prep work We're going to be using some 800 git Sandpapers to sand it down I am going to Be painting this part red I just need The paint to adhere properly onto this Vinyl [Music] Material So the plan for this shoe is to Make them look like the Travis Scott Olive Jordan one colorway that means we Want to get it as close as possible to That shoe we are going to be turning all The mesh completely black to do that We're going to tape off everything but The mesh and the liner so we can get it Ready for some dye editors make it Happen to turn the white Mash all black We're going to be using two different

Products gak 900 and Andel this flat Black paint we're going to mix it real Well in this small jar all you need is a One1 ratio mix once it's well mixed We're going to be using a paintbrush to Apply it all around the white mesh you Want to be very careful and not get it Anywhere on the edges of the white Leather cuz it will stain once it's all Been applied we'll use a heat gun to dry It [Music] Mesh turned out great it's nice and Solid now we're on to the white stock Lanners same exact process we'll lay Down a solid coat and then use the heat Gun to dry It [Music] [Music] All done with the black dye it turned Out beautiful it's nice and solid the Mesh and the stck liner is still nice And soft the trick to this is to take Your time you don't want to oversaturate The brush if you do so you can easily Get it all over the white leather or it Can seep through the materials and show Right above on the stitching to avoid All that take your time and use very Little Dy next we got to take care of This rouh we're going to tape it off so We can turn it [Music]

Olive I'm going to be using an airbrush To lay down the olive tone but before That we got to lay down a white base Coat to cover up all the [Music] [Music] Black All of is down it's nice and smooth now We're on to the Angeles Fire Red for the Nike text in the back for this we'll Just be using a small [Music] Paintbrush Just by adding that touch of red this Shoe is starting to look like the Travis Scott Olive Jordan one colorway now we Got to add a key element to this custom Just like the original we're going to be Adding the Cactus Jack but instead of Doing this logo we're going to be adding The Cactus Jack with the cross do Jack And right above it we'll be putting the Name Mac first we're going to measure it Out then we'll print it with the Cricut And then we'll paint it [Music] On Real quick before we lay on the stencil I'm going to use some acetone and cotton Balls to prep the white leather before We lay down the paint so the paint can Stick nicely onto the [Music] Leather stencil is laid down before we

Can lay down the back paint I'm going to Tape around It [Music] [Music] So far so good the cactus Mac on the Back looks perfect now we got to go meet Nick at the laser engraving room to Create some new squshies suies sushi now We got to meet Nick Wilson in the laser Engraving room to create some new Swooshes let's Go what's up Victor Almighty what's up Homie ready to do this been ready man Let's go all I got to do is close it up And I'm going to press the play button All Right [Music] Shout out to Nick Wilson for the new SES They came out perfect now originally I Did buy some leather that has an olive Color but it's way too dark compared to The green that I painted on the swoosh Of the shoe I want it to be the exact Same green so I'm going to lay down the Same green on this [Music] Swo [Music] [Music] Green is looking a lot better before we Glue the SSH onto the shoe we got to add Some simulated stitching with the post

Bed [Music] [Music] Simulated stitching is complete on the Swoosh now to attach it onto the shoe I Could have gone about it two different Ways either I could have not done the Simulator stitching and just glued it on Onto the shoe then use the Patcher to Directly sew it onto the sneaker or I Could have done it this route and just Glue it onto the shoe with some barge Super stick either way both options work First I'm going to grab a pen then with The SSH I'm going place it on the Sneaker then Trace exactly where I want To place the glue after that we'll lay Down the glue let it cure for a few Minutes then we'll stick it [Music] Together [Music] SSH is on there looks great let's keep It moving on to the soul we got to give It a nice AG tone so for this we're Going to be using a fox dry uniform Sneaker stainer we're going to be using The sail tone first we're going to tape Off the white leather so we can hit the Mols with the marker all taped up ready To [Music] Go after about 30 minutes I let the Marker sit on the sole it's a little

Blotching in some areas I want to even Out the color so for this we'll be using Some alcohol Wipes [Music] Last step before I lace this shoe up We're going to go to the Patcher and add A stitch line right in this area just Like the original we're going to Recreate [Music] That Last step is to lace them up with some Flat wax laces just like the Jordan one Low's to complete the [Music] Look all right guys that's going to Bring us to an end on these Cactus Mac Customs these came out so smooth the Black and white Mac attack was the Perfect base shoe for this colorway all We really did was add a bunch of black On the mesh and the stck liner after That it was a bunch of details we age The so accordingly just like the Jordan One Low's I added the red on the Nike Tex on the inside swoosh we painted an Olive after that we added the two Biggest elements that make this a cactus M custom we designed and created a new Swoosh using the laser engraver we Painted it added some simulator Stitching and applied it onto the shoe And on the back by far my favorite

Detail is the cactus Mac with the Crossed off Jack if you guys remember The promo video where Mac was wearing This exact colorway on the back he had The crossed off Jack and my opinion they Should have done that version it's a lot More cleaner but this custom will do let Me know in the comments section down Below which Travis Scott colorway you Want to see next on a Mac attack hope You guys enjoyed this video and don't Forget to like And subscribe to our Channel we drop weekly content this is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday see you [Music] [Music] Guys