Hour in South Wales and the Gower Peninsula I'm going to go out and do a Long run in the Nike ultrafly Trail Shoes today planning to do around 50k 51k mostly on the Wales Coastal path Which is exceptionally beautiful around Here got a quite a sunny day the first Sunny day of my holiday so hopefully This is going to work out quite well in Terms of the weather try and work out Which way the wind's going I've done a Couple of runs in the Nike shoes already And really like them so far for just Generally quite easy runs on Trails like I did a real mixed bag of terrains in Them and they'd be really comfortable They felt very light despite the fact They're not very light and I have felt Really good after those rides like Getting some of that energy saving Benefits of the uh zMAX home and carbon Plate Tech in there so I've done about 30k in them across two runs so far this Will obviously be a much longer run It'll be my longest run ever both in Terms of distance and time so that'll be Interesting Um a few other bits I can test along the Way I've got the chorus HR monitor on The arm which has been very good for me So far in terms of ease of use and Accuracy using decathlons evidict trail Running backpack I'm going to