Next two and the babyfly three are two Brand new carbon Racing shoes for 2023 The rocket X2 is a big leap forward from What we've seen from Hope in the past Whereas the vapeflight 3 more refines The formula of what Nike's done with its Carbon shoes in the past we've got a Similar price the Nike is 235 pounds in The UK and 250 in the US whereas the Rocket X2 is 220 pounds or 250 in the US The Vape fly 3 is the light issue it's 206 grams or 7.3 ounces in my UK 9 Whereas the hoker rocket X2 is 225 grams Or 7.9 ounces in the same size the Rocket X2 has the lower drop at five Millimeters whereas The Vapor Flies is Eight millimeters and the rocket X2 is Listed as having a lower stack as well It's listed at 36 millimeters at the Heel and 31 at the forefoot faith why Not doesn't give the exact stats on the Babyfly stack eye but it is bumping Right up against the 40 millimeter limit On the Zone you've got a Flyknit mesh Upper on the 1953 which has got a very Open design in the front more open than On past versions there's a little bit of Structure and support around the heel More than you get on the hooker actually With a thin