The Nike Vomero 17 has some pretty significant upgrades with new uppers and a new ZoomX plus Cushlon 3.0 midsole that Nike says is designed for premium cushioning over long distances. So how does this cushioned runner stack up. Run Tester Kieran took for a first run and here’s his initial impressions. Hit play for our Nike Vomero 17 First Run Review.

0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Design Details
1:34 – The Run Test
5:15 – First Run Verdict
6:09 – A word on Fit

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Hey people welcome to the run test it's Kieran here and welcome to my first run Review of the brand new Nike vomero 17. It's a vemero which has got Zoom X foam In it and cushion 3.0 how does it hold Up well I've just put it through my First Close to 10K not quite Um to find out So some quick details then well the Romero come in with a 10 mil drop that's 39.5 mils in the hill 30 mils in the Four foot Weight Wise they're 292 grams Or 10.3 ounces in UK men's size eight And a half they're 160 dollars we didn't Have the UK price right now now design Wise night system Amero 17 is designed For premium cushioning over long Distances there's some significant Changes over the vomero 16 including a New midsole that aims to offer softer Smoother ride and a new up at the Nike Says in our lighter and more breathable So let's take a little quick closer look At the shoes when it comes to the uppers There that engineered mesh upper has Multi and monofilament Yarns that makes For quite a structured upper actually But it's soft and comfortable yet light And breathable there's pretty big Padding in the heel collars and the Tongues these are built to be plush and Comfortable so for those cruising miles The midsole has major changes too the

Zoom Air has been removed to simplify The midsole so what you now get is zoom X foam on the top and cushlon 3.0 on the Bottom to achieve a softer ride that's Kind of smoother in transition on the Outsole if you flip them over there are Waffle lugs and the outsole is decoupled That's there to help improve the Transition as well So I've just done a first round about Five and a half miles in the new Nike Vomeros fresh out the box straight on a Couple things you notice straight away About these they're nice and plush you Know big heel collars big padding padded Tongue everything around that is Designed to wrap and hold the foot make It feel cushioned and plush and Welcoming and it does that really well There's a lot of room in the toe box Plenty of wiggle room particularly Lengthwise they're not they feel nice And roomy the upper's quite a lot of Structure to the shoe but they hold and Wrap the foot quite nicely quite a dense Shoe really overall you know this is Something that is definitely going to Make you feel kind of cocooned and a bit Sort of swaddled and comfortable and Structured in there But overall that step in Comfort was Great you know no problems with rubbing No hot spots no slipping good lock down Good heel hold all of the things you

Really want fresh out the box and then You get onto the ride and what I found Initially when I stepped out I'm on very Tired legs today I've got a bit of a Cold I didn't really want to be running If I'm really honest and so everything Was a bit sluggish and I was hoping that She was going to give me something when I first started out they felt a little Bit too soft for me a little bit soft a Little bit squishy a little bit like I Needed more response from them I was a Bit worried that they were going to Carry on that way but actually as I got Into the run as I started to feel better As I picked up my Pace as my form got a Little bit better that midsole started To give back a lot more and again you Know I just found these shoes to be Pretty good for just clipping over you Know rolling I was running very slow in Terms of my pacing so most of this is Like an easy easy run low heart rate Very easy plodding around the Streets of London so I wasn't really putting them Through anything particularly tricky but You did get there is a lot of sink there Is a lot of softness a lot of cushioning If you like really cushioned shoes if You like that sort of soft Landing Platform you're going to get that with These shoes there is a bit of Bounce and A bit of spring back though particularly Kind of I'd say more bounce than spring

Back you you know you can feel the foam Returning and giving you a little bit But you're gonna have to like that Feeling of sort of sinking in and then Happening afterwards But overall I found the ride to be you Know perfectly good for that run that I've just done I'm going to be Interested to see what happens if I try And go a little bit faster and if that Springiness starts to turn into Something a bit more energetic when You're moving kind of faster clip and Perhaps with better form but overall That was ended up actually being the Shoe that I really needed for that kind Of run where I was just I'm a little bit Off it I'm not really feeling like I Wanted to I just had to go out and sort Of almost grind it out and I was just Plodding and trying to make the best of It and these shoes protected the feet They felt nice and comfortable underfoot The ride was cushioned Just about enough kind of coming back in Terms of energy and springiness from That midsole as well so overall yeah I Mean the jury's out I'd be interested to See you know how they sit when I've done A few faster runs but so far for me Thinking about something that might be Good for easier end runs and Recovery Runs they certainly tick the bill for That they took the bill they fit the

Bill for that and uh yeah so anyway I'll Now go and get my head together and Perhaps I'll do a little bit more back In the office if I have any more Thoughts on them that occur to me as I'm Going Foreign So back in the office and I've done a Few more easy miles in the vomero 17 Since that first run and I have to say It's grown on me some more in that time For an easy shoot I think there's plenty Of Merit here particularly if you found The Invincible 3 or the new Infinity for Just too much shoe too heavy too clunky I think this hybrid dual foam vomero you Know with that Zoom X foam and that Cushlon 3.0 it's still kind of heavy but It strips things back a bit and what you Get in my opinion is a shoe that's much Better for easy myeling without sort of Feeling like your stride is being Interrupted I'd use this one a little Bit actually like the on cloud monster It has that kind of feel for me [Music] Yeah so my quick first run verdict on These then overall I think the early Miles that I've done I think this is Going to make a happy Cruiser again Another shoe you can put on for those Really easy Miles when you're doing your Low and slow or you're just running to Get your head up look around and enjoy

Being out and moving this is a kind of Shoe I think that's going to do a good Job good amount of protection is a bit Soft but I think it's not too soft in Terms of that kind of the way you're Kind of landing and responding you know It is a bit soft but I think there's Just enough response in there to give You a kick when you need it got a big Kind of dead structured uppers if you Like that kind of thing then these are Going to suit you do feel well cradled Well held there's good I think good Stability in here too all around I think A good shoot I mean the waffle grip Actually used to have been serving me Really nicely as well that's pretty good I've used it in some wet conditions here On my second set of runs Now when it comes to fit I ran in the UK And a half and for me the fit was spot On good holding the heel from that ample Padding there's good lock down across The top and there's you know enough room In the toe box there and width in the Forefoot I think at my size so I'd Recommend going true to size in these so There you have it that has been my first Run of the new Nike vomeros hope you Enjoyed it if you have any questions if You want any things answered in the full Review about these shoes please hit us Up in the comments below don't forget to Like And subscribe if you ring the bell

You'll also get notified when the main Review lands a bit further down when I've done some more testing uh as ever It's been an absolute pleasure to talk To you about these new shoes if you're Looking for cushioned shoes there will Be a video up on the channel any day Soon now I if it's here I'll put it up With my fingers pointing if not I'll put Something else up here that's equally as Interesting to you so check that out Otherwise I hope to see you again soon On the Run testers and yeah happy Running everyone