The Nike Vomero 17 flies under the radar compared to some of the more popular cushioned shoes in Nike’s line-up, like the Invincible 3 and Infinity 4, but it might just be the standout shoe from the brand in 2023. It has a dual-density midsole with a top layer made from Nike’s ZoomX foam, and delivers a comfortable ride for easy and long runs in particular. Kieran and Nick have been testing out the shoe over the past couple of weeks, here’s their verdict on the Nike Vomero 17.

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01:25 – How’s The Fit?
02:14 – The Run Test
07:41 – Verdict & Alternatives

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick and this is our full review Of the Nike vomero 17. The Romero 17 is a cushion shoe within Nike's lineup it's a big stack shoe that Sits alongside things like the Invincible Infinity as a cushioned Option primarily for easy in long runs But it is a pretty versatile daily Training option as well it can be Available in the Autumn of this year it Costs 160 dollars don't have a confirmed UK price yet for the Camaro 17. it's got A high stack height that hits around 40 Millimeters but haven't got that exactly Confirmed but it does have a drop of 10 Millimeters and it weighs in 303 grams Or 10.7 ounces in my UK size nine Exciting thing about the Camaro is it's Got some Zoom X foam in the midsole Which is Nike's best foam it's a Piva Based foam and you've got a top player Of it within the vomero over a layer of Kushlon 3.0 this is an EVA foam that's a Little bit firmer more durable than the Zoom X foam on top to create that chill Density effect if you've got that softer Bouncier top layer with a firmer more Durable layer beneath got engineered Mesh upper with lots of padding around The heel and tongue of the shoe and then An internal heel counter plus side doors Of foam on the midsole to add some Stability to it we've got a waffle tread

Outsole similar to ones on other Nike Shoes pretty full coverage there and a Fairly thick layer of rubber so it Should be nice and durable When it comes to fit I ran in a UK eight And a half in the vomero and for me the Fit was pretty much spot on good hold in The heel from all that ample padding That you've got your good lock down just About enough from the toe box and width From the forefoot and I'd recommend Going true to size in these I found that The vomero 17 fit me well in my normal Running shoe size I usually use a uk-9 This is a UK 9 which for Nike equates to A us10 same size I have in all Nike Shoes the Pegasus the Invincible the Vapefly and it fits me really well no Concerns about the amount of room I have In the toe box and a good hold around The heel and midfoot only thing I really Have noticed about the upper is it is Quite a warm-up but it's been quite Muggy lately in the UK and I do find That my shoe runs a little bit hotter in This shoe than some others it's not a Big problem but if you're someone who Tends to get annoyed by that it might be Something to look out for a little bit With the vomero 70. Oh So I've not tested the vomero in the Past but I am pretty familiar with all Of Nike's other cushion shoes and it's

Supposed to say that 2023 has been a Slightly disappointing year for those Cushion shoes the Invincible three lost A little bit of the fun and didn't Really add anything with the third Generation in my opinion I don't really Like that shooting or near as much as I Like the Invincible too the infinity 4 Which we've been testing just a little Bit recently is really heavy and again I Don't really like that shoe compared to Previous versions of the infinity and The Pegasus 40 is fine it's a good solid Shoe still but it was very similar the Pegasus 39 and a little bit heavier so I Probably still prefer the Pegasus 39 but The Pegasus 40 is a good shoe I'll let That one off a bit but luckily the Vomero 17 has come to save the day Anyway because this is a really good Cushion shoe and one that I've really Enjoyed using uh over the past couple of Weeks so the Dual density midsole is the Start of the show here it creates a ride That is soft without being squishy You've got a little bit of Bounce from The zoo Max there but overall it's quite A stable feeling shoe that is certainly Soft on the foot and very comfortable But doesn't collapse underneath you it's Not wobbly you really does feel quite Like a Pegasus in terms of the geometry The way you snap through but just a fair Bit softer than the pegasus with its

React phone with those Air Zoom pods in It I really like the shoe for easy Riders which is what it's mainly Designed for when I've done one 15 mile Long run in it as well and yeah it's Just really nice shoe to take a long Game it's it's not that heavy but also It feels probably a little bit less Heavy than that and actually when you do Want to up the pace a little bit on Those kind of General daily trading runs When you're picking up more towards Steady Pace rather than really going for It it feels very easy to do that in this Shoe it rolls through nicely a little Bit of Bounce from the zoom X in general It's quite a nice well-balanced cushion Shoe I'd say and given that the stacker Is high you know it is hitting up Towards 40s millimeters there it doesn't Feel at all like that on the phone it Does still feel quite like the Pegasus In terms of Stack height even if it is a Lot softer than the Pegasus I have done One progression running the shoe I Started an easy pace and pushed towards Some fast stuff at the end ticking along At around a kind of 340 345 AK for a bit And it feels pretty comfortable in the Shoe like it's not really built for that But at the same time I think there's as Cushion shoes go I think this is a good Fertile option if you're someone who Likes a cushion Dave trainer that does

All they're running something like the Soccer Triumph then this is another shoe To consider I'd say because it does have That level of Versatility whilst being Primarily very comfortable for those Easy runs outsole must be pretty good For me as well like a little bit slick At the start I think it's roughed up a Little bit after one run and it's been Okay on wet pavement so it's pretty Solid out so it's very similar to what You get from the Pegasus all round I do Think it's gonna be nice and durable Upper like I said in the fifth section Does run a little bit warm but overall Is pretty comfortable it's a nice shoe For just wandering around it I actually Took it on holiday and just used it as My main walking around you all week and Then does have the benefit obviously Being quite a solid and versatile Running shoe all round so yeah it was Really a pleasant surprise actually Because like I say Nike hasn't been Smashing the cushion shoe category this Year in my opinion this is a really good Shoe that I think will appeal to lots of People it's not a lively issue in the World like I wouldn't say look at the Zoo Max foam in this and start thinking Oh it's gonna be really explosive really Fun but it isn't that like the Invincible probably still has a little Bit more bounce to it but it also has

The wobbliness and the Annoying upper And this is just a much nicer experience To run in than the Invincible in my Opinion because of that firmer layer Underneath which I think balances are Out the ride a little bit to make it More suitable for lots of people like There's enough stability there I think That most people will get on the shoe Quite well but it is soft and Comfortable under for sure only thing I Think it differs to some other shoes on The market in this stacker it's not Really a very Rocket Ride for me like You get a bit more snap coming through Which is similar to the Pegasus which is Why I do feel like it does have a Similar right to Pegasus in many ways But so that might be something that People might notice that I tend to Prefer a rocket shoe myself and overall Do slightly prefer shoes that have that But this is still a very comfortable Ride all round and one I think lots of People will like so for my run test I've Done around 50 kilometers in the vomero 17. those are mostly easy miles I've Done some faster miles pushing kind of Tempo Pace that's been on road with some Light River and park paths thrown in to Test the stability now this is a shoe I Think that's grown on me the more that I've run in it and it's a plush neutral Trainer I think it's got Merit for the

Longer easier stuff there's plenty of Impact protection coming up from the Midsole phone combo the two phones that You've got in there you get soft Landings and they do sink a little but I Think the zoom X it does come back and Adds a little bit of liveliness as well And with that cushion 3.0 you keeps Things kind of nice and stable the combo I think can make this a really good Option if you're a runner with a heavier Build but I've definitely got this Firmly in the product category and if You found the Invincible 3 or the Nike Infinity 4 just too much shoe too heavy Too clunky I think this hybrid dual Phone vomero might actually be a good Alternative to look at for those long Slow easy miles it's still relatively Heavy but it does strip things back a Bit compared to those shoes it's not as Overdone as some others in that easy Category but there's still too much shoe Here for me to want to pick it up for Faster efforts I just find it a little Bit overall it's a little bit dense a Little bit heavy and although Knight Says it's made the uppers more Breathable I didn't really feel that I Think they're still quite dense and they Did get a little bit hot you know it's Sort of Summer here I don't really tend To notice that in uppers but these I did I put this shoe quite close to something

Like the on-cloud monster for its use Case do I think the rocker in the mount Monster helps it coat better when you Want to think tick things up a bit Faster it really didn't work for me on The faster miles of Romero I prefer Something lighter and you know it's Quite a way off something like the Endorphin Speed 3 and the slew of new Super trainers that we've got that are Bringing really good versatility but Other plus points for this shoe I think The grip was good it's Built Well it has All the Hallmarks of a shoe that I think Will endure well as well so there are Merits here it's just maybe not a wow Shoe Foreign Love the colors there's something really Nice and retro and kind of like about The design that's that's a tick of the Box for me but then when it comes to the Performance I found it a little bit of a Mixed bag it was good for the slow and Easy but I found it lacking for the Higher Tempo stuff it's too heavy on my Book and it didn't really have that top End response that we get with some other Daily trainers even with that bit of Zoom X foam in there and that lack of Versatility makes it a hard one to Recommend I think over the other really Good all-rounders that are coming into This space there's some really seriously

Good shoes occupying this area and at This price point or even cheaper now This is another shoe basically that I Thought was okay I was happy to run in It but I didn't fall in love with it if You're a Romero fan this is probably an Improvement if you're a fan of lighter And clippier daily trainers I'm not sure This is going to be for you I think it Might be a little bit too much shoe if You're looking for a shoe that's good For logging easy miles in nice plush Comfort with a little bit of Pop decent Amount of softness and some good Stability then maybe this is worth the Look but for me there are other shoes I Personally look at first including the Mac 5 the cloud monster as well as I Mentioned the Speed 3 has masses of Versatility in there maybe even Something like the soccer Triumph 21 Might do a better job yeah so that's me On the Nike Romero 17. so I'm a big fan Of the Nike Camaro 7t I think it's a Really solid cushion shoe all round a Little bit of Versatility there but Overall the comfort is the main feature You get from it which is a really nice Option for poodling around him with that Well-balanced ride that's soft without Being squishy or wobbly and does have a Little bit of Bounce there if you do Want to up the pace towards the end of Your run or do something like that think

If you're building a running shoe Rotation it's a shoe that will fit in as The easy and cushioned shoe within that Rotation alongside faster options but if You are someone who likes just use one Shoe and you like a cushion daily Trainer then I think it is a strong Option it's reasonably versatile like I Say it's not an all-out Express shoe but It does have enough Pace there you can Use it for a little bit of everything I Think it's my favorite option within Nike's range of cushioned shoes I think It's certainly better than the Invincible and the infinity just on Right feel stability Comfort everything I just prefer to those shoes use with The Pegasus you're getting completely a Similar level of performance but this is A softer shoe a more enjoyable shoe to Run around and I'd say but the Pegasus Is a fair bit cheaper so there is that To consider and with a react midsole You're probably going to get more Durability from the Pegasus as well but Yeah I prefer the feel of the mirror Under 30 if you're not worried about the Price difference between the two shoes And on the market at large I think it is One of the stronger cushion daily Trainers in terms of the versatility you Get here and the Comfort it does equate To things like a Triumph 21 for me which I've just started testing or you know

Brooks Glycerin 20. so it's like big Very well cushioned shoes but they do Still work well for daily training Because of the balance in the midsole It's not just completely geared to be a Max cushioned Cruiser like something Like the New Balance more V4 which is a Nice shoe but I think it doesn't really Have any versatility to it but I do Think the Romero has a little bit like I Said in the run test I probably steer Towards slightly rocket shoes myself Slightly smoother riding Hue something Like the Asics Gel numbers 25 I really Enjoy for those properties but if you Like that slightly more traditional ride Then the vomero 17 has it with the Addition of that modern super foam there In the midsole just to give you a little Bit more comfort and bounce on the foot Than you get from some of those other Cushion shoes out there so all in all Really enjoyed using the Romero 17. I Didn't use the previous version so I Can't comment on how much of an upgrade Or downgrade it is from that shoe but Certainly this is a good shoe and I Think the pick of Nike's cushion shoes In 2023 Foreign Team feel free to jump into the comments Let us know what you think about the Shoe please do like subscribe ring the Little bell and we'll see you next time