The Nike Pegasus 40 is probably the most popular running shoe in Nike’s line-up, but sometimes get criticised for being a bit dull, and not using Nike’s ZoomX foam to liven up the ride. The Nike Vomero 17 does have some ZoomX foam in the midsole, so does it end up being a more exciting all-rounder than the Pegasus 40? Nick gives his thoughts in this video.

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00:15 – Design & Key Stats
02:26 – How’s The Fit?
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05:54 – Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and in this video we're going to Be comparing the Nike vomero 17 and the Nike Pegasus 40. [Music] So the vomero 17 and Pegasus 40 are both Pretty well cushioned daily trainers Within Nike's range so the Romero is a Fair bit more cushioned and geared more Towards easy runs whereas the Pegasus is Viewed bit more as an all-rounder there Actually is quite a lot of overlap Between them which is why we wanted to Compare the two shoes Pegasus is the Cheapest shoe it's 115 pounds or 130 Dollars the vomero is 160 not sure on The pound price yet and if a Mario 17 is Coming out it's Autumn the Pegasus is Already out the vomero 17 weighs in 303 Grams or 10.7 ounces in my UK size 9 Whereas the Pegasus 40 is 292 grams or 10.3 ounces both have a 10 millimeter Drop but the vomero stack height goes Right up towards 40 millimeters at the Heel whereas the Pegasus is 33 Millimeters at the heel so it comes down To 23 at the forefoot for the design of America an engineered mesh upper with Lots of padding around the heel a fairly Substantial internal heel counter there And then side walls of foam at the back Of the shoe which helps to make sure It's stable despite the slightly higher Stack you've got a dual density midsole

Top layer is Nike Zoom X the best foam In the Browns range the stuff used on Things Invincible they fly the alpha fly Then you've got a cushlon 3.0 layer of Foam underneath still fairly soft foam To the touch as an EVA foam and this Dual density midsole means you get that Softer feeling on top but overall quite A durable and stable midsole thanks to The cushion layer beneath and you've got A waffle tread outsole which is not a Full outsole with this Gap here but There's large segments that cover pretty Much the most of the bottom half of the Shoe and I wouldn't have any concerns About durability with this it's a nice Thick layer of rubber and grip's been Pretty good for me as well Texas 40 has A mesh upper as well and it's also got Quite a lot of padding around the heel And tongue pretty similar design at the Back of the shoe to the vomero all round The midsole is Nike's react foam with Two Air Zoom pods one under the heel and One under the forefoot those add a Little bit more pop and energy return to The ride with react foam being a fairly Dull foam but pretty comfortable and not Too heavy but nothing too exciting There's a really Durable foam good Workhorse foam for a work or shoe like The Pegasus you've also got the waffle Outsole on the on the Pegasus 40 but Slightly different outsole pattern a bit

More rubber cover Bridge similarly thick Layer though and similarly good Durability and grip to the Romero not Really much to choose between the two Shoes on that front Foreign Shoes and my normal size which is a uk-9 Which is a us-10 for Nike that's my Normal size for Nike I have it pretty Much across their entire range and both Of these shoes fit me really well in That size really had no concerns at all About the fit good amount of room in the Forefoot I don't think it's especially Narrow fit on either shoe and then You've got good hold around the midfoot And heel as well so yeah I would stick To your normal running shoe size with Both the vomero and the Pixis 40 your Normal Nike size [Music] So these are both day training cushion Daily training shoes that have similar Geometry all round I'd say but obviously The Romero has the higher stack and it Has that softer midsole foam especially On the top there with the layer of Zoom X it's something that people actually Been asking for in the Pegasus for a While I know ever since the original Pegasus turbo which had a dual density Midsole with sumex over react foam I Will say now that Romero is not like the Pegasus turbo it's a much heavier less

Responsive shoe geared much more towards Easy running but it does a very good job Of that it's really soft to comfortable Underfoot thanks to that Zoom X phone And having that layer does give a little Edge on the pegasus with it slightly More a standard midsole that's made of That react foam both of them have a Fairly similar ribo which is it's fairly Flat ride there's not a lot of rocker Going on with either shoe you get a bit Of snap through when you're running at PACE but nothing too smooth and flowing It's quite a traditional feel with both Shoes with a mirror the extra Comfort is Particularly noticeable on long runs Under the forefoot where you've just got A substantially higher stack of foam Than the Pegasus under the forefoot with The softer Zoom X foam on top there as Someone who heel strikes snaps through Onto my 430 noticeable how much more Comfortable the Romero was on runs you Know going Beyond 20K or so it's not That the Pegasus 40 is uncomfortable but Just got a lot less foam under the Forefoot and it's a slightly firmer foam So you do feel the ground a bit more and I just prefer the more comfortable feel Of the mirror for those long runs uh When you're looking just for a nice Relaxed easy Pace Pegasus is still soft At the heel though and when I was Running in both shoes at the same time

It actually surprised me how soft and Comfortable it felt underfoot you can Think of America be a massive Step Up in Comfort because of the zoo Max foam There and the higher stack but it's Actually not that big a step up it Certainly is a bit softer and that is Nose blood of the forefoot like I say But overall Pegasus is still certainly a Very comfortable shoe just for mooching Around in on easy runs first 30 wise I'd Say the Pegasus has a little bit more Snap to it you get a slightly faster Transition from the shoe when you're Running quickly and I think it firms up A little bit more under 30 in quite a Good way it's not giving you a lot of Bounce back but it does turn over fairly Quickly so you can do faster efforts in It but then the vomero probably gives You a little bit more back in terms of The amount of Bounce you get underfoot Because of the uh the zoom X line in the Midsole there so was looking at it Breaking down to like short hard efforts I probably think the Pegasus is a Slightly better shoe for them because It's a bit lighter and it's got that Firmer feeling it feels like you could Turn your legs over really nicely but if You're looking at sustaining a good Pace Over longer distances the Romero has the Edge there because it does give you that Little bit more bounce and it is a bit

More comfortable and they both got good Outsoles markers haven't really got any Complaints to them there I think Romero Runs slightly hotter than the Pegasus And neither of them are the coolest most Breathable shoes like it's not a problem Here in the UK at all but if you live in A very hot and humid environment then Maybe the Vermeer in particular might Start to feel a bit hot but overall I'd Say they're about par on both of those Things and they both feel similarly Stable to me as well like the mirror's Got that soft foam and it's a high issue But it doesn't feel unstable to me at All like it's got a fairly wide base I've got the side walls of foam at the Heel and I didn't have any problems with Stability myself I am a neutral runner Though I will say that and the Pegasus Is also quite naturally stable thanks to That Thermo react foam in the midsole And the relatively low profile compared To something like the famero so no Concerns on those fronts with either Shoot Thank you So on the verdict I slightly prefer the Ride feel of the mirror mode myself if You're looking at these purely as Cushioned shoes mainly for day training And easy runs I think you get a slightly Softer more comfortable ride from the Vomero especially under the forefoot and

When it comes to long runs I think the Difference between them is a bit bigger If you're in marathon training regularly Clocking up like 20K runs that kind of Thing I much prefer the Romero for those Compared to the Pegasus same time as Your most of your easy runs are going to Be you know five miles 10K that kind of Thing then the Pegasus will do just a Good job of those for sure and overall There's not a huge difference between The two shoes in general while the Pegasus is a fair bit cheaper so that is Obviously a big plus point for the Pegasus that it is coming in a fair bit Cheaper if you're looking for a Do-it-all shoe and you're planning to do Lots of speed work in it and you realize You can have one shoe in your rotation Then the Nike Pegasus 40 is probably the More versatile shoe it's got slightly Better balance of weight and stack Height that make it a bit more Nimble For Speed work while still having enough Comfort for long stuff if you're looking For the comfortable Cruiser of a shoe That you're just going to use for easy Runs then it would be the Vermeer myself Would say though there's so much overlap Between these tissues and how I think They work that I probably wouldn't buy These two in a rotation together if You're going to get the Romero I'd then Get a much lighter nimbler shoe as your

Speed work shoe or even the plated Trainer if you are going to get the Pegasus I think you're quite well Covered for an easier as well there so I Wouldn't necessarily go out and get the Vomero as well that's how I position Them you've got a little bit more Versatility from the Pegasus and it is Still comfortable but the Camaro is the Softer shoe the better shoe for long Runs you've got that sumax phone there But don't come in expecting a very Lively you know uh responsive ride just Because it's kind of a zMAX phone there This isn't the Pegasus turbo Reincarnated it's a really nice cushion Shoe for easy and long runs but it's not As spectacularly soft as something like The Invincible which has obviously got So much who makes the midsole it ends up Being a bit wobbly it's a more balanced Shoe than that but at the same time it Hasn't hasn't really got the punch of Something like the papers turbo which Had Zoom X foam as well so I do think It's a fairly versatile cushion shoe but Pegasus is that a little bit more Versatile the Romero is more for those Easy and long runs [Music] So that's a comparison of the Pegasus And the vomero 17 let us know which of These you rate more highly which you Rather have as your daily trainer please

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