The Romero 17 is a cushion shoe within Nike's lineup it's a big stack shoe that Sits alongside things like the Invincible Infinity as a cushioned Option primarily for easy and long runs But it is a pretty versatile daily Training option as well it's going to be Available in the Autumn of this year and It costs 160 dollars don't have a Confirmed UK price yet for the Camaro 17. it's got a high stack height that Hits around 40 millimeters but haven't Got that exactly confirmed but it does Have a drop of 10 millimeters and it Weighs into 303 grams or 10.7 ounces in My UK size nine exciting thing about the Camaro is it's got some Zoom X foam in The midsole which is Nike's best foam It's a Piva based foam and you've got a Top player of it within the vomero over A layer of cushlon 3.0 this is an EVA Foam that's a little bit firmer more Durable than the zoom X foam on top Create that tool density effect you've Got that softer bouncier top layer with A firmer more durable layer beneath got Engineered mesh upper with lots of Padding around the heel and tongue of The shoe and then an internal heel Counter plus size