The Nike Wildhorse 8 is the latest update to Nike’s trail running shoe that’s built for comfort over longer distances.

Nike’s has made some notable changes to the latest Wildhorse to help make it one that’s a better fit for off-road runs, including a reworked upper and outsole.

Tester Mike has put in some early running time with the Wildhorse 8 to see what the Nike trail running shoe is made of.

(Thanks to SportShoes for providing us with the review sample used in this video)

00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Price and What’s new from Wildhorse 7?
02:04 – How does it fit
03:01 – The Run Test
08:45 – Initial verdict

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Foreign Testers and this is our first run review Of the Nike Wild Horse 8 just a note That sports shoes has provided us with Review sample use in this video that Haven't paid us to do this review they Haven't had input in terms of what's in This video this is purely our thoughts On the Nike Wild Horse 8. So here's the lowdown on the Nike Wild Horse eight so first we'll start with The price and it's priced at 114 pounds 95 in the UK or 130 in the US now in our UK size eight it weighed in at 317 grams And it is a shoe with an eight Millimeter drop steel with knights react Based midsole and an engineered mesh Upper down below you've got a mix of Hydration Rubber and Mitten rubber to Provide good grip on the sense and wet Weather Like includes a rock plate in the Forefoot's pride cushioning and harder Terrain with a cushion collared to Provide more Comfort further back so What is actually different on the Wild Horse 8 from the world war 7 well it Looks like Nike has tried to rework a Few of the elements here on the shoe to Make it ultimately silly shoe that You're going to want to run long in but It's going to deliver something that's Comfortable uh and just a little bit More reliable in terms of that

Performance now there definitely is some Changes in the upper Department Particularly I think uh kind of what You're getting at the collar here which It was a little bit of a different Makeup in terms of what we got on the Previous wild horse shoes and you've got These kind of side rails here as well Sort of a bit more stability but also Add a little bit of kind of bounce on Top of that midsole react space midsole As well too And then you've got this out so it does Feel like it is going to be a little bit More aggressive than previous shoes and Obviously you know generally Nike shoes Or kind of outsoles haven't been Fantastic or not generally fantastic on Those kind of kind of wetter surfaces Maybe you know traction wise and kind of You know a sense in Hillier can I climbs As well and it looks like we're going to Get a little bit more from this outsole On the Wild Horse a so yeah quite a few Things it looks like that Nike has tried To rework on the world will say Ultimately hopefully to make it a better Shoe how does it perform on the Run Let's get into that first run to find Out So fit for me was absolutely fine in my UK size 8 on the Wild Horse a now Generally I have a pretty good Experience with the fit on Nike shoes in

General and particularly on the trail Shoes I think probably only the night Convincible I always find a little bit Long for me but in terms of The Wild Horse 8 was absolutely fine I Was very happy in terms of the level of Space I was getting in front up front in The toes here the midfoot kind of hold Is very very good as well I thought I Got a nice kind of lockdown as well Which kind of maybe surprised me a Little bit in terms of this kind of Setup here and also obviously I know There's a change in terms of how this Kind of Hill looks and how the kind of Collar kind of is designed now from Previous wild horses and for me it Worked really really nicely from that Point of view so for me I would say go To size I've got quite skinny kind of Feet in general and I didn't have any Issues in terms of the level of room the Kind of hold I got in this shoe and Ultimately how comfortable it fitted in That kind of first run as well So I've just got back from my first run In the Nike Wild Horse I did just under 10 miles at very easy going Pace it's Pretty hot out there I definitely went Chasing or kind of hunting out the kind Of shady trails near me And if anyone That lives in South London I did a part Of the Vanguard Way and then I kind of Came back and

That allowed me to pick up um you know a Trail where I know is going to be pretty Quiet also you're going to shaded but Also I could kind of roll through as Well but I did manage to get you know Run on a kind of mixture of terrain as Well get a little bit of elevation in There as well too so really got get a Sense of what this shoe is kind of Capable of I think the first thing Really Strike you know kind of struck me Ultimately I'm literally putting this Shoe on is that it feels very Comfortable this upper feels very very Nice to wear and from a comfort point of View it feels very good I think Particularly here back in the here where I think this you know I know this has Kind of changed from previous wild Horses About the kind of padding that you get Here and also that in combination with The pattern you get from the tongue it Really sits very nicely around that part Of the foot and I think lockdown wise it Works really well as well you know you Don't get a massive amount of pressure From those lace on top of that tongue as Well which I really liked and I felt you Know I never felt that it wasn't very Well locked in kind of on the top of the Laces space wise in front of the you Know in front of the toes very very

Roomy um you know no issues from that Point of view and again nice hold at the Mid foot as well too now in terms of the Rise Obviously you've got the um a nice kind Of react midsole foam here Um now I've run in the kind of things Like the Terra Geiger and the night Pegasus uh as well so react-based um Shoes as well and obviously there's the Zagama has a zoom X Um I know for me you know I think the React midsoles in general are very very Good in terms of running on trails and I Think what I found was it was pretty Smooth very stable Um in terms of wanting to pick up the Pace now it's not heavy shoe but also it Didn't feel like a shoe that I want I Could feel I could run and pick up the Pacing massively and so I think if you Were looking for a shoe or a night trial Shoe that you'd run once around quick And I'm not necessarily sure that's what The shoe is capable of but I don't think That's what it's really designed for I Think it's really about logging a lot of Time on your feet I think in terms of when I sank bank it Back into that midsole I felt very well Protected particularly at the back of This shoe Um and kind of at the heel where I kind Of dropped back in and I think as I said

I think the ride feels very smooth very Stable very well protected I never you Know the the feeling of running an issue Didn't change over that kind of run that I did and I think that is a a good sign A positive sign for me normally it just Felt very nice to running I said become From a comfort point of view it felt Very good very good Um and says other things I think the Outsole wise you know I've had a bit of A mixed experience of the outsoles and Nike shoes I think particularly when You're kind of on muddier kind of softer Terrain well I think there's a bit more Going on on this outsole when you Compare it to some of the other charges It's definitely a little bit more Um in terms of what you're getting here I was on pretty kind of hard Trails Pretty dry at the moment Um it felt pretty you know pretty um Stable from that point of view I didn't Have any issues I did a little bit of Road Um it was fine on road I don't Particularly want to run a lot of road Kind of Pavements um really with it but I think in terms of kind of harder kind Of trails it felt right and it was kind Of softer you know when I was kind of on That kind of shadier route where it was A little bit softer in terms of the Ground it felt absolutely fine as well I

Think the cushion worked really well Intended with that outsole as well too What I'd like to see is how the outsole Kind of performs in kind of wetter kind Of muddier terrain where I think Sometimes Nikes Um you know outsides on their trail Shoes can sometimes come up a little bit Short but ultimately in terms of that Run on the kind of drier surfaces it was Absolutely fine so the other things I'll Probably mentioned is like what kind of Protection you're getting here from this Shoe and now obviously you're getting I Don't think you're getting a massive Amount you know when you compare it to Some other shoes that are designed for No longer kind of you know runs or you Know being out on Trials for a lot Longer there isn't a massive amount here I didn't have any issues in terms of Protection I felt okay in terms of Running kind of scrambling down from Kind of um the kind of Hillier parts of My route Um from that point of view but I don't Think you're getting a massive amount in Terms of that protection here so if you Wanted a highly protected shoe I don't Think necessarily you're getting that Here but I think if you've got pretty Safe kind of comfortable terrain kind of Light to moderate terrain I think I Think you'd be absolutely fine you know

I'll obviously we'll try out some more Technical stuff normally I think from That point of view I'm not 100 convinced Or maybe sure that it will work on Something a bit more challenging but in Terms of What I used it on and the roots that I Did you know it was absolutely fine from That point of view so yeah you know it's You know I've had a bit I said I've had A bit of mixed experience with Nike Trail shoes in general but from a first Run I actually really really liked the Shoe had a very positive experience I Would say it was very comfortable that Was the thing that really Shone for me And then obviously you've got a Nike you Know react-based midsole which I think Works in terms of obviously something That feels very stable very comfortable That you know very well protected as Well Um and you know gives you that kind of Smooth feeling you know and those are The kind of things I think you'd Probably want on your longer runs Um in terms of being a shoe that you Want to run a bit quicker in I'm not Sure this is the shoe and Nike's kind of You know collection of Charities that You want to do it in so you may want to Pair it with another shoe if you're Planning to do some kind of quicker race Racing kind of off-road aren't like but

A very positive first experience I think At that first run I definitely want to See how it performs when I can maybe run A little bit kind of you know in Conditions where maybe they're a little Bit wetter maybe a little bit uh going a Little bit longer in it as well to see How it holds up or whether that you know That experience I've had so far remained Consistent as well on longer distances As well but so far so good I would say And you know as I said you know I've not Absolutely loved every night trouser That I've run in recently but the Definite shoe I'm looking forward to Running in a bit more So some initial thoughts on the Nike Wild Horse Say and after that first run Pretty good so far um and it's Interesting because I've had a bit of a Mixed experience with Knights Trail Shoes in general recently I've used a Terra Geiger these are gamma I do use The Pegasus Trail a fair bit as well Still but I think this shoe in terms of What it's designed for You know this is someone it hasn't run In a wild horse shoe before it feels Like a shoe that's comfortable it's Going to be comfortable to run long and It felt pretty good for me on that first Run you know a few things that I would Like to see with you know kind of more Testing and you know longer runs in them

Is how this outsole is going to kind of Perform because In general the outsole on Nikes trail Shoes are not perfect particularly I Think with some in terms of softer Terrain and maybe muddy terrain you know It's pretty dry at the moment but it'd Be interested to see how it performs in That front I know it's a massively uh Protective shoe from that point of view As well but in terms of comfort in terms Of fit in terms of the ride being smooth Stable all the kind of things I would Look for and kind of long runs where I'm Not really putting a massive emphasis on Pace which I think you know I wouldn't Want to run quicker I don't feel like I Would want to run quick in this shoe it Felt pretty solid overall so yeah and It's a huge you know a night trouser That I'm actually looking forward to Running a lot more in which I think with The kind of previous shoes I've tested Recently you know I was a bit on the Fence whether I was you know desperate To get back out on them but I think with This in terms of what it's designed for I think you know it feels like it it Fits a bill from that point of view so All very positive so far as I said I'd Like to see how it performs in terms of That kind of outsole maybe some kind of Mixture of terrain and see how it Performs when it's pushed a little bit

More in its limits a little bit longer But yeah so far so good all very Positive for me so far Um yeah you know I'm enjoying that very On that first run and looking forward to Running a lot more in the Nike Wild Horse 8. so just in terms of how the Wild Horse compares to I would say you Know looking at some of the other night Trial shoes and the trousers that I've Run in I think obviously you look at Something like the um kind of Pegasus um Trail it feels like that shoe's a bit More um capable of running a little bit Quicker and it's lighter as well so this Is probably one of the heavy issues in Nikes Um Range I think you look at something Like the Terra guy again it's kind of That kind of real kind of low Drop kind Of very you know connected kind of feel In terms of how you're running that Shooting it definitely feels like it it Feels a little bit more Nimble and Obviously it's going to be a lot lighter Than shoes well definitely is about the Cushioning on this shoe in terms of what You're getting here compared to some of The other Nike shoes and offering that Kind of bigger level of protection I Think ultimately And obviously offering a little bit more In terms of the overall Comfort over Longer distances as well and think about

Other shoes that I ultimately or Instantly think about in terms of Comparing the shoe to I think obviously Things like their Hocker speed get five Which we obviously do lovely I think or That's you maybe you are getting Something that feels a little bit more Lively in terms of the ride maybe you're Getting a little bit more in terms of Protection as well again you know the Verdict is out in terms of what you're Getting in the outsole but they're going To speak out five out so I was very very Good that kind of um Vibram outsole that You get there so I think ultimately it's going to be a Shoe that feels it's going to work in Terms of how Knight best defines it it Feels like there's improvements here on The Wild Horse seven and the Wild Horse 6 as well so that is definitely a Positive here but yeah in terms of how It sits in those other Nike shoes Definitely the more comfortable it's Going to be a bit heavier but I don't Think it runs heavy Um but obviously more protected and Again I think you know like shoes Against you know things like the speed Goat five I think maybe you're getting Something a bit more versatile elsewhere Outside of this shoe that kind of you Know you know sit in the same category Okay so there you have it some initial

Pretty positive thoughts on the Nike Wild Horse Say obviously plenty more Running to do in the shoe before we give It our full review but if you've got any Questions about the shoot let us know in The comments as always like And Subscribe hit that little bell to find Out about latest videos and yeah we'll See in the next run tests video Foreign