Welcome to our first run look at the new Nike Structure 25 – a support shoe that’s built for comfort and stability over long distances. It packs a bigger stack and bigger drop than its predecessor. But is this the supportive daily trainer slash easy shoe you’ve been waiting for? We’ve put in some early miles to find out. Hit play for our Nike Structure 25 first run review.

0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Design Details
2:02 – Fit
2:18 – The Run Test
3:56 – First Run Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And our first run look at the new Nike Structure 25 now this support shoe That's built for comfort and stability Over long distances so is this the Supportive daily trainer easy shoe that You've been waiting for well I've put in Some miles to find out so watch on for My first round impressions of the Nike Structure 25. [Music] Details then well the structure 25 has a Bigger stack than its predecessor with 37.7 mils in the heel and 27.7 mils in The four foot for a 10 mil drop that's a Bigger drop overall 10 mil compared to The 8 mil on the 24. it's also heavier Than the structure 24 weighing in a Pretty hefty 10.7 ounces or 304 grams in Our UK men's size eight and a half test Shoe price wise it's also going to eat Around 130 of your US dollars Let's have a quick look at the design And what's new then well the Nike Structure 25 designed as a stable Comfortable runner for long distances And this 25th Generation update now Comes with boosted cushion and support The midsole features a higher stack of Updated cushlon 3.0 Eva Blended foam and Nike says this brings extra better Energy return and a softer ride to boot There's more of that foam and the Support comes from the enhanced arch

Support that's here to help Runners that Tend to overpronate as well when you Look at the uppers up top you've got a Single layer mesh and as with all uppers The big claim here is that they provide Better breathability but it's actually Still pretty dense and structured Overall as it goes with uppers the hill Collars and tongues are very well padded Minimal shoe this is not there's also a Substantial heel counter that's quite Narrow to lock your heel in place and Hold it firm flip them over and you've Got a really good covering of outsole Rubber with some waffle style lugs here Covering the main midfoot forefoot Section and this sources and ridge grip Patterns on the lateral side as well That looks like it's going to give Pretty good durability [Music] Now when it came to fit I ran in a UK And a half which is my usual running Shoe size and I found the fit spot on It's snug and secure but not too Restrictive you get good heel hold and I Would recommend going true to size based On that first run that I've done [Music] Now onto the run test I've actually done A couple of runs in issues about 15 Miles so far that's mainly on tarmac With a bit of uneven River path thrown In to test that overall stability that's

Largely at slower Paces I have put in Some faster paced interval sessions in My runs as well in those early miles I Found that the structure 25 have a good Volume of that cushlon cushioning and That soaks up a lot of the road and the Bumps and there is some response here They're not completely dull you get more If you're Landing further up to the Forefoot but they definitely run firmer Than many of the recent slew of big Stacked cushioned daily or easy trainers That you'll find out there and you will Need to like a firmer ride to enjoy this Shoe and when you compare them to this Neutral kind of sibling I think the Closest shoe the Nike vomero 17 you Definitely notice the lack of the zoom X Foam layer which you get on the Romero 17 which adds a little more pop in that Shoe and there's no escaping overall That this is a heavy shoe as well it has That look about it and you feel it on The run for sure at times I found the Run or the ride to be a little bit Slappy a little bit clumpy I found the Transition were a little bit sluggish For my liking the flip of course though Is that firmness and those slow Transitions definitely boost stability Which is something you might be looking For if you're looking for the shoe but I Still think it puts it into the bracket Of an easy plug shoe that's suited to

Long slower mileage rather than anything Faster I didn't feel it performed well At those kind of faster Paces now They're super plush as well the heel Collar padding keeps that heel counter At Bay but the uppers also feel a bit Tad hot to me and the structure 24 I Didn't really find had great Breathability despite Nike's claims that Was at least in those early runs that I Did Thank you Now onto my first round verdict well This isn't really a shoe for me it's too Heavy I think it lacks response and even Though I tend to like a firmer shoe I Felt like it was a bit hard work at Slower Paces I like a bit more energy I Like my shoes to disappear a little bit More on the foot you could really I was Really kind of aware of it when I was Running but then I don't think this shoe Is aimed at me so that's probably not a Huge surprise and if you are after a Firmer ride in a stable easy run shoe or You're looking for a more subtle subdued Response to help with that stability Over longer runs and you don't mind Carting a little bit of extra weight on Your feet then the shoe might actually Be for you and it could do a good job The support is there in Spades there is A really good stable platform to run off And though it's not setting the world on

Fire I think in terms of response for an Easy Clip along shoe with good stability This is okay you know it's pretty good And one big thing I think it has going For it as well is durability durability Wise this has all the Hallmarks of a Shoe that's going to take a lot of Mileage So they have it that has been my first Run verdict of the Nike structure 25 I hope you've enjoyed it if you have any Questions for the full review hit me up In the comments below don't forget to Like subscribe as well ring that Bell so You'll get notified when that full Review lands and other shoes we've got Some great content on the channel right Now there's a brilliant best cushion Shoes video that I'll put on the screen About now otherwise it's been a pleasure Talking to you and happy running people Good luck with whatever it is that You're trying to achieve out there