The Nike Zoom X Ultrafly Trail is Nike’s first trail running shoe to feature a carbon-fibre plate. Designed as the brand’s trail racing shoe, the shoe features Nike’s ZoomX midsole foam, a full carbon Flyplate, and a Vaporweave upper. Nike has partnered with Vibram for the outsole, which is designed to be grippier on uneven terrain. Jane has taken the shoe out for some trail miles, and gives us her early verdict.

00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Design and Key Stats
02:21 – How’s The Fit?
03:38 – First Run
05:31 – Early Verdict

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Foreign [Music] Testers and I'm here doing my first run In the new Nike ultrafly Trail it's Nike's first trail running shoe with a Carbon fiber plate I'm wearing it on Some light Trails here And yeah I'll be testing it today on a Light trail and I will yeah let you know How I find it [Music] So now I've been teasing this shoe for About a year their athletes have had it For a while now and it's finally here It's the first trail running shoe that Has Zoom X foam and a carbon fiber plate And I could call that the fly plate it's Definitely a fast shoe think of this as The vapor fly of the trail running world It's not designed for kind of easy runs On a trail park run or dog walks it's Designed to be going quick on the trails They've done a partnership with Vibram For this shoe and it's got this Vibram Outsole which is designed to be a lot Grippier a lot of Nike trail running Shoes have that little drawback that They're not all that grippy on the Trails which is a huge drawback for a Trail running shoe But that's been solved it's a grippy Outsole with some deeper lugs for the Upper Knight's got the vapor weave that We've seen on the outline the vapor fly

It is a lot thicker here it's not as Breathable but you wouldn't want it to Be on a trail running shoe in the same Racing tongue very thin lies flat Against the foot that we've seen on The Vapor fly and the alpha fly Shoe has an 8.5 millimeter offset and it Weighs in at 249 grams in the women's 300 grams in the men's shoe it's out on July 27th I think like a lot of Nike Super Shoes it will be hard to get hold Of but hopefully throughout August There'll be more shoes available at the Moment I've only seen it in this white And orange colorway I imagine they'll Launch it in loads of different color Ways but this is This is the colorway I've only I've seen So far and it's 250 dollars 234 pounds ish I've not had the pound The UK pricing confirmed but I imagine It's going to be the same as the Vaporfly 3 because it's 250 in the US so It's an expensive trail running shoe So the fit I found this true to size This is my normal size in Nike that said It does feel different it fits very Different to the other Super Shoes it's Got a much much much wider toe box when I got this out the box I thought it Looked too big but it is it does fit It's just got a wider toe box Which you want you don't want your toes To be jammed up against the edge on a

Trail running shoe but I've definitely Got a lot of room there's a really Really locked in fit in this shoe which I'll get onto in my first run which is It's a good thing it's definitely a good Thing you want to be locked in on the Trails this doesn't feel like you're Running on the trails in a super shoe You don't feel unstable you're locked in But there's not a huge amount of give in The vaporweave upper it's not very Flexible so once you're locked in you're You're in kind of thing Um much room your toe box but aside from That it fit true to size I just did Struggle to get the fit right I'll talk About this in my first run but I found That if it was too tight I did get a Little bit of rubbing on the heel where I was kind of locked in in the wrong Position so it takes a little bit of Tweaking but it's much better it's still A positive thing much better to be Locked in than feel like you're sliding Around in a trail running shoe [Music] So my first run I'm going to talk about What I liked and what I didn't love so I Loved that I could wear this shoe from My door to the trails I probably live About I'm only running about 200 meters on Concrete but I think when I've worn Other trail running shoes to get to the

Trail you really feel it if I'm running In something like the Wild Horse I Really feel that there's not a lot of Cushioning under my foot when I'm Running on concrete obviously trail Shoes aren't designed for concrete but This you can definitely wear on the Roads you probably wouldn't want to Because you're going to wear the Up You're going to wear the outsole quicker But there's with the zoom X foam and the Carbon play you've got enough bands to Run on the you can run from your door to The trails in this shoe definitely this Shoe has an amazing bounce but it's a Balanced bounce you don't feel like You're being propelled over uneven Ground in a super shoe you definitely Feel balanced in this shoe but it does Have that exciting bounce that you get From the zoom X foam and the carbon Fiber play that we've seen in other Nike Super Shoes as I mentioned in the fit of The shoe I did feel super secure in this Shoe but there isn't a lot of give so I Think I've done I've actually done two Runs in this shoe because I'm still Coming back from a little bit of an Injury so I've done two shorter runs on Light Woodland Trails they weren't Awfully wet and muddy at this time of Year but they were definitely Trails you Know uneven ground rocks tree roots Etc And I did feel on the first run fit

Great no problem on the second run I Definitely did the lace up a bit tight And I was a bit too tight in the shoe And I got a little bit of rubbing on the Heel as I said there's not an awful lot Of give and once you're locked in you're In so I would I think it's a fine line But I guess that comes with time and you Don't want to really pull those laces Tight It's my early verdict I'm looking Forward to doing a lot more running in These I know that Nick and Kieran are Hopefully getting their hands on it and We'll put it on through their Paces God Knows where Kieran will take it but They'll do much more technical much Longer Trails but I'm looking forward to Getting back out on the trails on this This is such an exciting trail running Shoe I really hope that this outsole Gets rolled across the line of all of Nike's trail running shoes because it is Much much grippier You do feel a lot more secure I've worn The peg Trail in the winter on trails And walking the dog and it's been a bit Slippy I've not had full confidence in It so I've been really impressed and I Hope this gets rolled out across all the Shoes obviously this this is a super Shoe it is expensive but hope and it's a Lot of money to spend but you are Spending it it is because of the zoom X

Foam and the Fly plate As I said you wouldn't buy this shoe if You're doing the odd trail run or if You're if you're just walking the dog This is definitely a shoe to buy if You're racing on the trails or if you Want to do super long runs on the trails This has got this has got the the Versatility to do that it's not a shoe For the everyday kind of plots on the Trail that said I am hoping because of This outsole it is durable I'm not ever sure how durable a carbon Plate is but I'm hoping that you could Use this shoe for longer runs and for Training runs and then racing it it's a Really expensive shoe and I always hate Recommending a 250 shoe but it was Amazing I have been so impressed by this Shoe it has lived up to the hype for me And I'm really looking forward to doing A lot more testing in it Foreign