The Air Max 90 is iconic sneaker, but paired with the name Off White it becomes a must cop. Except for this eBay pick up was definitely not up to par. The classic Off White Ripstop material, foam and soles had become completely yellow. In today’s Customs and Restorations with Vick we walk you through how to remove yellowing not only on the soles, but the sneaker as a whole.

To kick off this total restoration we relied on the RESHOEVN8R Signature Bundle to give the sneaker a proper deep clean and fully flush out the materials. The pretreatment broke down all of the dirt and created all the bubbles necessary while the laundry system went down to the deep portions of the sneakers. Pro tip: The Laundry System is the ONLY way to clean ripstop material successfully. What you see here is all the tips and tricks to achieve these results yourself. After all, with the right tools you can do it all.

After the washing cycle was done we used RESHOEVN8R Sole Revive to remove yellowing from the midsole and outsole of icy bottoms. Yellowing on sneakers is inevitable, but it is not irreversible! All you need is Sole Revive, 4500W of UV rays and a whole lot of patience. After 6 days and a few applications these are looking brand new.

I’d say these were worth the price from eBay… Are you willing to put this much time and effort into cleaning your kicks?!

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00:00 Introduction
01:31 How To Clean Mesh Uppers
02:04 How to Deep Clean Insides of Shoes
02:47 How to Clean Soles of Shoes
04:11 How to Remove Yellowing from Uppers
05:38 How to Wash Sneakers in the Washing Machine
06:22 How to Remove Yellowing from Soles
07:59 How to Clean Off White Sneakers
08:40 Benefits of UV Rays
10:28 Before and Afters

What's up everybody?! For today's project we got these beat Off-White
Air Max 90s, the challenge today is to remove All this yellowing there's lots of it. I got these for a great price on eBay however
they didn't come with any laces or accessories But I might have some replacement parts in
the Boneyard we got a lot of work ahead of Us so let's get started. To start this project we're going to be using
RESHOEVN8R'S Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit to Give this shoe a proper deep clean and inside
and out. First things first we'll put this shoe to
the side for before and after purposes. Next we're going to take out the insole. The insole is super dirty, you guys this is
going to be a separate cleaning on its own, So we're gonna put this to the side. Now we're only going to be focusing on the
shoe let's grab our Shoe Tree, adjust it to Size once you put it in the shoe that's going
to help us apply pressure on the toe box during The cleaning. All prepped when it comes to these Off-White
sneakers it's really hard to clean up mainly Because of this rip stop material there's
a lot of layers to it all that grime and dirt Gets trapped underneath if I scrub just a
surface area you're not going to be doing Much because all that grime is stuck in between
I got a scrub from the inside to the outside Use a compressor, brush there's a lot to it
so we're gonna keep it simple at first and Grab our solution squirt it into our bowl
of water and start by using our Soft Bristle Brush. Now that I got the solution in the bowl of
water before I start scrubbing with the Soft Bristle Brush there's one more thing we got
to do with the combination of the Soft Bristle Brush and the air compressor we're going to
blow off any of debris from the inside and Focus on this rip style material we want to
blow off any surface dust we don't want to Push it deeper in with the solution and brush
[Music]. Now let's go head and start scrubbing with
our Soft Bristle Brush as I'm cleaning the Shoe I'm still going to be using the compressor
specifically on the rip stop areas to continue To push that Grime and dirt out. [Music] [Music] So far so good we're done with the first cleaning
session of the uppers we're gonna let the Suds sit on the uppers for a little bit longer,
so we can continue to break down all the grime

And dirt. We're going to focus now on the soles for
the best results using Sole Revive, you want To have these clear soles as clean as possible
so we're going to be using a combination of The Stiff Bristle Brush and Brass Bristle
Brush to get these rubber soles as clean as Possible. We'll start with the stiff. [MUSIC] All right I underestimated the Stiff Bristle
Brush it did a great job cleaning out these Soles but I'm still going to use the Brass
Bristle Brush to make sure we get every little Piece of grime off these soles. [MUSIC] Soles are all cleaned up they're ready for
Sole Revive I also have a new mat and some Fresh water so we're not reintroducing the
dirt back onto this shoe. Now for this next part we're back onto the
uppers but we're gonna kick it up a notch We're going to be using a combination of a
RESHOEVN8R Solution and OxiClean white revive Between these two we should be able to whiten
out the materials on the sneaker the chemicals Of the OxiClean is going to help us remove
the yellowing of the shoe once it's time to Put it inside the Vick 2000 under the UV rays
next we're going to grab a small scoop of Our OxiClean and some more solution mix it
up real well in our bowl of water and with The combination of our Soft Bristle Brush
and Medium Bristle Brush we're going to focus On the ripped up material on the inside and
outside. Okay [Music] [Music] Good to go with the precleaning; between the
RESHOEVN8R solution, OxiClean, medium bristle Brush, soft bristle brush and the compressor
I think our job is done here before we put The shoe in the washing machine we're gonna
go to Many Worlds they had this really cool Steam cleaner as is I think I did a great
job with this cleaning however we're still Going to use it specifically on the rip stop
areas to make sure we got the shoe as clean As possible let's go over there now. [Music] You guys we're all done with the pre-treatment
all that's left to do is put the insole and The shoe inside the Sneaker Laundry Bag to
put inside the washing machine with our detergent Parts to complete the deep clean process. [Music]
We're all done with the deep clean of this

Restoration, these shoes turned out great. We got them out of the washing machine, they're
fully dried and ready to go. We washed out all the grime and dirt thanks
to all the products and tools we used in this Video. Next step we gotta do it remove all the yellowing
on the uppers and the soles.We are going to Be using RESHOEVN8R Sole Revive and plastic
wrap.We will be adding a nice even layer around The shoe. You don't want to get it on the suede because
it can cause damage. Then we will put it in the indoor set up;
this process is going to take a good 4-5 days. Every single morning and night we will take
them out and apply a fresh coat all the way Around that way we can maximize the results. Let's go head and apply it with the paint
brush. [MUSIC] [Music] Alright this is day number five of
having to shoe inside the indoor setup under The UV rays and these are the results they
look amazing. One thing I forgot to mention before putting
the shoe inside the Vick 2000 using a combination Of the RESHOEVN8R solution, OxiClean and the
UV rays that's the only way to pull out the Yellowing from the ripstop material and after
letting them sit for a few days inside the Box these look way better than before. I can't wait to show you guys the before and
after they're not 100 perfect yet but we're Getting there now let's talk about the soles
these are basically back to its original state They're icy blue they look good after about
two and a half days I stopped applying the RESHOEVN8R Sole Revive because we got the
results we needed the only focus now is the Rip stop material. Again I'm really happy with the results on
the ripstop material but I still want to get Something that yellowing out so I'm gonna
go back with some RESHOEVN8R solution and A Soft Bristle Brush I'm gonna just focus
on the rip style materials one more time pat It down dry and stick it in the vic2000 for
one more full day [Music] [Music] Quick clean is complete got these
as dry as possible they're a little damp but That's okay the Vick 2000 gets a little warm
so they'll just naturally dry in there we're Going to put these inside the indoor setup
for another 24 hours hopefully we can get Some more of that oxidation now let's put
them inside now. [Music] After six full days we got to shoe
out of the Vick 2000 now we're on to the details Next with some scissors we're going to clean
up all the fraying on the ripstop material

Near the ankle area from all the scrubbing
I did during the cleaning . Now we're actually Setting the nap on the suede right now as
is the suede is super stiff there's nothing Soft about it to get it back to its original
state we're going to be using some 220 grit Sandpaper to go over the entire thing the
idea is to shave off the top layer of suede Then with the Brass Bristle Brush we'll go
over it as well to get the areas that we couldn't Hit with the sandpaper. The biggest tip I can share with you guys
is to stay away from the stitching using the Sandpaper because it will Fray and potentially
rip the threads. Alright this restoration is basically done
all it needs is some original off-white laces They didn't come with any but you guys know
me when it comes to my old projects I always Hang on to the accessories such as random
parts or laces I'm pretty sure I have some Off-white laces in the Boneyard let's go find
out [Music] Just like I thought I have all Three original laces to the Off-White Air
Max 90s these are from an old project I'm Excited for a second I didn't think I was
going to find them I have way too much stuff The best part is I have the original hang
tag to these off-white Air Max 90s let's lace Them up [Music] thank you [Music] Alright everybody that is going to bring us
to an end on this Air Max 90 Off White project This is what I call a day and night restoration
the difference is clear this shoe looks like A completely different shoe and the best thing
about this restoration it was pretty easy. All you need is the right tools and products
you're using RESHOEVN8R Solution and OxiClean To give the shoe a good scrubbing inside and
out we really focus on the yellowed areas After that we let the Vick 2000 to do the
rest of the work to pull out the yellow wings One last thing I want to show you is these
insoles check out the before huge nasty footprint That's a clear indication these shoes have
been heavily worn now check out the after Back to white clear day and night difference
that's going to bring us to an end on this Video again this is one of the easiest Restorations
that I've done all you need is some RESHOEVN8R Products and an indoor setup and this method
can be applied to any off-white sneaker I Hope you guys enjoyed this video this is Lake
Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday see Y'all [Music]