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Get the luxurious and elegant old money aesthetic for less! In this video, we’ll show you how to achieve this classic look without breaking the bank.

Learn how to put together stylish and sophisticated outfits that embody the old money aesthetic. From vintage finds to affordable pieces, we’ll give you tips on how to create this timeless style without spending a fortune. Upgrade your wardrobe and channel your inner old money with these budget-friendly looks!

Here's how you're going to achieve that Old money aesthetic on a budget step Number one Thrift thrifting is a gold Mine for achieving that old money look On a budget you want to hunt for Quality Sweaters jackets and polos and random Accessories like hats or simple jewelry Getting into tip number two let's talk About color palette old money style is More focused on the neutral tones these Are colors like Navy camel and other Earthy Hues these colors not only give Off that old money low-key Vibe you want To achieve but it also makes it easier To mix and match with your wardrobe Without splurging on countless other Pieces tip number three to achieve this Look is self-care look your grooming Needs to be on point most importantly Your skin care so what I'm going to Recommend to you is TE hanley's level One system it comes with everything you Need and nothing you don't including a Daily face wash an exfoliating scrub and An AM and PM moisturizer since you're on A budget click the link of my bio to get 30% off your first box plus a free gift