The On Cloudboom Echo 3 is a shoe built for racing, so we had to do a bit of racing in it didn’t we?

Testers Mike and Nick headed down to East London to put the Cloudboom Echo 3 through its paces tackling 5km and 10km distances at a hilly LeeValley VeloPark course.

Find out how they got on and whether On’s racing shoe was a hit or a miss. Plus, we run the rule over new kit from Polar, Monster and more.

Want to check out our full On Cloudboom Echo 3 multi-tester review? You can watch that here too –

(Thanks to the RunThrough team for providing us with race entry into the LeeValley VeloPark 5km and 10km races.)

00:00 – Intro
04:04 – On Cloudboom Echo 3 – The Race Test
07:10 – Other Kit Tested – Polar Ignite 3 titanium, new Garmin HR sensor and more

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Foreign Testers of course we are here at uh lee I always get Lee Valley Park Villa Park We are here for the run through uh where You're doing 5K I'm definitely 10K uh Most importantly we are testing some Shoes that kind of what we're filming This we're not allowed to kind of talk About but we will when this video goes Up uh we've got the on cloud boom echo Three so obviously this is the third Generation of orange kind of top tier Racing shoe Um in terms of your experience so far Nick in terms of when you've done what Have you done so far and what you're Kind of hoping to see from this year so I've done a long run I don't know 21 I Don't know a half marathon basically With a nice 7K pickup around inching Towards Marathon pacing them another 10K Tempo but this will be the fastest I've Run I can't do something short and short Today and test their all-out speed it Should be quite interesting I think um I'm liking them so far yeah it's just Whether they can really as always with On justify their price tag and that kind Of thing just Hill locking them now if I'm distracted yeah I mean I think I Think we could collectively say as a Team or the first nice cloudbine we Didn't absolutely love I think it got Definitely felt better on the second

Generation this feels like a markedly Different shoe I think for me personally I always found the previous dishes a Little bit too fun this feels like it's On the right side of that it's like the Cloud Tech side of things is probably Taking a bit of a step back in terms It's still there obviously but it's Still still it's not there's probably in Terms of what you're getting in terms of This shoe I've done kind of a 10K Um I've done a longer hour running it I've done a track session there I've Definitely felt a lot better than this Year than I have done in the previous Shoes so so I'm doing the 10K looking Forward to you know seeing how it Performs in terms of running a little Bit quicker when you really have to kind Of push it in this shoe and see how it Compares to other Super Shoes I've yeah Run with really Um in terms of other stuff Nick have you Got anything else you're testing yeah so I got a couple watches on today so a Couple of watches that are very good at One thing and I want to test the other Thing so basically I've got the ethics Pro 51 millimeters on I'm going to be Testing the heart rate on that against The chest strap which is linked up to The polar ignite 3 which is really bad On GPS I mean today is a really open Loop foreign

GPS against the ignite uh the epics is Very good GPS and yes it's Optical heart Rate against the chest strap linked to The polar how about you Mike so I've got A few things headphone wise I have got The Monster DNA fit uh so these are like Air hook style headphones are about 130 Pounds 130 Um obviously a little bit more in terms Of secureness Um Um so I'll be seeing how that kind of Performs as well I've had a couple of Runs with them they've been pretty good I don't think this sounds particularly Fantastic compared to some other hook Design even cheaper ones but I'm looking Forward to seeing how that goes watch Wise I've actually got the 965 and the Epics Pro and I'm really looking at the Heart rate sensor stuff because this is Something that garmin's made a big deal About with the upgraded heart rate Sensor on the epics Pro so I'll be Looking at that other than that I've got A new running belt I've chosen to Chuck On a kind of the New Balance kind of Stretch running back to see how it gets On but mainly it'll be the watches Around really the shoes and seeing how They perform really nice one I know We're here obviously for the run through Event at the Bellow Park they've had us Down for this I think thank you to them

And we've got some run through socks on They do match well with you yeah you see Those popping up in the video in a Cutaways but yeah it's actually meant to Be like 29 degrees today I thought it Was me baking and it's still cloudy and Beautiful so it might have got away with It all right I'm gonna race first and Then we'll probably catch up Individually after the races because I Might have to get home yeah so yeah [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] That was a fun fun race even if it was Very hot and hilly it was actually Surprised me a little bit it's quite up And down but I figured over 5K if I Gasped the hills I could recover on the Downhills but I was really feeling it by The end went out a bit quick and yeah I Just held on for the last 3K at a fairly Uh sedate Pace but um please turn on Something like 1628 and I really enjoyed The cloud Boomer Echo today I think it's A really sprightly shoe like going up The hills it felt very light and Nimble It's not like the lightest carbon shoe Out there but it does feel very lightly On the foot you think a nice amount of Punch from the plate there were some Good straights there with a little bit

Of a slight downhill to them where you Could really kick on and the shoe felt Like it was delivering the kind of Springy propulsion you expect from a Carbon shoe like this it didn't Absolutely wow me compared to carbon Shoes out there today I mean it's a Little hard to say over 5K you know you End up just completely out of it when You're trying to push and just get to The Finish but um I did did enjoy it Today like what I like about it is it's Reading how I drop it's got a very Aggressive rocker as well so you do get A really nice smooth push through off it And I do think it turns over really Quickly so it's a successful test of the Shoe today over rule I'd say like we'll Talk a lot more on our full review about Different strengths and weaknesses but I Think it's certainly a racer that's not Really going to let you down compared to Other options out there especially over Just the 5K distance questions really Will be about how much it's really worth Compared to other shoes when it's got Such a high price tag and there are Other shoes out there that probably Still rate a little bit higher things Like the vapor fly for the 5K run Through Lee Valley Park 10K done that Was tough now I've actually done the 10 Miler here normally do it's normally Later in a year and found it pretty good

Actually I've run pretty well finished Fourth one year and 10K that was tough Going all out trying to go all out found It pretty hard it was hot out there had To throw on Beyond cap um just before The starter race which was a good call In the end Um In terms of running in the cloud boom Echo 3 and it was tough running in a Kind of short distance with it but I Felt like I mean I felt like this when I've got a gun some longer runs in the Club America 3 is that when you start to Coast it feels really really good you Know you don't get that firmness my legs Felt pretty good when I could coast and At ease into that pace when I was kind Of doing the down here that was easier Downhill bits Hillier bits obviously Just tough in general because of the Conditions but Um it sure felt pretty good it Definitely feels like a better shoe than The last two a shoe I feel more Confident running a little bit longer in I definitely want to do another longer Run and hopefully squeeze in another Longer run at carrying mount my marathon Pace which obviously a lot Slower a little bit slower than my kind Of 10K 5K base because it was tough in Those conditions and in the shoe but the Shoe held up very well

Um it definitely feels like a much Better shoe is it better or more more Versatile in terms of the distances Um than some other kind of Super Shoes Not 100 there yet or convinced yet about It but I think in terms of sheet you Want to coast in probably my marathon Pace I would feel more confident doing It in this shoe it's just it's super Light that midsole feels so much nicer Than the previous two and outside wise Feels pretty good as well so from that Point of view pretty happy with the club So just in terms of other stuff that I Was testing I start with the headphones So these are the Monster DNA fit and Headphones to kind of ear hook style Design Um and in terms of the kind of first Couple of laps they're absolutely fine Stayed put sound is not super clear I Mean obviously they're characteristics Are kind of kind of big and Bassy like Most of Monster headphones are it kind Of isn't a DNA it's become a big Powerful sound and it was they went out To trucks and water on me Um during the race a few more laps in I Definitely found them moving about a Little bit I don't maybe need to play Around with the ear tips a little bit More there's a lot of ear tips provided With these headphones so I mean Definitely I think I'll have a little

Play around those of the Year hook Design generally stayed put but I found I got a little bit sweaty they did start To move around a little bit I don't know Whether that's the ear hook or whether That's the earbuds themselves so they Were okay not perfect as I said these Conditions very hot sweaty and this is Where they should Excel and I'm not sure 100 they absolutely nailed it on that Front uh but I said only a couple of Runs and I had one good run where I've Run a bit steady Monster DNA fit Headphones they're okay for those first Few laps when I had to start to get a Bit sweaty I had to spray some water on Myself It looks kind of and the tips kind of Moved around a little bit so not Absolutely perfect and in that uh run Test so other things I was testing so I Had the Garmin epics Pro with its kind Of upgraded heart rate sensor and the uh Garmin 400 and 965 pair to my Garmin HRM Pro Plus chest trap and I really wanted To see how well the heart rate Center on The new garm Olympics Pro which is a Newer version of the one on the on the 96.5 would perform at you know intense Kind of intense racing these feel like The optimal kind of conditions to kind Of test it actually you know having not Fully drilled into the data but the kind Of average and max heart rate readings

Were pretty much spot on based on what The watches say so from that point of View looks like it performed pretty well I mean I have had some good runs Um I've also had some mixed runs with The epics Pro against their chest strap But today race conditions looked like it Held up pretty well Um for me today And last thing was the New Balance Stretch Rumble that I kind of last Minute kind of decided to change my Usual running belt that I use I use the Decathlon Marathon belt I decided to Give this one a go I had kind of one gel And my phone in there I like to carry my Phone not as well streaming my music From it's fine it kind of held very Close didn't jump around uh when I had To get my phone and get my gel out it Was a little bit more trickier because It does not a huge amount you could fit In there but it did work it fitted my IPhone 14 no problem I fit a gel in you Could probably get some keys in there as Well it's a runny belt I would use I Think it's about 18 pounds it's not Super cheap but in terms of using a game For a race I'd have no hesitations using It and it's one I was just kind of Picked up this morning and it's kind of Worked for me and I'm glad it worked for Me because there's nothing worse than Kind of grabbing a running belt and your

Stuff starts jumping and bouncing around And no problems in that fun today Other stuff I tested today so I had the Ignite three Titanium on from Polar Which I've not really been very Impressed with the GPS at all it's the Multiband GPS watch but as with the Original ignite 3 it doesn't really Perform like that the way it's set up I Don't know if the positioning of the Antenna or something just means it Doesn't do that well in multiband mode So even today on a pretty open uh looped Course had some significant errors where It was cutting corners and swooping Around there's a bit coming back under The valet park in the Olympic Park where I think both watches struggled a little Bit because you are under the cover of The big building but being like trouble A little bit more and it also just cut Corners which didn't really need to like Further on where the epics was back on Track really taking Corners fine again Um the ignite 3 was still a bit loose Running a bit wide Um surprising and then it ended up with Slightly less distance despite the fact It seemed to run wide a fair bit so yeah It's not entirely sold in GPS it was Pretty much fine today but it wasn't Outstanding actually I forgot to put the Ethics in multi-fed mode it was in the Auto Select modes so it wasn't really at

Its most accurate best but it still Outperformed the polar ignite 3 in a Multivan mode then on the epics HR it's Kind of what I've seen so it was it's Really very good for an optical heart Rate monitor in a 5K race for the most Part it tracked very consistently Against the chest strap link to the Ignite 3 producing very similar readings Across the board you just need a little Bit of lag there so let's start the race It takes longer than the chest trap to Get up to my actual heart rate when you Know it jumps up at the start of a ratio You're sprinting out the blocks uh so It's a little bit of lag there then There was one little dip in my heart Rate in the race where the chest strap Went and the watch again took a beat or Two to catch up to that but for the most Part it's very close to it it's really Impressive multiple hot RAM on so that's A 51 millimeter watch on my pretty thin Wrist getting a very good reading Throughout the course of a 5k with no Outrageous jumps for max heart rate or Anything like battle dips so yeah pretty Good impressive performance from the Optical heart rate on the Epix Pro again Today in that race and that that was all I was testing today it was nice to get Out and race I've done that for a while Uh enjoy the enjoy the course like it's Quite a weird one the way it goes up and

Down in the valet park I think it's one I think I might enjoy for longer races Where you're controlling your pace but Over 5 or 10K like I say you think well I've got to keep pushing up this little Hill because I'm not going to get a Downhill and actually Ends up with quite a lot of little Pushes up hills throughout the course of 5K and you end up like many little mini Hill Sprints almost and it just starts To tell after a while and I was flagging A fair bit by the end but I did enjoy it About to go race there again as always From run through a very well organized Event all around easy quick in and out Job uh and a nice chance to test the Shoes Okay so there you have it that is Our 5K and 10K race test of the on cloud Boom okay and obviously we're gonna have A full review on the channel that'll be Up now as well we'll obviously have Plenty of versus videos as well to go up On this shoe once we've done a bit more Testing uh but I hope you enjoyed the Video thanks very much to run through For providing us the race entries to Test these shoes as well and for the Socks that we tried out sorts are pretty Spot on for me I normally like play the Crew socks but these are kind of halfway Between that and it's going to be Visible socks and they were absolutely Fine in terms of comfort so cheers for

Those Um as always like to subscribe hit that Little bell to find out that latest Video and yeah we'll see for the next Round test this video