The On Cloudboom Echo 3 is designed for chasing fast times over distances up to – and including – the marathon. We’ve done a full multi-tester On Cloudboom Echo 3 review on the channel already but Run Tester Kieran wanted to find out how they’d hold up running a solo marathon. The Cloudboom Echo 3 is On’s best carbon race shoe to date but are they a smart choice for chasing marathon times? Hit play for our On Cloudboom Echo 3 marathon test.

0:00 – Intro
0:57 – Quick details
2:30 – Thoughts after 18 miles
5:21 – Post-marathon wrap & verdict

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Foreign [Music] [Music] Hey people welcome to the run test it's Kieran here and I am on the transpennine Way I'm 18 miles into a marathon test of The brand new Cloud boom Echo 3 I'm Struggling a little bit I've done 18 Miles about I don't know I think coming Up to three hours my Garmin stamina Region says I've only got 1.5 miles Worth of stamina left All right but anyway this is going to be My Marathon test of the cloud we may go Through so let's tell you quickly on Route how I found them so far [Music] So then obviously got the album echo Three the whole big deal about these Shoes is the fact you've got new super Foam you've got a new HF super foam Underfoot there are very few clouds in There those have sort of mainly Disappeared apart from a few nods to the Cloud Tech kind of elements in the shoe You've obviously got a uh a carbon plate In the shoe very lightweight minimal Uppers you've got a really kind of tight Hugging race fit And uh yeah on says these are designed For going fast over the marathon and Kind of shorter distances but All Out Racing I haven't quite been doing that today I

Woke up after not brilliant sleep and I'm on kind of tired legs but what I Have done is put in you know it's a Mixed place here so I've started slow I Built up and put in some close to Marathon pace miles And towards the end here as I get into These last eight miles of the test I'm Not gonna lie I'm feeling a little bit Beaten up so we're moving okay but we're Not moving particularly kind of fast so This wouldn't necessarily be my all-out Marathon Race place it's kind of what I'm saying there I am But I am putting in the distance to see How these shoes would hold up Particularly deeper into those miles I'm Sure everyone out there who wants to buy These shoes are thinking about these Shoes thinking can they give you what You need towards the end of America when You're tired when your brain and your Legs get tired okay what's happening to Me so we've got a full Club room Echo 3 Review on the channel multitester review And there's a race test as well Mike and Nick have done 10K and 5K race test so Something a little bit shorter a little Bit faster in the shoes And I'm out here kind of plodding and I Think these shoes have run how I Expected them to run Early on there's enough protection There's enough Pop there's enough zip

They feel light they feel agile they Feel Nimble they feel racy as well they Feel like you can go in them I'd say You're kind of up there with things like The Facebook by three some of the other Fast carbon shoes They're minimal they're strip back And they are quite direct they are a Little bit firmer and there is a little Stiffness there I mean I like it And in those early miles I feel like They've given good energy Now I've done it on mixed terrain so There's a bit of paved stuff that you Can see behind me here it's been a bit Of Stony parts so it's not particularly The ideal territory but what I have Found deeper into the miles when my legs Are starting to get tired there's Definitely been a bit of foot for tea Coming up from the firmness of the shoe And Yeah I think if you're going to be Running longer hours for your Marathon Let's say you're a four or five hour Marathon runner I question whether these Shoes are gonna have the protection for You deep into those miles I'm not sure They've got them for me I'm looking at About a four-hour Marathon today I Normally run somewhere between a three And a three and a half And I'm just not sure myself even that I Would race the whole marathon in these

Towards the end I felt a little bit of Ground coming up It's just not quite been soaking up some Of the Ragged form that I'm putting Through it now and so I have a question Over the overall comfort for those real Longer deeper miles Now the other thing I wanted to say is Actually there's two different scenarios Like now I'm back onto softer you know Groomed Parts where it's you know it's a Little bit compacted mud and we're there A bit more forgiving and soft and I Think the shoe actually runs better on These parts but they're not too you know They're not technical it's very easy to Run with the stability of the shoe it's When I was doing the long stretches out On the road and the tarmac that I think After 13 14 15 miles I did about four or Five miles so we're all tarmac pavement That's when I really started to notice a Bit more of the road coming up through That's when I started to fill Yeah not not great it essentially now Again I'm not running necessarily in my All-out kind of best race form right now And if I were actually shifting on a Road marathon where I'm up on my toes And moving fast with a high turnover Perhaps these shoes would be fine and There would be just about enough Comfort To get me around you know that three and A half hour Marathon today

That hasn't been the case and I'm I'm Enjoying them now I'm back on the softer Stuff but back there it was a little bit Of a struggle a little bit too direct Maybe not quite enough cushioning [Music] [Music] Thank you foreign So back in the office after the cloud Boom Echo 3 Marathon test and I want to Quickly sum up my thoughts I've had a Bit of time to think bit of time to Recover and for me the marathon test Made one thing much clearer than my Shorter tests in the cloud boom Echo 3 And that's that these shoes might be a Little bit Jekyll and Hyde I think They're really great when you're moving Well in fine form but perhaps a little Less forgiving when you're moving on Tired legs they remind me a little bit Of the older generation Vapor fly where You almost had to be racing well to get The most out of them they sort of Encourage you to do that as well so it's A kind of a bit of swings around about Us I think for many Runners the cloud Beam Echo will be better for faster and Shorter distances for half marathons 10ks interval sessions that kind of Thing And if you know you like a little more Cushion protection deep into a marathon Or any of those races in fact then these

Might not be your best bet now for me The night vaporfly 3 certainly offer a More soft cushioned ride I think people If you like the cushion you will be Better off with those however if you're Confident you can hold good form for a Full 26.2 you can happily Chase Fast Times in the cloud room Echo 3 and after This Marathon test I still think on Finally has a good carbon competitor in The mix here One word of caution though the Durability I think for me is a question Mark I've done about 75 miles in the Shoes now but after the marathon Testamentally some of it on sort of Slightly River paths and stuff the heel Rubber is coming a bit loose and for me That's a little bit of concern overall On durability I know Tom had some issues With that as well in the same zones uh So that might be one factor when you're Thinking about do I buy these to go and Chase marisens as well today Eric that Has been my Marathon test of the on Cloud boom Echo 3. hope you found it Useful don't forget to like And Subscribe ring the bell ask any Questions that you might have if you're Interested in finding out more about the Cloud boom Echo we've got a multi-tester Review on the channel appearing just About now Otherwise it's been a real pleasure to

Talk to you about these shoes and we Hope to see you again soon on the Run Testers thanks for watching and happy Running good luck with whatever it is That you're trying to achieve out there