After a couple of underwhelming efforts at making a carbon super-shoe, On has finally got it right with the Cloudboom Echo 3, which uses a PEBA-based foam in its midsole to deliver the bouncy, propulsive ride you expect from a modern racing shoe. Is it impressive enough to beat out the carbon competition, however, and will the high price of the On Cloudboom Echo 3 derail its attempts to win runners over? Tom, Mike, Nick and Kieran deliver their verdict on the shoe here.

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And I work with run testers my name's Nick and this is our review of the on Cloud boom Echo 3. [Music] The cloud boom Echo 3 is On's New carbon Racing shoe and it's fair to say the First serious competitor they've had on The market at large as a carbon Super Shoe if the successor to the cloud boom Echo on loves slightly confusing Numbering systems and it's got several Big changes to the shoe that make it More similar to other carbon Super Shoes On the market but that means it can then Deliver the performance of those shoes Whereas the cloud beam mecho I thought Was a pretty good fast shoe with a nice Rocker but it didn't have people phone Didn't have the really high stack and Didn't really match up performance that People expect from Super Shoes there's a Price rise with the echo 3 it's pretty Expensive it's 260 pounds in the UK and 290 dollars in the US it weighs at 223 Grams or 7.9 ounces that's in my UK size 9 which is a US 9.5 it's just a little Bit lighter than the cloud boom Echo Despite having a higher stack it's got a Nine millimeter drop with a stack height Of 37 millimeters at the heel and 28 Millimeters at the forefoot now there's A little bit of differing info out there About the stack include moving on Zone Website where it's listed as 9.5

Millimeters but the latest tech sheet I Have from the brand says nine millimeter Drop 37 millimeters at the heel so I'm Going with that so in order to make the Cloud boom Echo 3 competitive with the Market large on overhaul the midsole of The shoe you've now got a helium HF or Hyper foam midsole which is a Paper-based foam big juicy stack of it And then on speed board running through It to carbon speedboard it's a carbon Plate essentially running through the Shoe as you can see there with a nice Scoop at the forefoot and a very Pronounced rocker shape on the shoe as Well especially around the toes these Are all pretty common elements two Carbon Super Shoes after sticking to its Guns with tech like this on the cloud Beam echo on has brought its shoe more Into line with the rest of the market With the echo 3 with a softer bouncier Phone and that high stack you've got a Lightweight one-piece microfiber upper That's really very lightweight with just Minimal cushioning around the back of The shoe there although it's effective Cushioning having any problems with Achilles rub with this shoe and a little Bit of an internal heel counter as well Then on the outsole of the shoe you've Got good rubber cover on the forefoot There it's a thin layer of rubber but This extensive coverage Fair bit of

Exposed foam in the midsole there Although it's not the kind of PODS that Trap rocks there is a Groove there but I've not trapped any rocks in this shoe And you've got three patches of rubber At the back which have proved a little Bit of a durability concern for us and Others since there's a little bit of Flaking going on on those patches talk a Bit more about that in the Run Foreign UK and a half and I'd recommend going True to size that I think if you've got Particularly wide feet these might come A bit narrow around the big toe knuckle It's a fit for me now there's no getting Away that this is a pretty narrow Fitting which is fine on my narrow feet And but I do think that on tries to Alleviate the issue of people having Issues with the fit by you know Particularly with having this upper Which is kind of almost paper thin a bit Like you get on the Essex metal speed Sky it's kind of open up that space you Get up from particularly at the toes Um I would be you know I would hesitate To go half size up or half size down Here I think for me my UK size 8 and my Narrow feet it was absolutely fine but I Think that's something worth mentioning I do think you have to work a little bit Harder on this shoe to get a good lock Down I think the laces are quite long so

It really and you know how the laces sit On the tongue it really takes a little Bit of playing around just to get it Tightened up and make sure it's not Slipping around ultimately but for me Fit wise To say it was five in my UK size 8 and My pretty narrow feet and but just be Mindful of the fact it is quite a narrow Fitting shoe overall with it for me in The cloud boom Echo 3 I'm an eight this Is an eight it fits very comfortably I Would say it is on the leaner side of Running shoes it's a race shoe so it is Going to be a little bit uh thinner than What you might find in cushion shoes or Daily shoes but I did find it very Comfortable I don't have particularly Wide feet uh I also don't have Particularly narrow feet and it fit me Fine I had no issues at all it felt very Comfortable and I would definitely stick To my eight in this shoe either carbine Echo in a uk9 which is my normal size in The UK it's a US 9.5 sometimes the US 10 Sometimes 9.5 and an eu43 which is a Little bit smaller than my normal EU Size so it fits me very well in my Normal UK size but it's probably a Little bit smaller than other UK knives Because of the way it converts from Other sizes around the world but I've Had no real concerns with it it fits me Really well it's got a fairly snug

Racing fit but that works very well for Me in a racing shoe and I have a narrow Foot so I've had no concerns at all with The fit either in the toy box the Midfoot OR at the heel it hasn't been Loose or anything like that I have heel Locked it for a race just for a little Bit of extra security but yeah no real Problems with the fit I will check out The sizes across the board but overall I Go with your normal running shoe size Fitted me very well Foreign Around 45k of running in the cloud beam Echo3 ahead of the Embargo or on the Shoe and I focused on doing fast running In it as it is a carbon racing shoe uh First one at the box was a my Sunday Long run which was a half marathon and I Did a 7K pickup in the middle of that Working down to around my mouth and Pace I've also done a Tempo 10K in the shoe And the run through 5K race I believe Valley Park where Mike ran his 10K I Really liked it straight out of the box I bought that half marathon it's very Comfortable it's noticeably softer and Bouncier than past shoes from on Especially the cloud beam Echo you've Still got a nice aggressive rocker on The shoe as well which you had on the Cloudy Mac I thought it was a really Well designed rocker on the shoe which Was just that thermofoam took away some

Of the impact of it and with the echo 3 You get that nice rolling motion with a Lot more spring from the foam in the Midsole very much comfortable cruising Around are some easy sections on that Run and then when I did pick up the pace It felt very good ticking over at Marathon pace it really felt like he Could hold it a long time in this shoe The tempo 10K I ran very early in the Morning because because kids and uh that Was I was very sorry I was very tired All round but around that around 36 Minutes and it was one of those runs Where I wasn't really with it I wasn't Really thinking too much about Pace just Trying to focus on ether and ticked over Really nicely the pace was harder than I Expected really felt very comfortable in The shoe lots of bounce when you want it But also just a nice Nimble light Feeling that helps you turn over the Legs when you are just rolling along and Not really trying to gun it it just Helps you hold that good Pace Comfortably and that's exactly what you Want from a carbon Super Shoe I'd say For me the shoes only really come to its Own when I've been running fast like I Noticed very clearly I was at easier Paces I almost felt like I was skipping Off the top of the midsole and just Hitting the top layer and not really Engaging the plate because it is a

Slightly firmer denser feeling foam than Some of the squishy Foams on the market I don't really think that's a problem Like when I was running fast I Definitely felt like I was sinking into The foam nice indeed getting that Explosive feeling from the plate and Engaging the plate but maybe if you're a Lighter Runner um or just not putting That much force through the play to Either through weight or Pace might not Feel the same explosive feeling that you Get from some carbon shoes that it is a Little bit easier to engage the plate on Something like the babyfly I think you Think in very easily and get a lot of Response from the plate even at slower Paces whereas with the Cloudy Mac O3 I Did feel like I had to push towards race Intensities to really enjoy the benefit Of it and then speaking of race Intensities I did that 5K race Olympic Park almost surprisingly undulating Course for me I haven't actually I've Recycled around that Bello Park loop but I'm not actually run it and it's Basically the race amounted to a series Of little Hill reps and then recoveries And but again felt very good light on The shoe it does feel like good and Propulsive and you know bouncy when you Hit a nice downhill or flat section like You're going to find in most Big City Events where you're just running along

Long straights it feels like it delivers The propulsion you expect from a carbon Shoe there while also feeling nice and Light on the foot when you're going up a Hill or taking a corner it feels fairly Stable I'd say for a carbon shoe and Just really nicely balanced so overall I Think the phone isn't quite as Impressive to me as some of the other Ones on the market particularly the Zoomax phone and Nike shoes I think just Delivers a little bit more bounce and Propulsion but overall I am very Impressed with the cloudview Mac O3 the Big concern I have with it uh other than The price we should talk about in the Verdict is durability so I know Tom's Had big problems with these outsole Sections he's ripped them off and I've Seen actually Ben is running and his Review talked about it as well and just A little bit of flaking on the back one There for me as well I just don't think This outside's gonna be the most durable For lots of Runners that is going to be A problem obviously when you talk about The price of the shoe and what's Available Elsewhere on the market but Yeah it's almost similar to the Nike Vape fly 3 the problems we saw on that The back outsole sections not being Firmly enough fixed in place which Creates the risk that you're going to Lose a bit of that outsole rubber over

Time so I've never been a big fan of a Lot of ons shoes especially when it Comes to the top level performance shoes Like the cloud Boom the cloud boom Echo I just found the shoes to be very very Harsh Um I really wouldn't wear them for long Distance runs and they just didn't feel Great on my feet they just felt like They they really capped out at a short Distance but also weren't comparable With a lot of other running shoes out There at the moment at that level The cloudroom acro3 is a very Interesting shoe because I really quite Like it and I think that's because on Has really made some steps recently into Changing a lot of the design features That have always been in the shoes that They've made so the first one of those Shoes which um we really liked is the Cloud Surfer seven now class over seven Is nothing like Um the other on shoes that we've tested It's a lot softer it's really Comfortable and it's quite versatile as Well the car boom Echo 3 follows that Trend by really Developing Um the the type of shoe that On's making It has this p-vax Um design in there from the midsole foam And it really feels very different than What I've expected from previous shoes

Performance shoes from on I have done Um Two different types of running there so I've done uh interval fart like session And a long run long run it felt fine had No issues with it at all definitely Don't think it's a shoe that's really Designed for running slowly over longer Distances it's definitely doesn't want To do that it's a shoe that is really Designed for Speed and when I was doing A folic session and that included it was A pretty tough fight like session Um and it had quite a lot of reps of Um two minute intervals at uh four Minute kilometers and then I dropped Down to one minute reps at 350 minute Kilometers and it really came into its Own that it felt very light it felt very Responsive and just just felt great at Those short Snappy bursts of speed it Feels like a really fast lightweight Shoe and there's a nice turnover in it The front of the shoe this midsole foam Really works very well it feels quite Close to the ground but it still has a Bit of pop in it so um it really helps With that acceleration and just feels Like you can really pick up the pace Very quickly the the full length of the Midsole foam is very nice I definitely Say that I still think it skews a bit More towards The mid-level distances so I'd probably

Go up to a half marathon the shoe I Think I could do a marathon in this shoe Uh I just don't there's other shoes that I'd pick for that shoes are a little bit More cushioning uh and just just feel a Little bit more comfortable for for the Longer runs Um but having said that I would use this For a marathon I think I think it would Be pretty good that the midsole Permanent now is very different than What I come to expect from on it's a lot Softer And it really has a nice little bit of Bounce in it as well I'd still say in The Realms of Um complex shoes if you look at things Like the uh Saucony and dolphin Pro 3. It's it's a long way off that softness That level of softness I don't think It's the soft things like the alpha Flyer that they fly Um but it's definitely a softer Comparison to any of the on shoes that I've tested before apart from the cloud Surface seven so it's definitely a more Versatile shoe it's definitely now a top Tier racing shoe I would be happy to Race in this and I I I think it would do A fantastic job Um and everything else about it I've Been I've just been really impressed With the upper's very comfortable it's Nice uh type fit to the to the foot

Without being too narrow so it really Holds off in place for those faster Efforts Um and no issues with stability or Anything like that one problem I got With it now this is this is tends to be A problem with me at the moment and it's Getting a becoming a bit of a problem so The outsole is fairly healthy covering On the front at the back it has these Sections or did have these sections Um sat in these three different areas Now I've ripped off in fact it was the First one I did in them I ripped off two Of the rubber sections on the back now I've done this in a few shoes recently So I don't know if it's because Um I've changed my running style or Something but I I think it might be Because a lot of running shoes are Trying to make these rubber bits at the Bottom of performance shoes really thin So there's not a lot to these Ripper Sections and I've really destroyed the Bottom of both of these uh both of these Shoes Um Partly because I think it's it's me Doing it but I I don't I'd never done it Before in other shoes so I do think more Recent shoes are being a bit like Lighter on how they're designing the the Rubber on the outsole and I have seen Other people talk about

Um the the rubber coming away a little Bit on their shoes so I think there Might be a bit of a durability issue With the outsole on this shoe so into That run test and I have done a fair Amount of running in this shoe now I Think my first one was a 5k I've done uh I think it was a 10K after that I did a Couple of hour long runs in the shoe Obviously racing it at 10K distance as Well Um I've done a track session in it Um too see it kind of handles the kind Of proper quicker stuff and pushing it At my kind of probably fastest pace and Also try and see I think most Importantly how it handled kind of me at My kind of marathon pace now at the Moment that's kind of 7 30 7 40 minute Miles I'm not quite at my kind of best At the moment obviously recovering from Engineering just kind of building up my Base and trying to get back up to my Quicker speeds Um and what I would say overall first And foremost is that this is definitely A better shoe than the first two Definitely um you know a markedly better Shoe than the first Cloud boom I mean as A shoe I just did not get on with I Don't think anyone really gone with it Was just very firm for me wasn't sure I Particularly enjoyed running in it was Definitely a massive Improvement in

Terms of what we got on the cloud boom Echo but again you know long term did I Reach for it did I want to use it for Sessions or go and particularly run a Marathon in it not really now I Definitely think it's a different case With the cloud boom echo3 and this you Know this really just feels more like it And you know midsole Wise I think first Of all I would say it's super light Um you know and it's kind of what you Want from a ratio it's kind of what you Get from the maxp sky things like the Vapor fly 3 the dolphin Pro 3 super Light what you want for racing minimal Weights as I said I do think you have to Work a little bit hard on this shoe to Kind of get a very good lockdown uh with It but when you do it feels very very Good Into that midsole obviously that's Changed massively you know the the cloud Tech element of it has definitely taking A bit of a back seats there you know It's there but you know ultimately it Doesn't emphasize the kind of experience You get in this shoe that midsole just Feels so much nicer you know it's a good Balance between I think soft and firm I Personally would prefer it to still be a Little bit touch softer But ultimately You know I definitely feel I felt more Comfortable running in this shoe over Distance which I think I didn't have it

Wasn't the case for the first two shoes But in terms of that ride it's smooth It's quick the transitions are quick you Know you feel there's a kind of nice Rocket feel and if she is what you would Want from a kind of you know a quick uh Kind of racing shoe Um I think the thing for me Um is you know would it maintain that Over kind of longer distance or when I'm Kind of easing into my marathon pace and It did feel good when you've got some Kind of nice flat bits uh you know nice Downhill bits it feels great to run in Everything you would kind of want in a Racing shoe uh and I think the main Thing for me is that on those kind of Longer runs that I did in it it I didn't Feel uncomfortable it didn't have that Firmness that I've experienced in Previous kind of on uh Cloud boom shoes And I think that's a massive step Forward for on in terms of Getting um you know a ratio to compete With the the other kind of big Brands Out there other things worth mentioning I think kind of outsole wise Um Now grip Wise It's been you know Generally really fine I think in terms Of the durability Um now I'm seeing a little bit of kind Of rubber picking up off the heels it's Not particularly bad but you can notice

It particularly around here at the back Um it's a ratio I think you're going to Want to save it for your race days I Think I don't think it's as versatile as Some other ratios But ultimately a lot Of top tier Um carbon shoes are ones that you're Going to save when you want to run at Your quickest and I don't think that's Really a different case with the on Cloud boom Echo 3 so yeah from a kind of Gripping point of view seem very Relatively fine I didn't run and have to Run in rainy conditions in any of my Runs and dry roads and Pavements it was Absolutely fine and cornering and and That side of things but seeing a little Bit of web as I said at the back of the Shoe overall I've been much happier Running in this year than I have in the Previous two uh on cloud boom or on Cloud boom and clubbing echo shoes Um as I said massive step in the right Direction it feels like owner's got a Proper racing shoe here Is it the best uh racing shoe out there And the one that I'd go for obviously I'll get into that into the verdict and Get into bit more detail how it compares To the other shoes out there now for the Run test I've run 30 miles in these Shoes including a half marathon and some Faster efforts I've also put in two and A half hours on a single run so a long

Time on feet a much slower Pace I just Wanted to see how they hold up when You're kind of moving a little bit more Slow I've also run on a mix of roads and Stony River pods now overall I'm a big Fan this feels like an accomplished well Put together shoe and on has finally Come up trumps when it comes to a carbon Racer these offer Comfort on the foot With relatively unfussy fit the minute You step into them the heel collars I Really like they offer just enough Padding and I like the more kind of Traditional design here than you get From some race shoes like the vapor Flows and the soccer endorphin leak Which can be a little bit more minimal But a bit more fussy now even though You're adding a little bit of weight it Just feels like there's less that can go Wrong here and they're built a little Bit more robust overall they hug in a Race fit way but they manage to avoid Feeling too cramped and too restrictive And on the foot I think they feel light Compact agile and racy the moment you Put them on everything you want in a Race shoe and this kind of carries Through into the ride I found these Really well balanced there's a spring And a sprightliness to them that feels Nicely energetic there's a good Stiffness to the plate that I think Feels controlled and direct a lot less

Smushy than the night vapor fly now feel In that kind of third generation there's Just enough cushion to look after your Feet as well over longer distances I Also think there's pretty good stability Here because of that balanced midsole It's not as wobbly I don't think of some Carbon races and that is a plus here With the cloud blue Mac O3 now overall I'd say this cloudbeam Echo is a bit More like the older generation Vapor fly In fact so it feels racy when you put it On and you want to go and run in good Form and for me they run close to Something like the Hoka rocket X2 Another shoe that's just come out and That is a good thing I like that shoe as Well on durability after those 50 miles That I've run I am seeing a little bit Of cutting up in the hill so that's Something here to watch but I don't Think it's affected the performance so Far So my verdict on the cloud boom Echo 3 Is that it's a great shoe I think it's One of the best shoes that on has ever Made I put it up there with a cloud Surfer 7 which I said was the best shoe That on has ever made I think it's a Contender now to be one of the best calm Plate shoes out there I don't think it's The best I think it's like Maybe top seven of card plate shoes Um but I think some people work really

Really well Um especially if you're a fan a fan of On shoes you love on shoes and you Really want a great racer but you'll Want to stick with one I think you've Got one now and I don't think there was One that existed before then I would say that Um it it's a super suited to Um up to half marathon Um for most people for some people it'd Be fine for a marathon but I think just A little bit maybe a little bit too firm For me Um than the shoes that I normally want To use for a full Marathon distance I Like a bit of softness and a little bit Of cushioning in my shoes but it's not Far off and I think for some people It'll be absolutely perfect I would Probably say that in when compared to Other carbon plate shoes I think it Probably it it's a long way away for the Shoes like the soccer league endorphin Pro 3 and the alpha fly they're a lot Squishier a lot bouncier this is Probably a bit more like the soccer League endorphin Elite for me and the Hawker rocket X Um and I'd probably still choose the Hockey rocket x uh three Um over this shoe uh and probably the Endorphin Elite as well actually I think Those two shoes are just just have a

Little bit more to them but I would say This is a more comfortable natural Feeling shoe to something like suck and Eat endorphin Elite which is very Aggressive and I'm not a fan of that Feeling so I say that on is in the game With the Cloudy Mac O3 at last it has a Shoe that you know you could pick up and Use and feel pretty confident you're not Really losing a lot if anything in Performance compared to the other carbon Shoes on the market I still personally Find a couple shoes better especially The Vape fly I think is just a slightly Better shoe slightly lighter slightly Bouncier and then there are other shoes I prefer but a lot of it I think is Actually preference rather necessarily Pure Performance I think the Cloudy Mecca 3 delivers a very high level of Performance and if you really want to Use an on shoe you've got a shoe now you Can use it's almost similar to the Hoka Rocket x2 in that regard not in terms of Ride but in terms of the fact that hoga Caught up to the rest of the pack this Year delivered a really good shoe shoe That I still think isn't quite as good As some issue on the market like the Vaporfly but is right up there and if You want to use that brand shoe you can Now that's really what you've got here As a cloudy mecho 3 personally I would Still be buying the vapor fly or

Something like that but if you love The Look of the shoe it I think it does have The performance that you'd expect from a Carbon shoe so it's competitive on the Performance front it is not competitive On the price front and given that on is Late to the game with the garbage Market And has not been making impressive Racing shoes it's really got to win People over I'd say I think it's a bit Of a mistake to come in with a price Point this high in the US I think it's The most expensive carbon shoe I've ever Tested in the UK it's more expensive Than most shoes including things like The bayfly and it's gonna be hard to Convince Runners already who've got Three four five years of racing now Under their belt with a preferred Super Shoe or a preferred brand if you want to Jump ship to on now you're gonna have to Pay more for the privilege which seems The wrong way around when you've already Got established performers from Nike Adidas everyone else and actually if You're looking at the slightly older Generations of the shoes you can get Things like the bayfly 2 the adios Pro 3 The Met speed Sky Plus for well under 200 pounds or 200 and It's very hard to then say go and get The club in mecco 3 for 260 pounds I'll Tell you I do think the price is a Mistake

And it's one that's going to put a lot Of people off trying what I think is a Good shoe and the other concern is the Durability which then obviously ties Into the price so if you're going to Lose a bit of outsole after you know 50k 100K of running and you're paying more For the shoe and you haven't really been Impressed by all the racing shoes in the Past are you going to go out and buy This shoe I think it's a slightly tough Sale but if you do go out and buy it I Think you are going to get a very high Level performance it's a great running Shoe a great racing shoe but it's got The problem that lots of carbon shoes Have these days which is is it better Than the very best available I'd still Say probably no I think I'd get the Paper for myself probably a couple of Others and is it significantly better Than the shoes that came out last year That are now going for a lot less uh in Sales or on RRP even and again I don't Think it is I think I'd still be just as Happy releasing up the vapeflight 2 the Adios Pro 3 the max speed Sky Plus as The shoe so then you're looking at price And durability factor it's a hard sale But the good news is on performance it's A great shoe one's done a really good Job there's lots of other factors that Make you question whether you're going To buy it or not but performance is

There and that is really the key thing And it bodes well for the future of the Cloudy mecco line okay so verdict on the On cloud boom echo3 it's that I feel Like honors finally got a good Foods Racing shoe Um you know much better than the uh the First one you know and you know a Massive Improvement and the club home Echo too was you know it's a step in a Kind of right direction in terms of what On was doing this shoe now it finally Feels like it's it's got there in terms Of this competing with the other shoes That are out there now As I said I definitely think this is the Best on racing shoe that we've had of Those Cloud beam shoes now if someone Asked me to pick a shoe right now for a Marathon Um would this be the shoe that I would Pick I would probably say no still Um I think obviously long term as well This is the shoe that I would grab for The kind of sessions that some other you Know other shoot Racing shoes I've used Um as well again I'm not sure on that Front either I think the thing for me is I do still Find it a touch little firm for me it's It's definitely a massive Improvement in Terms of what we've got previously but Again I think if I look at other shoes That I've run in things like the Met

Speed Sky Plus the Endorphin Pros three Um I've just started running more on the Vapor by three I'm going to be racing in That as well Um and I just feel like those are shoes That just I feel more comfortably and I Feel more comfortable with the paces That I'm running in you know I'm not Running Nick level or Tom level kind of Um speeds at the Marathon distance Um in terms of the pace that I've run in I felt more comfortable running that Kind of speed in the Endorphin Pro 3 and The metal speed Sky Plus And more more recently the vaporfly 3 as Well so for me in terms of being the Best shoe out there that you know Against what it's you know against then I would be picking the other shoes the Other thing is price obviously and this Is really expensive okay it looks great Feels great Um gives you what you'd want from a Racing sheep But ultimately Me personally I won't be spending that Amount of money on on a shoe like this When there's other shoes that are you Know cheaper more versatile and can give You I would say an experience on par if Not you know better than what the on car Boom Echo Um three offers so yeah I definitely Think it's the best on cloud beam shoe We've had

Actually personally that I would grab Long term one that I would be kind of Itching to use in a marathon over other Shoes but I've tested that kind of Fitness criteria I don't think so Um maybe the next Club in mecco will be There and it will kind of better justify The price but ultimately I just think There's cheaper options out there Um if you love on shoes you're waiting For a great on racing shoe then this is Great but me personally I think if You're looking for a marathon shoe a Quick Marathon shoe and you're looking At the on cloud boom Echo 3 I think There's cheaper options out there the Endorphin Pro 3 it's dropped in price I Think the max speed Sky obviously still Expensive I think you get the metal Speed sky as well and I think that gives You a really great experience over that Distance Um and you know the night uh Nike Paperfly 3 which I've started to build Up my distance in and I just feel is a Little bit more of a special shoe uh Compared to the cloud boom echo 3. my Verdict's pretty simple this is On's Best carbon race shoe by far it's a Marked improvement on previous Generations of the cloudview echo I Think those shoes had a tendency to be a Little bit too stiff maybe a little bit Too direct for many Runners tastes and I

Think this shoe addresses quite a lot of That it's still quite a direct shoe but It's Lively it's energetic and it's Really easy to run in it feels really Good on the foot at the moment you slip It on and there's a really nice balance I think to the foam to the mid plate and The Rocker combination that encourages You into your best form but it also Offers just about enough cushion so it Won't leave you high and dry if you're Also moving slower or a bit more ragged You know deeper into races it will get You covered not as much as some super Shoes but enough I think I really Seriously consider swapping these last Minute for the comrades Marathon that I Did recently that's how much I enjoyed Running in them I didn't know because I wasn't sure that They'd offer enough protection after Many hours on feet the comrades is like Nine hours but I'd happily lace these up To chase fast Marathon times I think They're a really good Marathon half Marathon shoe now this might be Controversial but I think if you like a Slightly firmer ride in your ratio I Think the on has a shoe here that's Better than the night vaporfly 3 which I Think now has lost a bit of its Snappy All-out raciness with that kind of Softer midsole that it's got So overall honors made a great racing

Shoe I think the distance is up to the Marathon my only real issue with it is The price is right up there at the top As one of the priciest carbon shoes Going and I don't really think that it's 40 pound better than the hoker rocket X2 Which I think is a similar shoe or even Shoes like the New Balance SC Elite V3 And that's the one thing that I think Would stop me going all out to recommend It a good shoe but quite pricey [Music] That's our review of the on cloudview Echo3 down in the comments and let us Know what you think of the shoe please Do like subscribe ring the little bell And we'll see you next time