The Nike Vaporfly 3 is the eagerly awaited update to the hugely popular Vaporfly 2. Unlike its predecessor, the Vaporfly sees a number of updates across the length of the shoe to increase comfort and improve performance on race day.

One of the biggest updates is a revamped outsole design. This sees a thinner covering than the previous version which has allowed a very slight increase in midsole foam. The shoe also features a new waffle outsole rubber at the front to improve grip and durability.

The Clouboom Echo 3 is among the most exciting new developments across On’s performance shoes. The most important update is the addition of the brand’s new Pebax foam which works alongside a full-length carbon plate to provide propulsion and bounce when racing. On also states that the design aims to reduce energy loss.

The upper is a microfibre design built to improve breathability and limit water absorption when you’re feet start to sweat, and the outsole features a healthy covering of rubber over the forefoot, with smaller sections across key areas of wear in the heel.

Tom, Nick and Kieran have been testing the two cushioned shoes out to see which one they would choose for race day.

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers with Another running shoe versus in this Video we're going to be taking a look at The on cloud boom Echo 3. and the Nike Vapor fly 3. let's Dive In [Music] Beyond Cloud boom Echo 3 costs 260 Pounds or 289.99 weighs in at 227 grams or 8 Ounces for men in a size 8 and the drop Is 9.5 millimeters the Nike Vapor 5 3 Cost 234 pounds 95 or 250 dollars it Weighs in 188 grams or 6.6 ounces for Men in a size 8 and the drop is eight Millimeters The cloud boot Echo 3 is one of the most Exciting new developments across On's Performance shoots the most important Update is the addition of the Brand's New p-backs foam that works alongside a Full length carbon plate to provide Propulsion and bounce when racing on Also states that the design aims to Reduce energy loss The upper is a microfiber design built To improve breathability and to limit Water absorption when your feet start to Sweat and the outsole features a healthy Covering of rubber over the forefoot Smaller sections across key areas of Wear in the heel the shoe also has a Geometrically optimized rocker shape to Promote a fast fluid transition and There's a crafted foam build to provide

A personalized fit the Nike Vapor I3 is The eagerly awaited update to the hugely Popular vaporfly 2. unlike its Predecessor the vaporfly sees a number Of updates across the length of the shoe To increase comfort and improve Performance on race day one of the Biggest updates is a revamped outsole Design This is a thinner covering than The previous version which is allowed For a very slight increase in midsole Foam the shoe also features a new waffle Outsole rubber at the front of the shoe To improve grip and durability to add Greater stability there's a wider heel Base of midsole foam and there's a new Flyknit upper to improve breathability And produce a more comfortable fit that Contours the foot there's also a wider Toe area for a roomier fit a padded Tong For comfort and an internal foam pod in The heel for even more cushioning I was really happy in my normal running Shoe size in both of these shoes that's A UK 9 the Nike has probably a slightly Worse fit around the hill but it hasn't Caused me any major problems I've run a Marathon in this shoe and if you heel Lock it I didn't get any noticeable slip The ones got a very good upper it's Roomy in all the right places around the Toes and then got has a nice secure hold Around the heel and midfoot without Being aggravating in any way so I'll

Stick with your normal energy size and Your normal size for on or Nike running Shoes like these so when it comes to fit I ran in the UK in a half in both the Cloud room Echo 3 and the vaporfly next Percent three I think the big Differences here is that the vapor Finance percent three just feel a bit Roomier in terms of it's mainly about That flying it uppers that Flex a lot More so there's a lot more wiggle room In the toe box I think the lacing you Know feels a little bit looser the other Thing to notice I think the on-cloud we Mecco in that size they just come up a Little bit longer in the toe box there's A bit more length than you'll find in The vaporfly 3 it doesn't make a huge Amount of difference to me to be honest I didn't find but yeah I think the the On cloud we make a much more snug fit Maybe a bit tighter across the mid foot Where you sort of get find that toe big Toe knuckle but I would still recommend Going true to size in both of these Shoes fit for me in both of these shoes I'm a size eight these are both size Eight and I found they fit me very well Both of them are ratios they're designed To be a little bit I wouldn't say tight But fairly secure on the feet so there's Not a lot of wiggle room in them I would Say that the cloud boom Echo 3 is Probably got less space in it than the

Vapor fly 3. I found the Vape fly to be Quite roomy in the forefoot Um and I would stick to my size in both Of these shoes So I've just done my side by side mile I've got the on Cloud by Maco on my left Foot I've got the vapor fly Nexus 103 on My right foot again two really Interesting shoes to compare like this If anything from the uppers The Vapor Flies uppers which are more stretchy You've got that kind of weave there Which is much more flexible there's much More wiggle room and it kind of moves With your toes it makes the feel of the Uppers and the roominess of the vapor Flow 3 much more baggy much more roomy I Mean depending on how you like it some Might think it's a bit baggy some people Might like the room but you've Definitely got a lot more Flex the on Cloud rebecco they kind of lock you in And hold you in now for me as well I Think the traditional heel collar uh That little bit of padding you're Getting from the cloudroom echo3 I think Just gives me a little bit more of a Secure hold as well not to say the vapor Fly 3 I haven't had any slipping from Them but you can just feel there's a Little bit more Airy it's a little bit More kind of loose it's just not quite Kind of as you know close fitting and Hugging as you get from that more

Traditional heel collar which is Something I like maybe you like The Limited kind of that minimal padding That you get in the vaporfly 3 if you Prefer that kind of fit then the Vape Fly 3 are going to be for you I think Another thing that's really important to Mention here is just the lacing Structure you've obviously got that kind Of lateral lacing kind of angled lateral Lacing structure on the vaporflow 3 Where it kind of you lace down and it Goes a little bit out to the outside of The foot got more traditional lacing on The on and the latest span right across The top of your midfoot basically so the Lacing is very much more present I feel On the on cloud boom Echo for me that Makes it easier to get a bit more of a Kind of tighter fit than I get from the Vaporfly 3 again I think this could come Down to personal preference how much do You want to feel those laces locking Down across the top of the foot how much Do you like the extra little bit of room Feeling you get particularly to the Medial side with the vaporfly 3 because Of that lacing going the other way so Again another thing just to point out Those are very different in terms of the Way these shoes are built now when it Comes to the ride I think there's a few Key distinctions here the first one is That midsole foam the vaporfly 3 were

Made softer they took away some of the Firmness they tweaked the plate and that Overall kind of sort of stiffness that You had I think in the earlier Vapor Flies has been tweaked to make this a More democratic shoe that's perhaps a Little bit more protective a little bit More cushioned for those people who Might be running a little bit more Ragged with their form later into longer Runs I understand why I've opened before I've done that The opposite is true here of the cloud Room echo which now it's much kind of Firmer the platform of that midsole Cushion doesn't collapse as much even Just standing here I can feel like I'm Lowering the vapor fly 3 than I am on The bed of um foam in the cloudroom Echo Three and when you run that clubwome Echo three foam engages far quicker and It kind of fire far earlier into your Step than they both fly through which Now I think just kind of sinks it a Little bit there's a stiffness and a Rocker and a spring that comes back from The cloudroom echo 3 which I think is Now gone from the vapor fly next percent Three what you get with a very fun Exercise three I think is something that Is a little bit more compressive with The with that um Zoom X foam but I think That that sort of racy all-out kind of Stiffness and propulsion but I really

Liked about the early Vapor fly 3s has Gone and really interestingly on I've Put it into the cloud room Echo 3 and to Me I think it makes it a much better Shoe now there's a caveat to this though I quite like a firm shoe and this shoe Really fits the way that I like to run It makes me feel racy it makes me feel Like I want to be up running in with my Best form Is it as protective when you get a bit Ragged or you're not running with your Best form are you going to like it if You like a kind of softer shoe slightly Maybe not and that's where I think the Vaporfly 3 will still appeal to people When it comes to stability I wouldn't Say there's too much to choose here I Think it's kind of swings around about a Bit because you're on that kind of Slightly higher slightly sort of curved Platform of foam on the cloud boom Echo Some of that can affect the stability And then you've got on the vapor fly Next percent three you've got that kind Of softer sinking that does to me kind Of bring in a bit more kind of wobble Particularly if you're Landing a bit Further back on your feet but I don't Think there's a huge amount to choose Here in terms of the stability of the Shoe they are both quite narrow they've Both got quite a kind of slim platform To run off and in that sense I think

They kind of run quite similar so the Run tests in these two shoes an Interesting one because this is the First time we've probably reviewed a on Shoe that is is comparable with a lot of The more premium carbon plate ratios That are out there the on cloud boom Echo three It has a lot of changes from previous Versions of the shoe so um it uses a new P-backs midsole foam which is very Noticeably different on the run it feels A lot more responsive it feels a lot Well slightly softer not not load softer It's still not the softest complex shoe Out there but it's definitely a Difference from the previous Cloud boom Echo It is in many ways it's similar to Um shoes like the Nike bayfi 3 it's Probably a little bit firmer than those Shoes still but it's definitely a shoe That's designed for running fast and it Does that very well in comparison to the Previous versions I've haven't raced in The shoe yet but I've done intervals Farlex uh longer run in this shoe and I Really enjoyed running it I think it was A really impressive update to a series Of shoes which probably wasn't really Comparable with a lot of the the Super Shoes out there but this one really Really is up there it feels like Um it's a shoe for me that's designed

More for shorter races up to about half Marathon I think I could do a marathon In this shoe but I I think it just still Feels a little bit too lean and a little Bit too less cushioned than what I would Like from my Super Shoes when I'm doing Marathon distance I think I could do it But I probably wouldn't pick this shoe If I was doing Marathon distance Um I think it'd be a little bit harsher Than what I want um but for most people Or some people I think it'll be Absolutely fine uh other than that it Has a nice turnover I don't feel it has A really noticeable effect of the carbon Plate and the foam like some super shoes Do but it's definitely fast rolls you Forward nicely and it's very quick um to Pick up the pace the only issue I've had With it is the outsole now this is Partly due to me because I seem to be Having this issue with quite a lot of Shoes at the moment but I did rub off Quite a lot of the outsole at the back Section of both of the shoes actually so Two bits of rubber were in this area Here and I rubbed them both off on the First run that I did in them Um I have done this in some of the shoes I've done the rocket X3 and in the Vaporfly 3 as well Um but I I've never had I've never done It that easily um and the rubber bits on The outsole of this there's quite a lot

On the front but at the back it's very Minimal and I have a feeling that my Running style is really put in the to The test that the lessened rubber that Is on a lot of Super Shoes at the moment Now the very fly 3 is a great shoe it is I think an improvement on the vaporfly One and two which are very similar shoes Um the changes that have been made to This shoe are largely they don't make a Massive impact on the the run of the Shoe um I do think there's a little bit More softness in it I think it's a tiny Bit bounce here and I did notice that When I did a half marathon in this shoot In the later stages I did feel it a Little bit Um bouncier than the previous versions Of vapefly which I tested I still think It's a very similar shoe to the to vape Play one and two I didn't think Nike's Done any major updates to this which are Noticeable the design does look quite Different there's a lot of Um modifications made to the the Geometry of the outsole and things like That Um but all in all I do think it's a very Similar shoe to those Nike Vape fly one And two so to be honest if um you can Get the Vape by 2 a lot cheaper I still Think that's a fantastic shoe and I Don't think you're gonna get much more Benefits from this shoe than you're

Gonna get from that uh having said that I do think it's a slight Improvement on The vaporfly 2 Um just because of that midsole foam I Do like the upper on this as well it's Got a very lightweight upper on it very Thin very breathable which I really like For racing I do actually like the upper On the on cloud boot Echo as well I Think it's a very comfortable secure Feeling upper um it's not as breathable As the vaporfly 3 but only a little bit It's still pretty similar Um and that's it really there's no other Updates to this shoe that I would Probably bring up in this review Um but I did have it's on the other shoe Actually but I did rip off for the Rubber outsole of this as well they've Got very thin layer of rubber on this Back section of the shoe um so yeah I've Not seen anyone else do that but I have Seen people talk about the outsole on The out on cloud boom Echo 3 being a Little bit delicate in the rubber Section at the back so I have the Vapefly 3 before the on cloud boom echo Three I've done a lot of running in the Vape I3 this year including the London Marathon and a 4.8 K race relay race and Yeah I think it's fantastic it's all the Stuff you love about the bay to fly in a Slightly lighter package with a bit more Cushion than they fly too I think it's

Got more or less the perfect balance for A super shoe in terms of how comfortable It is it was very comfortable over the Course of a marathon and other long runs But it's also still being very light and Nimble it's lighter than the on despite Maybe seeming like it's going to be a Bit heavier and feels very Nimble when You're doing very short races or track Reps as well really more or less Everything you'd expect from IQ the Zoomax midsole foam I think is still the Best on the market in terms of the Amount of bounce it gives you gives you A very soft feeling on the foot it makes It very easy to engage the plate on the Shoe almost whatever pace you're going At and yeah it just bounces you along Very merely uh whatever distance you're Planning to do one concern I do have the Shoes certainly is outsold your ability You can see it's ripping up a little bit At the back there around the rubber Strips at the back there's not much Rubber at all there and this stepped Design on the bottom of the shoe does Seem to increase the wear I've seen on It um but after 100K it's absolutely Terrible and that doesn't affect Performance so much but it's only look Out for with the vapefy3 same exactly True of the cloud beam mecho 3. we'll Come on to that in a second first talk About the ride of the shoe which is

Really good it's firmer than the vapor Fly but still very comfortable I did a Half marathon out of the box in this Shoe including a fast 7K stretch in the Middle of that where I was running Around mouth and pace and it felt very Comfortable ticks over very nicely you Do get a really notable rocker feeling With this shoe probably more so than the Nike because it is that little bit Firmer and has such pronounced four foot Toe spring there and it does feel great For just ticking over at those slower Race Paces but I've also done a 5K race In this in the cloud boom echo three and Yeah and it's good for that as well when You're going all out over those short Distances you know really high Cadence For me at that stage and Ticking over Really fast in the shoe it feels very Nimble but you have got a nice level of Bounce from the new Peter midsole on the Shoe on that front I think it's got Slightly less bounce and the bay flight I still think Zoom X is a better foam And the setup of The Vape fly means you Just get a little bit more propulsion From the shoe I'd also say it's slightly Harder to feel the plate in the Cloudy Mac O3 when you're not going at it and Running hard so I think sometimes I was Mostly fitting the top layer of the Phone there because it's slightly denser Feeling to the zoo Max on the vapor fly

So that wasn't a problem obviously when I was running hard which is what the Shoe is designed to do to go and do fast Races but I think if you're a lighter Runner maybe or not putting so much Force into the shoe you might not feel The same booming bounce you do from the Slightly softer foam on the baker fly Like I said outside your ability also a Little bit of a concern with the Cloudy Mecho 3. I've only done about 50k in These so far and I can see slight Flaking on this outsole section at the Back here I know Tom's head problems too And other people around the internet one Thing to look out for there is going to Be durability that's the same on both Shoes but these are if you buy them as Racing Fusion stick to just using it for That rather than for a variety of runs Like what I've been doing in the for the Testing then they're going to last you a Decent amount of time I think So my verdict on these two shoes it's It's a pretty easy one for me I would Always go for the very five three over The on cloudroom Echo 3 but it's getting Closer now and I do really like this Shoe and I'm looking forward to actually Going out for racing I think it's going To do a good job I might go and do a 5k Or 10K in it this weekend Um it just feels like a top tier super Shoe now and I definitely think

Especially if you're a big fan of on and You really want a race shoe you've got One now you didn't really have one Before this but now now this shoe really Is up there with some of the um top tier Ratios and probably some people it might Actually deliver a better job it's a Tiny bit further than what you get from Some things like the vaporf I3 Um and it's just a very quick nippy shoe And feels really secure on the feet so I Think it's a good option now but for me I'm going for bayfly 3 I just think it's Got more bounce I just think it's got a Nicer fluid transition to it Um and for me it's just a little bit More energetic which I like when I'm Doing any race from 5K to Marathon but I Definitely picked this for any distance So Nike Vape fly from 3 free for me all The way I just think it's a better shoot All around I'd probably put this like in My top 10 but nowhere near the Vape fly 3 which is probably top three product is A very easy one for me on these two Shoes because I do think the vaporize a Better shoe it's a lighter shoe I think It's a slightly more comfortable shoe Slightly more explosive propulsive shoe And it's also a cheaper shoe so yeah I Would get a Nike 953 I think it's a Better shoe all round cloud with Mac O3 Is still a very good shoot I think it's Slightly undermined by its very high

Price in the US where it's the most Expensive carbon shoe I think I've ever Tested it doesn't deliver the Performance to justify being more Expensive than all those other shoes It's a very good carbon racing shoe very Happy racing in it but I do think for me It's just a little behind the Vader fly Just so well developed at this point you Know just had several Generations Nike Has refined it to now be really the for Me perfect balance of cushioning speed Weight about and just you know does Everything really well the on has that Slightly firmer feel it's a more Noticeable rocker probably a little bit More stable as well so that might be Something for people to consider pretty Slightly better upper too but come to The nuts and bolts of the carbon racing Shoe it's about performance on race day I think the Vape slide limits that Slightly better performance and it's Slightly cheaper so yeah I'd get the Paper fly three so on to my verdict then And this I think is a really interesting One because for a long time the vapor Fly next percents were the top kind of Marathon shoe of choice I think you know A Blog for the alpha I came along and Obviously sort of stole a little that Thunder but for many people me included I really liked racing in them on it's Been a long time trying to find a shoe

That would work in terms of a carbon Racer and now with the cloud boom Echo I'm going to put it out there I actually Think that the cloud room Echo is a Better shoe for racing I would say kind Of up to the Marathon distance for me That's basically because it runs a bit Firmer that's the kind of shoe that I Like the cloudroom echo 3 feels like the Old Vapors used to where you just you're Not waiting for the foam to compress and Come back and if we're talking margins Here but those Vapor fly next percent Three for me they've just gone a bit Soggy a bit smushy there's just a they'd Like a little bit of that kind of Stiffness that little bit of sort of Spring and propulsion that the older Generations had and that's what the out The cloud boom Echo actually have Brought now They're maybe not as protective and as Comfortable so I'm not sure everyone's Going to want to race long Marathon Hours in them you know if you're Thinking about being on feet for four or Five hours they might become a little Bit firm and a little bit unforgiving But I think for me personally I'm Running the paces I run around the three Hour marathon Mark something like that Maybe three and a half hour I do think Beyond cloudroom Echo for me now feel Like a shooter they just feel punchier

And a bit more racy they've got a lot of The old DNA I think of the old Vapors And for me out of these two now Uh if I had to pick one to go and race a Marathon in tomorrow it would be the on Cloud boom Echo 3. That's it from us on this versus thanks A lot for watching don't forget to like Subscribe click the little bell all Those sorts of things and don't forget To check the monthly podcast out that You can find a link for in the caption Below uh we ask you to do two a month at The moment because we're doing a series Where we do interviews with other YouTubers and athletes and things like That so check that out and I'll catch You next time Thank you