In this video brought to you in partnership with Precision Fuel and Hydration, we’re putting On’s carbon racer, the Cloudboom Echo 3 up against another carbon super shoe the Under Armour Velociti Elite.

If you’ve been eyeing up a fast training or racing shoe and these two shoes were on your list. Or you’re wondering if these two brands have finally caught up in the carbon race shoe battle. We’re here to help. Hit play for our On Cloudboom Echo 3 vs Under Armour Velociti Elite head to head.

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Precision Fuel & Hydration Fuelling Planner
2:05 – Design details: Drop, Stack, Price
4:36 – Fit
5:13 – The Run Test
7:11 – Verdict

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Hi people welcome to the Run testers It's Kieran here and in this video Brought to you in partnership with Precision Fuel and hydration we're Putting On's newest carbon Racer the Cloud boom Echo 3 up against another Carbon Super Shoe the Under Armor Velocity Elite now if you've been eyeing Up a fast training or racing shoe and These two shoes were somewhere on your List then we are here to help we're Going to help you work out which one you Should buy if any so watch on for our Echo 3 versus velocity Elite Head to Head now before we get into which carbon Running shoe might give you the edge on Race day let's talk quickly about Something else that can really make or Break your runs and races and that is Fueling now to perform at your best on Runs that last longer than 90 minutes Fueling is absolutely vital when your Energy stores empty you need to refuel And working out what to eat how much and When is really half the battle but don't Worry if you're not sure how to build a Good fueling strategy the team at Precision Fuel and hydration have Developed some brilliantly simple tools To help now they're free Fuel and Hydration planner gives you a detailed And tailored fueling and hydration plan Based on the event you're about to Tackle so you can make sure you're

Taking on enough energy and water and Electrolytes too to help you get to the Finish Line in the state you want and We've dropped the link to that planner In the caption below it takes just a Couple of minutes and it's really an Excellent starting point for developing Your fueling and hydration plan for any Run and while you're at it check out Precision's excellent range of gels Chews and hydration products that make It super easy to hit your numbers once You have them they also provide that all Vital extra kick in the pants right when You need it most when you're out doing Your runs you can also use the code run Testers at checkout or just hit the link And it'll apply a 15 discount off Anything you buy when you go to check Out now I'd recommend the 90 gram car Pouch I think they race if you want to Just stick one thing in a running belt And use those for those long Sunday runs Or on marathons easy to reseal and take Little bits at a time I also love the Compact chews for a change of texture on Longer slower Applause I'll be using Both of those on my up coming 100 mile Ultra in Berlin coming soon [Music] Now onto the details then the cloudroom Echo has a stack of 37 mils in the hill 28 mils in the forefoot for an overall Nine mil drop the velocity leak comes

With a 39 mil stack in the heel 31 and The four foot for an eight mil drop when It comes to weight in our UK men's eight And a half test shoes the cloud boom Echo weigh in 8.1 ounces or 230 grams The velocity Elite is 238 grams or 8.4 Ounces on price the cloud beam Echo 3 a 260 pounds or 289 89 the velocity Elite Is significantly cheaper at 220 pounds Or 250 dollars so let's have a quick Shoe with them or both of these shoes Are built for racing and faster efforts But let's take a closer look at the Design starting with the midsoles then To the echo 3 is On's first shoe with New helion hyper foam which is derived From caster bean the cloud elements you Can see here are largely gone there's Just a few small nods to that left here Which is interesting a departure for on Inside that midsole there's a rocker Shaped full carbon speedboard as well The velocity Elite so also has a Full-length carbon fiber plate Sandwiched between two layers of foam Now closer to your foot on top there's a Cushioned but springy p-backs foam layer Underneath that plate there's a wedge of Underarmers new softer lighter Supercritical flow foam inside this shoe As well there's also a TP sock liner to Add a bit of extra cushioning protection And bounce now there's quite a lot of Similarities in the shape of geometry

The width of the forefoot and the heel Is quite similar though The Rocker I Think on the on cloud we Maco is Slightly more pronounced now up top the Cloud beam Echo 3 have a woven one piece Upper with some more breathable zones The tongues are gusted just on one side The rusty the elite by comparison Features a very light and minimal Warp 2.0 mesh upper which comes with these Strategically placed horizontal tapes to Enhance the support and the structure The tongue on this one is lightly padded And perforated but it isn't gusseted now On both shoes there's a similarly small Amount of heel collar padding they're a Touch more traditional than the Strategic kind of cushion pads that you Might find on other carbon ratios but There's not much to choose between these Two shoes in terms of that padding flip Them over and the forefoot of the cloud Room Echo you've got a pretty thin but Substantial covering in the forefoot There's not so much in the heel but more On that later the velocity Elite outsole Is a different story it mimics the Under Armor velocity wind too by not having an Outsole instead the supercritical flow Foam is simply durable enough and cut For grips there's no need for extra Rubber that's done to save some weight But we'll also talk about durability on That a bit later as well

[Music] So when it came to fit I ran in a UK and A half in both of these shoes which is My normal size and I'd recommend going True to size in both but I think if You've got particularly wide feet I Think the echo 3 might come up a little Bit narrow around the kind of big toe Knuckle so across this kind of back of The midfoot here or front of the mid Foot sorry back of the forefoot so watch Out for that the Under Armor velocity Elite has a racy feel but it doesn't hug As much as many carbon shoes a bit more Roomy it's definitely noticeably more Roomy than the Cloudy Mac O3 with more Room in the toe box to wiggle those toes [Music] Onto the run test then I've run many Miles in both of these shoes the same Mix of Paces from slow and steady up to All out so Marathon post and Beyond and That's on a mix of terrains plenty of Road and tarmac and a good helping of Light River paths too I've run half and Full marathons in both as well as long Slow pods long slow pods long slow pods Long slow pods and intervals I've also Done a side by side Mile with one shoe On each foot now both of these shoes Have Merit the velocity Elite has good Uppers comfortable disappearing fit and Great stability it's light agile and Nimble easy and fun to run in over most

Distances but if you're looking for the Punchiest marathon Race shoe out there This isn't it the firmer supercritical Flow foam I think lacks the Lively Propulsive ride that we've come to Expect in the best carbon plate marathon Races and the firmer ride I definitely Won't be to everyone's liking so some People might not want to take it longer Distance particularly sort of Mile 22 of A marathon it can become a bit firm a Little bit less protective a little bit Less energy giving now when it comes to The on cloud group Echo this is On's Best carbon ratio by far and it's marked Improvement on previous generations it's Lively it's energetic it's easy to run In it feels good on the foot at the Moment you slip it on there's a really Nice balance to the foam plate and Rocker combination that encourages you To run in your best form now like the Velocity Elite it lacks a little Protection deeper into longer time on Feet in my Marathon tests just found it Like a little bit of that cushion and if Anything the velocity Elite is Marginally more protective That's also a roomier shoe more Comfortable on the foot though again That might depend on how hugging you Like your race fit if you like it snug The echo is definitely more dialed in so If you like that race that go for that

One on durability the velocity Elite are Markedly better despite that exposed Midsole kind of outsole design but There's some worrying wear and tear on The on-cloud boom echo in the heels Particularly where it's been cutting up I think the velocity Elite are largely Untouched [Music] Verdict then when it comes to choosing Between these if we're talking price and Versatility I'm going to go velocity Elite all the way but I choose the echo 3 for All Out Racing definitely up to The half marathon but probably for the Marathon too if I had to choose between These two shoes so you'll pay for it in Terms of the price I think you get more Performance in the Echo three they just Have a bit more pop in them there's more Coming back from the combination of the Plate the midsole and The Rocker just Feel a bit more all out racy however I Don't think they offer that much outside Of racing or faster sessions I'm not Sure you're going to want to do any kind Of other training in really the Under Armor velocity Elite are far more Versatile they're a bit more subtle a Little bit more stable and a bit more Comfortable on the foot and I found them Much better for clocking training on Miles as a result they're almost sort of In the dailies trainer kind of super

Trainer territory although they're Marketed as a marathon shoe now that Said some Runners might find both like The kind of protection you'd get from Like a vapor fly 3 or a soccer endorphin Pro on longer runs if you like it more Cushioned you're looking for a ratio you Maybe want to go elsewhere for both of These shoes so there you have it that's Been our head to head of the lost the Elite and the cloud boom echo three I Hope you found it useful if you did Please do us a favor and hit the like Button if you're not already a Subscriber why not subscribe while You're at it ring the bell so you get Notified when other videos come if You're interested in carbon races here's Another video on the channel you should Definitely watch popping up now Otherwise it's been a pleasure chatting To you about these shoes and I hope to See you again soon on the Run testers Happy running everyone good luck with Whatever it is that you're trying to Achieve out there