Early on there's enough protection There's enough Pop there's enough zip They feel light they feel agile they Feel Nimble they feel racy as well they Feel like you can go in them I'd say You're kind of up there with things like The Vape Supply 3 some of the other fast Carbon shoes They're minimal they're stripped back And they are quite direct they are a Little bit firmer and there is a little Stiffness there I mean I like it and in Those early miles I feel like they've Given good energy now I've done it on mixed terrain so there's A bit of paved stuff that you can see Behind me here it's been a bit of Stony Parts so it's not particularly the ideal Territory but what I have found deeper Into the miles when my legs are starting To get tired is has definitely been a Bit of foot fatigue coming up from the Firmness of the shoe and Yeah I think if you're going to be Running longer hours for your Marathon Let's say you're a four or five hour Marathon runner I question whether these Shoes are gonna have the protection for You deep into those miles I'm not sure They've got them for me I'm looking at About a four-hour Marathon today I Normally run somewhere between a three And a three and a half And