The On Cloudeclipse is the most cushioned shoe in On’s range and fuses the stiffness and versatility of the On Cloudmonster with the rocker of the On Cloudsurfer. Mike, Nick and Kieran have been testing out the On Cloudeclipse, here’s their take on the shoe.

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00:13 – Design & Key Stats
02:09 – How’s The Fit?
04:07 – The Run Test
14:00 – Verdict & Alternatives

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Hello and welcome to run testers my name Is Nick and this is our full multitester Review of the on cloud Eclipse the cloud eclipse is an all new Shoe from on that uses the same Cloud Tech phase midso setup that we first saw On the on cloud Surfer although it is Quite different to that shoe as will Come on in the full review it cost £170 Or $180 we got our samples from this Review from sport shoes as always our Review is completely unbiased but thank You to them for sending the review Sample so we can test the shoe it weighs In at 283 G or 10 oz in my UK size 9 and It has a 6 mm drop from Heel To Toe so You got very big midsole stack here like Double the amount you had in the cloud Surfer but it is quite a different uh Overall feel to this shoe You' still got The cloudtech phase cushioning with These series of holes that are designed To collapse into each other on the run To create a smooth transition you've Also obviously got a very big rocker on The shoe which again is all about Improving that transition feel and then You've got I think a slightly firmer Version of the Helen SF foam than he had On the cloud serface feels firmer to the Touch and on the run but that might also Be part the fact we've got on speedboard At the bottom of the shoe there so Cloud Surfer is one of the first on shoes not

To have a speed board it's back in the Cloud Eclipse but it's positioned right At the bottom of the mids sole just Above the out soole there and it Basically adds a bit of torsion and Stability especially the back part of The shoe in the early stage of that Rocker then you have a mesh upper with Some structured elements like this you Can see reinforced there to create a Slightly more lock down feel got a Really significant heel counter at the Back here and it feels quite stiff and High at the back in general I'd say the Collar on the shoe there's a little bit Of padding there but it's noticeable on How much stability I think on has tried To create there to ensure that the high Stack shoe doesn't feel wobbly at the Back got small side WS of foam to that End as well and then you've got really Quite good rubber coverage and a little Bit different again to what we've seen From on shoes in the past you've got Substantial coverage at the heel and for Foot a fairly thick layer of rubber There is a Groove R down the middle of The shoe which again should Aid Transition but it's not the same almost Modular pod system you had on on shoes In the past it will still catch rocks Though don't worry this deep Groove at The back can still catch rocks so if you Are worried that on shoes will no longer

Be able to do that you can still pick up Rocks on your Run quick word on fit then I ran in my Regular running shoe size a UK and a Half and I found these very roomy Overall lots of spacious volume in the Toe box and in the forefoot I had to pay Attention to the sort of lacing it down Tight before each of my runs and I did Have some slipping in the hill but Nothing crazy just a little bit more Than usual I felt these might Verge on Being slightly too long in the toe box But I don't think it was enough to make Me want to half a size down and unless You've got short feet or you really like A really snug compact fit I would Recommend going through to sizing these Shoes so very happy with the fit of the Oncloud eclipse overall no issues to Report whatsoever I've had mine in a UK Size eight and that's typically the size That I go for in on shoes that's what I've had the cloud monster in the cloud Surfer and likewise with those shoes I've had no issues in terms of wearing And running in this shoe pretty happy With the space up front of the toes Doesn't sit too snug as I mentioned in The first run video I do find that it Opens up a little bit more in the front Of the shoe compared to something like The cloud monster if you compare it to Something like the Cloud Server that has

An upper that definitely kind of hugs a Little bit more in terms of how the Experience of how that fits ultimately I'm pretty happy in terms of you get Here in terms of support in terms of Structuring the shoe throughout padding Is generally fine as well making it Suitable I think to run a little bit Longer in it as well but also not giving You too much there to keep the weight Down in general as well too as I said I Do think you need to pull the laces in a Little bit on top of this tongue to Really get a good kind of lock down but Generally as I said it's been very good UK size 8 it's been absolutely fine for Me um I would go true to size based on My experience so I found the fit of the Shoe was all good in my normal running Shoe size like I said you got quite a Prominent feeling to the heel counter at The back there but it wasn't Uncomfortable or annoying on the run Toall I had a good amount of room in the Toe box and with all these various Shenanigans going on with the laces and The extra reinforcement there I think it Was quite a good lock down fit for me on The run so yeah very happy in my normal Running shoe size with the cloud Eclipse so I've done 50k in the on cloud Eclipse I going tell you overall my time Has been very enjoyable I haven't had a Bad run during that time I think during

That time it's really been about trying To get a sense of where this shoe best Works the types of runs it's going to Really Excel and be best suited for now There are definitely elements the cloud Monster here also the cloud serer Particularly and that kind of midell the Cushioning technology that on uses on The cloud Eclipse but I would say my time in the Cloud Eclipse particularly next Something like the cloud monster has Definitely been more enjoyable I would Say more memorable and I think a lot of That comes down to what you're getting In the mid soole now it's not as firm as Something like the cloud monster but Also it's not as soft or super kind of Squidgy in terms of that midsole and you Know sinking into something like the Cloud Surfer it doesn't you know that Mental doesn't collapse on you in the Same way so I do think you get a bit of Spring back you do get a little bit of Bounce there but also I think the rocket Is really nice in here and I think when You do run a little bit more at Tempo And the natural kind of inclination of This shoes to really get you quite Reasonably quick onto your toes and get You through the Transitions and I feel Like it's felt really nice from that Point of view I was wor it might be a Bit heavy a bit clunky to run in a

Little bit quicker but it hasn't been The case for me in that time that I've Had with it as I said I do think it can Handle my Tempo running speed work I Think is out of the equation terms of This shoe but I do think you can run a Little bit quicker reminds me a little Bit in terms of you look at something Like s Triumph where you feel like that Might be a shoe you can't run a little Bit quicker in but Tim I do think it Works from that point of view I think It's a similar story in terms of Something like the on cloud Eclipse when I did a longer run in it again I do Think the shoe is kind of forcing you to Run a little bit quicker um just because Of what you're getting in that rocker But ultimately it's been comfortable Enough you know you're not getting that Soft squidgy feel of the cloud Surfer But I do think there's enough there the Softness you can just see pressing Through it it is a little bit softer Than what you get on the cloud monster That you do get something that offers Kind of comfort as well my legs never Felt you know bad during those you know Kind of the longer runs I've done in This shoe and I felt it was well Protected overall so I do think it is a Shoe that can handle some longer slower Stuff but I do think also it has the Scopes for you to run it a little bit

Quicker in it as well as I said it's not Going to be speed workk just because It's just not there in terms of I think The weight and in terms of the snap that You get but I think there's enough in Terms of the ride in terms of the bounce In terms of the rocker in terms of those Transitions that you're getting to make It feel like a more versatile shoe than I think personally compared to something Like the cloud monster in terms of other Aspects outside wise I mean there's Definitely more rubber here than you're Getting on the cloud monster maybe not So much in terms of the cloud Surfer but You know I'm not seeing any terrible Signs of where I've been mainly on Pavements being mainly on roads um Running wise I mean pretty you know Generally dry conditions I think had one Rainy run but you know grip wise Traction Wise It's been absolutely fine And I'm not seeing any terrible signs Where after 50k of running in this shoe So for me I do feel like it's going to Hold up pretty well for kind of regular Daily training mileage you may be just Not going to get as much out of it in Terms of the outs Sal you're getting on The on Cloud Server but for me I think As a daily trainer the ass s feels Pretty good overall so yeah my Experience has been pretty good overall I would say in on cloud clipse as I said

I definitely think it's been more Memorable than my time in the oncloud Monster I do think you're getting Something here that can work for slow Runs and can allow you enable you to run A little bit quicker in this shoe as Well and I like the fact that you've got A little bit more Versatility and I think for me I think It works a little bit better than the Cloud monster overall now in my run Tests I've covered around 55 km in the Eclipse I've mixed up the paces from Slow and easy to marathon pace half Marathon pace and even up to sort of 5 Kilm Pace most of that was on road some Of it was on compact River paths I also Put in a 2hour run to test how they feel Over time on the whole I've been really Impressed by the cloud Eclipse it offers Good step- in Comfort it's definitely Roomy but it feels nice and light on the Foot surprisingly heavier than the Monster though but it's got a nicely Disappearing feel and I found it Cushioned and comfortable from the off Now these domino effect helium foam Clouds I think work nicely to provide a Ride that's protective but doesn't sink Too much in my tests I found it kind of Bites back just at the right time yes It's a firmer more responsive shoe than The likes of the GEL Nimbus or the ghost Max it's softer though than the cloud

Monster but firmer than a cloud Surfer Though I found it more protective than The surfer due to the higher stack There's good roll through from The Rocker though at times I felt like there Was a slight disconnect in transition Between the different areas of the shoes The forefoot and the mid to out a rear Foot just somehow didn't always feel 100% in sync it didn't happen all the Time but sometimes I also had this kind Of feeling feeling of holess to the Clouds and I think that's like the Domino's collapsing and not kind of Coming back I'm not too sure if it's the Foam as well but it just sometimes feels A little bit off but it was it was only Very very occasionally now despite that In my first few miles Straight Out of The Box my immediate reaction was that This is the best onoe I've run in in a Long time it's really nicely balanced Between cushion and comfortable it feels Light clippy and responsive I'm Surprised that it's heavier than the Cloud monster because it runs lighter on The foot some mac stack shoes feel Cumbersome to me I find myself working To overcome the soft sink that you get From the midsole Foams and then kind of Waiting for them to come back but I Didn't get that here at least not until I was on more tired legs close to the Half marathon Mark or up to that 2hour

Mark in fact it felt great when I was Fresh and it still gave good protection From foot fatigue later into my two-hour Run it might even be a shoe that I'd Consider doing a marathon in although I Wouldn't be racing a marathon in it now I honestly didn't think that om was Going to be able to produce a shoe that Could match the new crop of big Lively Super foam shoe out there without Ditching the clouds but I think they're On to something with this Domino design With that Helen foam and though fans of Super soft nimus style shoes might want More pillowy Landings than you get here Fans of firmer higher stack cushion Shoes with more response will find a lot To like here now that's not to say this Is a firm shoe far from it but it's more So than some of the other big stack Shoes that we've been testing recently And I really like that I think it boosts That faster effort versatility makes it More of an accomplished daily trainer Now I did some miles at 5 km pace and up On your toes I think the cloud Eclipse Copes really well there's not as much Spring as you get in Super Shoes but you Can use the eclipse for faster miles for Sure now one regular gripe that we Always bring up with on shoes is the Fact that you've got these channels that Can catch stones and this back rear Channel does that catches big Stones

Pretty boring I also don't entirely know What this plate is doing I can't say I Feel it though maybe the shoe would run Differently without it it's hard to tell But I don't think it's really adding That much and it does hit stones in the Middle section or if you hit anything That's particularly uneven it's sort of Plasticky and it hits so I've run 70k in The cloud eclipse and I've used it for a Fairly big range of training probably a Bigger range of training than I would Normally do with a big cushion shoe like This which at first glance might seem Like it's mainly designed just for easy Runs but actually that's not the case at All when you pull the shoe on or even Feel it in the hand you can feel the Firmness there you can feel the Stiffness to The Rocker and that does Make it a pretty versatile shoe all Around especially for a Max cushion shoe Like it's not heavy for a Max cushion Shoe it's also not very lightweight but It feels lighter than it is on the first And actually the first run I did in it I Took it out for like a mini session Before a race uh where I did a couple of 540 mile reps and then some pretty relax 200 met reps and it can move pretty well For such a big shoe it actually feels Really good when you are pushing quite Hard and Landing underneath yourself Really you know going for it it does

Actually feel like a really quite good Shoe for that although I don't know if I'd want to run for extended periods at That kind of pace or you know use it as A race day shoe or do you know long 5K Reps around marathon pace that's not Really what it's perfect for but it can Handle little F sessions like that and I Do think it's got quite a DA trainer Vibe to it for such a big cushion shoe That does have that versatility to pick Up the pace when you want to Al I've Used it also for a lot of fairly easy And relaxed runs and some steady runs as Well and I did a long run in it in Scotland as well where the temperature Was around 0 degrees I'm saying this Because I did think the foam firmed up a Bit in those low temperatures like Obviously I've be mainly running with it In quite low temperatures here in the UK At the moment but once it did get very Low feels a bit firmer under the foot And that in general is quite a Characteristic feature of the shoe it is Firm and quite stiff it doesn't feel Like squishy Max cushion shoe when you P It on and that might defy expectations If you are looking at it like something Equivalent to the axg Nimbus 25 or Something like that is not what the shoe Is it's firmer than the cloud Surfer for Sure and that might surprise people Given that it's a double the midsole of

A similar design and yet the cloud Surfer it's the softer shoe and like I Said I don't think it's all down to the Speedboard cuz you know it is at the Bottom of the shoe there just adding a Little bit of torsion I think in general The setup of the shoe is that bit firmer To ensure it's stable and it does give It that extra versatility so although it Is a bit firmer I didn't find it harsh So even when it was stiffened and firmed Up in the cold in Scotland I quite Enjoyed cruising through a half marathon In the shoe it did uh provide enough Protection under foot and it rolled Through really nicely for me and that's Been the same pretty much in all my runs Like I don't absolutely love it but Every run I've done in it I've enjoyed Like it's not like I'm going out Thinking it's got an incredibly you know Exciting feeling under fo the cloud Surfer I think was really noticeable so Soft and smooth and really fun but Actually this is a slightly more Practical feel to it is a bit firmer Does give you that little bit more back When you are running uh at speed or even Running long when you don't necessarily Want to be sinking too deep into phone Throughout the run so yeah all in all I Think it's been a really positive run Test uh I think it's a nice Sho if You're going to be racking up big

Distances every day that just isn't too Squishy and soft and just gives you a Good platform you can work with at a Range of Paces ticking over nicely with That rocker I've also found that the Grip's been good like I said on that Long run in Scotland it was Subzero of Running on a canal toe path that wasn't Too icy luckily but in General on wet Pavements or slightly Frosty Pavements This grip has been good probably better Than I've had with on shoes in the past It looks nice and durable too with I've Not made a dent in it at all after 70k So little period I was a little bit Unsure about the cloud Eclipse think Slightly because it defied expectations A little bit for me I have come down Quite firmly on the I like the shoe side I think it's a really nice daily trainer For those who like a Max cushion shoe But want it to still be quite versatile And really like a Rocket Field that's Very much key to this shoe success I Think the rocker works really well if You're not really enjoying that kind of Feeling of a shoe you wouldn't get on Well with this shoe I'd say it's also Not going to please people or after a Very soft ride either because it doesn't Deliver that but as a Max cushion shoe That's pretty stable verstile feels good Underf it's not harsh at all it's

Comfortable but not squishy I think it Does a lot of things really well and I Do think it's one of the more impressive Max cushion shoes on the market and Another good shoe from on who I think is Had a really good year actually turning Around perceptions of it shoes in General if you look at the other shoes In the on Range it pretty does a similar Job to the oncloud monster in the kind Of runs I'd like to do in this shoe as a Pretty cushion daily trainer but the Cloud monster has a firmer stiffer feel Has a bit more of a snap through ride a More traditional ride compared to the Rocker on the eclipse and I do prefer The feeling of the cloud Eclipse I think It's got slightly better out soole in The way it makes contact with the ground But Cloud mon is a little bit cheaper so That's something to consider Cloud surf I think is quite a different shoe like It is a lot softer like I say it's a Very smooth ride I really like that shoe I think it's great for just mooching Through easy runs if your daily training Is more kind of around 5 miles 10K Max And you just take it at a nice relaxed Pace Cloud surf is the better shoe for That I find it more comfortable Enjoyable to use but if you're racking Up slightly bigger distance than that You want a shoot that's got probably a Little bit more versatility like when

I'm marathon training I'm usually out For more like 10 miles a day and doing a Range of runs in the Clips probably Suits that rooll a bit better because it Does have that slightly stiffer feel Which feels a bit better to me deep into Longer runs or if you're moving at any Kind of speed almost a little bit like The cloud Eclipse has Blended the Features of the cloud monster and the Cloud Surfer into a new shoe that I Think works very well if you look at the Other Max cushion shoes on the market I Think the aex Jael nus 25 is a really Well executed Max cushion shoe that's Got a soft comfortable ride a bit of a Rocker feels comfortable is great for Long runs it's not very vertile it's not As vertile as a cloud Eclipse a bit Heavier as well but it is very Comfortable if you are looking for that Softer side of Max cushion shoes the GEL Nimbus 25 certainly provides it I you Got the Triumph 21 is interesting shoes I think it's similarly versatile to the Cloud Eclipse it can do a lot of runs Quite well it's a good daily trainer but It's got a higher drop more traditional Ride where you snap through rather than Being rocked through so you can choose Between those shoes almost based on that Do you like a rocker or do you like that Snappier feeling that you get with the Triumph 21 and the P magnify Nitro 2 I

Think is almost in between them like it Is a fairly High drop shoe at 10 mm and You do doesn't have a huge rocker but The foam's a bit softer than on the Trium I think you get a slightly Smoother ride from it as a result I Really like the magnify Nitro to I think It's probably the max cushion I'd go for If I was looking at one because it is a Fair bit cheaper and it's got an Outstanding out sole but get a more Rocket ride with the cloud eclipse for Sure and maybe it's a touch more Verstyle too then a couple little shoes That are a lot softer than this you've Got the New Balance 1080 v13 which is a Very soft and Squishy shoe it's much More if you're looking at a Max Squishing shoe and thinking this should Be really soft and comfortable underfoot That's what the New Balance 1080 v13 is And that is a big difference to the Cloud Eclipse I much prefer the feel of The cloud Eclipse myself but if you want That all out softness the 1080 delivers It Invincible 3 from Nike is a little Bit similar it's much bouncier than the 1080 with the zoomx phone but it's got That sinky feeling under foot I found The Invincible 3 bit clumsy all around And I didn't love the feeling of it Didn't find it that bur style a bit Wobbly too so I'd prefer the cloud Eclipse to that shoe as well and then I

Think the shoe that really is a very Strong rival to it though is the new Brooks ghost Max which is a really Rocket shoe highly cushioned good outso You not the most amazing foam in the World in terms of Bounce or anything Like that but has a good rocker smooth Ride that's comfortable fairly versatile A little bit heavier than the cloud Eclipse but I don't think it loses out Too much in versatility and it's a fair Bit cheaper so the Brooks ghost Max is Probably a lot less glamorous than the Cloud eclipse and how it looks and the Excitement around it but I think it Actually does a very similar job you Know just as well and I'd probably say It's the better value shoot if you are Looking for a very rocked Max cushion Shoe neither of them have very bouncy You know Lively midsoles but they both Have really well executed rockers and The ghost Max is a fair bit cheaper like I say so my ver on the oncloud eclipse Is that it's a pretty polished Max Cushion daily Trainer shoe and I Definitely think it's a better shoe than The oncloud monster I would say it's the Best shoe or on shoe I've run in this Year I think previously was the oncloud Seer I think this has kind of upped it For me in terms of offering a little bit More versatility I think the cloud Seer Definitely is better suited for those

Kind of easy paced runs this has a Little bit more about it I put it in the Category kind of shoes like the S Triumph I think things like new BS SC Trainer V2 less so things like the GEL Nimbus the New Balance 1080 v13 which I Think a definitely a little bit more on The cloud Surfer Realms of kind those Max cushion shoes different kind of Daily trainers I think this has a little Bit more of an uptempo edge like the New Balance shoe but I do think if you are Looking for real standout daily Trainer Shoe from on as I said that can handle Some slower and slightly quicker stuff I You know for me I feel this is a better Shoe than the oncloud monster whereas That is the shoe I thought would offer That I think this is the shoe that does Offer that and I think yeah it's been Really good I know I wouldn't have any CLS picking this shoe up again and using It long term because I do think it has Been a shoe overall that I've enjoyed Running in I didn't think I would say That but it has been a good time running It on cloud eclipse and it's this you Know I'm interested to see what on take This shoe next more than anything Cloud Surfer as well which I think that was The the biggest step in terms of where On needed to be as I said my time has Been very very good in the oncloud Eclipse I like what on have done with

This shoe and overall I think is a very Good Max cushion daily trainer with that Kind of vers uptempo Edge to it too Verdict then well for me the cloud Eclipse gets a big thumbs up I really Like this shoe it's like a cloud monster Cloud surf a hybrid a surf monster if You will and I think it works for a Max Stack shoe it's surprisingly nippy and Versatile it's almost got that easy Rolling rocker ride of the monster but With some of the more compact precision And Agility that I find in the surfer Overall for me the cloud Eclipse ride is Smooth it's energetic and it's a lot of Fun to run in it's definitely an easy Shoe to log long miles in it's one of Those shoes that I find myself reaching For for a wide range of efforts as well And definitely when I don't quite know How I'm going to run that day because it Has the versatility to cope with a wide Range of Paces now the only thing I Don't really like if I be honest is the Price at £1 170 yes it's still cheaper Than the Nimbus 25 but could the cheaper Surface 7 or the monster cover the same Kind of runs I'd say in most cases Probably if you're okay with a Firma Ride the moner probably does the same Job for 20 less then one final word here As ever it's a really goodlook shoe at Least I think so though mine have been Destroyed and I think this dual layer

Mesh is going to be impossible to get Clean once it's dirty so yeah you've Been One okie dokie that's our review of the Oncloud eclipse let us know what you Think in the comments below thanks again To sports shoes for providing the shoes For this review got a link to the sports Shoes website in the caption below if You want to check it out there please do Like and subscribe ring a little bell And we'll see you next Time