Hi people, welcome to The Run Testers. In this video we’re putting two of On’s big-stack max cushioned trainers up against each other. We’ve got the On Cloudeclipse vs Cloudstratus 3.

The Cloudeclipse was a new shoe that landed in 2023 With On’s new Cloudtec Phase midsole design while the Cloudstratus 3 is the follow up to On’s big cushioned cruiser. These two shoes share the same price tag and could be used for the same types of everyday training miles.

So which one’s best? We’ve clocked the miles to find out. And we’re here to share our favourite and help you decide which shoe might suit your running best.

Hit play for our On Cloudstratus 3 vs Cloudeclipse head to head.

0:00 – Intro
0:44 – Details
1:25 – Shoe Comparison
3:12 – Fit
4:21 – The Run Test
7:50 – Verdict

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Hi people welcome to the Run testers and In this video we are putting two of On's Big stack cushion trailers up against Each other we have got the on cloud Starters 3 versus the oncloud eclipse Now the cloud Eclipse was a new shoe That landed in 2023 with On's New Cloudtech phase midsole design while the Cloud strus 3 here is the followup to On's big cushion Cruiser now these two Shoes share the same price tag they Could be used for the same types of Everyday training miles as well so which One's best well we've clocked the miles In both to find out exactly that and We're here to pick our favorite and to Hopefully help you decide which shoe Might suit your running best so um watch On for our Cloud starter 3 versus Cloud Eclipse Head to Head some quick details then starting With the stacks with the cloud stter 3 Now comes in at 32 m in the hill 26 M in The 4T for a 6 mil drop the oncloud Eclipse is a slightly higher Midol Volume with 37 Ms in the hill 31 in the 4ot but also for a 6 mil drop now the Cloud Eclipse weighs in at 10.5 o or 297 G in our UK men's 8 and a half test shoe The cloud Stratus 3 comes in an ounce or So heavier than that at 11.3 o or 320 G Pricewise both shoes come in at £170 in The UK and $180 in the US they're both Pushing the top price that you would

Expect to pay for a big stack daily Trainer now moving on to a quick shoe Comparison here then and these are both Big shoes on the maximal side of things The midsole stacks are where the key Difference lies the cloud Stratus has a Double stack of the more regular kind of Helian clouds with a nylon speedboard Sandwiched in the middle of that midsole At a pretty substantial rocker up the Front the on cloud Eclipse by contrast Has a bigger midso wedge overall that's Also from Helium foam but that comes in The cloud Tech phase setup here we first Saw this in the cloud Surfer and the Idea is these Cloud elements here Collapse in sequence a bit like dominoes And then release as you roll through and That's supposed to create a smooth Transition and add a bit of energy it Also works alongside a speedboard plate That sits right at the bottom of the Unit of this midsole here and you can See it here that's there to provide some Extra stiffness to the foam elements and Also to kind of support that sort of Substantial Rock ring that you've got Here too now up top the eclipse has dual Layered mesh uppers the cloud Stratus Perforated uppers feel single layer to Me but they're lined and they're a bit More thin and Airy than you get on the Eclipse both of them though are quite Flexible across the top of the toes

There's a bit of wiggle room there now The Stratus's heel colors are really big And plush much more padded than the Medium padding you're going to get on The eclipse the cloud Stratus you also Has these big kind of padded tongues While the cloud Eclipse goes for the More sort of foot thinner kind of foot Wrapping tongues the stratus also has This kind of external heel clip here to Add a bit of support the eclipse does Have an external reinforcement but it's Not quite as hardcore and when you flip Them over you've got quite a different Out soole rubber patterns here the cloud Stratus has ons kind of familiar rubber Patches that hit the Cloud elements in The highest impact areas the eclipse has These bigger sort of single one piece Sections of rubber with a bit more Coverage in the heel and I think Overall so when it comes to fit then for The eclipse things are just about roomy Enough I did have to pay a bit of Attention to Lacing down tight initially And I had some slipping in the heel Until I sorted that lacing out nothing Crazy but a bit more than usual overall I'd say the fit was good and I would Recommend going true to size in the Eclipse for the stratus I also ran true To size in my regular on shoe size which UK and a half I found these fit pretty Well as well there's good room in the

Toe box but again I had to pay attention To how I laced that down to get a good Hold across the midfoot I struggled to Get an entirely secure fit in these I Also found they're not the most secure In the hill but I think I would still Recommend going true to size I think They'd be too small if I put them down So a really quick word about fit now That I've got both shoes on my feet and I would describe the FIT here as almost Bang on similar little bit more room Across the top of the toes into the toe Box of the oncloud strats lengthwise They feel pretty much the same the hold Around the heel collar across the Midfoot all of that I'd say feels the Same maybe the cloud Eclipse just holds Ever so slightly better than the oncloud Starter 3 but overall yeah I would still Recommend going true to sizing both These Shoes now in testing I've run more than 50 miles in both shoes that's on my Usual mix of terrain mostly roads some Light River paths and at a wide range of Paces overall for me the cloud Eclipse Ride is smooth it's energetic it's a lot Of fun for a Max stack it's surprisingly Nippy and versatile too I would say it's Almost got that kind of easy rolling Rocket Ride of the first gen monster and It's definitely an easy shoe that I like To log miles in it's one of those shoes

That I find myself reaching for for a Wide range of efforts as well now I Found the cloud Stratus 2 to be a pretty Reliable Workhorse an okay shoe that Wasn't particularly remarkable probably A bit behind the kind of current Competition on performance and when it Comes to price and after my runs in the Cloud strs 3 I think my take on it is is Pretty much still the same deal here There are improvements here the mile Ride is noticeably softer and more Cushioned underf foot those double Stacked healing clouds provide good Protection on The Landings without Feeling too soft and sinky if you've Always found on shoes too firm these Have changed that for the better for Sure but without going too far the other Way there is some return and Responsiveness here from the shoes and From that rocker ring definitely sort of Helps with a clip along overall I like That there's a touch of firmness and Roll you know to this sort of cloud Stratus 3 but I'm not sure they're as Free flowing as the cloud Eclipse I Think this one just moves a little bit More swiftly but to really tease out the Differences I also took these shoes for A side by side mile to feel what they Like on the foot and here's what I found So I've just done the side by side mile I've got the eclipse on the left foot

I've got the stratus 3 on the right foot Main difference here I think is you Notice the extra weight in the cloud Stratus about an ounce heavier you do Notice that sort of feeling overall have A bit more shoe on the foot it's a bit More kind of bulky it's a bit more Clumpy the interesting thing is that According on paper the oncloud eclipse Has the higher stack compared to the Stratus but I think the cloud Stratus Feels bigger and bulkier there feels Like there's more midso volume under Foot maybe that's a double layer of Those clouds that's having that Sensation with that kind of dual density Sort of foam that it's got there but the Other thing that that comes with it is That basically the cloud Eclipse just Feels little bit more agile it's a bit More kind of I always use those words When I'm talking about these shoes but It rolls through off The Rocker much Quicker and much faster the cloud strus It just feels a little bit more flat It's a bit more heavy it's supposed to Be a bit more cushioned I believe but I Don't think you actually get that very Much it doesn't have big kind of Softness that you might expect from like A nimbus or a 1080 v13 it's just a bit Firmer than that it's a bit more kind of Rigidity through it so when you put that Up against the cloud Eclipse which does

Have a bit of softness there as well but Also has that kind of roll rocket Rolling clip through with a bit more Precision I think the cloud of clipse Actually is a snappier faster more kind Of I don't know I just think a better Shoe overall than the cloud St suit they Can feel a bit kind of heavy a bit Clumpy on the foot would I choose the Cloud stws over some of the other shoes That are out there I'm not sure I just Don't think it's got the softness to Take the edge off in the way that I'd Like if you like something that's a Little bit kind of stiffer a bit firmer In a bigger shoe then it is protective And that might be one to go for the St Three but for me based on this run that I've just done now and the way these Shoes feel on the foot side by side the Cloud eclipse is just a bit more capable There's a lot more versatility there's a Lot more kind of comfort overall in the Foot it feels a bit more natural I think There's flexibility there in this shoe That you're not going to get from the Cloud Stratus verdict then and this what is Simple for me I think the cloud eclipse Is the better shoe here I think it Offers enough cushioning and protection To to rival the stratus 3 at the lower And slower end of things but it's just Snappier more agile with a more

Pronounced Rocket Ride that helps you Clip along more effortlessly I can't say Effortlessly effortlessly easily when You push up through the gears too by Comparison I'd say the stratus 3 is a Touch pous and certainly I think the Weight and the bulk makes it less suited To anything particularly strenuous or Particularly fast now the only caveat I Think here is if you really want more in The hill where I think despite the lower Stack on the strats 3 there's more there And you can sense it when you're running If you're Landing heavier further back The shoe it's going to give you a bit More I think but considering these Coming at the same price I think the Cloud Eclipse overall is the more Natural versatile and capable shoe so There you have it then that's our Head-to-head between the oncloud eclipse And the oncloud stter 3 we hope you Found it helpful if you have any Questions hit us up in the comments Below if you had a chance to run in Either or both of these shoes we'd love To hear what your thoughts are on them Helps other viewers understand how these Shoes might work for them as well so pop Them in the ments below don't forget to Like And subscribe and to ring the bell For more great run testers videos when They land if you want a full review of Both of these shoes those videos are

Going to be appearing on the channel Just about Now otherwise thank you very much as Ever for watching uh we hope to see you Again soon on the Run testers and happy Running everyone