Hi people, welcome to The Run Testers. In this video we’re putting two big-stack, max cushioned trainers Uup against each other. We’ve got the new On Cloudeclipse and the ever popular New Balance 1080 v13.

They’re both billed as good do-it-all daily trainers with a tilt towards the plush and cushioned. The New Balance is a long-standing veteran that’s been somewhat rethought for 2023. While the On Cloudeclipse is new to this end of the daily shelves and builds on the midsole tech we saw first in the Cloudsurfer 7. So which one’s best? Run Teters Nick and Kieran clocked the miles to find out. Hi play for our On Cloudeclipse vs New Balance 1080 V13 review.

Thanks to Sportsshoes.com for supplying the On Cloudeclipse for this review.


0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Details
1:24 – Shoe Comparison
3:09 – Fit
4:42 – The Run Test
10:14– Verdict

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Hi people welcome to the Run testers and In this video we are putting two big Stack match cushion trainers up against Each other we've got the new oncloud Eclipse and the ever popular New Balance 1080 v13 they both build as good do it All daily trains with a tilt towards the Plush and cushioned the new balance is a Long-standing veteran that's been Somewhat rethought for 2023 last year Now while the cloud eclipse is new to This end of the daily shelves and it Builds on the mid Soul Tech we first saw In the cloud surface 7 with this kind of Domino effect so which one's best well We've clocked the miles to find out so Watch on for our oncloud Eclipse versus New Balance 1080 v13 head-to Head let's start with some quick Comparison details then when it comes to Stack height the New Balance 108 v13 has 38 Ms in the hill 32 Ms in the 4ot for a 6 mil drop the oncloud eclipse has 37 Ms In the hill and 31 Ms in the for for Also for a 6 mil drop the eclipse is a Heavier shoe at 10.5 o or 297 G in our UK men's 8 A2 test shoe the New Balance 1080 v13 comes in at 9.2 o or 260 g Price-wise the new balance is a shade Cheaper it's £60 in the UK $165 in the US the cloud Eclipse are £170 in the UK And a scent shy of $180 in the US now moving on to a quick shoe whip Round then starting with the midsoles

And you've got similarly big Stacks here The New Balance 1080 v13 uses light and Soft Fresh Foam X across the midsole Across that whole foot on the unCloud Eclipse has a big wedge of Helen foam in This kind of cloudtech phase setup with The cloud elements collapse in sequence Now the New Balance 108 v13 has a wider For foot and heel for a big broad wide Cushion platform to run off the cloud Eclipse is somewhat narrow overall both Shoes use rockers to smooth transitions The 1080 has some stiffness in the foref Foot as well to help you snap through Each step the cloud Eclipse actually has A speedboard plate that sits on the Bottom of the midsole unit you can Actually kind of see it here that's There to provide some stiffness to these Foam elements up top the eclipse have Duw layered mesh uppers the New Balance Has engineered mesh uppers that replace A looser more flexible knit from the V12 The eclipse has thinner foot wrapping Gusseted tongues that stretched down Into an almost kind a half booty the New Balance has more padding with a classic Gusseted tongue the new bance his heel Colors are also much more plush and Padded the eclipse is medium padded and I'd say the heel counter in the 1080s is More rigid higher up the hill there's More Flex in the eclipse though there is An external heel clip to add some

Security right here now flip them over And you'll see that there's a pretty Good covering of rubber on the out soles You can see the plate here in the cloud Eclipse and there's this heel channel Here that's a bit of a stone catcher Meanwhile the covering of New Balance Endurance rubber on the 1080 is pretty Generous as well although there sort Following this metat tasal Flex grw Design here that you can see on the Bottom so I had no major concerns with The fit of either New Balance 1080 v13 Or the oncloud eclipse I say they're Both fairly tight fitting shoes so if You're someone who's a bit big for your Size maybe you might have a bit more of An issue you might want to look at maybe Going half a size up but I'm someone Who's probably small for my size so in My normal running shoe size I had enough Room in the toebox just about the cloud Eclipses have maybe slightly narrow shoe But again I have a narrow fit so it Suits me quite well I had a really good Lock down around the midfoot and heel so Yeah I don't think either is the most Spacious of shoes but I was perfectly Happy in my normal running shoe so so When it comes to fit I ran a UK and a Half in both of these shoes if anything I would say that the oncloud eclipse are A little bit more narrow across the Midfoot and arguably into the toebox

Some of that comes down to the fact that I think the uppers on the NB 1080 v133 Are a little bit more stretchy a bit More flexible so there's arguably ever a Slightly more room or a roomier feel at Least in the New Balance 1080 v13 Overall as well there's a lot more kind Of plushness in the heels and that Padded tongue whereas you get a kind of More wrapped fit I think and more snug Fit in the on cloud Eclipse because you Got that kind of wrap tongue thinner Tongue got slightly less cushioned heel Colors as well overall the hold and the Fit though I found sort of equally good Kind of security there and in terms of What sizing to do I think I would run True to sizing both of these shoes maybe If you've got really wide feet the cloud Eclipse might be a shoe that you might Want to consider going half a size up in If you yeah if you want a really roomy Fit but overall I would recommend going Through to sizing Both now then in testing I've run more Than 50 mies in the New Balance 1080 v13 I've run well north of 30 mi in the Cloud Eclipse but slightly less that's Been a mix of Paces from slow PLS to Faster Marathon pce stuff and even a bit Beyond that even something a little bit Faster I've done runs up to 90 minutes In both shoes all of that been on mainly On road with some light off-road rther

Parks paths all that kind of stuff so The usual test miles that I put in I've Also done a mile with one shoe on each Foot and here's what I found so I've Just done a side by-side mile I've got The own cloud eclipse on my left foot I've got the New Balance 1080 v13 on the Right foot it's really interesting just To tease out the key differences here Main thing you notice despite the fact They've got a similar stack height there Is more foam overall Under Foot here on The New Balance 1080 v13 the platform Much wider in the forefoot it's much Wider in the heel and and that creates This kind of bigger softer cushioning Ride Under Foot the Fresh Foam X is also Tuned much much softer than you'll find From that kind of Helen foam and the Cloud Tech phase construction that You've got in the oncloud eclipse it's Noticeably firmer it's very very much Kind of stiffer and a bit firmer it Doesn't collapse as much it doesn't ride As soft as the New Balance 1080 v13 what You're getting on the 1080 v13 is a real Kind of sink and then return I think Actually the foam overall in the 1080 V13 might be a little bit more bouncy Than you'll find on the eclipse on the Eclipse you're relying a lot more on the Rocker ring and that kind of collapsing Cloudtech foam there to sort of roll you Through your stride and I I find that

You're getting this kind of much more Pronounced kind of rocker transition Than on the 1080 v13 where you're Landing quite on that big kind of soft Bed and you're kind of waiting for it to Kind of spring back there is some Roering here obviously that does help With the clip through but essentially The big difference here is that the 1080 V13 is going to eat up a lot more of the Road impact than you're going to get With the oncloud eclipse so even though These two would be considered Max stack Shoes Max cushion shoes what you're Going to get here I think is a much more Direct feel from the oncloud eclipse it Feels a bit more precise you can notice The tarmat coming up a little bit more You notice the road I feel feel a little Bit more connected yes a key difference Here I think you're going to be choosing Between whether or not you want a softer More cushioned you know spongy ride that Has some return to it some spring little Some energy or you want something that's Much firmer because of the plate and the Foam much kind of stiffer and rocked and Responsive uh with kind of faster roll Through and that's going to be the cloud Eclipse so I think those that's where These two shoes differ greatly the Oncloud eclipse is less shoe on the foot It's a bit more precise it's a bit more Dialed in I think as a result if if you

Like that kind of firm responsive Rocket Ride you're going to go Eclipse I think The eclipse to me feels like a shoe that Is better at faster Paces as a result of All of those things than the New Balance 1080 v13 which is just a little bit Softer it's tuned better I think for Easier recovery runs and yeah I I Wouldn't pick it for going kind of Faster Paces necessarily the eclipse has Probably got a bit more versatility Overall as a result so I put a lot of Miles into both the new Balan 108 v13 And the oncloud eclipse and I think it Is interesting they are are quite Different shoes like in the past if You're comparing the oncloud eclipse to Previous versions of the New Balance 1080 I think there'd be a lot more Similarities between them but for now They are Max kushion shoes that I think Sit at very different ends of the Spectrum you've got the much softer ride Of the New Balance 1080 v13 which has a Really squishy feel under foot feels Very much geared towards short easy runs Just general easy stuff in particular Just protecting the legs providing that Really cushion feeling on the foot and Then the cloud eclipse is a lot firmer a Lot more direct you got a lot more of a Rocker with it and it's really more of a Cush daily trainer that can handle a lot More variety in the kind of runs that

You'd enjoy doing in it but doesn't have That sinking soft feel that you get with The New Balance 1080 v13 during my Testing of the 1080 I didn't always love That feeling like I just found it a Little bit too soft for me at times like Over long distances if I was trying to Do any kind of running Beyond an easy Pace I just found it sapped a bit the Transition was a bit muddy with 1080s in The past they weren't the most exciting Shoes in the world but they did Rock you Through to your for foot quite well it Could be used for a variety of runs I Feel like this version of the shoe is Like I said just for those easy runs and For me more short easy runs like on a Long run I did in the shoe which was you Know fine I just felt that by the end I'd rather have a slightly firmer base Underfoot just to provide a bit more of A smooth transition and actually I'd Find that more comfortable in a way to Have that more balanced feeling Underfoot Cloud eclipse is certainly Firmer and I think on a couple of runs When it was very cold I was using in Scotland it maybe strayed a little bit Too firm on the long run it was okay but I think that might have just been cuz I Was running in very cold conditions and The rest of the time I think it is Comfortable I think is quite balanced You've got a really noticeable rocker

Here that does ease out any harshness There might be in the foam and the speed One underneath isn't as present as you Have had on some on shoes in the past But it does give you that little bit of A extra pop to your steps so you can use This for a variety of runs like I said I Have used it for one faster session Quite a relaxed session running a couple Of really fairly easy mile reps and some 200s at you know relaxed pace before a Race cruising through easy to steady Progression runs General daily training I think it does it all really well so I Do think this is the more verstile shoe Of the two and the one I'd be looking at If you're looking at like getting a Daily trainer that can handle a variety Of runs also prefer it's feeling for Long runs just cuz you have got that Nice Rocket Ride the way that the uh This foam collapses into each other just Create a nice smooth ride all around so Do think round it's more ver style shoe But if you are just looking for a Squishy Max cushion shoe feeling underf Fooot you're going to get it much more With the 1080 so my prodct here is that I prefer The oncloud eclipse myself I think it's More verstile shoe I also prefer it for Easy and long runs just cuz the firmer Rocket feeling you have here is just More in line with my personal taste for

Those kind of runs I like rocket feel of It it is comfortable to me and I do Think you can handle big mileage really Well so all around I prefer the oncloud Eclipse but I will say the 1080 is the Squishy shoe and if you're coming in Here thinking these are both Max cushion Shoes I just want a really comfortable Soft shoe that I can plot around in for Ideally quite short distances then the 1080 does do that a bit better it is Softer underfoot especially at the heel And I do think if you're looking for That in particular you'll get it with The 1080 but I don't think the cloud Eclipse is uncomfortable and I do think The other features you get with a shoe The more versatility the slightly more Fluid transition make it a shoe that Will have more use case scenarios for Lots of Runners rather than just being a Short easy day shoe which I think is all I'd really use the 1080 v34 maybe the Occasional long run at very relaxed pace But even then like I say I prefer the More fluid transition you get with the Cloud Eclipse that just gives you a Little bit more back and provides a more Stable platform to work against when You're running on those long runs so by The end of a long run that was a bit More sapped by the 1080 than the cloud Eclips so yeah I prefer the cloud Eclipse both are pretty expensive I

Think is a fair bit cheaper though so Maybe there's a case there if you're Just looking for nice easy day shoe for Short runs throughout the week you can Save a bit of money and get the 108 it Will do that job really well but if You're looking for a more versatile Cushion shoe that's going to really eat Up a lot of mileage especially in Something like marathon training this is A really good marathon training shoe I Think because it can do big variety of Runs aside from maybe your fastest Workouts where you will want something Faster and lighter and smaller but the Rest of the runs it will eat them up Really well and I do think the cloud Eclipse is the stronger shoe all around And the one I prefer of the two verdict Then and the way I distinguish between These shoes is that the New Balance 1080 Off of softer more pillowy ride the Cloud Eclipse doesn't have that Squishiness to them so if you're after a More sinky protective ride I would go For the New Balance 1080 if you like a Little firmer more immediate ride that Relies much more on a rocket transition The cloud eclipse is The Pick of these Two now the eclipse is more direct it's More precise and if you want a shoe with Versatility that's tweak to be better at Faster Paces I would say go for the Cloud Eclipse if you want your

Versatility to cater more for the low And slow and easy then I think the New Balance 1080 v13 probably does that a Bit better for me personally if I have To choose one shoe out of these two it'd Be the cloud Eclipse it's just more my Kind of feel on the foot I like the fact That it's a bit more D in it's a little Bit more strip back the ride underf foot As well I think you know I'm happy to do My recovery miles in a shoe that comes That lets more of the ground come up so I don't tend to search for that kind of Road numbing pillowy ride that some sort Of daily shoes offer so while I like Both of these shoes I think that the on Cloud eclipse is the one that I would go For it's £10 more expensive but it just Offers a bit more of a strip back ride So there you have it that has been our Head-to-head between the oncloud eclipse And the New Balance 108 v13 we hope you Found it helpful if you have any Questions about these shoes hit us up in The comments below if you've had a Chance to run in the shoes both or Either let us know what your thoughts Are on them which one you prefer also Don't forget to hit the like subscribe And ring that Bell for more great run Testers videos when they land on the Channel if you want a full review of Both of these shoes those videos will be Appearing on the channel right about

Now otherwise thanks for watching and we Hope to see you again soon on the run Test happy running people good luck with Your goals for 2024 get out there and Get on with Them