Hey people, welcome to The Run Testers and in this video we’re looking at the follow up to one of On’s most popular recent shoes. We’ve had the new On Cloudmonster 2 in for The Run Testers treatment. Now the first-gen Cloudmonster was a big stack, highly rockered daily trainer that many used for easier miles. But it could move up the gears a bit, too. So what’s new with gen 2? Well On says this reimagined Monster now has “Extreme cushioning that’s been maximised for an unreal bounce”. And if you found the first shoe a little stiff or firm that might be just what you want to hear. But have we got a better Monster on our hands? Here’s what we made of it in our multi-tester On Cloudmonster 2 review.


0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Details
1:23 – Shoe Whipround
2:44 – Fit
4:43 – The Run Test
13:25 – Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And in this video we are looking at the Followup to one of On's most popular Recent shoes we've had the new oncloud Monster 2 in for the Run tester Treatment now the first gen monster was A big stack highly rocket daily trainer That many used for easier miles but Could move up the gears a bit too so What's new with the Gen 2 well on says This reimagined monster now has extreme Cushioning that's been maximized for Unreal bounce if you found the first Shoe a little stiff or firm that might Be just exactly what you wanted to hear But have we got a better monster on our Hands here well here is what we made of It in our multi-tester review of the Oncloud monster 2 some quick details then starting with The biggest stack that now comes in at 35 Ms in the heel and 29 m in the for Foot that's up 6 millim across the Entire midso versus the first gen which Had 29 Ms in the hill and 23 in the 4ot But the drop stays at 6 mm when it comes To weight it lands at 10.5 o or 297 G in My UK men's 8 and 1 half test shoe size That's about an ounce or 20 G heavier Than the old monster price-wise it's Also gotten heftier it's now 170 in the UK up20 on the last gen it's not so bad State side but it still rises to £179.99 In the US that puts it at the same price

As the cloud eclipse and makes it one of The priciest daily trainers Going so let's give you a quick Whistle Stop of the cloud monster 2 starting With the midsole which has a new dual Density foam construction with Cushioning increased to a maximum it's a Surprise not to see the domino effect Cloud elements that we got on the Eclipse we thought that might come to The monster instead you've still got the Regular kind of cloud Tech here those Little bubbles there's a nylon blend Speed board plate in the middle of that Midsole that's been reshaped with the Aim of working with that midsole to Provide greater efficiency from Touchdown to toe off up top you've got Relatively flexible breathable uppers That are virtually identical if not Identical to the first generation they Are quite structured but with some Perforations here to boost the Breathability the heel collar carry Pretty much the same medium padding as The first gen it's perhaps marginally More cushy overall just very very Slightly the thin tongues are pretty Similar too perhaps there's a smid and Less structure to them they're a little Bit more flexible versus the first gen The lacing structure remains largely the Same though the eyelets here have been Swapped from those sort of fabric tabs

To these kind of stitch like Loops flip Them over and you've got a similar Covering of out soole rubber the grip Patterns have changed on these little Elements here with larger studs the Other big thing to note is that deep Middle Groove here has been filled in uh There's still a central Channel but it Looks 100% less Stone Catchy now when it comes to fit and Testing I ran in my regular UK and a Half that's the same size I ran in the Original Monster if I was being generous I'd say I found the whole thing roomy But in truth I thought everything was Just a touch loose and lacked like a 100% reliable dialed in feel the heel Hold wasn't as secure as I'd like and I Had to really draw the laces quite tight Across the midfoot to get that locked Down and even then it didn't feel quite Right I had sort of no real problems Pera rubbing or hotpots but I don't Think I'd go half a size down but I Wasn't convinced by the fit overall so The fit of the cloud monster 2 was Really good for me in my normal running Shoe size the uk9 here which is a us99.5 It's got enough room in the toe box for Sure I've got enough of a secure hold Around the heel and midfoot as well There's not loads of padding around the Shoe on the color and tongue which is a Bit different to lots of very cushion

Shoes but it's still a really Comfortable fit nice breathable upper Yeah all around no concerns at all with The fit in my normal size so fit for me The cloud monster 2 I think it's Actually been better than it was on the Original cloud monster I think with the First shoe I definitely found it sat a Little bit snug up front here in the toe Box and I do think that has changed and I had that in a UK size eight this is a UK size eight as well too but what I Think has changed it definitely feels a Lot R up in the front of this shoe and I Think that's for the better I have found It in general a more comfortable shoe And a less snug fitting shoe in my usual Kind of size I would go in on shoes and Other Road running shoes as well too Elsewhere it's pretty much a similar Story from the first shoe I think you Get a good hold in the midfoot it's a Similar style um tongue and laces Combination so and those kind of sat Very snug and you know securely for me And it's a similar level of heel padding As well no slippage no issues in terms Of lockdown at the hill so from that Point of view all very similar I think The main thing for me is that the Original did feel a little bit snug in The toes I definitely think that has Changed it just because on I think it's Opened up what you get here in the front

Of the shoe and I think it's definitely For the positive Overall so then in testing I've run Around 50 miles in the cloud monster 2 I Did plenty of that long and slow from Plotting up to marathon pace I also did A progression run that took me from easy To 10K Pace most of that was on roads Some of it was on the river pars next to The river temps and I also did a few Kilom on the treadmill to boot now for a Long time Honor's comeing for criticism For its shoes being too firm too stiff Sometimes lacking the energy of Rivals The cloud Monster's big stack of helium Was a response to that but while it Added more Mido for a soft and more Cushioned ride than many of On's other Shoes what I really liked about the Cloud monster was it actually retained Some of that firmness and stiffness I Was adding a bit more cushion and that Worked with the rocker to make it Snappier and more responsive than many Of the max cushion Rivals that were out There if felt like it kind of had Different gears you know you could go From slow to more uptempo now the first Thing you notice with the monster 2 is That it's much softer that bigger stack Has made it much squigger Under Foot so If you thought the original Monster Though was still wasn't soft enough for You you might actually really like this

Upgrade for me personally however I Think it's doled the ride and with the Extra weight you were getting in the Shoe everything is now just a bit more Clumpy just a bit more flaccid it's not As Snappy it's not as versatile and I Think the overall feel on the foot is Much more baggy and look loose it just Lacks the Precision that you got in the Last gen to keep your feet feeling Cradled so along with all that extra Weight and the soften ride there's just Something a bit flat about the whole Thing with this shoe stability though is Pretty good thanks to a big wide base That you've still got here and when it Comes to durability I think the uppers Here should last as well as the first Gen which was pretty good when you flip Them over the out soes are almost Identical and those did tend to show Weing all the kind of key impact zones On the heels and that as you racked up The miles in the first gen so they're Not the most durable out soes and I'm Not really seeing anywhere right now I Expect those to perform pretty much the Same because they haven't changed too Much now another good thing I do like is That sort of main channel here the Original cloud monster was a shoe that Did grow on me over time I think it was A pretty interesting cushion shoe it Wasn't maxed out in terms of Stack

Height and it wasn't very soft but it Was reasonably protective it was Comfortable to use for a variety of runs And had a little bit of Versatility that You don't always see from cushion shoes It's not like it was one of my favorite Shoes out there but I thought it was a Pretty good shoe and almost marked the New direction from on moving away from The very similar style of shoes they'd Had for lots of shoes towards slightly More cushioned and interesting offerings That led to things like the cloud Surfer And Cloud Eclipse which I do think are Very good shoes the cloud monster 2 Hasn't really hit home for me I'd say It's not really a shoe I've really uh Meshed with very well during my run test Like I think it's okay but I don't think It's an improvement on the original shoe And I don't think it stands out compared To On's other shoes or indeed other Cushion shoes on the market you got this Increased stack height uh which Obviously adds to the weight of the shoe And I think it is quite a heavy shoe now Especially if you think the stack heite Is 35 mm it's coming in as heavy or Heavier lots of shoes that hit 40 mm so The cloudtech Helen combo has never been The lightest and I think that does stand Out with the new oncloud monster 2 even Compared to the oncloud monster one Which I do think was quite a light

Feeling shoe on the foot this feels Quite big quite heavy really pushes it Very much into that category of easy Recovery day shoe and for that it's got Quite a firm stiff ride now I'm sure There'll be people out there who quite Like that and think you know because it Is quite different in the cushion shoe World to have a ride like that and it's Naturally quite stable as a result but It's not really what I'm looking for and I'm going out for a nice easy run I want A slightly softer feel or I want a very Rocket shoe or anything really that Gives me a bit more of a feeling of Comfort and makes me look forward to Those easy runs a bit more like I didn't Mind running in the shoe but I did find Pling through easy runs or recovery runs I'm quite deep into marathon training Right now high mileage weeks for me and Pulling this one for my recovery runs Felt fine it was protective enough but It didn't feel as good as pulling on Like a range of other shoes that either A bit softer or for notably more rocked I like a more rocked shoe just to roll Through those easy runs and yeah it was Okay but yeah quite Firma I do think That's an odds with lots of shoes out There I think it's probably more of an Acquired taste as it always has been Kind of with on shoes you've got there's That more of an acquired taste to them

And I think you still have that with a Cloud monster 2 but it's a bit beefier a Bit heavier Without Really adding a load Of comfort so don't necessarily think The changes have worked that much in the Midell for me just you know making it Bigger has reduced what was some of the Appeal of the cloud monster for me Without adding loads and loads of Comfort there so while it does you Protect the legs I K yeah it doesn't Feel uh particularly plush and cushioned Underfoot or like I said doesn't have Much of a rocker so while the run test Was fine for me I've done about you 45 50k of running in the shoe during High Marage weeks and you know it's fulfilled Its job fine I think there are shoes I Would reach for ahead of it uh to do That job so into that run test I have to Say my experience with the original Oncloud Monster now it definitely at That time was On's best shoe probably The shoe I had the best experience with But it still was a little bit firm I Still wanted a little bit more out of it I didn't quite feel like it had the same Versatility that maybe some of the other Guys in the team thought it did I still Thought it was a shoe that you'd use for Kind of easy kind of recovery runs slow Runs definitely had a lot of protection And it was very stable I think there are Traits of that sort of similar traits in

The oncloud monster 2 I think there are Some changes some I think you know have They absolutely worked I'm not entirely Convinced here one thing I definitely Noticed when I first put this on my First run and that was kind of8 mil mil And it was kind of eight kind of 18 Minute mile Pace I dropped it down below That so to go and pick the pace up a Little bit had some kind of long Stretches to run on and I think Ultimately what I found is now the still Cloudtech it is I say you know it does Feel a little bit softer the design of The pods have changed they're a little Bit smaller in comparison to the ones on The original on cloud monster so it's Almost like you've got a few more in There so it feels a little bit tighter In terms of that design and you know as Say you press into it you definitely Feel they are little bit softer feeling Uh just pressing into that mid Ultimately the feeling of it you know It's still a little on the firm side for Me a little bit firmer than I would Expect I still think it is a very Protective ride a very stable ride in General there's a little bit of Bounce The Rocker isn't massively pronounced Here um you know particularly think of What has happened with things like the Cloud Surfer and the on cloud Eclipse I Was almost hoping that maybe that's how

On would push the cloud monster 2 on and Have maybe an amalgamation of what we Got on the on cloud eclipse and the on Cloud Surfer and really build that into On cloud monster I think that was a Direction it needed to go with this shoe But ultimately what it's probably Thought here is that we still you know Still people want that kind of firmer Feeling kind of Max kushin Shu but Almost Tred to say well we're going to Soften it up a little bit but I don't Think it's really been enough and it Almost sits in between the two things in Terms of being you know Fir and maybe Not soft enough to give you that kind of You know Kind of ride that you know you do get From something like the on cloud Eclipse As I said you know I haven't had a bad Run in this shoe but I think you know I A bit like the first shoe I don't think It had the versatility for me you know The the kind of quicker runs it was fine It can handle it but I just think you Just feel this shoe a lot more than the Original it just feels heavier it's Definitely heavier you know we've tested Shoes that have gone heavier than their Predecessors and I think things that Come to like P velocity Nitro 3 it's a Different shoe But ultimately I don't Think the added weight has been at De Detent of the experience of running that

Shoe compared to its previous shoe but I Think with the cloud monster 2 I do Think you notice this shoe a lot more I Think you know when you want a Sho to Kind of disappear when you are running Those longer miles I don't think you get That with a cloud monster 2 as I said I Think there's Hallmarks of the original I think it is a ride that is protective I think it stable I think you know there Is some bounce and there is a little bit Of a a kind of a rocker in there but not A huge amount there but I doely don't Know if this has really pushed things Forward in terms of what we saw on the Original cloud monster and I also think Just because of what's happening around Its On's range with the cloud Sur and The cloud Eclipse I almost hoped it Would go in that direction but it hasn't Really gone a Direction so for me the Cloud monster has been a Solitude to Running it has it really pushed things On I'm not 100% convinced and I was Almost hoping maybe on would go a little Bit of a different direction and also Think the added weight issue really That's the thing that's really stood out For me that is really s you know alter The experience of this compared to the Original oncloud Monster which I think You know you could almost live with some Of the other aspects because the weight Was good the cushioning you know level

Of cushioning was good and if you wanted That slightly firmer ride and protective Ride then it had that I think with the Cloud monster 2 it almost feels like It's caught between two things that on Wants it this shoe to be ultimately it's Falling a little bit somewhere in the Middle where as I said I don't think It's really pushed things forward for The cloud monster and on in this Range now verdict then I really like the Oncloud monster the first gen I enjoyed It a lot for a lot of varied miles it Was a great chew to choose if you Weren't really sure how you'd run that Day so I was hoping for good things from The second gen but this upgrade for me You know the changes that you've got Here with the bigger stack the softer Midsole the extra weight the bigger Price tag to me they don't add up to a Better shoe this is one where I think They've taken a step back the fit is a Bit sloppy the ride is okay but it's Lost some of the livel of the original Monster that's been replaced by kind of Mushier ACC cushioning that's not as Plush as Rivals like the Nimbus or the 1080 v13 I think the shoe now Falls Between two stalls where it's not got That really really pillowy cushioned Sort of daily trainer thing going on but It's also lost a snap of some of the Faster miles so it's a bit confused I

Much prefer the cloud Eclipse which is The same price and the same weight I Definitely also choose the original Cloud monster over this update not least Because it's a chunk cheaper and for me I'd definitely pick up the ride 17 soer Ride 17 over this one as well so verdict On the cloud Master 2 for me is that It's a shoot that doesn't really work so Well for me and I don't think the Changes have necessarily improved it for Me as a runner it's not one I'd really Uh go for myself it's quite expensive Now as well there's quite a big price Rise which is a bit of a shame because It was one of the cheaper shoes in the On- range in a way the cushion shoes and Yeah it doesn't really stand out now for Me on the market because you know it's Got that different feeling that firmer Stiffer feeling but it doesn't translate To it being a more versatile shoe than Loads of other cushion shoes that are a Bit softer or bouncier or more rocked or Just lighter whilst having more Cushioning and a lot of them are cheaper Too so yeah it makes it hard for me to Recommend the cloud monster 2 you know It's okay does its job prefer the CL Moner one also prefer the cloud Surfer Which is a softer shoe not sure it's Like the best of very long runs all the Time but I do think it's a much more fun Shoe to run around in for kind of

Shorter daily mileage it's a bit more Verstile it's a lot lighter it's softer And more cushioned it's got that very Smooth Cloud Tech phase cushioning and The cloud eclips I think is a more Accomplished shoe around if you're Looking for a maxed out shoe with a Really good rocker on it it's efficient Ride that means it is a bit more Versatile than the cloud monster 2 for Sure and I found it probably a bit more Comfortable for easy runs as well Because of the way the rocker moves you Through your foot strike outside of on Are Lo of shoes I've be looking at Instead of it including some that are Fair bit cheaper like the Brooks ghost Max the pum magnify Nitro 2 really like Both those shoes as cushion shoes that Do a good job on easy runs a little bit Of Versatility but in general they just Nice mileage you know munchers and they Do that a really good job of that and Then there's things like s trium 21 ride 17 which I also think just better all Around cushion shoes there's lots of Shoes in this area I think with on Obviously getting the paying a little Bit of premium for the great design and Lots of people would like to use these As casual shoes as well I work for a Casual shoe for a very long pub crawl on Saturday and you know protected the legs Quite well on that considering I did

That after a 20- mile run but you know Looking at purely on performance I think There are better cushion shoes out there Certainly better value options and I Just don't like I say the changes made Here hav really improved the experience Of running in the shoe for me uh what I Do think the cloud monster just as a Slightly more enjoyable shoe to use that Because it was that little bit more Nimble so my verdict on the oncloud Monster 2 is that if we look back to the Original the first shoe I think that was A real pivotal moment for on shoes and Terms of Direction I feel like it needed To go I didn't absolutely love that shoe But I could definitely Appreciate the changes or the the Direction on was going with that shoe And I feel like it was a positive move For on overall now with the cloud lster To is that pushing things forward I'm Not entirely sure it has I do feel like It's a shoe that doesn't disappear in The same way that the cloud monster did I think that it feels a little bit Heavier um you know I think you know When you see what an has done with the Cloud Surfer and the cloud Eclipse Particularly and the way those shoes Have kind of Taken kind of its Cushioning Tech technology I feel like This is almost trying to be a bit of Both things and ultimately it kind of

Sits somewhere in the middle and I don't Think it as I said I don't really think It really matches what we got on the on Cloud monster the original and it it Just feels like a little bit out of Place for me I I don't think it really Pushes the range forward and you know if It was me and I had to pick between this And the on cloud monster and saying that You know I didn't absolutely love the Cloud monster I would be going for the Original I think as I said I feel that That the weight of that shoot just works A bit better the experience the Versatility of that shoe that it does Have albeit being a little bit firmer Than some some other Max cushion shoes I Do think there was a lot more things to You know kind of praise it for I think The cloud monster 2 is a solid shoe but I think when you think where it's come From I don't think as I said I don't Think it's really pushing forward in Terms of their R and I just think when You look at something of the oncloud Eclipse which I think it's a shoe that I've really loved running I still love Running in and I know it's a different Experience a little bit of a softer Experience in terms of that Mido Technology I think that's where on needs To go with its kind of Max Cush approach And ultimately I think I was hoping Maybe that's what we'd get with the

Cloud monster to disappointedly that's Not what we've got here said I think it Is a good Max cushion shoe I haven't had A bad run but I can't say I've had Really memorable you know spectacular Runs in this shoe that made me think Actually this is a step up from the Original cloud monster so for me yeah Maybe a little bit of a Miss for me with The cloud monster 2 you know I would Probably go still up for the original Ultimately I'd be going for the cloud Eclipse over this different exper but Ultim I think a better kind of Max Cushion style shoe that's a bit more Versatile a bit better in terms of Overall weight and just feels like a Slicker kind of operate in general as Well so there you have it that's been Our multitester review of the new Oncloud monster 2 hope you found it Enlightening and helpful if so we'd love It if you'd be so kind as to hit like Maybe even share this video with fellow Runners who might want to hear about This shoe if you want to hear about new Videos when they land on the channel Don't forget to hit subscribe we'll have Loads more reviews coming your way soon Speaking of which I'm popping two videos Up on screen that will be of interest to You now you should absolutely watch These two otherwise it's been a real Pleasure to talk to you about this shoe

And we hope to see you again soon on the Run testers thanks for watching people And happy running out there