In this video we’re putting two of On’s big-stack max cushioned trainers head to head. We’ve got the new On Cloudmonster 2 up against the On Cloudeclipse.

The Cloudeclipse was a new shoe that landed in On’s running shoe line-up in 2023. – A sort of Cloudmonster/Cloudsurfer 7 mash-up. While the Cloudmonster 2 is the follow up to On’s popular max stack, big cushioned cruiser.

There’s a lot of similarities between these two running shoes: similar silhouettes, similar weight and exact same pricing but there are some important differences too.

So which one’s best? We’ve clocked the miles to find out watch on for our On Cloudmonster 2 vs On Cloudeclipse review. It’s head to head time…


0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Details
1:34 – Shoe Comparison
3:41 – Fit
6:17 – The Run Test
17:32 – Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And in this video we're putting two of On's big stack Max cushion trainers up Against each other we've got the new Cloud monster 2 versus the cloud Eclipse Now the cloud Eclipse was a new shoe That landed in 2023 while the cloud Monster 2 is the follow-up to one's Popular Max stack big cushion Cruiser There's a lot of similarities between These two shoes they got similar Silhouettes similar weight exact same Pricing but there are some important Differences too so which one of these Shoes is best well we've clocked the Miles in both of them to do the testing To find out watch on for our on cloud Monster 2 versus Cloud Eclipse Head-to-head first up some quick details Then starting with the stacks for the Cloud monster 2 now comes in at 35 m in The hill and 29 m in the 4 foot that's Up 6 Ms across the mids soole versus the First gen but the drop stays at the same 6 Ms on the oncloud eclipse it has a Slightly higher midso volume with 37 Ms In the hill 31 in the four for all also For a 6 mil drop the eclipse weighs in At 10.5 o or 297 G in our UK men's 8 and 1/2 test shoe that's exactly the same Weight as the new Cloud monster 2 which Also lands at 10.5 o or 297 G and on the Cloud monster 2 that's up just shy of an Ounce or 20 G on the old monster so it's

A bit heavier price-wise the cloud Monster 2 is now £170 in the UK that's Increased 2020 on the last gen State Side it's also up to $180 that puts it in the same price as The cloud eclipse both shoes are among The priciest daily trainers Going so let's give you a quick shoe Comparison then the major difference Here is in the mids soole both shoes use Helium foam but the oncloud eclipse has A bigger wedge that comes in this Cloudtech phase setup that we first saw In the cloud Surfer the idea is the Cloud elements collapse in sequence a Bit like Dominos and then they're Supposed to release as you kind of roll Through to create a smoother transition And a bit more energy Now that works with a speedboard plate That sits on the outside on the bottom Of the midsole unit to provide some Stiffness to those foam elements Cloud Monster 2 sticks with the more Traditional cloudtech elements with a New dual density foam setup there's a Nylon blend speedboard plate in there as Well but that's in the middle of the Mido that speedboard has been reshaped Apparently in this Gen 2 with the aim of Providing greater efficiency from that Touchdown to toe off now up top the Cloud Eclipse has dual layered mesh Uppers the monster has these relatively

Flex fible breathable uppers that are Virtually identical to the first gen They're quite structured but there's Lots of perforations here to boost the Breathability the heel colors on both The monster 2 they're both pretty much Padded and quite plush the monster 2 are A little bit more so though than the Eclipse they still nicely padded but You're getting more padding in the heel Colors on the monster the tongues on Both are relatively thin and foot Wrapping though the eclipse is just a Shade thicker the gusting on the eclipse Starts much higher up the shoe the Lacing here is quite different as well The key distinction being that the Oncloud eclipse has this lower section Not that off lower section that cinches Across the midfoot here for a bit more Security flip them over and the monster Has quite a familiar outsole design You'll be used to if you know on shoes With pads on all the key impact areas Those ganss sometimes wear thin quite Quickly on the heels but there are more Kind of little mini studs on these than On the previous shoe so hopefully that Might boost the durability and grip Somewhat the cloud Eclipse looks to have More outside rubber overall particularly In the heel areas and that's good news For heel Strikers now in both shoes On's Trademark Stone catching channel has

Largely been eliminated so that is a Thumbs up here both of these shoes do Have a little habit of squeaking when They get Wet so quick word on fit now that I've Got them both on my feet the same time Here main difference overall is just That the cloud monster 2 feel a lot more Loose roomy in the toe box there's much More space up front much more volume Across the top of the toes and Lengthwise into the edge of the toe box The cloud eclips just feel much more Snug there's a much more kind of held You know I don't want to say race fit Cuz they're not a raise shoe but that Kind of hugging of the uppers across the Top of the toes and there's not quite as Much room towards the end of the toe box In length uh I also feel like the heel Hold is better in the cloud eclipse and Across the midfoot slightly there's just A bit more room and bagginess I think Overall in the oncloud monster 2 which I Said in the main Cloud monster 2 review And I definitely feel it here now I've Got one on each foot side by side so I Found that both the Cloud moner 2 and The cloud Eclipse fit me well in my Normal running shoe size I think the Cloud monster 2 is a slightly roomier Shoe but I didn't find it to be a Problem I had a nice amount of room in The toe box with both shoes and then a

Good hold around the heel and midfoot I Think when I first pulled on the cloud Monster I did feel quite big and I was a Bit worried about it but after a couple Of runs I had no concerns at all both We've got good breathable uppers that Are comfortable enough padding at the Back and in general I was very happy in My normal running shoe size with both Shoes so in terms of feel I've had a Good experience on both of the these Shoes I've had them both in UK size Eight8 that is my typical running shoe Size and that is my typical kind of on Running shoe size I would go for as well Too now the oncloud monster 2 I would Say you're definitely getting something That feels a little bit more structured In terms of that fit compared to the Oncloud eclipse there's definitely a lot More space up front in the toes it does Just generally or naturally open up a Little bit wider from the midfoot to the Toe box in the cloud monster compared to The cloud Eclipse where I think you're Getting a more relaxed kind of style Upper which has been fine for me Comfortable does fit a little bit more Narrow But ultimately you know hasn't Been uncomfortable or felt like it's Been too snug up front in the toes Elsewhere you're getting I would say a Little bit more padding on the cloud Monster 2 which is kind of what I'd

Expect to see but it's not that doesn't Mean you're not getting some good Padding on the encal eclipse in terms of That Hill color you're getting slightly Different tongues I think you're getting Something again a bit more relaxed on The oncloud eclipse compared to the Oncloud monster 2 I think the big things For me is the fit has worked for me in My UK size eight I say you're getting a Little bit more space and kind of a Wider fit on the on Cloud moner 2 where You're getting something I think more Snug bit more relaxed but also I think Generally a good fit for me and I Personally would go true to size I Wouldn't look to play around going half A size or going up and down a size in Either of these Shoes in testing I've run more than 50 Miles in both of these shoes that's on My usual mix of terrain mostly roads Some light River pods and a wide range Of cases the first thing you notice with The monster 2 is that it's much softer Much squiddi underfoot than the original Monster so if you thought the original Monster still wasn't soft enough you Might find this an upgrade I however Think that it sto the ride and with that Extra weight everything is now just a Bit more clumpy overall it's not as Snappy it's not as versatile I don't Think the rocker Works quite as well and

I also think the overall kind a feel on The foot from this shoe is much more Baggy almost sort of lacks some of the Precision and the fit that came with the First gen so along with the extra weight And the soften ride there's just Something a bit flat about the whole Thing for me anyway that's how I find it Now in our review I gave the cloud of Eclipse a big thumbs up I really like This shoe I sort of described it as Somewhere between like a cloud Surf and A cloud monster hybrid and I think it Works for a Max stack shoe it's Surprisingly nippy and versatile it's Almost got that kind of easy rolling Rocket Ride that the original monster Had but with some of the compact Precision and Agility of the surfer Overall for me the cloud eclipse ride is Smooth energetic and a lot of fun and It's definitely an easy shoe to log Miles in it's one of those shoes that I Find myself reaching for for a wide Range of efforts now to really tease out The differences between these two shoes I also took them for a side-by-side Mile And here is what I found so I've just Done the sidebyside mile I've got the Cloud eclipse on the left I've got the Cloud monster 2 on the right but the First question you might think when you Put both these shoes on side by side is Why has on made another shoe which is

Very very similar to the cloud eclipse And changed what you you know the Difference the point of difference with The cloud monster which was that it was Kind of firmer it was stiffer there was Better roll through and I I guess what's Happened here is that the cloud monster 2 now feels bit more like the cloud Eclipse only it's not as good and I Would say that the energy and the roll Through that you get from the cloud Eclipse here is better than you get from The cloud monster which just feels H Yeah I guess there's a bit more Cushing There's a bit more softness but I think It feels just a little bit more more Flaccid it's just not as you know Compact and precise and good the roll Through from The Rock ring is not as Good everything just feels a little bit More flat and that is where the eclipse Kind of now feels much like a better Shoe because there's much more easy roll Through there's much more natural Feeling on the foot there's a lot more Precision like I feel like if you set Out to make a slightly soggier but not Really that much more cushioned Cloud Eclipse that's what you've done with a Cloud monster too I don't know I thought The cloud Eclipse initially was made to Be a softer Cloud monster because the Original cloud monster was a bit fir That's something that maybe some people

Didn't feel like they would you know They enjoyed that firmness still that You got from the Entre but I thought it Had a great kind of stiff roll through Then the cloud Eclipse came along and Arguably felt a bit softer tuned than The cloud monster if you wanted that Kind of softness you were getting a bit More from the cloud Eclipse but now the Cloud monster feels just a tad softer But not as soft and cushioned and Protective and nice as some of those Kind of you know big cushion shoes that We sort of talk about in this vein you Know a nimbus 1080 v13 rockety rockety Socy ride 17 those kind of shoes doesn't Quite do that job now if you felt like The oncloud eclipse was a little bit too Snug and not enough room in the toe box There is more in the cloud monster too That is one thing that you are going to Get here and so I get potentially for Much longer runs where you want a bit More room in the toe box you want a bit More space for the toes to spread and Flex and you know if your feet are going To SWR that kind of thing then the cloud Monster 2 is going to give you more of That than the cloud Eclipse which does Feel a bit more DED in and a bit more Snug and therefore if you know you talk About going sort of 3 4 5 6 7 hours Maybe the eclipse might get a little bit Too snug and the monster 2 would do that

Job for you but I think in terms of the Ride Under Foot the eclipse just has a Better roll through the roering is Better there's a a stiffness and a roll Through that comes through that's much Better than the cloud monster 2 which When you land you just feel a bit flat And the cushioning feels a bit soggy and A bit flaccid and just like I'm not Getting the response that maybe I got From that original Monster as you land I Think the transition in the cloud Monster 2 just isn't quite as effective And efficient as you're getting in the Cloud Eclipse there's something that Feels a bit disconnected from Heel To Toe which is not so bad if you're Running a bit more up on your kind of Foref foot but if you're Landing a bit Further back in the shoe you're sort of Almost waiting for that kind of midsole To respond and give back and kick you on Out of that kind of toe off you don't Get that in the cloud Eclipse it just Feels a a lot more connected so I've Logged about 50k in both of these shoes Probably a little bit more in the cloud Eclipse actually which is the shoe we Had first of the pair and I do think They're pretty different shoes by the Fact they've got a lot of similarities On paper with the same price same drop You obviously same brand but the Difference in the midsole here really is

Very apparent on the run I found with The eclipse you've got the cloud Tech Phase midsole and a much more rocked Ride and the midsole feels a lot Fuller There's more ground contact from the Outsole as well than you have with the Cloud monster and it just creates a Smoother ride for sure neither are Particularly soft shoes which is Obviously usually the case of V they're Not known for making the softest shoes On the market but the eclipse I think It's got a little bit more softness and Really it's the rocker that comes into Play that gives you that nice smooth Transition and makes a shoe quite a Versatile shoe I think for a big shoe Like this the cloud Eclipse isn't that Heavy I did a speed session in this shoe And I did I've done long runs where I've Picked up the pace a little bit and it Is quite comfortable to do that in the Cloud Eclipse partly because it's not That heavy but also because it's a Fairly firm platform which helps Sometimes you going up the pace and it's Got that rocker which does create a nice Smooth ride and it means you can just Tick over at a variety of Paces I also Do like the rocker just for very relaxed Easy runs as well because just moves you Through your foot strike quite nicely It's comfortable the way the foam is set Up you've got a little bit more Comfort

Underfoot I'd say than the cloud monster 2 which is built for Comfort obviously And it's a heavier bigger shoe than the Original cloud monster but it still Doesn't feel that comfortable this feels Much more like a traditional on shoe to Me you've got the pods there you got the Podded out Sole and it creates a fairly Firm ride it's got more of a snap Through rather than a very smooth Transition like the cloud Eclipse but it Doesn't really give you much back There's not a lot of Bounce in the foam Or anything like that and I think that's The same with the cloud Eclipse it's not Like a particularly bouncy foam but the Geometry is well set up so you do get a Nice smooth ride from it and that means That even though the foam is so bouncy It is a comfortable shoe and a shoe that Works for a variety of runs Cloud Monster for me is just a a slow shoe Really a shoe you just use for those Easy runs ticking off slow runs I didn't Love it when I went for a longer run in It as well just because it's just not The kind of ride I really like like I Said it isn't very soft or comfortable It's not particularly bouncy the snappy Ride through isn't as comfortable under The for foot in particular as the cloud Eclipse just feels like you're getting a Lot more foam under the forefoot of the Shoe with the cloud eclipse and it feels

That way anyway and it feels more Comfort as a result there so all in all Yeah the cloud moner I didn't love Particularly during our testing or I did Enjoy the cloud Eclipse quite a lot just Been out for a little run with both Shoes on at the same time and yeah it's Just just noticeable you got a slightly More fluid and comfortable ride from the Cloud eclipse and it does feel a bit Lighter on the foot the cloud monster 2 Is just a little bit dead for me and is A bit heavy like I didn't mind the Original cloud monster because it was Quite a light shoe and for a cushion Shoe that had a bit of protection it had Bit about it a bit of Versatility I Think the cloud Eclipse now plays that Role within On's lineup because it is a Cushion shoe that is fairly versatile Whereas a Cloud moner 2 know you've got To really crave the traditional feel of The on shes that Firma feeling you're Not getting a lot of bounceback but you Are getting a pretty protective shoe I'd Say that the cloud monster it does do That but all in all the rides have a lot To it that I really love whereas the Cloud Eclipse you know does have a bit More about it with that rocker okay so Into that run test now these are both Max cushion shoes from onom ultimately They are designed for the same types of Runs these are shoes that are going to

Protect over longer distances going to Give you a good level of cushioning in Terms of seeing some comfort as well Those longer distances but also as we Saw with the original cloud monster and What we were hoping for the cloud Monster 2o and what we've kind of seen With it on cloud eclipse is that you're Going to see some versatility in that Shoe as well hopefully and allow you to Kind of mix up your kind of speeds and Paces in these shoes now got to say my Experience of these two shoes the first Thing that has stood out for me are the Weights of these shoes this is the cloud On 2 is the heavier of the two shoes I Think ultimately it's jumped up in Weight from the oncloud monster and the Oncloud clipse is noticeably lighter in Comparison I think ultimately straight Away that kind of restricts I think what These shoes can be used for in terms of That versatility and I think you're Going to you're going to want to run Maybe a little bit more Up Tempo Generally just because of the weights a Difference in the oncloud eclipse the Other part is the midsole now the on Cloud monster 2 is based on the kind of The cloud Tech that we know it is There's more of it than the cloud Monster it's a little bit softer you can Kind of just see from squeezing it that It's softer than the cloud monster

Midsole but But ultimately it's still a Little on the firmer side even putting That extra amount of it does mean you're Still getting something a lot firmer Compared to what you're getting in the Oncloud Eclipse which is the kind of Cloudtech phase which is that kind of Slight difference in terms of design of Those kind of PODS they're more angular They kind of collapse a lot more it's a Lot softer underfoot as well too so You're getting something a lot softer And a lot comfortable it's not too plush Like it is on the oncloud surface you Are getting some firmness there but it's Definitely on the right side of kind of Plush and giving you a good mix of that Kind of firmness that you do want if you Want to run a little bit quicker I would Say the rocker in the out of clipse as Well makes it more suitable for more Up Tempo running and yeah coupled with the Kind of overall weight of the shoe it Does just feel a little bit nicer in Terms of wanting to run a little bit Quicker in this shoe not probably going To do speed workor in it but I Definitely found if I wanted to run a Little bit more Up Tempo in the oncloud Eclipse it's been easier to do it in This shoe compared to the cloud monster 2 and I just think there's a lot of Things going against the cloud monster 2 In terms of wanting to do that in terms

Of of shoes going for that kind of Longer kind of longer run easy run that Kind of big weekend kind of Sunday run The odd clown monster 2 is definitely Going to give you a lot more protection Just naturally it's bigger that stack is Bigger as the as well too there's that Firm firmer fill compared to the oncloud Eclipse as well too but I think you can Do that in this shoe as well it's going To be feel a little bit softer but I Found in my longer ons hasn't been an Issue running longer in this you may be Getting a little bit more protection Than the cloud monster T But ultimately I think you're getting a good level here On cloud Eclipse to give it that scope To run longer in as well too outside Wise you're definitely getting a lot More on the cloud monster 2 in terms of That which is kind of what I'd expect to See it's a shoe that wants to kind of Hold up over longer distances there's a Lot more rubber you can see quite Clearly there's more rubber on the kind Of the rear of the shoe and on the Forefoot as well too so if you wanted That kind of extra level of durability Then I think you're going to get that And the kind of level of grip on the Cloud moner 2 but you know I run plenty In on cloud Clips since we've tested it And the grip has been absolutely fine For me I just think if you care about

Durability then I think you're probably Going to get and overall grip and Traction you're going to get a lot more From the oncloud monster 2o but UL for Me I would say my experience has been Nicer with the oncloud eclipse I think That you're getting something more Protective on oncloud Monster 2 I think It can work well for longer runs but Ultimately I think you know you're Getting something on the oncloud eclipse That can work for similar runs and maybe Give you a little bit more versatility Overall verdict then well this is an Easy one for me I would choose the cloud Eclipse over the cloud monster 2 things Weren't quite as clearcut between the Eclipse and the original Monster but I Think the changes to the monster 2 have Taken some of the edge off that shoe and Basically what's happened is you kind of Swapped in a softer ride that offers More cushioning for sure but feels a bit More ponderous to me without really Getting that big pillowy cushion of Something like the Nimbus the cloud Eclipse is still nicely cushioned Overall I think but there's a stiffer Firmer Edge to it that I think works Really nicely with the rocker for a more Natural roll through perhaps it's Positioning of the plate um that sits at The bottom to add that kind of stiffness Rather than the middle the only caveat

Here I think is if you really want a big Roomy toebox the monster 2 has much more Space but I don't think I'd personally Trade that for the cloud eclipses more Nimble ride so for me it's Cloud eclipse Or I'd still go for the older firmer Monster over the monster 2 cuz I think That had much more versatility so Verdict is a pretty simple one for me Cuz the shoes are now price the same That the first Cloud kns was a fair bit Cheaper than the eclipse and there was You know case of looking as that if you Are looking for a a cushioned on shoe But at the same price I think the cloud Eclipse is a just a better shoe all Around getting a more cushioned Experience that feels more comfortable But it's also got the smoother ride that Nice rocker on it which means that it The ride feels more enjoyable but also It's got more versatility I think it's a Shoe that can do a mix of training it's Very good for long runs it's enjoyable For slight speed session I still want to Take it down the track do all that speed Work in the cloud Eclipse but it has got Some versatility to it Cloud monster 2 To me just feels like a big old unit of A shoe that's protecting the legs okay But doesn't feel that soft or cushy Under Foot the ride's not that fluid not That fun and it's you know it's kind of Fine but I just think the cloud eclipse

Is a better shoe all around they're both Pretty expensive shoes I'd say if you Are looking for a cushion shoe you can Find better cheaper options things like The Brooks ghost Max P magnify Nitro 2be But picking between these two it's very Easy for me to say that I prefer the Cloud Eclipse cuz I just do on every Level it's the same price the rides more Fun it's more versatile even think it Looks a bit nicer so yeah I'd get the Cloud Clips out of these two so my vot Is on whether you should go for the on Cloud monster 2 or the oncloud eclipse Well I think you're probably going to Know how I'm going to go with this one And this is the shoe the oncloud eclipse I've actually run plenty in after we Tested it and I think there's a big Reason for that I think this is On's Best shoe I think it's its best kind of Max cushion shoe as well too the midsole Changes take on in the right direction In terms of where it needs to be and I Think with the oncloud monster 2 it is Not a better shoe than the original Cloud monster I think the changes Haven't made it a better issue than it's Um previous shoe and I don't think you Know it has the same versatility that You get in the oncloud eclipse um from a Kind of Max cushion point of view I Think if you wanted the shoe that's Going to give you that scope to run a

Mixture of Paces can still be a shoe you Can run longer in the oncloud eclipse Can do that and I think it's you know It's a lighter shoe and I really like The fact that it's a lighter shoe here As well too the oncloud monster 2 is a More protective shoe you're getting more Stack you're getting a firmer feel still Even though it is a little bit softer Than the original cloud monster and You're getting probably a little bit More life out this year in general it's Going to it's going to soak up those Longer runs a lot better than the Oncloud eclipse but timately I don't Think it's out of the a cloud Eclipse Remit to be able to be a long run kind Of shoe as well too so if it was me I Would be getting the on cloud Eclipse I Think it's the better all round shoe I Think it's the best kind of Max cushion Shoe from on its best shoe probably that It's launched so far and a signal that Where I think on needs to go and I was Hoping maybe that's where the on clown Monster it was going to go what we you Know based on what we've seen between The oncloud monster launch and what's Happened since then in terms of it mids Souls and Mido changes ultimately that Hasn't been the case so if you are Looking for a on shoe a Max cushion shoe A shoe that can work for longer Distances can be an uptempo one also

Look good because obviously on shoes do Look good then I would be going for the Oncloud eclipse I think it's quite a a Kind of Easy Choice here between these Two shoes so there you have it that's Been our head-to-head between the Oncloud monster 2 and the oncloud Eclipse we hope you found it helpful if You have any questions hit us up in the Comments below if you've had the chance To run in either or both of these shoes We'd love to hear your comments how did You find them which one do you think is Better let us know don't forget to like And subscribe and to ring the bell to Find out when more great run testers Videos land on the channel if you want a Full review of both of these shoes those Videos are going to be appearing on the Channel just about Now otherwise it's been a real pleasure To talk to you about these shoes thanks Again for watching and we hope to see You again soon on the run tests happy Running people